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2020 Finest Predictions (TA Stage 4?)

2020.09.16 03:18 coley_ghost 2020 Finest Predictions (TA Stage 4?)

My bets are on Stage 4 Team Affinity being Finest this year. Team Affinity is the perfect avenue for SDS to put Finest out. I think it's possible either the top MVP and Cy Young candidates or flashback Finest cards of guys not getting them this year could be the collection rewards. I also think teams with a couple guys deserving (i.e. San Diego & Washington) could see a couple guys being in a Finest program. Feel free to respond with your picks.
AL East: Baltimore: C Pedro Severino (.296/.376/.848, 5 HR) HM: LF Ryan Mountcastle & OF Anthony Santander Severino has been one of the better catchers in the American League and broke out this season. Outfield is probably going to be well-represented without the other two guys. Severino is probably the best choice for a lower end solid catching option and one of Baltimore's best this season.
Boston: RF Alex Verdugo (.311/.369/.875, 6 HR, 14 2B) HM: 3B Rafael Devers (.289/.337/.870, 10 HR, 32 RBI) Boston doesn't really have much else going for them. Verdugo has probably been one of their top players all season. Devers was the 1st Stage FOTF so I doubt he'd be 4th Stage as well. Verdugo is probably going to be a cornerstone in the outfield for Boston for years to come and deserves a little recognition with a diamond in The Show.
New York: 2B DJ LeMahieu (.350/.399/.934) HM: RP Zack Britton (2.25 ERA, 1.19 WHIP, 16.0 IP), 1B Luke Voit (.270/.335/.933, 16 HR, 37 RBI) The choice for this would've been a lot easier if the Yankees weren't hurt or underperforming. Voit already got his POTM card, so I think that lowers the likelihood that we see another beefy version of him. We got a POTM LeMahieu early in the season, but I think he's due for a finest. Cole has underperformed all season, but it's possible we see a Flashback as a collection reward similar to how they're doing for the POTM or he could have a Postseason card this year.
Tampa Bay: 2B Brandon Lowe (.258/.351/.920, 12 HR) HM: SS Willy Adames & RP Nick Anderson Lowe is kind of the obvious choice here. As good of a season Tampa Bay is having, no one individual is really over-performing like Lowe. I put Willy and Nick Anderson because both are having solid seasons and could have a very outside shot at securing a Finest since Brandon Lowe just got a pretty beefy POTM card.
Toronto: SP Hyun Jin Ryu (3.00 ERA, 1.17 WHIP, Top 10 in ERA & K's) HM: SS Bo Bichette & LF Teoscar Hernandez Ryu takes the Finest spot here since he is the only top guy on the Blue Jays to not get a high 90's card yet with Bo and Teoscar both getting pretty solid Topps Now cards. Ryu is a lefty and has a pretty solid pitch mix so I doubt anyone would really be complaining if SDS dropped this card. The Blue Jays have a few guys that could be in this spot but Ryu is my pick.
AL Central: Chicago: SS Tim Anderson (.369/.408/.994, 7 HR, 1st in BA, 5th for Hits) HM: OF Eloy Jimenez, SP Dallas Keuchel, and 1B Jose Abreu The White Sox are in a similar boat as the Blue Jays where they have a few guys putting up some pretty insane numbers down the stretch and any could be considered for the Finest card. Both Abreu and Anderson are having seasons that could net them some votes for the MVP and Anderson could very well be getting a beefy POTM card for September if he keeps up at the rate he's at for the last 2 weeks of the month. Either of them could also be a collection reward for the Finest players as well. OF Eloy Jimenez leads the White Sox in HR and is putting up a solid season, as is Dallas Keuchel. I didn't include Lou Bob because he seems to be slumping in September and just got a FS card.
Cleveland: 3B Jose Ramirez (.263/.362/.876, 11 HR) HM: SP Shane Bieber Jose Ramirez does have a 99 Finest flashback available through the prestige XP rewards path, but he's having a pretty good season this year and deserves another beefy card that's a little more accessible. Bieber is up there as one of the best pitchers in baseball, but he already has a pretty high Topps Now card and could end up being a collection reward for the Finest players or getting an even better card down the line.
Detroit: 1B Jeimer Candelario (.325/.385/.956, 7 HR, 3rd in AVG in AL, 6th in OPS) HM: 2B Jonathan Schoop, OF Victor Reyes Detroit was pretty slim pickins, but I decided to go with Candelario because he is putting up career numbers this year and it is likely the only opportunity to give the man a higher ovr card. Schoop and Reyes are both having pretty good seasons, but they're only there because I felt obligated to add an honorable mention to every team. Detroit's Finest being Candelario is a lock for me.
Kansas City: CF Whit Merrifield (.273/.327/.789, 10 2B, 9 HR) HM: SP Brad Keller Remember when I said that Detroit had slim pickins? Well, Kansas City wasn't much easier to choose a decisive Finest player. Whit is not having his best season and doesn't make it much easier to put him here when he was already the TA Stage 1 FOTF, but he's clearly still the face of the Royals. Brad Keller could just as easily steal this from Whit Merrifield as he's quietly having a solid season that comes with an ERA in the low 2's and no home runs given up in over 40 IP.
Minnesota: DH Nelson Cruz (.323/.414/1.066, 16 HR, leads MLB in HR, 3rd in OPS, 2nd in SLG) HM: SP Kenta Maeda???, OF Eddie Rosario It'd be a crime not to include Nellie, but I don't know how SDS would pull this off. He doesn't play the outfield and he already had a Player Program this year at 90+ OVR, but it would be almost ridiculous not to have him as the Finest player for the Twins. At the ripe age of 40, the dude is still tearing the cover off the ball. I don't know how they'd get him a juicy card with no speed or fielding. Maeda already has a pretty high Topps Now card, but I wouldn't discount him from also getting the Finest honor.
AL West: Houston: OF Kyle Tucker (.252/.305/.833, 8 HR, Leads MLB in 3B, Leads team in SLG, OPS, RS) HM: SS Carlos Correia, CF George Springer I'm fine with anyone but Correia and Springer. Hell, give me a 99 Greinke.
Los Angeles: 2B David Fletcher (.299/.364/.416, 9 2B HM: 3B Anthony Rendon, SP Dylan Bundy I think that David Fletcher gets one of those "fan favorite" nominations since Trout and Rendon already have Awards cards out and Bundy has a Topps Now card (and I probably wouldn't call him Finest). I think a lot of people would have fun putting Fletch in their lineups and could be a viable bench bat against both sides of the mound.
Oakland: CP Liam Hendriks (1.33 ERA, 0.69 WHIP, 12 SV) HM: LF Robbie Grossman Hendriks is more than deserving of the Finest nomination for a second year in a row. He's one of the best closers in both the American League and the MLB. The Athletics are a pretty good team, but there aren't a whole lot of guys whose numbers jump off the page at you. Robbie Grossman has been a solid part of the Athletics lineup and also switch hits, but I don't think he's going to take an outfield Finest spot from anyone else. Chapman having an awards and also going down this year doesn't help either.
Texas: SP Lance Lynn (2.40 ERA, 71.1 IP, 0.95 WHIP, 4th in K's, top 10 in MLB in ERA and WHIP) HM: 3B Isiah Kiner-Falefa This was probably one of the most obvious picks on the list. The Rangers don't really have much else going for them and the only reason we haven't seen a high diamond Lynn already this year is because he's getting a Finest card. He's the best pitcher on an otherwise pretty desolate squad. Gallo can hit homers, but with that average it would be hard to give him a Finest in the upper 90's. Kiner-Falefa was just the other guy who has decent numbers and I felt like giving some recognition to.
Seattle: LF Kyle Lewis (.295/.390/.884, 10 HR) HM: SP Marco Gonzalez These are Kyle Lewis's numbers in the midst of a skid. He's one of the favorites for AL ROY and is one of the most exciting young guys in the game. He is definitely a standout on Seattle right now. Although he got a POTM card, I could definitely see a high diamond in his future. The only other guy deserving would be Gonzalez, but I don't think they're putting in that many lefty starters.
NL East: Atlanta: 1B Freddie Freeman (.345/.462/1.105, 11 HR, 16 2B, 2nd in 2B, RBI, & OPS in MLB, Top 10 in AVG & SLG) HM: LF Ronald Acuna & SP Max Fried Atlanta was a tough choice, but I couldn't ignore Freddie Freeman playing like a bonafide MVP candidate this season. The dude can just hit. He doesn't have a juiced card yet this year, like Ozuna and Dansby, and is definitely deserving of one. Ronald Acuna did more Ronald Acuna things this season and put up a pretty impressive statline himself, but I feel like we could see him somewhere else, like as a Boss, with a really nice card. Fried also makes a pretty good case as well, but personally I'd rather see Freddie.
Miami: SP Pablo Lopez (47.0 IP, 4.02 ERA, 1.23 WHIP, 3.18 FIP) HM: 3B Brian Anderson, SS Miguel Rojas, SP Sixto Sanchez The Miami Marlins are a weird team which made this pick a bit harder. They've used more guys than any team and have somehow found themselves contending for a spot in the playoffs. They lack star power outside of deadline acquisition Starling Marte, so there wasn't really an obvious choice. It could've been any of the guys I listed, but Pablo Lopez has been their most consistent starter at a 4-4 record and has the most IP for them. Anderson and Rojas are both putting up solid numbers at the plate, but Anderson is not at All-Star level and Rojas was out for a significant number of games. I think if Sixto is dominant down the stretch, he could be a dark horse regardless of having a FS card.
New York: SP Jacob deGrom (54.0 IP, 1.67 ERA, 0.87 WHIP, 1.96 FIP, 2nd in ERA, 3rd in WHIP, 4th in K's) HM: LF Dom Smith, RF Michael Conforto While Dom Smith is breaking out and Conforto is putting together what probably would've been an All-Star season, it goes without question that it is time for a nasty maxed out Jacob deGrom. He's one of the best pitchers in the league, he has nasty stuff, and this card will probably have outlier. Unless SDS plans to give us a throwback with the classic deGrom flow, I think it's time to pull the trigger by having him as the Team Affinity Finest.
Philadelphia: SP Aaron Nola (56.1 IP, 2.40 ERA, 0.89 WHIP, Top 10 in ERA, WHIP, & K's) HM: SP Zack Wheeler & 1B Rhys Hoskins As much I want to see a maxed out Rhys Hoskins, Aaron Nola is back into ace form and deserves his first disgusting card in a while. With Rhys, Wheeler, and JT on the mend and Bryce slumping pretty hard, Aaron Nola is looking like the lone star on the Phillies. If he can play off of the CG he put up against the Marlins in his last outing and stay solid down the stretch, he'll be a lock for finest. The only way I can see the other two beating him out is because he was Stage 1 FOTF.
Washington: LF Juan Soto (.354/.482/1.217, 11 HR, 10 2B, Leads MLB in OBP, SLG, OPS, 4th in AVG) HM: SS Trea Turner It's time. SDS, it is time to drop the most maxed out disgusting Juan Soto cards on our heads. He's been one of the best baseball players in all of baseball, if not the best in the National League. I don't care if he was the 1st Stage FOTF, the only way he doesn't have the most insane Stage 4 card is if he is the big collection reward or if SDS is saving him for an Awards/Postseason flashback card. Turner just got his 99, so the likelihood that he is the Finest goes down. Everything points to an end game Soto on its way.
NL Central: Chicago: SP Yu Darvish (56.0 IP, 1.77 ERA, 0.88 WHIP, 2.26 FIP, 4th in ERA, 1st in Wins, & 3rd in WHIP in MLB) HM: RF Jeyson Heyward & CF Ian Happ One of the guys that is in serious Cy Young conversations, Yu Darvish deserves a pretty insane Finest end game card. He might have a Prime card out, but he is still the obvious choice for the Cubs. He is nearly unbeatable at a 7-2 record. Heyward would probably be the runner up for this as the rest of the Cubs, namely Bryant & Rizzo, are having rough shortened seasons.
Cincinnati: SP Trevor Bauer (58.0 IP, 1.71 ERA, 0.81 WHIP, 3rd in ERA, 2nd in WHIP, BAA, & K's in the MLB) HM: OF Jesse Winker & SP Sonny Gray Trevor Bauer would probably be another fan favorite card. The dude has been absolutely lights out this year. The Buds might miss the playoffs, but Bauer is going to be in the Cy Young conversation. Skyrocket that H/9 & K/9 to make up for a lacking H9. Winker and Sonny both have pretty decent cards from this year out right now and just aren't matching the level that Bauer is at.
Milwaukee: RP Devin Williams (20.0 IP, 0.45 ERA, 0.70 WHIP, 2.7 H/9, 18.5 K/9) HM: SP Brandon Woodruff & SP Corbin Burnes Although it seems unlikely, I didn't want to put another right handed starter and Milwaukee's hitters have sucked this season. Burnes will probably get a POTM for September, so I think it's possible we could see a juiced Devin Williams. It'll be hard with his limited arsenal, but I think they can do it if they can make it work with Karinchak.
Pittsburgh: 3B Ke'Bryan Hayes (11 G, .316/.381/.986, 2 HR, 2 3B) HM: 1B Colin Moran There may already be a FS Hayes in this game, but let's face it: the Pirates suck and this card would be more fun than anyone else on that godforsaken team.
St. Louis: 1B Paul Goldschmidt (.312/.439/.939, 6 HR, 8 2B, 16 RBI) HM: SP Kwang Hyun Kim, SP Adam Wainwright & 2B Kolten Wong The Cards are a bit harder to gauge since they misses a nice chunk of the season, but Goldy is definitely seeing a bit of an uptick in production and something of a return to form. We haven't seen any other Goldy cards this year, so it's definitely possible that he's the Cards Finest since he's also their biggest star. Kim has been insane in both the rotation and the 'pen, Waino is having a late career Renaissance in the shortened season, and Wong looks like he's returning to form as well so I wouldn't count them out to add some flavor.
NL West: Arizona: SP Zach Gallen (60.0 IP, 3.15 ERA, 1.10 WHIP, Top 10 in K's, ERA, & BAA in NL) HM: 2B Ketel Marte & LF David Peralta The D-Backs have been just about as bad as any other bad team in the league, but I think the one factor that pushed Gallen above the rest of the team is the hype. There was a ton of chatter about this guy early in the season. He has some pretty nice stuff and could be solid in his last couple starts of the season. If SDS would rather give other RHP cards they could switch it up and throw Marte and Peralta in there (more likely Marte).
Colorado: 3B Nolan Arenado (.261/.311/.772, 8 HR) HM: SP Kyle Freeland, SS Trevor Story, & SP German Marquez The Rockies came in hot and have kind of gone out like a fart in the NL West. Their rotation looked legit, but it was only going to hold up for so long at Coors. The slash line might not be career for Nolan, but he is still clearly the best player on the Rockies. I think the possibility of Story getting the card would be higher if not for his Awards card, but Nolan gets it because there haven't been a ton of infield corner bats and he'll probably have Diamond shield defense.
Los Angeles: RF Mookie Betts (.299/.378/.983, 15 HR, 9 2B, 6 SB, 1st in HR, 7 in RBI in MLB) HM: SS Corey Seager, CL Kenley Jansen & SP Dustin May Why didn't we see MVP Mookie as the 50th Headliner? Probably because SDS was planning on giving him a maxed card for Finest. He's one of the best players in baseball. Former MVP and probably going to be in the conversation this year. Seager is having a major bounce back year and has a pretty good chance at Finest solely based off of that. There are a lot of choices on one of the best teams in baseball, but I think Mookie and Corey Seager are my favorites.
San Diego: 3B Manny Machado (.312/.377/.963, 13 HR, 10 2B, 5th in HR & 3rd in RBI in NL) HM: SP Dinelson Lamet, 2B Jake Cronenworth & 1B Eric Hosmer SLAM Diego is one of the hottest lineups in the MLB. They've been surging through the NL West and look to make a go at the Division title. Machado is having a great season with San Diego alongside Fernando Tatis Jr. He may have a juiced card but I don't think anyone else screams Finest like Manny. SP Dinelson Lamet has been one of the best pitchers in the NL and Cronenworth is in ROTY conversations, but neither is at FOTF level like Manny. Eric Hosmer is putting up one of his best seasons in San Diego and is a vital part of the lineup so he is probably my darkhorse pick.
San Francisco: RF Mike Yastrzemski (.297/.402/.950, 9 HR, 12 2B) HM: 2B Donovan Solano, 1B Brandon Belt & DH Wilmer Flores It's either going to be Yaz or Solano, but I think Yaz takes it purely based off the chatter around him and the slight power advantage. SF has been surprising and Yaz has been a huge help with that. I'm pretty tired of writing these, we all know how good he is.
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2020.09.02 20:34 leftyghost Texas School Outbreak Megathread Continued (Public Districts L-Z and Private Schools)

La Porte ISD at College Park Elementary + La Porte Junior High faculty
Lake Dallas ISD student
Lake Travis ISD 6 cases
Lake Worth ISD at Miller Elementary employee
Lamar CISD 65+ staff at Foster High school + Frost Elementary + A couple more students at George Ranch High School + 3 at Meyer Elementary Aug 31
Latexo ISD at Latexo Elementary and High School
Lazbuddie ISD football player
Leander ISD 34 employees also Winkley Elementary teacher dies of covid-19, possible - not completely confirmed also Leander ISD child nutrition services faculty member dies of covid-19 Aug 19th Cases at Rouse High School Sept 14
Liberty Hill ISD staff at Rancho Sienna Elementary
Lindale ISD "several confirmed cases" at Velma Penny Elementary so the school is shutting down for 2 weeks starting Aug 26
Lipan ISD "multiple staff and students"
Lockney ISD staff
Longview ISD students at Foster Middle School + Ned Williams Elementary + 15 Students in August
Lubbock ISD staff and student over the summer + new cases after reopening Aug 17 + at Honey Elementary - not shutting down despite exposure + Guadalupe Middle + Cases at 5 campuses Aug 21 - Estacado High School, Coronado High School, Smith Elementary School, Wester Elementary School and Roscoe Wilson Elementary School
Lufkin ISD 2 confirmed, 384 quarantined Sept 17 Gold Star for having a Dashboard
Magnolia ISD at Magnolia High School, + now with Gold Star Dashboard with 24 cumulative since Aug 12
Mansfield ISD 15 staff and students
Mason High School coach tests positive + A student at Mason Elementary Aug 25
Manor ISD staff at Manor High School
Marshall ISD student at Marshall Early Childhood Center, 14 students now quarantined also a Student at Marshall High School Aug19 and District transportation Staff Aug17
McLeod ISD students at elementary campus since school started back up Aug 14
Mesquite ISD at Poteet school official
McMullen County ISD 2 students
Midland ISD 38+ staff at Jane Long Elementary + Alamo Junior High + Lee Freshman + San Jacinto Junior High + Midland High + Central Office + Bunche Elementary + Coleman High + Rusk Elementary + Pease Elementary + Emerson Elementary + Lamar Elementary + Greathouse Elementary + Lee Senior High + Scharbauer Elementary + School Plant + De Zavala Elementary + Bowie Elementary
Midway ISD Woodway Elementary Principal quarantined after staff test positive Aug 21 also earlier this spring Principal at River Valley Elementary and Students over the summer also 2 Midway High School Students Aug 28 triggering quarantine for "several dozen high school students" - Midway ISD now has a Dashboard showing 8 active
Mineola ISD Mineola High School staff member + Junior High Staff Member + entire volleyball team quarantined + Student and Teacher Aug 26 at Mineola Elementary
Montgomery ISD Principal survives 51 days in hospital
Mount Vernon ISD 2 High School Students Aug 24
Nacogdoches ISD band student at Nacogdoches High School
Navarro ISD 23+ staff and students
Needville ISD one student at Needville Junior High one at Needville High School
New Deal ISD staff
Northside ISD Leon Valley Elementary employee dies of Covid-19 also 2 staff at John Jay High also 11 active Sept 2 and 112 cumulative since May and New cases Sept 10 at Oliver Wendell Holmes High School + Cases at Rita Kay Driggers Elementary Sept 14 + Cases at William Howard Taft High School Sept 16 + Cases at O'Conner High School Sept 16
North East ISD staff at Las Lomas Elementary + Longs Creek Elementary + custodians at Roan Forest Elementary + staff at Harris Middle School and Wood Middle School
North Lamar ISD staff
Ore City ISD student - two second grade classes now quarantined
Overton ISD employee
Richardson ISD 7 student athletes after 2 weeks of workouts Aug 23
River Road ISD student at River Road High School Sept 1 + 11 cases confirmed by Sept 16
Palestine ISD 2 student athletes at Palestine High School
Paris ISD staff at Paris High School
Pflugerville ISD employee
Pine Tree ISD staff at Pine Tree Middle School + additional Staff and student at Pine Tree Junior High Aug 24
Plano ISD staff Clark High School + student outbreak during summer school at Davis Elementary + a Student at Jasper High School Aug 23
Pleasant Grove staff
Pleasanton ISD student athlete
Port Neches-Groves ISD Teachers
Prosper ISD at 3 cases Hughes Elementary and Hays Middle School and School district administration
Queen City ISD outbreak among staff and students, school closing for a week Sept 16
Ranger ISD 3 Teachers
Red Oak ISD students at Red Oak High School and Red Oak Middle School
Redwater ISD student at Redwater High
Richardson ISD 7 students at Lake Highlands High School Aug 23 after 2 weeks of athletic workouts
Rockwall ISD students + Rockwall High school resource officer dies of covid-19
Rochelle ISD students
Round Rock ISD 24 employees
Saltillo ISD employee
San Angelo ISD staff at San Jacinto Elementary
San Antonio ISD Special Education Teacher at Ogden Academy his died of Covid-19 also San Antonio ISD Will Rogers Academy teacher dies of Covid-19
San Diego ISD staff
Sherman ISD 3 active staff 6 active cases students Sept 2Gold Star Dashboard
Skidmore-Tynan ISD students
Snyder High School students
Spring Hill ISD Staff
Spur ISD Multiple teachers and students aug 23 - going completely online for 2 weeks
Sulphur Springs ISD 5 staff also at Barbara Bush Primary
Sweetwater High School student
Taft ISD Football player
Terrell ISD student and Gilbert Willie Elementary staff
Texarkana ISD
Timpson ISD and 7 more positive cases Sept 9
Thrall ISD at Thrall Middle School
Trinity ISD Coach and Student
Troupe ISD students at Troupe High School
Tyler ISD at Legacy High School on campus when it opened August 19th + now at Rice Elementary on Aug 21 + Case at Rise Academy Sept 9 + Case at Tyler High School Sept 10 + 2 new cases Sept 8 and Sept 16 at Legacy High + 2 Cases at Moore MST Magnet School Sept 9 and Sept 16 + Case at Hubbard Middle School Sept 14 + Case Sept 16 at Birdwell Dual Language Elementary + Case Sept 10 at Bonner Elementary + Case Sept 13 at Griffin Elementary + Case Sept 17 at Orr Elementary + Case Sept 14 at Peete Elementary + Case Sept 8 at Ramey Elementary + 2 Cases Sept 10 and 11th at Rice Elementary good notadashboard New Covid Tracking page
United ISD cases at Zaffirini Elementary School Sept 15, class quarantined
Uvalde ISD at Uvalde High School 1 student athlete last week, but players did not quarantine so now more of them testing positive
Verbiest ISD 4 staff and students
Wolfe City ISD 3 staff
Waco ISD Middle School Principal dies this spring of covid-19
Willis ISD 2 cases at Meador Elementary Aug 25th
Windthorst ISD student since starting back on Aug 17th
Winnsboro ISD 2 students Aug 24 at Winnsboro Elementary School and Memorial Intermediate School
Wichita Falls ISD staff at Scotland Park Elementary and Cunningham Elementary Sept 3 + Staff at McNiel Middle School Sept 8 + Ryder High student Sept 4
White Oak ISD High School Closing until Sept 9 due to multiple cases
Whitney ISD student on Aug 21
Wylie ISD staff at Draper Intermediate + Davis Intermediate + Burnett Junior High + new cases Aug 19 at Birmingham Elementary + Cox Elementary School + New cases at Wylie East Junior High Sept 14
Zavalla ISD positive case on campus Aug 24
Private Schools with confirmed cases
Ascension Academy students Aug 24
Donna Shepard Leadership Academy staff
East Texas Montessori Prep Academy student
Incarnate Word High School teacher dies of Covid-19
SFA Charter School student
Anyone who wishes to offer support for keeping up with this project can support the Patreon here
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2020.08.29 07:16 Mark-Leyner Nothing happens until it's consumed.

The Image, the Word, and the Gun (BBC Omnibus, 1991)
I'm sure most of you have seen this, or are aware of it. I think it's worth seeing again, maybe especially now. I transcribed most of it, Delillo and the excerpts from his novels. It's powerful as a film, but Delillo is always just as powerful in text. I hope this finds you well.
“The Image, the Word, and the Gun”
BBC Omnibus, Season 29, Episode 5, aired 27 September 1991
Bee Bee Cee one “Omnibus” with the leading American novelist, Don Delillo, who explores the idea that constant, grave news coverage by the media may have replaced the novel as the tragic narrative of today.
Don Delillo writes dangerous fiction. He’s been called, “America’s leading contemporary novelist”. His ten novels come directly out of the flow of recent history; the Kennedy assassination, toxic fallout, acts of terrorism. These are all part of the running news against which his books are set. This film was developed in close collaboration with Delillo, who wanted to use the documentary form to explore the relationships between gunmen and the novelist, words and images, and the power of news and our obsession with apocalypse. Doing so, he asks, “What effect can a novelist have on a culture where terrorists seem to have hijacked the world’s narrative?”.
Title: “The Word, The Image, and The Gun”
Libra excerpt.
“This was the year he rode the subway to the ends of the city, two hundred miles of track. He liked to stand at the front of the first car, hands flat against the glass. The train smashed through the dark. People stood on local platforms staring nowhere, a look they’d been practicing for years. He kind of wondered, speeding past, who they really were. His body fluttered in the fastest stretches. They went so fast sometimes he thought they were on the edge of no-control.”
Isolation, solitude, secret plotting. A novel is a secret a writer may keep for years before he lets it out of his room. Writers in hiding, writers in prison. Sometimes their secrets turn out to be dangerous to the state machine. For most writers in the West, of course, this danger is extremely remote. The cells we live in are strictly personal constructions.
Let’s change the room slightly and imagine another kind of apartness. The outsider who builds a plot around his desperation. A self-watcher. A lonely young man living in a fiction he hasn’t bothered to put down on paper. But this doesn’t mean he isn’t organized, he organizes everything. This is how he keeps from disappearing. His head is filled with dangerous secrets and he may finally devise a way to come out of his room. He invents a false name, orders a gun through the mail, then looks around for someone famous he can shoot.
Libra excerpt.
“Plots carry their own logic. There is a tendency of plots to move toward death. He believed that the idea of death is woven into the nature of every plot. A narrative plot no less than a conspiracy of armed men. The tighter the plot of a story, the more likely it will come to death.”
For me, the assassination of President Kennedy was a rumble that gathered momentum over the years. It’s present in my early work, here and there. My first novel ends in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, the main character retracing the motorcade route in his rented car. I think it’s true that none of my novels could have been written in the world that existed before the assassination. In my fiction there seems to be a sense of danger everywhere, of something unraveling.
When Kennedy was shot, something changed forever in America. Something opened up a sense of randomness, deep ambiguity. We lost the narrative thread. See, this is what happened, the assassination left an emptiness that made everything plausible, made us susceptible to the most incredible ideas and fantasies.
We couldn’t seem to find out what happened on even the most basic level. How many gunmen? How many shots? How many wounds on the President’s body? There was no coherent reality we could analyze and study. So, we became a little paranoid. We developed a sense of the secret manipulation of history. You know, “there’s something they aren’t telling us.”. Documents, lost or destroyed. Official records, sealed for fifty years. A number of very suspicious murders and suicides. Since Dallas, we see conspiracy everywhere.
Before it happened, we were much more self-assured. I think we felt especially blessed.
President Kennedy:
“I’m confident, as I look to the future, that our chances for security, our chances for peace, are better than they’ve been in the past and the reason is, because we’re stronger.”
Maybe this was a fairy tale we told ourselves, but it seemed to work. And Kennedy himself was a sign of our specialness. Certainly, we had greater faith in government before he was killed. This faith was deeply damaged, not only by the official handling of the investigation but by later revelations concerning JFK’s own administration. So even the myth of a noble President, shot down by some malcontent, became a little difficult to sustain. Bad news everywhere.
Finally, I thought I might just walk right into the middle of it. Do a novel about the assassination. I thought I would try to provide a narrative we’d lost somewhere in the chaos. Not an explanation for every confused human motive and certainly not a denial of the chaos but, maybe some element of safety. A way out of the endless unknowing. If we can’t find the solution, let’s imagine one.
Many things might possibly go wrong. The story had too many people, too many wandering lives and subplots and major themes. Too many things feeding in: Bay of Pigs, the U-2 incident, organized crime, civil rights. But finally, it was the characters who drew me in. Not the characters I would create for, “Libra” which is my ninth novel, but the ones already there. All those lives that were part of the record. Rich, strange, and very often, tortured lives. Not just the major faces, but characters at the edges, and on the edge. Lonely, violent, deeply American lives.
The accused assassin was my route into the book. I needed to find a voice for Lee Oswald.
Oswald and I lived near each other in the Bronx in 1953. I was 16 at the time and he was 13, and I didn’t know him – but I was certainly startled to find out about the connection. His mother, Marguerite, put him in the car, an old Dodge, and they drove all the way to New York from Texas because, her oldest son was stationed at a military base nearby.
Oswald was a lifelong expatriate, really: Louisiana, Texas, New York, Japan in the Marines, Moscow and Minsk as a defector. I don’t think it’s simplistic to say his life was defined by books and guns. He had trouble reading but was clearly drawn to books – filled out an application once and said he wanted to write short stories on contemporary American life.
He’d go to the library and take out books he knew President Kennedy had read and liked. He read Mao Zedong because Kennedy had. He read Ian Fleming. He went to the library to get, “The White Nile” because he knew Kennedy had read it, but it was out. He got, “The Blue Nile” instead. And he ended up in the Texas School Book Depository, a rifle in his hands, books all around him.
Was he a lone gunman or one element in a conspiracy?
When I wrote from his viewpoint, I wanted a language that seemed in danger, a little jumpy. A language unsure of itself. He was a scattered man, trying to put himself together.
Two kinds of solitaries plotting. The novelist wants to reveal consciousness, examine human possibility. The novelist is the natural defender of the self. Each writer is his own language. I think it’s possible to say a novelist builds himself, word by word. He needs ego, self-confidence. A certain vanity and arrogance to risk two, or three, or ten years on a book. A secure sense of himself.
The lone, disaffected gunman is probably living on the edge of selfhood. Dangling, thin-boundaried. Not fully formed. His own fictions, his plots, schemes, tend to narrow the world. Reduce the world. In some cases, to two people. Just him, in his sixth-floor perch, and the charismatic leader riding by in the blue limousine.
Lee and his Russian wife, a young woman who’d envisioned the consumer paradise and ended up getting slapped around by her underpaid and sometimes, out-of-work, husband. Lee could not provide, makes you lonely not to have the things you see around you all the time, keeps you from being whole.
And what about the man who’s privileged? It isn’t his money, or high office, or beautiful wife, it’s that electronic glow he emits, it’s that inspired gift, or power. The way he rides through the lights, looking just like his photographs.
As things got worse for Lee, he began to see himself in the President. His life, by this time, was unraveling. I think he’d wandered outside history and into fantasy, into coincidence.
Libra excerpt:
“The first movie was Suddenly. Frank Sinatra is a combat veteran who comes to a small town and takes over a house that overlooks the railroad depot. He is here to assassinate the President. Lee felt a stillness around him. He had an eerie sense he was being watched for his reaction.”
“He felt connected to the events on the screen. It was like secret instructions entering the network of signals and broadcast bands, the whole busy air of transmission. Marina was asleep. They were running a message through the night and into his skin.”
“The streets were dark. The house was dark except for the flickering screen. An old scratchy film that carried his dreams. Perfection of rage, perfection of control, the fantasy of night.”
“Lee felt he was in the middle of his own movie. They were running this thing just for him.”
So, the awful thing happened, and it happened on film. The assassination is a home movie called, “The Zapruder Film” after the Dallas dress manufacturer who took his 8-millimeter camera to Dealey Plaza. Eighteen seconds of Zapruder. There are serious students of these 18 seconds, of course. Every blur has been analyzed. There’s a technique called, “blur analysis”.
Our most photogenic President, dying on film.
Maybe I’m wrong about this, but I think the footage comes close to uncovering some secret about the nature of film itself. Film carries something, some mindstream, some myth that may be common to us all. It’s as though the experience of film has acquired a kind of independent existence in our consciousness. It’s that deeply embedded – have to get it on film.
Film is more than the 20th Century art, it’s another part of the 20th Century mind. The 20th Century is “on” film. It’s the “Film Century”. If a thing can be filmed, film is implied in the thing itself. People with wasting diseases allowing themselves to be filmed as they die, people committing suicide on film. Satellite cameras reading your license plate from 300 miles up. Cameras in the uterus, cameras dangling over the doors in every public space we enter. Watching ourselves, constantly being watched.
Images follow us everywhere, come into our rooms, drive with us in the car, come into our beds and help mediate our sex lives. Film creates a kind of dreaming space all of us occupy.
Americana excerpt:
“When I was a teenager, I saw Bert in From Here to Eternity. He stood above Deborah Carr on that Hawaiian beach and for the first time in my life, I felt the true power of the image. Bert was like a city in which we were all living. He was that big. Within the conflux of shadow and time, there was room for all of us and I knew I must extend myself, until the molecules parted, and I was spliced into the image.”
In my first novel, Americana, the hero lives a kind of third-person existence as an ideal figure made up of images, media messages. He’s image haunted. He constantly reinvents himself through film and television from the person he is to the person he would be. This is what media America promises, access to our desires, to our invented selves.
Images mix with reality, they replace reality sometimes. Think of those young men, media poisoned. Men who believe that electronic images contain some element of healing magic, who feel deprived of spiritual sustenance, who try to find their destiny not through religious vocation or high adventure or even somewhere in the alignment of the stars, but through the media, the information grids. As if orbiting satellites contain the true message of who you are and what you must do.
For me, as the writer of novels which, to some extent, find the soul of the culture in filmed images, Oswald is a kind of hinge between the committed political assassin and the lonely movie goer and TV watcher, the celebrity stalker. Stalking a victim is a way of organizing one’s loneliness, making a network out of it, a system of connections.
Arthur Bremer. Nobody remembers Arthur Bremer. The funny, faceless kid who shot Governor Wallace in a shopping center. Where else? Arthur Bremer was moved toward this act when he saw the movie, Clockwork Orange. Bremer’s diary was published and provided inspiration for the movie, Taxi Driver. John Hinkley went to see Taxi Driver and fell in love with a young actress, Jodie Foster. He thought, “I will impress her by shooting the President of the United States, the old actor, Ronald Reagan.”
The years have taught us to feel the terrible chill of random violence, senseless murders, crimes of self-publicity. There’s a kind of soft, dreamy, existential violence that is meant essentially to bolster the faltering self of the gunman.
With widespread political terrorism, we got our narrative back. Calculated acts, not random. Stories played out over days and weeks, played out over years when there are hostages involved. A narrative that horrifies for many reasons, one of them the fact that they’re killing people for its publicity value.
The awful genius of terrorism is that it affects the daily lives of ordinary people, we don’t have to be famous or gifted or powerful. We’re all potential victims, we’re all class enemies. And this shift in the culture was something I wanted to understand.
Mao II excerpt:
“Curious knot that binds novelists and terrorists. In the west, we become famous effigies as our books lose the power to shape and influence. Do you ask your writers how they feel about this? Years ago, I used to think it was possible for novelists to alter the life of the culture. But now bomb makers and gunmen have taken over that territory. They make raids on human consciousness, what writers used to do, before we were all incorporated.
Keep going, I like your anger.
But you know all this, this is why you travel a million miles photographing writers. Because we have given way to terror, to news of terror, news of disaster is the only narrative people need. The darker the news, the grander the narrative. News is the final addiction before what? I don’t know. But you’re smart to trap us in your camera before we disappear.”
The novel, Mao II, is about a reclusive writer who escapes the failed novel he’s been working on for many years. He abandons the book and enters the world. It turns out to be the world of political violence. We have novelists and terrorists, words and images. We have crowds everywhere, masses of people in the streets, on television, in stadiums, in great public squares. Crowds of revolutionaries, crowds of mourners. And the novel, in a way, wonders, “who is speaking to these people?” Has the writer lost the ability to shape the way we see and feel? Has he lost his adversarial role? Is the novelist part of the background noise now? Part of the buzz of celebrity and consumerism?
Mao II excerpt:
“You have a twisted sense of the writer’s place in society. You think the writer belongs at the far margin, doing dangerous things. Now the most successful writers make the biggest complainers. The solitude is killing, the nights are sleepless, the days are taught with worry and pain, alone. Alone. Must be hard for you dealing with these wretches, day after day.
Nah, it’s easy. I take them to a major eatery. I tell them their books are doing splendid in the chains. I recommend the roast monkfish with savoy cabbage. I tell them the reprint bidders are howling at the commodity pits. There is mini-series interest, there is audio cassette interest and the White House wants a copy for the den. I say the publicity people are setting up tours. The Italians love the book completely and the Germans are groping for new levels of rapture. Oh my, oh my. And yourself, Charlie?
I’m adjusting to the new style.”
The title, Mao II, comes from a likeness of Chairman Mao by Andy Warhol. Warhol did many pictures of Mao and his silk screens have the effect of floating the image free of history, so that the man steeped in bloody wars and revolutions becomes something else completely, a kind of sacred figure on a painted surface and not very different, at all, from Warhol’s Marilyn, or Elvis.
And what about the novelist? Has he lost his original face? I think everything we do in the west is so readily absorbed by the culture that it’s very difficult for works of art to become dangerous. The culture works in such a way that it has a reflex that enables it to absorb danger as soon as it appears.
Mao II excerpt:
“We’re alone in a room, involved in this mysterious exchange. What am I giving up to you? Then what are you investing me with? Or stealing from me? How are you changing me? I can feel the change, like some current just under the skin. Are you making me up as you go along? Am I mimicking myself? I’ve become someone’s material. Yours, Britta. There’s the life, and there’s the consumer event. Everything around us tends to channel our lives toward some final reality in print or on film. Everything seeks its own heightened version, or put it this way, nothing happens until it’s consumed. Nature has given way to aura. All the material and every life is channeled into, “the glow”. Here I am, in your lens, and already I see myself differently, twice over, or once removed.”
Mao II began with two photographs. For a long time, I had no idea they were connected. I saw the first picture in April 1988, I think it was, front page of the tabloid, New York Post, an elderly man with a look on his face of desperate shock and rage. The man is a writer, J. D. Salinger. Famous, of course, for Catcher in the Rye. And the camera belonged to two people, sent by the Post, to find and photograph him. First picture of Salinger since 1955. I didn’t know why, but I saved this photograph. About six months later, I came across a small, grainy photo in the morning paper. The mass wedding conducted by Reverend Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church. I saved this picture, too. And eventually I began to think of the novel I was writing as an attempt to understand the connection between these two photographs. The arch individualist, the solitary writer living outside the blur and the waste of endless images. But they found him, they got him.
Ordering a photograph of a famous recluse must be a little like ordering an execution.
Salinger resembles a man who’s fighting for his life and the regimented crowd, learning to dress alike and think alike, brides and grooms actually matched by photographs. Willing to surrender months and years of love and courtship to one moment that looks completely surreal to me, a little like a rehearsal for the end of the world.
There’s something about vast crowds, great masses of people assembled around the enormous image of some dictator or holy man that may make us wonder about the end of individuality. There’s a primal terror in crowds, a sense of all control gone, all distinctions gone. Crowds speak a half language, a language of rote and repetition. Chanted slogans, a single, chanted name, over and over.
Think of crowds on television. The intimate, little screen can give us a sense of millennium, of a messianic future. Each viewer, his own apocalypse. Crowds are terrifying, but maybe beautiful in a way, as well. We desire, at times, to lose ourselves in a crowd. Just identically be carried along, burning away all the pain and anxiety of self. And the struggle, to be who we are.
Mao II excerpt:
“The crowd grew, and clamored, and the body had to be transported to the cemetery by helicopter. There were aerial shots of the burial site, surrounded by crowds. Karen thought they were like pictures of a thousand years ago, some great city falling clamorously to siege. Then, the helicopter landed, and the crowds broke through the barriers. The living were trying to bring the dead man back among them. Karen could not imagine who else was watching this. They could not be real if others watched, if other people watched. If millions watched. If these millions match the numbers on the Iranian plane, doesn’t it mean we share something with the mourners? Knowing anguish, feels something passed between us. Hear the sigh of some historic grief.
She turned and saw Britta leaning back on the far arm of the sofa, calmly smoking. This is the woman who talked about needing people to believe for her, seeing people bleed for their faith. And she is calmly sitting in this frenzy of a nation and a race. If others saw these pictures, why is nothing changed? Where are the local crowds? Why do we still have names, and addresses, and car keys?”
Not so long ago, I think it was possible for a novelist to think that he might influence the consciousness of his time. Today, it’s news that has begun to influence the way we see the world. It’s news that has become so extraordinarily dominant. I think we’ve come to depend on news, the darker, the better. In a way, we need it. Because it is the tragic narrative of our time.
I keep thinking, without too much supporting evidence, that images have something to do with crowds. An image is a crowd, in way. A smear of impressions. Images tend to draw people together, create mass identity. Words. Words and books seem connected to the development of self. The book fits the individual reader. The shape and nature of the book, lines of print. The linear progression of alphabetic marks on the page, here’s a single mind developing, finding its own distinctive shape and nature.
Mao II excerpt:
“Every sentence has a truth waiting at the end of it, and the writer learns how to know it when he finally gets there. On one level, this truth is the swing of the sentence, the beat poised. But deeper down, it’s the integrity of the writer as he matches the language. I’ve always seen myself in sentences. I begin to recognize myself, word by word, as I work through a sentence. The language of my books has shaped me as a man. There’s a moral force in a sentence when it comes out right, it speaks of the writer’s will to live. I’ve worked the sentences of this book long and hard but not long and hard enough, because I can no longer see myself in the language. The running picture is gone. The code of being that pushed me on and made me trust the world. This book and these years have worn me down. I’ve forgotten what it means to write, forgotten my own first rule: keep it simple, Bill.”
Whatever the crowd is, or represents, the writer can’t afford to stand apart from it. I saw an entry recently in the journals of John Cheever and he was writing about an evening he spent in a baseball stadium and glimpse he had, of hundreds of people reaching for a baseball hit into the grandstand. And he said it’s not the writer’s task to describe the thoughts of an adulterous woman, looking out a window at streaks of rain, running down the glass. We need to understand those four hundred people, reaching for the baseball. Those 10, or 20,000 people heading for the exits as the ballgame ends. Moral judgments, Cheever said, embodied in a migratory vastness. So, the writer is in history. Fully engaged in contemporary life, connected to the turmoil, the clash of voices.
Mao II excerpt:
“You know why I believe in the novel? It’s a democratic shout. Anybody can write a great novel. One great novel. Almost any amateur off the street. I believe this. Some nameless drudge, some desperado with barely a nurtured dream can sit down and find his voice and luck out and do it. Something so angelic it makes your jaw hang open. The spray of talent, the spray of ideas. One thing, unlike another. One voice, unlike the rest. Ambiguities, contradictions, whispers, hints.”
With the crowds gone, the city is abandoned to its images. Empty, lonely, and beautiful in a way. Beautifully forlorn. Words dangling in the sky. Words and images, a fragmented image that’s totally familiar to everyone. That doesn’t need translating into Japanese, or Spanish. Brand names, jingles, slogans, news flashes. Every kind of message to gather against the fear, and loneliness of city life.
It’s all language. It’s what a writer uses.
Libra excerpt:
“There was something in Oswald’s face, a glance at the camera before he was shot that put him here in the audience, among the rest of us. Sleepless in our homes. A glance, a way of telling us that he knows who we are and how we feel. Something in the look, some sly intelligence. Exceedingly brief, but far-reaching. A connection, all but bleached away by glare, tells us that he is outside the moment, watching with the rest of us.”
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2020.08.06 17:59 SaintRidley Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Mar. 7, 1988

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words, continuing in the footsteps of daprice82. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
The Complete Observer Rewind Archive by daprice82
1-4-1988 1-11-1988 1-18-1988 1-25-1988
2-1-1988 2-8-1988 2-15-1988 2-22-1988
2-29-1988 * * *
  • It’s a slow week in wrestling as we build toward Wrestlemania and Clash of the Champions. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to report, but it does mean that we’re spending the front page pretty much on those shows. Also, there will be WCCW’s May 1 Texas Stadium show, which Dave really hopes won’t be called the Mike Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions, but he’s already resigned himself to that.
  • For Wrestlemania, the big news is that it’ll be longer than the 2.5 hours Dave said last issue. WWF has reserved four hours of satellite time in two blocks, covering 4 pm to 8pm Eastern, with an encore feed from 8 to midnight. Expect Wrestlemania to last between 3 hours 30 minutes and 3 hours 45 minutes. That extra time should help matches get the time they need to have some potentially good stuff happen, as well as filling the show with extra clips and rest time for the guys doing multiple matches.
  • After Wrestlemania, it looks like Hulk Hogan will indeed be taking time off to film his biopic. So he’s pretty much no longer being spoken of backstage as a possible winner of the tournament. Dave says that a few weeks back, everyone with inside knowledge was saying DiBiase’s name, and Dave thinks that makes sense what with the upcoming August show being a perfect opportunity for him to drop it back to Hogan. That said, DiBiase can’t draw as champion here, even if he is the best wrestler in the company and is at the top of his game right now. That might not matter - WWF has never been good at drawing in the summer, and in some parts of the year seems only to draw at all with Hogan on the card, so it’s probable that nothing will solve their summer drawing issues and Ted’s perfectly fine as a pick. Anyway, Dave thinks the reason DiBiase won’t draw as champion in part comes down to the fact that his gimmick is over, but not his wrestling - casual fans don’t see him as a good wrestler. That might make him well positioned to draw if audiences believe he will drop the title to one of Savage, Bigelow, Steamboat, etc., but the fact is the belt does not draw on its own, and it won’t enhance the drawing power of the next champion, and a title change won’t be a big event. WWF tested DiBiase out with his brief house show run as champion after The Main Event, and that did not go well despite taking place largely in California (where WWF typically has their biggest success outside the Northeast) and his MSG main event with Bam Bam Bigelow was the smallest house they’ve gotten there in years. Hogan is the only guy who can maybe draw in the summer for WWF. So with him out and DiBiase’s drawing power in question, Savage’s name has been tossed around. Based on the current bracket, that means he would have to take out DiBiase in the semifinals and face a heel in the finals (which would either be Andre, Rude, or Bravo). Dino Bravo is obviously not the guy, as he barely merits being in the tournament at all. Andre probably can’t actually wrestle long enough to make it through to the finals, though if he could, it would do a lot to legitimize Savage as a face at or near Hogan’s level. Dave expects a Savage reign would be quick, though, because once Hogan’s back he’s obviously got to be the champion - you don’t put out a biopic on a former champion. Complicating matters, WWF magazine has just come out with a new bracket that seems to ensure a Savage/DiBiase final with DiBiase meeting the winner of Hogan/Andre in the semifinal. This changed bracket offers a lot more potential drama, Dave thinks, so that’s a plus.
  • Over in Crockett Country, Clash of the Champions is going to have its own celebrity guest: Ken Osmond. If you don’t remember the name, he played Wally Cleaver’s friend Eddie on Leave it to Beaver. He’s no Vanna White, and honestly this kind of play makes Crockett’s show come off like a cheap knockoff. They probably should have avoided celebrities at all unless they could get a Bob Hope or Sylvester Stallone type name. Anyway, Dave talks about the main event, the big drawing card for this show. FlaiSting for the NWA Title with Dullon in a cage and three judges in the event of a broadway is the main event, though there is one question there: can the title change hands by judges’ decision? If not, who cares if Sting wins the match by decision? Given the reach of WTBS and the free factor, Crockett’s going to have to seriously misstep not to have more viewers than Wrestlemania. Crockett should be seriously disappointed if this show doesn’t come in with a viewership higher than they’ve ever had, or higher than any wrestling in America aside from the Royal Rumble and WWF’s NBC specials. And even if they don’t hurt WWF one bit, they should still pull at least a 6 rating (which translates into roughly 2.5 million homes and maybe 5 million viewers). Wrestlemania will probably be far more profitable, but the viewership will be much more limited, maybe 400,000 at closed circuit locations, 18,000 live, and 900,000 homes on ppv. Even if most of the ppv views are people hosting parties, they’re not going to be close to 5 million pairs of eyes watching. And unlike previous head-to-head encounters, for the first time there will be significant viewership for both shows (Royal Rumble still had five times the viewership of Bunkhouse Stampede). Some think this is suicide for Crockett, just because Wrestlemania 3 was so impressive and they don’t believe Crockett can offer anything on WWF’s level. That said, if they put on a really great show with a big viewership, and the show can even come close to seeming as crisp as Wrestlemania to a good number of those viewers, then Crockett might just pull off undoing the damage they’ve done to their viewership with the past two shows. WWF will make millions and probably put on a good show as well, but this is going to be a real test for Crockett to see if they can undo their negative momentum.
  • An update on Memphis and their tv at Financial News Network/The Score. They will not be on Saturdays at first, but rather they’ll debut on Sunday March 23 in the 10 pm Eastern timeslot. They’ll have that slot for three weeks before they move to 9 pm Saturdays beginning April 2, with NWF taking the Sunday slot. Dave doesn’t know much about NWF, but they’re claiming to have Sgt. Slaughter and Wendi Richter, which is how they got the slot.
  • Dave just can’t get the story on Animal right at all. So, correction: Animal was not injured in Pittsburgh on January 29. He was injured a day or two before that, and no-showed Pittsburgh.
  • Probably the biggest wrestling event this week was Dump Matsumoto’s retirement ceremony. Dump’s last match was set for Monday night, and the card isn’t being taped for television. Her final tv appearance was taped this past Thursday at Yukari Omori’s retirement show, where they teamed against the Crush Gals. More details next week.
  • In the February 15 edition of amateur wrestling publication Wrestling USA, there was a column talking about the formation of a league for amateur wrestling. It will be called the National Wrestling League, and is planned to have 8-12 teams based in major cities around the country. They’re planning to start in November so Olympic eligibility won’t be an issue, and the reason behind it is they think there’s going to be a lot of publicity for several of the prospective wresters coming out of the Summer Olympics if they win medals. Dave would keep up with amateur wrestling if he had the time, but he has been a fan in the past. But the long and the short of it is that amateur wrestling isn’t super marketable, which is why pro wrestling evolved into whatever it is now. All luck to them - both previous attempts in the past decade failed after just a few shows. Surprisingly, NWL is still alive (and appears to be the same one, I think), though it appears to have morphed rather quickly into a standard pro wrestling promotion. Mick Foley’s first wrestling championship was the NWL Heavyweight Title in 1991. Keeping an eye on this as it develops later in the year.
  • Update on the Von Erich family story in Penthouse. Wanda Lee Nichols, who recently made some press when she got a court order for David Bowie to take an AIDS test in her presence, somehow got wind of the story and is trying to insert herself as Mike Von Erich’s former lover. Penthouse is loving this, since controversy will sell issues. The author isn’t happy, because the story itself is excellently written and well-documented, and Nichols being Mike’s former lover (whether true or not) is entirely irrelevant). So mentioning Nichols just drags the story and its credibility down. There’s speculation that she’s a plant to discredit the real stuff in the story, what with how much the Von Erich family has been against the real story coming out.
  • **As for WCCW, Dave’s firmly a believer now that Michael Hayes is in as booker. It’s definitely going to be the Michael Hayes show, but the stuff he’s put on tv the past two weeks has been great. For himself, Hayes is running a great angle where it’s obvious you know where it’s going, but not exactly how it’ll get there. He returned February 12 and started plugging his concert at the Sportatorium for March 4 and said he’s only back to do the concert, not wrestle, which led Buddy Roberts, Angel of Death, and King Parsons to come out and hug Hayes and tell him that now they can run the Von Erichs out of wrestling. Hayes had been saying he wanted no part of that because it was run into the ground, but h warily shook hands with Parsons and joked that he doesn’t “care if he’s Blackbird, Dodobird, or whatever, he’s still Iceman” to him. He then called Angel a no good son of a bitch for turning on him in UWF. Terry Gordy came out and you expect something to happen, but they shook hands and Gordy pledged his allegiance to Hayes. Two days later, Hayes plugged the concert again and he got into it with Gary Hart and Al Perez, until Gordy and Roberts made the save. Later on, Parsons, Angel, and Roberts were doing an interview promoting their defense of the 6 man titles on the 26th, and Hayes came out talking about his non-title match with Perez on that show, yelled at Roberts to shut up, and Parsons/Roberts backed off while Angel gave Hayes the evil eye. Hayes gave it right back and asked if Angel had a problem. Dave just straight up gushes over how this is going. On Feb. 21, Mark Lowrance announced that he had a contract for Hayes to get a title shot against Al Perez on March 11, provided he fulfilled two stipulations: first was a set of three warm-up matches on February 28, one of which is against Angel of Death. The other is that the winner of Perez s. Hayes on the 26th would have to fight Terry Gordy on March 27 (sure sounds like a familiar date) for the title. Hayes accepted, saying business is business. Roberts and Parsons begged him not to fight Gordy and that they’d prevent the Von Erichs from ruining the concert, and Hayes said they wouldn’t interfere and they argued and eventually Hayes slapped Roberts. So that’s where things are, and it’s the kind of angle that Dave says makes it fun to be a wrestling fan. Ken Mantell has proven he knows how to put together an exciting show, and Hayes is creative as hell. UWF failed under them due to lack of organization for live shows. They can probably turn the big cities in Texas around, and outside of Texas is up in the air. If they start thinking they can challenge Crockett nationally, though, that will probably end them.
Watch: Michael Hayes returns to WCCW
  • Eddie Gilbert returned to Memphis on February 21, interfering in the Lawler vs. Tommy Rich main event. It was a whole buildup, with his brother Doug and father Tommy coming out, then Eddie Marlin (who teamed with Tommy Gilbert back in the day and is on-air promoter for Memphis), and told Tommy to get Doug out of the ring. So Tommy attacked Marlin and they brawled, and as Lawler made his comeback against Rich and Doug, Eddie Gilbert comes out and throws fire in Lawler’s eyes, and the whole thing went over massively.
  • Dave reviews the book Drawing Heat. The book starts out kind of boring for Dave, as it seemed rather outdated to him. The personalities the book focuses on are long gone from the business, and Jim Freedman (the author) built the book off his travels with Canadian Wildman David McKigney in the Ontario independents in 1981. Wrestling has changed so much in the past seven years, so that portion of the book just didn’t fit the times. But this isn’t really the kind of wrestling book that’s about the change in the business. You can see the seeds of the territory war in here, but the point of the book is about McKigney. It’s about a small, independent promoter trying to survive in an industry where he’s dated to fail because the bigger fish are out to destroy him (like Jack Tunney, under orders from Vince destroying small promotions that don’t even offer competition to Vince). If you take it as a book about McKigney and his struggles, it’s a fascinating book. For Dave, though, the best part of the book is how Freedman refuses to accept the way wrestlers hate their audience and feel the need to believe their audience actually believes wrestling is real and that if audiences knew it wasn’t real wrestling would die. Basically, the Jim Cornette position. McKigney doesn’t care how much the fans know and figures as long as his shows are good fans will come back, and even gets in on the news bulletin side of things, praising guys like Elio Zarlenga and Terry Justice (who along with Norm Dooley, their bulletins were almost prototypes for the Observer). All in all, Dave thinks a lot of people might find the book boring, but a substantial amount of folks might find it fascinating. It’s the best commercially released book on wrestling Dave’s ever read, at least.
  • WWF is dropping Video One as their tv production company and switching to their own in-house production studio. They’ll probably make the switch during the down period after Wrestlemania. In addition, the trade magazine ads (which have been a signal of this change) also include ads looking for a tv play-by-play guy, an interviewer, and a senior producer, so looks like the future holds some on-air personnel changes.
  • The Feb 22 MSG card was one of WWF’s worst cards in recent memory, and had the smallest crowd at the Garden in five years with under 10,000 in attendance. Dave runs down the card, and it’s just awful. Harley Race is in the opening tag tteaming with Mike Sharpe and jobbing to the Rougeaus. George Steele beat Sika by pinning him after Sika bounced a chair off the corner into his own face. Demolition were in single matches, with Ax beating Ken Patera and Smash pinned by JYD. Jake Roberts and Dino Bravo went to a 20 minute draw that felt like forever, and Ted DiBiase beat Bam Bam Bigelow by countout in the main event after he posted Bigelow while Bigelow chased Virgil. And that was the only decent match of the night. Oh, there also a couple more stinkers: Duggan and Ron Bass in a double countout and Warrior and Don Muraco beat Bundy and Butch Reed (bundy subbing for One Man Gang but out of ring shape).
  • Our favorite probable neo-nazis Ron and Don Harris make their Observer debut as the Bruise Brothers in Memphis. They remind Dave physically of Ron Fuller when he started out. They’ve been wrestling for only two months and just won the CWA Tag Team Titles on the February 27 tv show.
  • Owen Hart returns to Stampede on February 26 to resume his feud with Makhan Singh. These two should be all wrong for each other. Singh’s almost 400 lbs and should be too big for Owen’s offense to look good against and to work with Owen’s style such that Owen looks believable beating him, but somehow they manage to make it work really well every single time. Also, Wayne Hart has started wrestling, which means they’ve rotated in another Hart brother to referee now.
  • Negotiations to bring Akira Maeda back to New Japan appear dead in the water. Maeda was suspended back in November for kicking Riki Choshu in the face legit and breaking two bones in Choshu’s eye, completely wrecking the tag team tournament in the process. There was speculation about his future, though folks generally agreed he’d be back in January, but then he and Inoki had a contract dispute (Inoki wanted him to take a 15% pay cut. Maeda, who is the third most popular wrestler in Japan, didn’t want a pay cut. He also refused to do a tour in the U.S., and negotiations fell through when New Japan wouldn’t budge on the paycut but offered Mexico instead of the U.S. Dave says Mexico would have been disastrous, as none of the Mexican wrestlers are big enough or tough enough to hang with Maeda. Maeda just refused again. Part of the reason behind the pitch of the pay cut was simply due to New Japan’s tv deal changing means less revenue and a need to cut expenses and isn’t about punishing Maeda at all.
  • Hiroshi Hase has been impressing lately, doing a bunch of new moves. In a match with Takada, he reversed a superplex and instead superplex Takada to the floor outside the ring for a double countout. He’s also picking guys up like a suplex then dropping their groins onto the guard rail and doing diving splashes over the top rope onto opponents lying prone on the mat. With this level of innovation, he’s on track to be one of the best of the year if he can avoid injury. And with all the other junior heavyweights like Yamada, Hiro Saito, Owen Hart, etc., this junior heavyweight division is better than it has ever been. Although, that comes at a cost. New Japan has a booking philosophy where anyone can beat anyone on a given night, so while nobody is stuck as a jobber, nobody is able to get over as a big deal either. I think with the superplex to the floor Dave's talking about his tournament match with Takada and I found it, but um, watch for yourself.
Watch: "superplex" to the floor
  • All Japan opened their latest run of shows on February 20, and the Malenko Brothers debuted with an upset over Tiger Mask II and Shinichi Nakano. It’s Dave’s first time actually watching the Malenkos work, and he says they worked a 50s-era Thesz style. The technique was impeccable, and they kept it mat and submission based, with only one high spot to set up the finish. The crowd was quiet most of the match, but at the end they erupted, which showed just how much they were following and appreciating the performance. It’s a style that would not work for American fans, but Dave notes that sometimes the best way to get over is to work a style nobody else is doing. He makes a note of the Bulldogs and Jumping Bomb Angels in WWF, who came in and got over by doing a hard style different from anything else in the company, but over time they “learned” (read: were forced to soften their style to WWF style) and lost a lot of their popularity due to having their uniqueness stripped away.
  • [All Japan] Tenryu’s Revolution have been having the hottest matches in the company. Kawada and Fuyuki have gotten big on aerobics and are putting on 20-25 minute matches full of high spots and nonstop action and may well be in contention for best tag team in the world right now, blowing past Strike Force, Arn and Tully, and the Islanders.
  • WCCW is doing a lot of gimmicks to build up local crowds. Stuff like $5 tickets for Valentine’s Day in Fort Worth with Kerry Von Erich vs. Terry Gordy with the winner facing Al Perez for the title and the tag title match with the card draw for the title at the end. They also basically did a Texas Roundup (a ripoff of the WWF Royal rumble gimmick) on the show, but the match showed the flaws in that type of match. A week later they did a Thunderdome cage match, and on February 26 in Dallas they did another Texas Roundup. And they’re doing a lot more swearing and pulling down trunks to expose ass, even on tv nights.
  • [WCCW] Mark Lowrance wins the Bill Mercer award for extemporaneous speaking with this gem. Discussing the Thunderdome matches (where a guy gets handcuffed to the cage when pinned), Lowrance noted that an eliminated guy can still fight back with his free hand. Frank Dusek asked him if he’d like to fight Kerry Von Erich with one arm handcuffed, and Lowrance responded, “I wouldn’t want to fight him with both arms handcuffed.”
  • The Feb. 19 AWA tv tapings in Vegas drew around 2,000 fans for mostly squash matches. The Midnight Rockers lost their non-title match against Diamond and Tanaka, setting up their defense on the March 19 taping against… The Rock & Roll Express. Also Greg Gage pinned Steve Olsonoski just after the bell rang (should have been a time limit draw) but and they named him the winner anyway.
  • Channel 20 in San Francisco has dropped AWA “forever.”
  • Crockett tried to book the Cow Palace for a show, and the building agreed until WWF told them they wouldn’t book the Cow Palace anymore if Crockett got the date. As of now, Crockett won’t be getting a date. As much as WWF claims Crockett isn’t competition and doesn’t bother them, they sure treat them like competition. Can’t blame them - Crockett would do the same if the roles were reversed, and Dave’s sure they have in some of the old Mid Atlantic strongholds. Crockett’s chances of being profitable in San Francisco are slim anyway, since they don’t know how to reach Californian fans and have proven that over and over again in the past year. That McMahon is going to these lengths against a competitor who really can’t compete in a market reveals how much less secure they are in their position than they project publicly. Remember: if a promoter says they are not competing with another promotion, and yet their actions appear designed to counter, hamper, or otherwise react to the other promotion (especially if these are consistent actions) then they are competing, and the promoter is lying. Another way to tell if a promoter is lying to you about their intentions is if they are talking. Apply this knowledge to any current wrestling "war" you wish.
  • Bruiser Brody will be at the May 1 WCCW show.
  • Good news for Earl Hebner (the fake Dave Hebner from WWF’s The Main Event. He only suffered minor injuries when Hogan threw him out of the ring, needing a few stitches but avoiding a concussion or anything major.
Watch: Hogan hurls Hebner
  • Allen Coage is wrestling as Badnews Brown in WWF because he didn’t want them trademarking the name Badnews Allen. Smart man.
  • Big Bubba Rogers is looking for work. He wound up caught in a snare between Crockett and WWF - he made a jump to WWF while still under contract to Crockett (contract expires in May, Dave thinks), and Crockett threatened to block him from jumping. Dave isn’t sure what all happened, but WWF isn’t risking using him and getting sued, so he’s not earning money from either company until his contract situation clears up. He'll be fine - big guy's going to do a brief stint in All Japan shortly.
  • City Hall in Calgary has asked Stampede to prevent Makhan Singh from mentioning the Olympics. Singh’s a great promo and loves to bring current events into his promos, but given he’s a heel the city seems concerned about what he might say.
  • Things are getting interesting with Stampede’s tv due to announcer Ed Wheelan. He cuts off any match on tv that gets too violent or bloody, which means most of the best matches and angles wind up butchered for tv. This is why Edmonton has a reputation for having better matches than Calgary, as the wrestlers are more free to go wild and bleed more.
  • Devil Masami looks to be moving to Calgary soon to restart her career. The Harts are also interested in bringing Dump Matsumoto to feud with Rhonda Singh.
  • Stampede is hopeful that they can bring Ric Flair for a weekend to wrestle Owen Hart. This is a hope that’s full of political pitfalls, given Stu Hart is a WWF agent for their Calgary shows. Also, it’s just unlikely Crockett would want to give up Flair for a Friday and Saturday night. Indeed, this never goes anywhere, and the only time Ric Flair and Owen Hart would ever be part of the same match would be the 1993 Royal Rumble match, where they never shared the ring at the same time. It’s a shame, because I feel like Owen and Flair would have had some fantastic matches if things had ever shaken out so they could try.
  • Crockett’s recent Omni (Feb. 28) and Greensboro (Feb. 27) shows were disappointments at the gate. They were coming off two 13,000 attendance shows at the Omni and making noise about selling out, but only pulled 7,300 (a good crowd, all things considered), but a lot of the crowd were in the upper deck where tickets only cost $5 rather than the seats closer to the ring that cost more. Same story in Greensboro, where they pulled 10,000 fans but again a lot in the cheap seats and few in the “good” seats. $5 is a hell of a deal for a card of that quality though. Anyway, the most notable thing from the Omni show was Sting calling Larry Zbyzsko an “asshole” and the crowd running with it chanting “asshole” at Zbyzsko for the entire match. They’re coming back on March 13 and the attendance will probably be lower. They’re running the Omni so often, probably because they’re cocky off how Ole Anderson drew when they brought him back, but likely because Wrestlemania is booked for the Omni as a closed-circuit site and Crockett are trying to kill the town before WWF comes (WWF has never succeeded in getting a foothold in the area, but you never know, maybe they could and Crockett want to prevent that).
  • Crockett had to cancel the Feb. 23 show in Spartanburg, South Carolina because they got no advanced ticket sales and under 100 tickets sold the day before the show. The main event was to be Larry Zbyszko vs. Barry Windham.
  • An anonymous reader writes in with a poem entitled “The Ballad of ‘The Bull.’” It’s clearly trying for a limerick/ballad/all rhyming couplets rhythm mashup and it manages to butcher the concepts of form and meter completely. In terms of pure poetic quality, it's garbage and irritating to me, but that's because I study this stuff. It’s also about Dusty Rhodes being a terrible booker, which explains why Dave printed it and looked past the… less than stellar quality of the writing (I give it -2 stars), saying he figures the writer clearly “took a lot of time thinking it up and the poem does get its message across.” Here’s the poem (and because reddit formatting is awful, I’ve put the first line of each stanza in bold so you know there’s a break before it):
There once was a promoter named Crockett,
Who watched his promotion take off like a rocket,
His was the best of its day,
The one we called the NWA,
Its angles were hot and the talent was great,
And these were the reasons for so many a big gate.
The champion was a great one named Flair,
To take his title nobody would dare,
The action was heated with plenty of fightin’,
Soon Crockett would challenge McMahon and his Titan,
Jim’s business was strong, he possessed all the goods,
But he had an egomaniac booker called “Bull of the Woods.”
Fat like a whale, whose work was quite rusty,
This scar-headed juice freak also called himself Dusty,
He always put himself over, and formed his own clique,
He created the Horseman--Arn, Tully, Lex and Ric.
The angles grew stale and fans got tired of the crew,
So Dusty turned Luger--a foolish thing to do,
Lex is not a good worker, opponents have to take up his slack,
He’s just a musclebound stiff with a human torture rack,
They should’ve turned Flair, what a babyface he’d make
Just chalk up another Dusty mistake.
The UWF Jim Crockett did buy,
Only to destroy all its talent, never give them a try,
First Taylor and Williams, then the Freebird named Hayes,
This goofball Jim Crockett must have been in a daze!
His only salvation was pay-per-view cable,
But Crockett showed the Nassau fans the same tired old stable,
Vince McMahon had a great laugh indeed,
When the fans booed fat Dusty when he won the Stampede.
Egos die hard and wrestlers lose their fire,
But some just simply refuse to retire,
Crockett and Dusty are two of a kind,
Greed and ignorance like theirs simply boggles the mind,
And I never thought that I would live to see the day,
When I would truly disdain the NWA,
The Dream and his cronies have sold themselves short,
And deserve to be second in the great wrestling sport,
Give me Andre and Hogan and all of the rest,
For Titan have proven that it is the best.
  • There’s some good discussion of long matches and audience interest in the letters this week. One reader argues that a small regional promotion can afford to cater to the kind of fan who gets invested in matches for the sake of matches, but that to succeed nationally, you need the much larger audience and that means matches have to go down the priority list - the fans of WWF don’t watch Hulk Hogan to see him wrestle. They watch Hulk Hogan to see him pose. It’s about the storyline around the matches, the hype, the pre- and post-match antics. The matches are incidental. And as Crockett tries to compete nationally, they’re finding that a lot of their fans are similar. It's a lot of the stuff we see in discussion about wrestling today. Can you really build around workrate first and succeed, or is that just going to cause you to have a limited audience? NXT is far more workrate focused than the main roster has ever been, yet its viewership has not gone past a certain level. Another reader chalks it up to this instant-gratification, non-thinking, give it to me now (give me what I want!) attitude that is all “too common today.” The same reader can’t comprehend how people can look at wrestling and vote for Bobby Heenan as a worse manager than Slick or Johnny V, or think Steamboat is still a great wrestler. Oh boy.
  • Last letter I’m going to pull from because there are three and a half pages of these concerns the place of shooting in pro wrestling. Namely, the writer notes that he believes there is a legitimate place for it and brings up Bruiser Brody. How did Brody get to be where he is today? By beating the shit out of anyone who didn’t sell for him the way he wanted to be sold for until they did it right. A “friendly shoot” now and again keeps wrestling more fun. The writer condemns Maeda’s actions - cheap shots, attempts to injure, etc. aren’t the kind of “friendly” shooting the writer means. Wrestling is weird, y’all.
  • At Crockett’s February 26 show in Cincinnati (taped for their syndicated package for March 12) the ring broke during a suplex. It was a Windham vs. Rotundo title match, and Rick Steiner and Kevin Sullivan interfered to cause a disqualification, with Luger making the save. After the ring broke they needed 45 minutes to fix it to continue the show. Lex worked three matches at the taping, and was already blown up after the first (which was the last match of the first block of the taping, whereupon they immediately had him give an interview, then shoved him out for the first match of the second block of the taping). The third match was immediately after the second, so he did all three matches in a row, and the third match was against a jobber. He was supposed to lift the guy but was so exhausted he couldn’t. Way to not at all try to hide the weaknesses of the guy you’re building as your big face.
  • Dave’s heard no talk of Crockett bringing any outside teams for the Crockett Cup. It’d really help flesh things out if they did, though.
  • The Fantastics have put themselves in an interesting predicament. They debut on WTBS for Crockett on March 2. They agreed to work Bruiser Brody’s independent show in St. Louis on March 4. But Crockett is going to St. Louis on March 6, so in a sense, they’d be working in opposition to their new employer by working the show. At the same time, who the hell would want to no-show a card produced by Bruiser Brody?
  • WWF is releasing a Best of Brutus Beefcake tape. They’re going to have to put it in slow motion if they want to hit their running time.
  • AWA won’t be going completely dark for the next four weeks. The’ve got some small town spot shows booked in Minnesota, but that’s about it.
NEXT WEEK: Wrestlemania tournament bracket change official, Sports Illustrated did a profile of Hiroshi Wajima, Bruno Sammartino and WWF part ways, and more
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2020.07.11 01:58 aiggebe Lee Harvey Oswald didn't kill JFK

"We don't have any proof that Oswald fired the rifle, and never did. Nobody's yet been able to put him in the building (Texas School Book Depository) with a gun in his hand." - Jesse Curry, Dallas Chief of Police from 1960-1966
There's a lot of flimsy evidence that's been thrown around to try and show that Oswald is the man who killed Kennedy. But there's also been a lot of misconceptions and falsities to try and show that Oswald didn't kill Kennedy. I'll get to both of those points and make the case for why Oswald didn't fire those fatal shots. Lastly, I just want to mention that this post will not cover who I think actually pulled the triggers. If you want the short answer, the CIA killed JFK. I may write out who I think carried out their orders, but it won't be in this post. In other words, that's the stuff people actually care about in the JFK case lol. The magic bullet, the Zapruder film, the Three Tramps, etc.
Anyway, the official story is that Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots from a Carcano rifle on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository in 8.3 seconds. This occurred at 12:30 PM on November 22nd, 1963. Oswald was an employee at the TSBD who had only been hired a few weeks before the assassination. This was laid out by the Warren Commission and is presented in every history textbook. This story is also, complete horseshit.
Ten witnesses in Dealey Plaza (where JFK would be shot), reported seeing suspicious activity on the upper floor of the Book Depository at 12:15. Four reported seeing a man with a gun in the window, four others reported seeing a gun in the window, but no man, and two reported seeing a man, but no gun. While there are many discrepancies amongst the witnesses due to the fact they're looking up six stories, nearly all of them say the man was wearing light colored clothing, and an open shirt. The Warren Commission, taking this into account, has stated that Lee Harvey Oswald was on the sixth floor from 11:45 AM until approximately 12:31 PM, and that no one saw him during that time. The problem is that it's completely and verifiably false.
On the day of the shooting, Oswald was seen by multiple employees within that time. A man named Ray Williams, who worked at the TSBD, said he went up to the sixth floor to eat his lunch and went back downstairs at "approximately 12:20 PM". Williams said he was the only person on the floor at this time. In fact a lunch sack was found on the sixth floor after the shooting and used as proof that Oswald had set up base there and waited for hours for Kennedy to arrive. Except, that was Williams' lunch.
Harold Norman and James Jarman are two more crucial witnesses in this case. Jarman has testified that he was standing outside the building until "about 12:20 to 12:25". Analysis of his testimony over the years has concluded that he entered the TSBD at 12:23 PM at the earliest. When the motorcade route was published in local newspapers that day, it stated that they would reach the Trade Mart at 12:30. The Trade Mart is a five minute drive from the TSBD, meaning that Kennedy was scheduled to pass the TSBD at 12:25. The most important part of Jarman and Norman's testimonies is that they saw Oswald as they walked through the "Domino Room" (what employees called the first floor cafeteria)
What's even more interesting is that that backs up Oswald's own testimony. He claimed that he was eating lunch in the domino room in the moments before JFK was killed. While he was eating he said he noticed two African-American men walk through the room. He could not recall their exact names, but he knew one of them as "Junior". Sure enough, Jarman's nickname was "Junior".*
This proves that Oswald's alibi had some element of truth to it. It's very unlikely that he just got lucky and just guessed the truth by mistake. If he were bluffing, why would he give a name, and say that two men were walking through the cafeteria, when it's far more likely for them to have been eating there? The fact that this part of his alibi holds up under scrutiny has wider ramifications for the entire assassination.
So, we've now established that Oswald was on the first floor of the TSBD only two minutes before JFK was scheduled to arrive, at the earliest. Do you really think an assassin would sit around reading the newspaper two minutes before their target is set to arrive, five floors down from where he needs to be?
Regardless, how did Oswald get to the sixth floor? No employees on the second, third, fourth, or fifth floors reported hearing or seeing anyone running up the stairs at this time if the official story were true. Additionally, all of the building’s elevators were in use.
Another piece of evidence used to frame Oswald is how he brought a long paper bag into the TSBD on the day of the assassination. He hid his rifle in this bag and carried it into the building with him. Except for the fact that of the three eyewitnesses who saw him with a paper bag, two of them testified it was far too small to carry a rifle, even disassembled. A paper bag that did not resemble the one Oswald took with him was planted on the sixth floor, and many claim that this is the one the rifle was stored in. This bag is completely absent from the first set of crime scene photos, and the first investigators never saw it.
Speaking of the sixth floor, the image at the bottom of this page shows what investigators found when they arrived on the sixth floor. The claim is that all of these boxes were arranged by Oswald to make a sniper’s nest. Two investigators stated that the rifle they found was hidden behind several heavy boxes. You can see how the boxes were arranged here.
Another massive detail is that Oswald was on the second floor of the TSBD only 70 seconds after Kennedy was killed. The building owner and a police officer who rushed towards the building both saw Oswald near a vending machine, and drinking a coke. The officer pointed his gun at Oswald before the building owner identified him as an employee and the pair continued moving through the building. This exchange only lasted a few seconds, but the officer has stated that Oswald did not look tired, nervous, or shocked, even with a police officer pointing a gun at him.
If Oswald really did kill Kennedy, then he should've joined the X-Men, because no human could do what's required for the official story to work. Oswald would finish eating his lunch at 12:23 at the earliest, two minutes before Kennedy is set to arrive. Then he would have to race up five flights of stairs silently and invisibly. Once he got to the sixth floor, he would then need to grab his rifle, and assemble a sniper’s nest, which would require moving over a dozen large, heavy boxes. Then, he would load his weapon, aim, and fire three shots, with the final one being a fatal blow. All in seven minutes (although he would have to assume it would only be two).
Then, Oswald would slowly move his rifle back inside the window (witnesses said the weapon was carefully moved from outside the window to back inside). After that, he still needs to creep out of his sniper’s nest, and move his rifle behind several other large heavy boxes he would need to carry. Finally, he would rush down four flights of stairs, race towards the nearest vending machine, fumble for some change, buy a coke, and start drinking it until a cop rushes in and points a gun at him. Despite doing all of that in 70 seconds, Oswald would not appear tired or nervous. The story is just stupid, and defies common sense. John Wilkes Booth didn't saunter on over to the lobby of Ford’s theater and buy a soda after he killed Lincoln. He rushed to escape, declared his dumb thing about tyrants or whatever, and then leapt on a horse and raced away. He was in such a hurry to escape, he famously broke his leg leaping from the balcony. Lee Harvey Oswald however, acts with the energy of someone getting a beer from his fridge while watching some football on TV.
While anyone can look at that and recognize the absurdity of it, there's a much simpler way to prove that Oswald didn't kill Kennedy. He never fired a rifle that day. Oswald was subject to a paraffin test, a procedure where hot paraffin wax is placed on a subject’s hands and face. When the wax is removed, it’s sprayed down with a reagent that makes tiny particles from gunshot residue visible. Unlike a polygraph test, a paraffin test is actually a fairly reliable method that's used to show whether someone fired a gun. It's certainly not perfect, but it should not be dismissed.
If there's residue on the hands, fingers, and cheek, a rifle was fired. If it's only on the hands and fingers, it was a pistol. It's only been done away with because we can now use microscopes, and not have to stick hot wax on somebody. A paraffin test was used on Lee Harvey Oswald, and the results were conclusive. He had traces of gunshot residue on his fingertips, but nowhere else**. These same results have been scrutinized and even underwent a neutron activation analysis to find smaller particles that may have been missed. The results were the same: Oswald did not fire a rifle. Many disagree on what the particles on his fingertips mean, but the undeniable fact is that Lee Harvey Oswald was tested to determine if he had fired a rifle on the day Kennedy was killed, and the results proved that he did not.
Lastly, I just want to mention some misconceptions I've seen about Oswald's whereabouts. This picture, taken during the moments Kennedy was killed, is often used to show that Oswald wasn't on the sixth floor, and that he's innocent. While that's partly true (he didn't kill JFK, but he was in on it), the man pictured in the doorway of the TSBD isn't Oswald. This is a hotly contested piece of evidence, and I encourage you to research it further if you're interested in it, but the man just looks nothing like Oswald. The man in the image has a much more severe receding hairline than Oswald ever did. The resemblance between Oswald and "Doorway Man" is about as thin as the resemblance between Oswald and a blurry picture of most skinny white men in their 20's-30's at this time.
The Kennedy conspiracy is incredibly confusing. For every new witness or piece of evidence you Google, you find a dozen more insane things that all contradict each other. However, I believe the case shows that Oswald did not murder John F. Kennedy. If you're interested in it, I wrote another post that details why I believe Oswald was a CIA asset/agent.
*A lot of the key witnesses who saw Oswald in the minutes before JFK was killed were African-American employees at the TSBD. The Warren Commission treated them with total disregard and did everything they could to try and misconstrue the workers' statements to make them look untrustworthy. These men have had their accounts completely written out of history. It's an expected and completely shameful response by a commission staffed with segregationists, the former CIA director, FBI surrogates, and a Nazi (yes, really).
**There’s a lot of different theories over why his fingertips had residue. Some say this was present because he murdered police officer J.D. Tippit using a pistol, as the official story states. Others believe he was picking up bullets the days before the assassination (that's part of another theory that's so convoluted, it’s not even worth getting into here, although it does have some validity to it).
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2020.07.06 14:59 rusticgorilla [Lost in the Sauce] Trump prioritizes statues of racist generals over human lives

Welcome to Lost in the Sauce, keeping you caught up on political and legal news that often gets buried in distractions and theater… or a global health crisis.
I might do a coronavirus-centric post tomorrow or Wednesday, couldn’t fit it here. Will have to do it this weekend or next week, sorry. Working on an article for FN.

Statues over people

Over the past week, we’ve seen the crystallization of Trump’s apparent re-election strategy: protect statues at all costs. During his two public speeches (clip 1 (clip 2), Trump focused on confederate monuments and “cancel culture” while the nation grapples with a record-breaking number of coronavirus cases and a struggling economy.
Trump promised to veto this year’s annual defense bill if an amendment is included that would require the Pentagon to change the names of bases named for Confederate military leaders… Sen. Elizabeth Warren sponsored the amendment that would change the names of 10 bases named after Confederate generals as well as remove Confederate likenesses, symbols, and paraphernalia from defense facilities nationwide within three years.
  • The amendment is unlikely to be removed, however, as it passed the Republican-led Senate Armed Services Committee with bipartisan support. This means that it would require 60 votes on the Senate floor to get rid of it.
  • Warren: “The decision to remove the names of Confederate generals who took up arms against the United States in defense of slavery was a bipartisan decision that came out of the committee, and it’s going to stay in the defense budget. The president can do what he wants, but it stays.”
Trump signed an executive order on June 26 directing the Department of Justice to “prosecute to the fullest extent permitted under Federal law” people who damage federal monuments. He took to Twitter to announce the order: “Long prison terms for these lawless acts against our Great Country!” Damaging federal property can be punished by up to 10 years in prison.
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) plans to introduce legislation withholding federal funding for states and cities that don't adequately protect statues and monuments. Trump’s executive order included a provision to do the same, but the White House is not in a position to enforce such a clause.
The Department of Homeland Security announced a new task force to protect "American monuments, memorials and statues." DHS said it was launching rapid deployment teams to federal monuments over the July 4th weekend. "DHS should not be prioritizing the protection of property over the wellbeing of Black and Brown communities,” the ACLU responded.
  • Just want to point out: The federal government apparently has the resources to spare to guard monuments but not to conduct thorough contact tracing and isolation.
During Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech, he announced an executive order establishing a "national garden” for statues of “American heroes” (video). The choice in statues proves that the idea is meant as a divisive wedge issue. Indeed, there is already a “Hall of Fame for Great Americans” in existence in the Bronx.

Appointee controversies

Trump’s nominee to be ambassador to Norway was involved in the creation of a racist campaign flyer in the 1990s and failed to disclose subsequent legal action associated with it. Mark Burkhalter helped create a flier that distorted the features of a black politician in Georgia, darkened his features, gave him a large afro, and prompted a libel suit.
  • Senate Foreign Relations Committee Ranking Member Robert Menendez is urging the White House to withdraw Burkhalter’s nomination: "During this time of national trauma and reckoning over violence and racist actions against African-Americans, however, it is unthinkable to nominate for a position of public trust an individual who participated in such a despicable, racist scheme," Menendez wrote in a letter.
Trump appointee Michael Pack fired the top officials of the USAGM’s internet freedom group. In less than a decade, the Open Technology Fund has quietly become integral to the world’s repressed communities. Over two billion people in 60 countries rely on tools developed and supported by the fund, like Signal and Tor, to connect to the internet securely and send encrypted messages in authoritarian societies.
The White House directed Defense Department officials to hire former National Security Council staffer Rich Higgins, who was fired for circulating a conspiratorial memo and known for Islamophobic tweets… The move is part of an aggressive push to staff the Pentagon with figures loyal to Trump and with connections to Michael Flynn.
White House is conducting “loyalty test” interviews with political appointees at the Pentagon. The interviews will be conducted by two subordinates of John McEntee, Trump’s former body man who now runs the personnel office: John Troup Hemenway, an undergraduate student, and Jordan Hayley, who graduated from university last month.
House Democrats call for firing of USAID political appointee with history of Islamophobic statements… Religious freedom adviser Mark Kevin Lloyd shared a Facebook post calling Islam “a barbaric cult” and accused Obama of being connected with the Muslim Brotherhood. Reps. Joaquin Castro and Ilhan Omar: “He does not represent the values of our country, and he should not be in a position to betray our nation’s constitutional promise of religious freedom.”
A second USAID Trump appointee is under fire for hate-filled rhetoric, including anti-immigrant and anti-LGBTQ comments. Merritt Corrigan, the recently appointed deputy White House liaison at USAID, said “women shouldn’t be in office” and urged followers to “speak out now about the transsexual agenda before it becomes normalized."

Court cases

Coming up this morning: More Supreme Court opinions to be released at 10 am (ET). There are eight cases that have yet to be ruled on, including those involving Trump’s finances.
The Supreme Court agreed Thursday to hear arguments this fall about Mueller’s grand jury evidence, postponing the House Judiciary Committee’s potential access to the material until after the election. SCOTUS could have declined the hear the case, preserving the lower court ruling granting the committee access.
Last week, SCOTUS struck down a Louisiana law that required abortion providers to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. The ruling should be seen only as a momentary win, as Chief Justice Roberts didn’t rule on the merits of a constitutionally protected right to abortion—rather he deferred to the power of the court itself, leaving the door open for future challenges.
  • The Supreme Court also gave Indiana a second chance to revive two restrictive abortion laws - one imposing an ultrasound requirement and the other expanding parental notification when minors seek abortions - by throwing out a lower court's rulings to block them.
  • Related: Missouri Supreme Court denies attempt to defund Planned Parenthood
  • More on Roberts: “[H]e is moving the ball steadily down the constitutional field, toward the conservative end zone. Of the dozen 5-to-4 cases decided by the Supreme Court this term, Roberts is the only justice to have been in the majority each time. He sided with the liberals just twice.”
The Supreme Court ruled that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is constitutionally valid but the director can be removed by the president at will. The outcome is a mixed bag, but Elizabeth Warren - creator of the agency - highlighted the fact that the conservative court ruled “the CFPB is here to stay.” Furthermore, if Biden wins in November, the decision allows him to fire Trump’s director before her term would have ended.
The Supreme Court declined to take up the case of federal death row prisoners who had challenged the government’s lethal injection protocol, paving the way for the Trump administration to carry out the first executions at the federal level in nearly two decades.
The Supreme Court ruled that states must allow religious schools to participate in programs that provide scholarships to students attending private schools, a decision that opened the door to more public funding of religious education.
The upshot: Taxpayers in most of the country will soon start funding overtly religious education—including the indoctrination of children into a faith that might clash with their own conscience. For example, multiple schools that participate in Montana’s scholarship program inculcate students with a virulent anti-LGBTQ ideology that compares homosexuality to bestiality and incest…
A New York appellate court lifted the temporary restraining order against Simon & Schuster, allowing the publisher to continue printing and distributing Mary Trump’s book. The next hearing regarding the restraining order against Mary herself is scheduled for this Friday.
UPDATE: "Due to high demand and extraordinary interest in this book, Too Much and Never Enough by Mary L. Trump will now be published on July 14, 2020," Simon & Schuster says. The previous publishing date was July 28.
In court filings, Mary Trump argues that the confidentiality agreement she signed 19 years ago was an unenforceable fraud. Her lawyers state that when she signed the NDA, she believed the asset amounts in it were accurate but learned they were bogus from a New York Times expose. Essentially, Mary says the president and his siblings of engaging in systematic fraud by devaluing assets.
“The Times found that the Trump family had engineered ‘friendly’ appraisals for Beach Haven and Shore Haven Apartments—two of the largest ‘crown jewels’ of Fred Trump’s empire—that were significantly and deliberately undervalued to avoid a variety of tax payments,” the memo stated. “Those undervalued appraisals, part of the Trump tax avoidance scheme, were relied upon in the Settlement Agreement—which Ms. Trump has testified she would not have signed if she had known about the fraudulent appraisals.”
See also “Voting Rights” section

Trump campaign and properties

Health secretary Alex Azar focuses trips on swing states needed by Trump… Azar’s travel priorities appear to be related to politics, not the states fighting the worst outbreaks, according to Obama-era officials.
Last year, the Republican National Convention began cutting checks to a former producer of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice who was accused of having, as one contestant put it, “all the dirt” on Donald Trump. The RNC’s disbursements to Labella’s firm appear to be the first payments ever made by a federal political committee to either Labella personally or his company. But a RNC spokesperson described his role for the convention as that of a standard event producer.
Trump is planning on holding a $580,600-per-couple campaign fundraiser in Broward County this week. Last month, Trump resumed in-person fundraising with two events, including a June 11 gathering in Dallas that cost $580,600 per couple. The campaign said it raised more than $10 million through that event.
A t-shirt for sale on Trump’s official campaign website displays an “america First” logo with a striking similarity to the Nazis' Iron Eagle symbol (comparison). A little over two weeks ago, Facebook removed numerous Trump campaign posts and ads featuring an upside down red triangle symbol once used by Nazis to identify political opponents.
  • Let’s not forget that a little over a week ago, Trump retweeted a video that included a Trump supporter shouting “white power.” The president commented that his supporters in the video are “great people.” Staffers tried for three hours to reach Trump to get permission to delete the tweet, but Trump was on the golf course.
Speaking of Trump and golfing, this weekend Trump spent his 365th day as president on one of his own properties. In fact, on the day the U.S. set a daily global record for the coronavirus pandemic - surpassing 55,000 new cases - Trump was golfing.
Further reading: “Pence donors, allies helped finance vice president's legal defense fund for Mueller probe” and “The owner ‘The Hill’ helped secure an unpaid White House position for his wife — a fact the publication did not disclose to readers.”

Voting rights

The Supreme Court blocked a trial judge’s order that would have made it easier for voters in three Alabama counties to use absentee ballots in this month’s primary runoff election. State officials had asked the court to block a lower court’s order that eased photo ID and witness requirements for absentee voting during the pandemic.
The Supreme Court declined to fast-track a bid by Texas Democrats to decide whether all Texas voters can vote by mail during the coronavirus pandemic… Texas law allows voters to mail in their ballots only if they are 65 or older, confined in jail, will be out of the county during the election period, or cite a disability or illness.
A federal appeals court halted the voting registration of thousands of Florida felons who cannot pay fines or fees, just weeks after a lower court threw out the state law mandating payment of all legal financial obligations before voting. The 11th Circuit decision granted Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ request to suspend voter registration until the full court hears the case.
  • Reminder: Late last year, the Senate confirmed Judge Barbara Lagoa to the 11th Circuit, flipping the court to majority GOP appointees.
A federal appeals court in Wisconsin has reaffirmed voting restrictions favored by Republicans, limiting early voting to 2 weeks before an election and barring voters from receiving ballots via email or fax.
In some good news, the Atlanta Hawks is going to turn its arena into the largest polling site in state history. Hundreds of Hawks employees and arena staff will be trained as election workers at the 700,000-square-foot venue, which hosts more than 16,000 spectators for basketball games and 21,000 for concerts. The team says parking will be free for voters and more than 1,500 spaces will be made available.


ICE unlawfully jails unaccompanied migrant children once they turn 18, judge rules… Many of ICE’s largest field offices “nearly automatically” send minors to adult jails, even when in extreme cases their parents in the United States or other sponsors would take them, the judge wrote.
The week before last, a federal judge ordered the release of children held with their parents in U.S. immigration jails and denounced the Trump administration’s prolonged detention of families during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Prior to the ruling, it was reported that eleven immigrants held inside a detention facility for families in Texas have tested positive for COVID-19
  • Further reading: ICE Asked Parents to Choose Between Family Separation and Prolonged Detention—During a Pandemic
A government watchdog agency responsible for overseeing the conditions that federal agencies hold immigrants in said it will not be visiting facilities because of the coronavirus, which observers worry will diminish independent inspections.
'Suddenly they started gassing us': Cuban migrants tell of shocking attack at Ice prison… Refugees say protest against risk of Covid-19 was violently suppressed at New Mexico facility run by private firm CoreCivic.
A federal judge overturned a Trump border rule requiring immigrants to first claim asylum in another country… Trump-appointee Judge Timothy J. Kelly of Washington, D.C. ruled that the administration’s rule violated the Immigration and Nationality Act.
The Trump administration is preparing broad new immigration restrictions that would deny humanitarian refuge to anyone from a country with a disease outbreak, deeming those asylum seekers to be a danger to public safety.
  • Meanwhile, travelers from the U.S. are banned from entering countries in Europe, must quarantine when visiting England, and will have to pass through health checkpoints to visit Sonora (the Mexican state that borders Arizona).
The US agency that oversees and administers key facets of the immigration system, including the processing of citizenship, green cards, and asylum applications is about to come to a near halt. If Congress does not provide US Citizenship and Immigration Services with emergency funding before Aug. 3, the employees, who make up more than 60% of all staffers, will be furloughed.
Border wall built by Trump’s hand-picked contractor is in danger of falling into the Rio Grande… Trump supporters funded the private border wall on the banks of the Rio Grande, helping the builder secure $1.7 billion in federal contracts. Last December, Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., called for the Pentagon’s inspector general to review Fisher’s first $400 million fence contract, awarded in December over concerns of “inappropriate influence.” The audit is ongoing.
Fun fact: All but 3 of the 216 miles of border wall constructed by the Trump administration are essentially much larger replacements of existing, dilapidated fences or vehicle barriers


  • Pro-pipeline letters by key legislators, including North Dakota’s governor, were actually ghostwritten by a fossil fuel company
  • The Fed Is Bailing Out Polluters While Cities Struggle: Fossil fuel interests have readier access to stimulus money than many local governments.
  • Trump's trade war hurt Maine's lobster industry. He falsely blames Obama: The president has moved to bail out the state's all-important seafood industry. But his policies caused the problem.
    • White House directs Agriculture Department to extend farmer bailout money to lobster industry
  • Trump’s EPA balks at a chance to save black lives: Soot sickens and kills people of color disproportionately. The EPA has decided to not tighten standards that would protect them and others.
  • A Democratic U.S. senator says he has written to Attorney General William Barr outlining his concerns about potential “political interference” by the Trump administration in an investigation of a private espionage firm that targeted environmental groups in the United States.
  • The Trump administration proposed to open more than two-thirds of the nation’s largest piece of public land to oil and gas drilling, removing wildlife protections for the Alaskan tract that have been in place for more than four decades.
  • Trump Has Dismantled More Monuments Than Any Protest: Trump has done the most damage to national monuments, dismantling or desecrating four federally protected land and water sites with significant cultural, archeological and natural resources.


These stories didn’t fit in a previous category, but I think it’s important to include…
A new Trump administration proposal would let government-funded, single-sex homeless shelters keep transgender people out for religious reasons, and advocates worry that could subject them to more violence than they already face.
In the past, Secretary Carson has called transgender women “big, hairy men” intruding on women’s shelters and referred to “Biblical principles” to justify misgendering transgender women.
President Trump has taken aim at an Obama-era program intended to eliminate racial housing disparities in the suburbs, a move proponents of the policy see as an attempt to shore up his sagging support among white suburban voters by stoking racial division.
The Trump administration is in discussions to end a decades-old practice of informally notifying Congress of major arms sales to foreign countries… Administration officials say they are tired of regular efforts by Capitol Hill to review arms exports to Saudi Arabia and other nations.
The White House asked a Republican senator to block a bill that punishes China over its encroachments in Hong Kong. That senator, Kevin Cramer, obliged, blocking unanimous passage of the bill last week — even though he’s a co-sponsor of it.
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2020.07.01 14:23 pepeipe When Police Kill

When Police Kill is the 2017 book by criminologist Franklin Zimring. Some insights from the book.
Official data dramatically undercount the number of people killed by the police. Both the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ Arrest-Related Deaths and the FBI’s Supplemental Homicide Reports estimated around 400-500 police kills a year, circa 2010. But the two series have shockingly low overlap–homicides counted in one series are not counted in the other and _vice-versa._A statistical estimate based on the lack of overlap suggests a true rate of around 1000 police killings per year.
The best data come from newspaper reports which also show around 1000-1300 police killings a year (Zimring focuses his analysis on The Guardian’s database.) Fixing the data problem should be a high priority. But the FBI cannot be trusted to do the job:
Unfortunately, the FBI’s legacy of passive acceptance of incomplete statistical data on police killings, its promotion of the self-interested factual accounts from departments, and its failure to collect significant details about the nature of the provocation and the nature of the force used by police suggest that nothing short of massive change in its orientation, in its legal authority to collect data and its attitude toward auditing and research would make the FBI an agency worthy of public trust and statistical reliability in regard to the subject of this book.
The FBI’s bias is even seen in its nomenclature for police killings–“justifiable homicides”–which some of them certainly are not.
The state kills people in two ways, executions and police killings. Executions require trials, appeals, long waiting periods and great deliberation and expense. Police killings are not extensively monitored, analyzed or deliberated upon and, until very recently, even much discussed. Yet every year, police kill 25 to 50 times as many people as are executed. Why have police killings been ignored?
When an execution takes place in Texas, everybody knows that Texas is conducting the killing and is accountable for its consequences. When Officer Smith kills Citizen Jones on a city street in Dallas, it is Officer Smith rather than any larger governmental organization…[who] becomes the primary repository of credit or blame.
We used to do the same thing with airplane crashes and medical mistakes–that is, look for pilot or physician error. Safety didn’t improve much until we started to apply systems thinking. We need a systems-thinking approach to police shootings.
Police kill males (95%) far more than females, a much larger ratio than for felonies. Police kill more whites than blacks which is often forgotten, although not surprising because whites are a larger share of the population. Based on the Guardian data shown in Zimring’s Figure 3.1, whites and Hispanics are killed approximately in proportion to population. Blacks are killed at about twice their proportion to population. Asians are killed less than in proportion to their population.
A surprising finding:
Crime is a young man’s game in the United States but being killed by a police officer is not.
The main reason for this appears to be that a disproportionate share of police killings come from disturbance calls, domestic and non-domestic about equally represented. A majority of the killings arising from disturbance calls are of people aged forty or more.
The tendency of both police and observers to assume that attacks against police and police use of force is closely associated with violent crime and criminal justice should be modified in significant ways to accord for the disturbance, domestic conflicts, and emotional disruptions that frequently become the caseload of police officers.
A slight majority (56%) of the people who are killed by the police are armed with a gun and another 3.7% seemed to have a gun. Police have reason to fear guns, 92% of killings of police are by guns. But 40% of the people killed by police don’t have guns and other weapons are much less dangerous to police. In many years, hundreds of people brandishing knives are killed by the police while no police are killed by people brandishing knives. The police seem to be too quick to use deadly force against people significantly less well-armed than the police. (Yes, Lucas critique. See below on policing in a democratic society).
Police kill many more people than are killed by police–a ratio of about 15 to 1–and the ratio has been increasing over time. Policing has become safer over the past 40 years with a 75% drop in police killed on the job since 1976–the fall is greater than for crime more generally and is probably due to Kevlar vests. Kevlar vests are an interesting technology because they make police safer without imposing more risk on citizens. We need more win-win technologies. Although policing has become safer over time, the number of police killings has not decreased in proportion which is why the “kill ratio” has increased.
A major factor in the number of deaths caused by police shootings is the number of wounds received by the victim. In Chicago, 20% of victims with one wound died, 34% with two wounds and 74% with five or more wounds. Obvious. But it suggests a reevaluation of the police training to empty their magazine. Zimring suggests that if the first shot fired was due to reasonable fear the tenth might not be. A single, aggregational analysis:
…simplifies the task of police investigator or district attorney, but it creates no disincentive to police use of additional deadly force that may not be necessary by the time it happens–whether with the third shot or the seventh or the tenth.
It would be hard to implement this ex-post but I agree that emptying the magazine isn’t always reasonable, especially when the police are not under fire. Is it more dangerous to fire one or two shots and reevaluate than to fire ten? Of course, but given the number of errors police make this is not an unreasonable risk to ask police to take in a democratic society.
The successful prosecution of even a small number of extremely excessive force police killings would reduce the predominant perception among both citizens and rank-and-file police officers that police have what amounts to immunity from criminal liability for killing citizens in the line of duty.
Prosecutors, however, rely on the police to do their job and in the long-run won’t bite the hand that feeds them. Clear and cautious rules of engagement that establish bright lines would be more helpful. One problem is that police are protected because police brutality is common (somewhat similar to my analysis of riots).
The more killings a city experiences, the less likely it will be that a particular cop and a specific killings can lead to a charge and a conviction. In the worst of such settings, wrongful killings are not deviant officer behavior.
…clear and cautious rules of engagement will …make officers who ignore or misapply departmental standards look more blameworthy to police, to prosecutors, and to juries in the criminal process.
Police kill many more people in the United States than in other developed countries, even adjusting for crime rates (where the U.S. is less of an outlier than most people imagine). The obvious reason is that there are a lot of guns in the United States. As a result, the United States is not going to get its police killing rate down to Germany’s which is at least 40 times lower. Nevertheless:
[Police killings]…are a serious problem we can fix. Clear administrative restrictions on when police can shoot can eliminate 50 to 80 percent of killings by police without causing substantial risk to the lives of police officers or major changes in how police do their jobs. A thousand killings a year are not the unavoidable result of community conditions or of the nature of policing in the United States.
The post When Police Kill appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.
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2020.06.23 07:15 permalink_save I've been struggling to keep up with the timeline of events with Texas' response to COVID-19, so I put together an objective outline of everything from Trumps' initial response in January to Abbott's latest briefing on how it's our fault

January 7
China announces severe respiratory disease is a variant of coronavirus
January 20
United States announces first infection of novel coronavirus
January 22 (1st case)
"We have it totally under control. It's one person coming in from China. We have it under control. It's going to be just fine." - Donald Trump
January 30 (7 cases)
WHO declares a global health emergency
January 31 (8 cases)
United States bars travel from China, declares a public health emergency
February 10 (12 cases)
"Now, the virus that we’re talking about having to do — you know, a lot of people think that goes away in April with the heat — as the heat comes in. Typically, that will go away in April. We’re in great shape though. We have 12 cases — 11 cases, and many of them are in good shape now. So — but a very good question." - Donald Trump
February 18 (15 cases)
S&P hits a record high of 3386.15, the day before it begins its first steep decline to Feb 28th
February 24 (53 cases)
"The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA. We are in contact with everyone and all relevant countries. CDC & World Health have been working hard and very smart. Stock Market starting to look very good to me!"
February 26 (60 cases)
"I want you to understand something that shocked me when I saw it that — and I spoke with Dr. Fauci on this, and I was really amazed, and I think most people are amazed to hear it: The flu, in our country, kills from 25,000 people to 69,000 people a year. That was shocking to me. And, so far, if you look at what we have with the 15 people and their recovery, one is — one is pretty sick but hopefully will recover, but the others are in great shape. But think of that: 25,000 to 69,000. ... "And again, when you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that's a pretty good job we've done," - Donald Trump
February 28 (63 cases)
S&P stops its downward trajectory landing at 2954.12, hitting a small rise before plummeting again in March
March 2 (100 cases)
Though health officials have warned Americans to prepare for the spread of the novel coronavirus in the U.S., people shouldn’t wear face masks to prevent the spread of the infectious illness, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. surgeon general.
March 4 (217 cases)
S&P has a slight rally then begins to plummit again
March 11 (1,303 cases)
World Health Organization Declares COVID-19 a 'Pandemic.'
March 12 (1,630 cases)
S&P drops 260.74 points (9.51%), DOW drops 10% largest single day drop since 1987's Black Monday
March 13 (2,184 cases)
"To unleash the full power of the federal government in this effort, today I am officially declaring a national emergency. Two very big words. The action I am taking will open up access to up to $50 billion of very importantly — very important and a large amount of money for states and territories and localities in our shared fight against this disease.
In furtherance of the order, I’m urging every state to set up emergency operation centers effective immediately. You’re going to be hearing from some of the largest companies and greatest retailers and medical companies in the world. They’re standing right behind me and to the side of me."
Greg Abbott declares a state of disaster in Texas
March 16 (4,609 cases)
White House announces Coronavirus Guidelines for America at https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/03.16.20_coronavirus-guidance_8.5x11_315PM.pdf
March 17 (6,363 cases)
Donald Trump announces virus may be around until August, we are possibly entering a recession, suggests restaurants, bars, and other high risk areas close.
March 19 (13,927 cases)
"as promulgated by President Donald J. Trump and the CDC on March 16, 2020" Greg Abbott signs initial executive order GA-08 to limit gatherings to 10 people, avoid high risk activities like restaurants and salons, order does not initiate shelter in place
March 22 (33,928 cases)
Clay Jenkins orders shelter in place for Dallas county
March 23 (44,302 cases)
S&P a bottom at 2237.40 then begins to climb back up steadily
"My heart is lifted tonight by what I heard the president say because we can do more than one thing at a time," Patrick said. "We can do two things. So you know, my message is that: Let's get back to work. Let's get back to living. Let's be smart about it, and those of us who are 70-plus, we'll take care of ourselves, but don't sacrifice the country. Don't do that. Don't ruin this great American dream." - Dan Patrick
March 24 (55,550 cases)
"I would love to have it open by Easter. I would love to have it open by Easter," Trump said. "I would love to have the country opened up and just raring to go by Easter."
"Our country wasn't built to be shut down. This is not a country that was built for this. It was not built to be shut down," Mr. Trump said in a briefing that heavily emphasized the need to reopen and boost businesses and the economy. "We're not going to let the cure be worse than the problem."
March 29 (145,445 cases)
"The better you do, the faster this whole nightmare will end. Therefore, we will be extending our guidelines to April 30th to slow the spread. ... We can expect that, by June 1st, we will be well on our way to recovery. We think, by June 1st, a lot of great things will be happening."
Abbott mandates a 14 day quarantine from anybody entering the state from Louisiana
March 31 (193,999 cases)
Greg Abbott extends GA-08 until April 30 via order GA-14
April 1 (221,086 cases)
The White House projects 100,000 to 240,000 Americans will die from coronavirus if "full mitigation" measures are taken, Coronavirus Task Force response coordinator Deborah Birx said during a marathon Coronavirus Task Force Briefing that lasted more than two hours. Without social distancing, deaths could be much higher, the White House projects.
April 2 (251,622 cases)
The world passes 1 million COVID-19 infections
April 3 (284,556 cases)
Q The President — But, Mr. President, you said it was going to go away in April.
THE PRESIDENT: It’s going — I didn’t say a date.
Q You said, “When it warmed up in April…”
THE PRESIDENT: I said it’s going away and it is going away.
April 15 (654,848 cases)
Voters cannot cast ballots by mail just because they are afraid of getting the coronavirus at polling places, Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton said on Wednesday, even as a state district judge in Austin said he will rule that voters can vote by mail if they believe doing so in person puts their health at risk.
April 16 (684,930 cases)
White House releases guidelines for states to reopen in phases, guidelines at https://www.whitehouse.gov/openingamerica/ (note: this merits reading the entire guidelines)
April 17 (717,362 cases)
Shy of a month after GA-08 ordering Texans to limit activities to essential only, Abbott announces plan "Open Texas in response to the COVID-19 disaster." April 24 retail may offer curbside and to-go. May 1st restaurants and retail allowed to reopen at 25% capacity. May 8th salons and barbers may reopen.
Greg Abbott creates a strike force for the reopening of Texas
April 21 (827,019 cases)
“What I said when I was with you that night is there are more important things than living. And that’s saving this country for my children and my grandchildren and saving this country for all of us,” Patrick said. “I don’t want to die, nobody wants to die, but man we’ve got to take some risks and get back in the game and get this country back up and running.” - Dan Patrick
April 23 (889,216 cases)
Dallas county judge Clay Jenkins orders "Safer at Home" order, amending previous order
GoFundMe opened for Shelley Luther's legal fees, a salon owner that will on April 24th in violation of both county judge Clay Jenkins' orders and state governor Greg Abbott's orders. Shelley Luther had received PPP loans
Note: there is too much that went on with this, so I am going to summarize in this single entry. See sources and the GoFundMe page for references.
Shelley Luther owns Salon a la Mode in Dallas, she received the PPP loan for her business. On April 23rd, a group started by "Rick Hire" called "Woke Patriots" opened a fundraiser for her. The group later (on May 6th) noted on the GoFundMe:
"People want to know who we are. We have a new website (wokepatriots.com) that we will be promoting soon, where we can take on causes like Shelley's and post uncensored news articles and give people a voice. Before Shelley opened her salon, we researched her and her cause and decided that we would approach her and offer to support her as our first patriot cause. She accepted our offer and we have raised over $220,000 so far. Until she went to jail, we have direct contact with her and her team."
The fundraiser was opened on April 23rd, on April 24th Shelley Luther reopened in defiance of county and state orders. Shelley Luther was cited multiple times and eventually given the choice of promising to shut down or face 7 days in jail. Shelley Luther was then held in contempt of court for explicitly stating refusal to shut down, and was sentenced to jail for 7 days. Greg Abbott spoke out against her being put in jail. Dan Patrick promised to pay her legal fees. Ken Paxton noted this case should mean nobody should be jailed for defying state orders. Ted Cruz voices support of Shelley Luther and gets a haircut at the salon. The GoFundMe ended up earning over $500,000.
April 24 (928.333 cases)
Retail to go allowed per GA-16
April 27 (1,013,591 cases)
President Trump and his Administration have responded to the coronavirus threat by scaling up the largest testing system anywhere in the world.
Because of the success of the Trump Administration’s response, in partnership with State, local, and tribal governments, the spread of the outbreak has been significantly smaller than initial predictions and countless lives have been saved.
Per GA-18 restaurants and retail allowed to reopen at 25% capacity effective May 1st
May 5 (1,241,392 cases)
Per GA-21 salons and other beauty related businesses allowed to reopen with some restriction effective May 8th
May 6 (1,226,907 cases)
Shelley Luther, the salon owner that reopened in defiance of Greg Abbott's orders GA-08 and GA-14, jailed in contempt of court
Shelley Luther was found in civil and criminal contempt of court Tuesday in Dallas for ignoring a temporary restraining order prohibiting her from operating her business, Salon A la Mode, according to a court document.
As a result, Dallas Civil District Judge Eric Moyé ordered Luther to seven days in jail and fined her $500 for every day the salon stayed open.
May 7 (1,325,732 cases)
Shelley Luther, the salon owner that defied Greg Abbott's order GA-08 and GA-14, released from jail per supreme court ruling
GA-22 retroactively allows salons to reopen effective April 2nd, effectively removing any punishment specifically for salon owners in respect to defying GA-08 premature to GA-21 allowing salons to reopen
Executive Order GA-21, as it pertains to cosmetology salons, hair salons, barber shops, nail salons/shops, and other establishments where licensed cosmetologists or barbers practice their trade, is hereby amended to immediately reopen, retroactive to April 2, 2020
May 12 (1,414,346 cases)
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says the county's unenforceable ‘safer at home’ guidelines are in conflict with the governor's recent orders. A similar letter was sent to Democratic leaders in the Austin and San Antonio area.
Ken Paxton claims Clay Jenkins' orders against places of worship illegal, Ken Paxtons' Deputy AG Ryan Vassar makes claim that Clay Jenkins' requirements for wearing masks in conflict with Greg Abbott's order.
"We intentionally modeled the public health guidelines based on Governor's recommendations, never imagining he did not want his own guidelines followed. I ask the public to make decisions on the recommendations of public health professionals: our lives depend on it. You can find the recommendations from the local public health experts at www.DallasCountyCOVID.org by downloading Dallas County COVID-19 Health Guidance for the Public." - Clay Jenkins
May 18 (1,560,268 cases)
Greg Abbott signs GA-23 expanding the scope of businesses that can open. Strongly suggest anyone over the age of 65 to stay at home.
May 25 (1,718,766 cases)
George Floyd died via asphyxiation after police pinned Floyd down for 9 minutes
May 27 (1,758.868 cases)
Fauci says he wears a mask to be a symbol of what 'you should be doing'
May 29 (1,807,579 cases)
Protests begin in Dallas, starting several weeks of protests
June 3 (1,917,496 cases)
GA-26 expands scope and occupancy of businesses to be open, everything open and only restrictions to occupancy exist.
June 17 (2,007,449 cases)
When asked about the executive order in an interview with KWTX, Abbott said Wolff “finally figured it out.”
“Local government can require stores and businesses to wear masks,” Abbott said. “That was authorized in my plan.”
June 22 (2,388,153 cases)
Greg Abbott briefing on the state of Texas, will not lock down unless cases double from current figure
The Governors' Mansion remains closed, despite GA-23 signed May 18th allowing museums, government buildings, venues, and other similar operations to reopen.
Guided tours of the Governor’s Mansion have been temporarily suspended. In addition to being a historical site, the Governor’s Mansion is also the residence of the First Family of Texas and it is not possible to safely provide tours while also adhering the CDC’s health standards.
Greg Abbott, despite the state's consistent stance on masks being optional and reopening restaurants and bars, as well as Dan Patrick's insistence that younger generations should be out supporting the economy, blames rise in cases on younger generations and lack of masks. Lockdown as a last resort only if cases double current numbers, as a "last resort".
All case counts are kept to country wide to give a relative perspective, except where noted for local figures.
Main Attributions
Virus statistics https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/
Timeline of Donald Trump https://www.cbsnews.com/news/timeline-president-donald-trump-changing-statements-on-coronavirus/
White House responses https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/
Executive orders of Greg Abbott https://lrl.texas.gov/legeLeaders/governors/displayDocs.cfm?govdoctypeID=5&governorID=45
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2020.06.04 02:38 Leov2 [USA-TX] [H] Animal Crossing NH / ROG Zephyrus Laptop Ryzen 7, 1660 Ti MaxQ, 120 Hz / Unpatched Nintendo Switch v1 / RTX 2060 / 1st Gen 42mm Apple Watch / Sennheiser GSP 500 / Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War / Model O Glossy White [W] PayPal, 2 Slot 5700 XT, External HDD 1 to 5 TB

Laptop Best Buy Page
If anybody has any entry or beginner level camera gear I'd be very interested. I want to make a dedicated buying post tomorrow to help my odds of finding a camera but I figured I'd mention it here too. Something like a Lumix G7, GX85, G85, Canon SL2, 70D, T5i to T7i, A6300, etc. with a single inexpensive prime would be nice. Oh and if anybody is local to 78572 and would like a computer case I have a Corsair 275R, NZXT H700, two NZXT Mantas, a Lian Li TU150, Cooler Master H500P Mesh and a Phanteks Enthoo Evolv in Silver. A bit too expensive to ship but I would give a great local deal if I could get rid of them. Everybody on /hardwareswap from Texas is from the larger cities like Austin, Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, etc. so I know it's unlikely but you never know.
Please buy these games, a graphics card or two and possibly a laptop so I can buy lots of alcohol and forget my sorrows, The Last of Us II leaks are hurting me.
Item Description Price
ASUS ROG Zephyrus G 15.6" AMD Ryzen 7 3750H - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q - 512GB SSD - 120 Hz IPS - Mint conditions. This laptop is really beautiful and very light (4.6 lbs) for a gaming laptop. I purchased it from Best Buy about a month ago exactly and haven't used it much. It weighs about as much as my MacBook Pro and the power brick is also on very thin for a gaming laptop. I really like everything about it but I've gotten Dolphin and Gameboy emulators on my iPhone so I feel like that plus a SFFPC would be everything I need for home and on the go, as well as emulators on the iPad Pro I hope to get. Includes original box, charger, laptop and whatever papers, etc. the box had. Sadly can't sell this since fees and shipping would be a little too much. $920 Shipped
Zotac RTX 2060 No RTX 2060 slander beyond this point. Great looking small card, I think it's quiet and cool. Includes original box and the GPU. I've personally used this card daily for a few months so it definitely has no issues and works perfectly. $300 Shipped
1st Gen/Series 0 Apple Watch 42mm Space Gray Aluminum Great conditions except for a few scratches on the glass - no cracks though. Includes original black band and the M/L size option as well and the original charger and a charging brick. $90 Shipped
Sennheiser GSP 500 Good conditions, light signs of wear. The microphone is incredible and I love the audio quality and I typically despise headsets. I wouldn't be selling this, especially since anything with a good mic is a hot item right now. As someone that's had PC37x's, I definitely prefer these. $100 Shipped
Red Dead Redemption 2 Special Edition and God of War Includes game (both discs) and everything pictured. DLC codes have been used. God of War includes game and box. $50 Shipped Both
Animal Crossing New Horizons I purchased a Switch v2 on Reddit that came with the game so I now have two copies. Includes game and clear box. $50 Shipped
Nintendo Switch v1 Unpatched This is a Switch I purchased on Reddit. The seller had disclosed one issue it had (the Switch body doesn't charge JoyCons) and I was okay with that but I found out through using it that it also has a fan issue. I tried contacting the user but it seems I'm blocked on Reddit. Thankfully, I did get a good deal and I sold the JoyCons and recouped most of the money. I originally only used it in handheld mode so I hadn't realized that when docked, it gets too hot after about 40-60 minutes and the Switch puts itself into sleep mode. This is apparently pretty common with v1 models and the fan just kicks the bucket after some time. If you look up Switch overheating in dock or something to that effect you'll get a ton of Reddit threads, YouTube videos, tweets, etc. full of complaints. I bought a fan for $2 at a Dollar Tree and plugged it in to the dock's USB port, put it next to the Switch dock and I played Animal Crossing for over six hours without any issues at all. You can also buy a replacement fan for $10-20 on eBay and it'll ship from the US. INCLUDES: Gray Nintendo Switch body, black wired PowerA controller, Switch dock (missing rear door), stock charger, HDMI cable, Street Fighter II, Legendary Fishing and Sports Party. Pretty random games but they were included with the Switch and I have no use for them. This model is unpatched and besides those small caveats, it works without issue and is unbanned. So with a $10-20 fan (or a $1-5 one from a dollar store) and a JoyCon charger or charging grip you have a pretty solid Switch. I never looked into fixing the charging issue since it never bothered me because I have a JoyCon Charging Grip that I love to death. $235 Shipped
Glorious Model O Glossy White This is my ex-baby. I pre-ordered this when the Model O first released, used it for like a month and then the left click started sticking to the interior of the mouse to the point the mouse was unusable for gaming and unbearable to use for regular computer use. I contacted Glorious and got a replacement sent. They never asked for this back, I opened it up, used some alcohol on the mouse button and it functions now but the mouse click doesn't feel or sound good. Besides that, every other button functions perfectly. The mouse feet also aren't perfect anymore since you do have to remove them to open up the mouse but they still feel smooth and lie flat. $8 Shipped (For Shipping Cost Basically)
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2020.05.31 23:14 PlasticRice I think FaceBook is censoring posts and videos linked to protests. I posted a lengthy one this morning, but it was taken down a few hours later, and I got hit with "error" messages. What's going on?

I woke up this morning to finish up the post I typed last night, and posted it at 10am. At around 3pm, I realized my post had disappeared from my feed, and I kept getting error messages. I didn't know why, so I asked a few friends if they could see it -- they couldn't. Is FaceBook censoring posts about the protests? I'm just..so distraught. The world is on fire, all of this is happening, and..ugh.
**Here's the original below**
At the time of writing this, there are at least 30 cities and states where protests are going on and continuing to move across the United States (1). These include, but are not limited to: Minneapolis, Atlanta, LA, Houston, Boston, Philly, Miami, D.C., Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, Nashville, and Jersey. The national guard has been deployed to Minneapolis, and is mobilizing to several other states. Even a few hours ago, locally, in Sugarloaf Mills, there were four arrested and two police cars damaged amidst protests (2). As of 2am, Hackers Anonymous also just released a statement that they'd be taking a piece of the pie, threatening to release any and all previously closed cases of corruption (3).
For some reason, people find these protests bipartisan. "Are you on the cops' side, or the protesters?" Certain news outlets are attempting to trim the narrative and equating protesters to looters and rioters alike.
I can't imagine how polarizing it is to be in one of these areas protesting. One second, a peaceful protest, and the next, one wrong move and crowds of people are being tear gassed, gunned down with rubber bullets and bean bags, tased, and hogtied, like we continue to see everywhere.
Earlier today in Minneapolis, a reporter is now permanently blinded in her left eye while photographing the protests, reportedly shot by a rubber bullet by police. "Why was she protesting?" --> She's a reporter, from Nashville. "Why wasn't she wearing protection?" --> She was wearing goggles and a respirator. Still blinded (4).
In Salt Lake City, also earlier today, a man exited his car, bow and arrow in hand, yelled "All lives matter," then shot an arrow into a crowd of protesters. He was jumped by the crowd, and his car was burned down (5).
Here's the thing. I read this earlier today, and I wholeheartedly agree. It went something like this:
"Nobody was saying 'straight pride' until people said 'gay pride.' Nobody was calling themselves 'meninists' until people became 'feminists.' Nobody was saying 'all lives matter' until people said black lives did. If your only reason for trying to start a movement is to take attention away from another movement, you might want to look at your real intentions behind it."
When people say "Why do only 'black lives matter?' What about the rest of us?" they're not reading into the why -- it's not a means to discredit everyone else's lives, nor is it some kind of personal attack. It gives voice to identity and to what the movement has been trying to get people to acknowledge for years, if not decades. Only recently, with the death of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and finally, George Floyd, people have begun to believe them, and stand by them.
I don't think these protests should be as bipartisan as people are making them out to be. I am in no way defending the violence that is appearing in many states, but I understand why it is happening; but if people blindly condemn both protesting and rioting alike, then they're missing the point. There's something greater going on. These protests aren't just about the clear and abhorrent murder of George Floyd under officer Chauvin's knee. They're a culmination of anger and frustration at our faulty judicial system. The fact that it took days to arrest officer Chauvin after clear footage was released, and the police attempted to craft the narrative that George was a criminal and died from previous health complications was sickening in and of itself.
Think -- without social media or people recording, or if it were up to badge cam footage (which, officers seem to conveniently not turn on or mute, where the penalty is a slap on the wrist), then that is what the story would be. We'd have to take authorities' stories at face-value. Society would continue. There would be no protests, no riots. George would be another "criminal,", a name that nobody knows, being arrested and executed for a faulty 20 dollar bill.
The fact that law enforcement could have inevitably gotten away with murder has opened a lot of people's eyes -- "this is what has been going on for the longest time," and it's making people question whether people saying 'F the police' have been right all this time. There's evil in every field, yes. But to give someone enough power to be judge, jury, and executioner for the rest of their lives? They should be held to higher standards, not "investigate themselves, find they did nothing wrong, then get two months of paid leave."
I'm seething every time I hear "Why are people burning down our economy just over one black person?" or "I think the protesters should stop rioting/looting." There's something wrong with these statements -- don't equate the protests to riots and looting. They're not one in the same, and their intentions are all inherently different. Many news outlets are attempting to change the portrayal of the inherent goal of the protests from peaceful to everyone using it as an excuse to destroy small businesses, banks, and buildings. That is happening, yes, but it isn't most protesters' intentions. There is no "Protesters seen looting stores" or "Protesters seen vandalizing and burning down cars." These are looters looting stores, and rioters that are rioting -- their goals are different from the ones these protests stand for. The protests start with seas of people marching, thousands standing and chanting in solidarity. One thing goes wrong, then the police throw out the pepper balls and tasers, or start running over protesters, as we've seen in New York (6). Things begin to escalate, and nobody knows who's who -- some protesters begin to riot, and things turn out of hand very quickly. Some aren't even there to protest in the first place -- they're there only to instigate violence. Others take advantage of the situation, regardless of the cause for protesting, and use it as an excuse to loot.
In civil unrest, especially here, you'll always have people who take advantage of the situation and smear the original goal of the protests in the first place, and outlets take advantage of that and coalesce the protests with the violence, which makes even the original goal of the peaceful marches and rallies all seem unjustified. I could link tens more videos of peaceful protests in Atlanta, LA, and New York happening in one area only for everything to blow up the next hour, where people are being trampled by horses in Texas or being tased and beaten for walking in the streets -- but honestly, if you want anything, just check Twitter or the first page of Google.
Some media may try to convince everyone that George died in X way or was Y person -- at this point, it's protesting not only police brutality, but protesting the hate, bigotry, and racist rhetoric that has been growing the past few years and breeding in the U.S. for the past few decades since the civil rights movement, all recently feeling empowered by our oh-so beloved 45. They're protests for the direction our society is taking. Protests not only for justice for George, but for the country.
I believe we're at a social turning point, a mixed class and race war ushering in an age of nu-progressivism. What we're seeing right now is people pushing for equality across the board, both judicially and racially. Nothing changed in 2016 when Kaepernick took a knee -- if anything, recent years in our country's direction have resurfaced hostility into people thinking that the U.S. is once again like the 1960's. It's 2020, and this is our response.
Stay safe, everyone. :^)
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  2. https://www.gwinnettdailypost.com/local/four-arrested-two-police-cars-damaged-during-protests-at-sugarloaf-mills-over-death-of-george/article\_f484b2d4-a2c5-11ea-b7f5-372fb18d2ebf.html
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  6. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/30/nyregion/protests-nyc-george-floyd.html
  7. A big dump of videos of crazy things going on:
Credit to u/xxxnina on Reddit
Police Starting attacks against protesters compilations: https://twitter.com/JordanUhl/status/1266917228752056320?s=20
or - https://www.reddit.com/PublicFreakout/comments/gtr02f/police\_actively\_seeking\_out\_fights\_compilation/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x
Shoving an old white man standing with a cane onto the floor. https://twitter.com/bubbaprog/status/1266908354821206016?s=20
or - https://www.reddit.com/iamatotalpieceofshit/comments/gtsl56/salt\_lake\_city\_cop\_pushes\_old\_man\_with\_cane\_to/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x
Cops pull down the mask of a PEACEFUL black protester and spray pepper spray onto his face. https://www.reddit.com/PublicFreakout/comments/gtsji2/black\_man\_with\_his\_hands\_in\_the\_air\_get\_his\_mask/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=ios\_app&utm\_name=iossmf
Peaceful protesting circle kneeling and cops attacking them with pepper spray.
Some more:
Cop shoves a woman onto the ground who ends up having a seizure and ends up hospitalized in NYC. https://twitter.com/whitney\_hu/status/1266540710188195843?s=21
Casual, unprovoked assaults in NYC: https://twitter.com/btssavedmylife9/status/1266754310161006594?s=21
Door slamming drive-by in NYC: https://twitter.com/drivewendys/status/1266555286678048770?s=21
Two cop SUVs running over protesters in Brooklyn: https://twitter.com/pgarapon/status/1266885414016688134?s=21
Different angle of the Cop SUVs running into/over protesters in Brooklyn: https://twitter.com/rob\_bennett/status/1266894785375240193?s=21
Casual pepper spray drive-by in Minneapolis on protesters: https://twitter.com/jordanuhl/status/1266193926316228609?s=21
SWAT Team in Salt Lake City shoving an old man to the ground: https://twitter.com/skye\_rtin/status/1266877962877460480?s=21
Cops shove someone then punch different person in the face repeatedly as they are pinned on the ground, Seattle: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAzfn6nHfbv/?igshid=19lhpwz0haa65
Aftermath of 9 year old being maced by cop in Seattle: https://twitter.com/witchyblvd/status/1266904233393217543?s=21
Or - https://www.reddit.com/PublicFreakout/comments/gtq339/9\_year\_old\_girl\_got\_maced\_in\_the\_face\_by\_cop\_at/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x
Tear gassing protesters in Fort Wayne: https://twitter.com/blazedyukhei/status/1266533569029177346?s=21
Couple in Atlanta's car windows broken and tased for trying to drive home: https://twitter.com/kcj\_swish/status/1266913464234237954?s=21
Hands up, unarmed, they sic the dog on him in Sonoma County, CA (not protest related but still relevant): https://twitter.com/danielnewman/status/1266771549442453511?s=21
More casual macing: https://twitter.com/marioleugly/status/1266933807929798656?s=21
Shooting paint canisters(?) at people filming on their own porch, Minneapolis: https://twitter.com/awkwordrap/status/1266939808984772610?s=21
or - https://www.reddit.com/PublicFreakout/comments/gtsaam/please\_make\_this\_go\_viral\_i\_am\_begging\_you\_police/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x
Officer tramples protester with horse in Houston: https://twitter.com/vikthewild/status/1266538354939756544?s=21
Police in Erie PA kicking down a peaceful protestor: https://www.reddit.com/PublicFreakout/comments/gu0b0j/police\_in\_erie\_pa\_kicking\_down\_a\_peaceful/?utm\_medium=android\_app&utm\_source=share
Seattle police pepper spraying peaceful protesters: https://www.reddit.com/PublicFreakout/comments/gtu0a6/the\_moment\_seattle\_police\_pepper\_sprayed\_peaceful/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x
Law Enforcement Intentionally fire Explosive Device at News Crew in Minneapolis: https://www.reddit.com/PublicFreakout/comments/gtslcy/law\_enforcement\_intentionally\_fire\_explosive/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x
Woman asks police to move after they park their car on her property, they proceed to break her teeth: https://www.reddit.com/PublicFreakout/comments/gtmama/woman\_asks\_police\_to\_move\_after\_they\_park\_thei?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x
Cop decides to shoot at protestor who hurt his ego by yelling 'F**k You' at him: https://www.reddit.com/PublicFreakout/comments/gtksgq/cop\_decides\_to\_shoot\_at\_protestor\_who\_hurt\_his/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x
Black cop fired without pension for stopping another officer choking a suspect: https://www.reddit.com/PublicFreakout/comments/gtinxp/black\_cop\_fired\_without\_pension\_for\_stopping/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x
Miami Police Department fires tear gas into crowd of protesters chanting “I can’t breathe”: https://www.reddit.com/PublicFreakout/comments/gu1c3miami\_police\_department\_fires\_tear\_gas\_into\_crowd/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x
Cops sneak up to confiscate & destroy water and other supplies peaceful protestors are using in Louisville, KY: https://www.reddit.com/PublicFreakout/comments/gtpc0l/cops\_sneak\_up\_to\_confiscate\_destroy\_water\_and/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x
Some rubber bullet victims:
A journalist who lost an eye. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/30/us/minneapolis-protests-press.html
La Mesa, California Police shot this woman in the head with rubber bullets whilst she was protesting peacefully (NSFW) : https://twitter.com/etpartipredsct1/status/1266935860865298432?s=20
or - https://www.reddit.com/PublicFreakout/comments/gtwxa3/la\_mesa\_california\_police\_shot\_this\_woman\_in\_the/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x
This lady who took one to the face(NSFW): https://twitter.com/shannynsharyse/status/1266631722239766528?ref\_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1266699486077825024&ref\_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.reddit.com%2Fr%2Fnews%2Fcomments%2Fgtsso9%2Fthere\_was\_no\_warning\_whatsoever\_police\_shoot\_tear%2F)
Black teenager shot in the face by Sacramento police: https://www.reddit.com/PublicFreakout/comments/gttqaj/black\_teenager\_shot\_in\_face\_by\_sacramento\_police/?utm\_medium=android\_app&utm\_source=share
Police shoots protestor for no reason: https://www.reddit.com/PublicFreakout/comments/gu3s6j/police\_shoots\_protestor\_for\_no\_reason/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x
submitted by PlasticRice to TrueOffMyChest [link] [comments]

2020.05.27 12:36 binarybabebia New Member - Black (dysfunctional) DIL asks how to deal with whitewashing from “perfect”-ly overbearing southern belle jnMIL

My DH and I are desperate and stressed out of my mind and my DH mentioned this subreddit to me. Please forgive me for the length, and any typos as we were trying to be thorough to provide well-rounded perspective. I think most of our stress stems from a combination of stress from trying to keep my two little girls (4 months and 2 yoa) safe and healthy and post-grad job hunt (2020 computer science grad) during this lovely pandemic but MOSTLY as a result of managing our relationship with my MIL.
Sometimes it feels like there is so much weighing on my shoulders. And as a thirty one year old, African American, first generation graduate (originally dropped out years ago to help my mom) that comes from an poverty stricken (blunt and beautifully dysfunctional/healing) family, I don't have many people in my life who truly understand what it feels like I am up against. My mother am I have not spoken in two years after I stood my ground with her following a lifetime of serious physical, mental and emotional abuse. This is relevant because I am admittedly still healing from this abuse and sometimes I get easily triggered when I feel as if I am being cornered.
There is much more to this rippling synopsis but I’ll do my best to summarize. Upon the birth of my first daughter, who had to arrive via an emergency induction 6 weeks early due to me have preeclampsia there wasn’t a single family member was present from my family. I wasn’t surprised that no really showed outside of my closest friends and many of my husbands family. Although my little crew and I were surrounded by so much love admittedly it broke my heart that after my DH and I did everything we could to coordinate with and arrange her travel my mother didn’t show. Prior to this day we’d discussed plans for her to stay a week or more but now she was planning on getting a ride from a “friend” and making a turn around trip because her friend had to work the following day. My DH and I tried to convince her to accept a bus ticket (from Dallas to Austin, Texas) so she could stay longer and not be dependent on someone else’s work schedule but took issue with it asking “who puts their momma on the bus instead of flying her down?”. Honestly, we would have loved to fly my mommy out to be with me but we could not afford it. Needless to say, after all the calling and planning from my DH and I, my mother did not make it to the birth of my first born (or either of my children). Three months later my mother called me out of the blue as if nothing happened inquiring about a message she received about her mother of the bride dress (no one sent her a message) while I was putting my daughter to sleep. When I asked to call her back after my LO went down she initially ignored me, then got agitated said “well, I don’t know what you wanna talk about if it about you giving birth I didn’t have a ride”, next it would be because “I didn’t have my hair and nails done, didn’t have money to buy new clothes and she didn’t want to be around your new in-laws looking raggedy” and later that I told her not to come which I repeatedly denied (this is disrespectful in her opinion) so she hung up on me and texted me cursing me out, calling me selfish and telling me “good luck without me in your life”. I was devastated but frankly, after being lied to, hit in the face, tied up back-to-back in chairs with my sister and beaten for peeing in the bed as children...and much much more (that I don’t feel comfortable getting into) this small and petty instance was the straw that broke the camels back for me. Although I still love and respect my mother, an army veteran, who was also raised and abused by a narcissist, I needed some space so that I could protect my energy and hopefully break the cycle of abuse for my little unit. As you can imagine, this is something I struggle with but I am determined to heal!
This is relevant because it occurred during the first year of my marriage (my hubby and I silently eloped June 2017 - one year after dating). Thus, my in-laws have never met my mother andI shared more than I should have in moments of pain and anger to my MIL which I believe (hindsight being 20/20) fueled what I thought was a good connection with my MIL. Prior to this, although she is the queen of passive aggressive (and I the queen of bluntness) our relationship was good, the main issues we had surrounded around my in-laws incessant micromanaging of my husband’s life which to their credit they believed was necessary before he met me. In addition to addressing unwarranted messages (vague and non-academic links to articles) about how NOT to raise my child and pass on my anger issue sto her. It wasn’t until we started requesting some freedom to navigate and fail our own way, coupled with my sharing of options that differed from their own; namely when it came to the way I managed my marriage, how I raised my child, if I dressed up too much or looked too put together at “casual” family outings and events, used numbered candles instead of individual candles for my husband and daughters birthday, sat white (closet racist) relatives next to black friends and family at our wedding celebration later that year (which she proceeded to adjust the seating chart to her liking after I asked her not to the morning of the wedding - unless there was a fight about to breakout), didn’t email everyone I a timely fashion and schedule a (private) separate family gathering for my DD and DH birthdays, look forward to prepping a turkey (“Gran makes the turkey very year) at Christmas in my home ( I was a high risk preggers and wasn’t allowed to travel out of the city, so we decided to stay put for Christmas when his mom and Gran convinced my DH to allow them to bring their celebration to us - but not after jnMIL tried and failed to set up the event at another family members house in our city without talking with us), etc.
After our wedding celebration a year and a half into my marriage, where the only family I had present was my three sisters, I experienced quite the meltdown. Due to underlying hurt that i was trying to mask and emotions behind the fact the my husband lied about and failed to execute his primary responsibility for the event (arrange a little after-after party mini-moon). After a successful event, we were whisked away with no where to go we ended up at my in-laws house they rented for the wedding. Where upon privately sharing my disappointment of being lied to, my DH was dismissive of my feelings, and when I tried to end the conversation and leave he physically tried to stop me from leaving the room. Extremely triggered and trying to avoid a meltdown, I tried to request assistance from his mom who in the next room to help calm him and mediate the situation. After ignoring me initially (because other family was around) my MIL to my surprise proceeded to question what I did to provoke my DH (who disappeared on a walk to blow steam).
In in not- so-eloquent manner after a stressful day I broke down in tears and spilling my very emotional guts ranting about all of the things my hubby and I were dealing with (including his inability to let me walk away when I feel cornered) as well as my family drama with my mom (biiiggg mistake). I slipped, mentioning that I felt a little alone in planning the wedding celebration (while in school and having a newborn) when MIL got incredibly defensive and threw in my face the 5k she and my FIL contributed, and the fact that she attended all of my bridal events in my mother absence...she’d even taken me to get womanly necessities after the delivery of my daughter., etc. My DH and I made up hours later and apologized to his mom for involving her but not before she told me how much I hurt her. I also made a personal call to her apologizing for my meltdown...she never apologized or acknowledged the seating rearrangement and I just decided to move on.
I need to stress that I have shown my gratification over and over and over for their love and support as I have never experienced this level of support in my life. My FIL who seemed to be a huge supporter of me even offered to co-sign on my student loans (the following year) after my husbands failed business partnership and (pre-marital) irresponsible credit management that I was slowly fixing (which I found out about it after we married and moved together) but not quick enough as it began to swallow my credit as well.
Prior to now, I had been on my own for the most part. I was a successful project manager and part time student when I met my husband. I fell in love with my husbands free (and even privileged) spirit and admired the fact that he is unapologetically himself. Despite the fact that his immaturity has put us in some tough situations, I chose continue to love him and pour into him the best way I know how because I knew we were kindred spirits. We both have made many many mistakes and in the darkest of times my sassiness and words have definitely cut him deep when I felt hurt, betrayed or cornered but after the first couple of trying years (four total) together we have now come together more than ever before and handle our disagreements maturely and ALWAYS away from the sight and ears of our little ones. We choose to continue to choose to be better individuals than we were in previous days, holding on to and fighting for our passionate love.
Today, my MIL feels entitled to much: our time, specifically on most if not all holidays and birthdays (spouses traditionally responsible for hosting a family gathering for bdays in their family), finances (since they have lended a hand to my husband for many years and recently to me), to controlling and micromanaging events that WE host at our home. I personally am not used to so much parental involvement and for the longest I tried to just bite the bullet out of respect for my elders and the potentially threatening my husbands and daughters relationships with his parents (as I have little with my dad and none with my own mother).
However, two weeks ago was my husbands 32nd birthday, which he wanted to celebrate at home with us to keep risks low during the pandemic. It’s important to note that I contacted my MIL vis call and texts to let her know the deal but she was very busy and kept saying she’d get back to me. After throwing a virtual graduation party for me and inviting my BFF and her hubby to our backyard (as a surprise) to social-distance-celebrate, I was so excited that I shared my excitement about their visit during the virtual event. Naturally, his mom overheard and raised her eyebrows, and the proceeded to take the time to congratulate me and then my husband (for a good period of time) on our accomplishment. Because this was “just as much his celebration as it was mine”. As much as I KNOW I share this accomplishment with my husband, I didn’t feel it was her place to congratulate him not my big day, especially since I had my own soliloquy prepared to address and thank him for supporting me and encouraging me to quit my near six figure job and relocate with to Austin Texas (from Houston) and finish school full time while he pursued a awesome career opportunity himself.
Mother’s Day was the day following my commencement ceremony and we had suspicions that my DH mother was not pleased with us as she proceeded to ignore all of our calls and FaceTimes until close to dinner (when I asked him to try again) she finally answered. She was in her car with her brother heading to their families annual Mother’s Day dinner celebration. She was visibly perturbed and did not even say hello to me (after I’d spoken to her and said joyfully wished her a happy Mother’s Day) nor happy Mother’s Day. So, I just let my husband pilot the call and went about my business. My MIL proceeded to discuss the fact that my husband had a birthday coming up and that he would “LOOOOVE” his gift and that she should thank him now for it. I did not see the need to send a mass email to his family that we weren’t having a big gathering this year as I’d done in the past because of my husbands specific requests.
The following day, my MIL shows up bearing a cake (with a packet of CANDLES) and gifts for my DH bday and a cards for me for Mother’s Day and graduation. My husband, who after opening some of his presents from us, went to run a birthday errand (to score some weed from a friend to have when the girls went down) pulls up and sees his mother sitting in her car and decides to run into the house (...which I’ll later be blamed for) to put away the weed before greeting her and asks me if I know she is outside, I respond “Huh?! No I didn’t know” and he proceeds to handle the situation by telling her she could have simply let me or him know if she wanted to pop by - even if it was a surprise. She proceed to go off in him, and in his words “nearly spiking the trifle cake in our driveway”, stating that she is HIS mom and has earned the right to surprise him on his birthday. After much more drama, tears and hugs she departed. My husband proceeded to call his father to ask for help in “dealing with mom” when my FIL himself was surprised that WE didn’t know she was coming (and i am sure recited the serenity prayer).
I am not sure why I was expecting an apology, but instead of said apology, we received (addressed to me and my husbands name in parentheses) a four page threatening letter last night about her disdain, hurt and disappointment for MY less-than-thrilled and frankly disrespectful reaction that she heard about from my FIL (shrugs) about her unannounced surprise visit on my husbands birthday.
She proceeded to go in about me not wanting to celebrate my husbands bday in previous years, which I have ALWAYS celebrated but perhaps not like she wanted (I love love and birthdays!!) Two of the four years I was pregnant with complications so we did something the day of with our immediate family and celebrated with his family later in the year (because she refused to move on) even though my husband and I had a lot going on and he didn’t feel the birthday issue was worth pressing 5 months after his bday. Does this make us ungrateful?
Not only did said letter attack my “explosive minefield of a life”, temper (I have never intentionally or verbally disrespected her- mostly and regrettably over shared about my upbringing and trials and tribulations of standing up to bullied), dysfunctional family, my parental issues with my mom and that if I didn’t get on board (like everyone had to learn to) “sigh and roll my eyes” when someone said something disrespectful (or apparently prejudice) to me then she would be forced to end the toxic relationship that she felt was fostering. Along this tactless ride to caddy-ville, she was sure to compare me to all of her other “good not great” relationships with her (non-black) son/daughter in-laws (who live in different states).
She was also sure to spell out how functional her family was, how they never argued, and repeatedly throw in my face how much her family has welcomed and done for me. She also apologized if she hadn’t been clear that she (nor anyone else) will not be my doormat and listed the hierarchy of the family tree. Her popping up was very different from an unannounced visit as her family doesn’t just show up unannounced (yet she has invited family over to our house without letting us know). She failed to see how this visit was any different from a UPS or FedEx popping up to drop off the gifts.
It in important to note that MOST of the time I let my husband address her unless she mentions something directly to me...but regardless she seems to still blames me for his, at times unpleasant attitude towards her. This is mostly hurtful due to the fact that I have continuously encouraged my husbands tolerance (and respect) of her regardless of her manipulative nature toward us. Every birthday and holiday I go out of my way to ensure no one is forgotten. Often being a wife and mommy is a thankless job and that’s always fine by me. I don’t need to shout from the hills every morning what I’ve done for anyone.
All in all, I have been through much worse times and i realize I am healing from my past and guilty of sticking my neck out for love. I am sure I will find a way pick my head up and fight the good fight with love and perseverance but today...I am tired of the caddy games and hierarchical family abuse from elders (just because they can). Is it too late want to strive for a peace and independence without WWII?? I have many close friends but little to no family (and few traditions) in my life outside my sisters and our little unit. Ideally I’d like to show respect and regard for my DH family and their traditions. However, I also have my own hopes and dreams for traditions of our own but feel like I am be whitewashed at ever turn! I want to protect the relationship my girls have with their grandparents but If my MIL can’t see that our plans and wishes take precedence then my DH and I will have to create some space.
If you have any recommendations, would appreciate them greatly.
P.s., I tried to write this without bringing race into.
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2020.05.19 23:13 Aintnolobos [For Sale]Art Blakey, Lee Morgan, Miles Davis, Beatles MoFi, Low, Dana Gillespie promo

Hello, I have six records I'm looking to sell. I'm located in Dallas, Texas and will be in Austin next week for a couple of days so if you're in either city we can arrange for an in person sale if you'd like. Selling to US only with shipping being $5 no matter how many you buy.
I've included photos on the sleeves for all and I'm grading with goldmine standards as linked in the sidebar. If you'd like photos of the record itself please ask and I'll shoot them over, I feel like you can't really tell much about a actual record that's above VG from photos
Firstly is The Sidewinder by Lee Morgan US 2nd press. Records and sleeve are both VG+ with the sleeve having a medium sized split(a bit over 2 inches but the paper is still there so it's not as noticeable) and the record having some light paper marks across both sides that I felt like should be noted, otherwise really nice and glossy. Plays through nicely. $25 Photos. Sold
Second is Trust by Low AAA second press. Low is sort of hidden in glossy letters on the front and Trust is on the back in the same lettering that isn't evident in photos. Beautiful copy, NM - NM and includes the original protector sleeve with the AAA sticker $30 Photos
Up next is The White Album by The Beatles MoFi realease comes with lyric inserts. Sleeve is graded at VG because at some point in it's life I'm guessing some of the paper in the gatefold got stuck together and tore a piece off and there is very light ring wear on the back side. The record itself is VG+ with slight hairlines on side 1, otherwise nice and glossy. $45 Photos. Sold
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messangers - Mosaic OG Mono Cover is VG+ with some light paper loss around the bottom of the corners and but otherwise very nice and glossy on the cover and no tears or splits. The record however is I would say G or G+, numerous surface scratches on both sides and some light fading of the label. It plays with medium surface noise throughout but there was no skipping on my Debut Carbon when I played through twice. $60 Photos
Live Evil by Miles Davis I'm sort of lost on this one as the matrix #, lack of columbia logo on the front left cover and the specific Columbia labels on the record itself say it should be a Netherlands copy according to the Discogs page however there are Made in the UK sticks on the front and label. I can't find photos of another copy like this so if someone knows more than I please let me know. NM all around, beautiful copy. $60 Photos
And last but not least is a promo copy of Foolish Seasons by Dana Gillespie. This is a beautiful copy, cover is VG+ with some light shelf wear on the bottom half and a small ding in the bottom left corner. The record itself is a glossy NM-, I say - because there is one small light hairline but otherwise it's about as nice as you could want. Another thing of note is the paper label and promo sticker on the record is different from other versions if you compare the photos against others that have been sold. $250 Photos.
Please post here before messaging offers and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Accepting PayPal G&S as payment. Will mail out anything you buy with tracking within 24 hours of purchase unless you buy during the weekend.
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2020.05.09 15:19 rusticgorilla Coronavirus response: Testing for Trump, but not for us “warriors”

Welcome, dear readers, to my coronavirus roundup. I'm posting these every Friday in addition to Lost in the Sauce on Mondays (for non-coronavirus news).
There is so much to report from the past week. I will have to either do a separate post for the rest or roll it over into next week’s edition. Specifically, the medical supply stuff didn't make it in this post.
TLDR pinned at top of comments.

Tests for Trump, not for us

Trump and Pence have notably been traveling the country without face masks, making a display of going back to normal. This is definitely a political decision; Trump has told advisors that he believes wearing a face mask would "send the wrong message,” because doing so would make it seem like he is preoccupied with health instead of focused on reopening the economy.
However, Trump and other White House officials benefit from a double standard: everyone Trump comes into contact with is tested for the virus, while the rest of us are expected to be “warriors,” in Trump’s words, and go back to work without that safety.
“As vice president of the United States, I’m tested for the coronavirus on a regular basis, and everyone who is around me is tested for the coronavirus,” Pence told reporters, amid a public backlash after he visited the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and violated its rules requiring all visitors to wear a mask.
Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said that “as America reopens safely, the White House is continuing to operate safely.” However, only one of these entities has the ability to conduct contact testing: the White House. McEnany implicitly admits that rapid and regular testing is a prerequisite to operating safely, but the White House expects America to reopen without it. On Wednesday, McEnany said “the notion that everyone needs to be tested is simply nonsensical," yet everyone in the White House is tested at least multiple times a week (video).
The White House system
Trump learned on Friday that his personal valet - who also serves him meals - tested positive for the coronavirus. According to NBC News, Trump became "lava level mad" at his staff and said he doesn't feel it is doing all it can to protect him. Trump, Pence, and staff were all tested immediately; results were negative. We also found out that Pence aide Katie Miller - wife of Stephen Miller - tested positive, as did Ivanka Trump’s personal assistant. All officials in contact with them tested negative.
This is the system that would ultimately allow us to return to normal: early notification of symptoms, followed by quick contact tracing, followed by rapid testing with quickly turned-around results. But only the White House (and likely the richest Americans) have that ability right now.
  • Yesterday, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows made an “off the record” offer to reporters that they can get the same coronavirus testing as White House officials receive… however, the cameras were rolling when he said this.
More testing is “bad”
On March 6, Trump proclaimed to America that anyone who wanted a test could get one. That same week, Pence promised that there would be 4 million tests available. Later, a White House official said 27 million test kits would be available to patients by the end of March. Now, over a month later, only 8 million tests have been conducted across the nation.
Why isn’t Trump concerned about the lack of testing for Americans? Well, first of all, he is safe because he has tests. But secondly, Trump admitted on Wednesday that more testing only reveals more infections and therefore increases the numbers. “In a way, by doing all this testing we make ourselves look bad,” he said. (video)
  • Reminder: In early March, Trump said (non-paywalled) that he didn’t want the Grand Princess cruise ship to dock in California because the infected passengers would add to the total confirmed cases in the U.S. “I’d rather have the people stay [on the ship],” Trump said, “because I like the numbers being where they are. I don't need to have the numbers double because of one ship that wasn't our fault. And it wasn't the fault of the people on the ship either, okay? It wasn't their fault either and they're mostly Americans. So, I can live either way with it. I'd rather have them stay on, personally.”

Scaling up testing can be done

The U.S. is capable of scaling up the testing scheme that is already in place at the White House. A bipartisan team of experts convened by the Rockefeller Foundation has already drawn up plans to expand testing to 30 million per week. As Yale’s Zack Cooper - a member of the Rockefeller team - explains, the problem is money. So far, Congress has allocated only $33 billion to testing.
The rub is that because huge numbers of tests are needed over a short time, scaling up testing will cost hundreds of billions of dollars… As White House practices illustrate, the technology exists to return covid-19 test results in minutes. That technology needs to be scaled up. Many have pinned U.S. testing shortages on a lack of reagents and swabs, unused testing capacity and trouble linking existing labs to providers’ electronic medical records systems. At their core, these problems are attributable to inadequate funding. Framed differently, there are not many supply-chain or production problems that a congressional allocation of $250 billion couldn’t solve.
Ultimately, the United States faces a choice. We can reopen the economy without adequate testing, a move that raises the likelihood of a second wave of infections and places the costs of reopening squarely on the backs of essential workers. Alternatively, Congress could allocate more money for covid-19 testing and the White House could use those funds to test essential workers at the same rates White House staff are tested. This is both economically justifiable and our moral imperative.

Death toll

The influential model that the White House has relied on to forecast coronavirus deaths released a revised projection of nearly 135,000 U.S. deaths through the beginning of August. The source, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington, explains that the revisions reflect “rising mobility in most U.S. states as well as the easing of social distancing measures expected in 31 states by May 11, indicating that growing contacts among people will promote transmission of the coronavirus.”
A separate projection, based on FEMA modeling, forecasts up to about 3,000 daily deaths in the U.S. by June 1, almost doubling the current daily death rate. The White House said the model, not meant for the public, is a “preliminary result” and not a forecast.
”People should be aware that the risk of infection is still there,” [Dr. Christopher Murray, IHME Director] said in a Monday press conference. “Even in New York, 85 percent of the state is susceptible. In a place like Washington, 96-97 percent are susceptible. And so the risk of infection is there and people should take appropriate precautions.”
Note: The IHME model has come under criticism for wildly inaccurate death count projections prior to the most recent revision: “The model first estimated in late March that there’d be fewer than 161,000 deaths total in the US; in early April, it revised its projections to say the total death toll through August was ‘projected to be 60,415’ (though it acknowledged the range could be between 31,221 and 126,703).” Read this article for more on what goes into the model and why it was chosen by the White House.

Trump questions current death toll

It’s not just the models that Trump doesn’t accept: According to an Axios report, Trump has complained to advisers about the way coronavirus deaths are being calculated, suggesting the real numbers are actually lower. Some officials accuse hospitals of inflating the number of COVID-19 cases in order to rake in medicare payments.
One of these skeptical officials is Pence’s Chief of Staff Marc Short, who reportedly told the White House that the death toll would never reach 60,000 (it is now over 70,000):
He repeatedly questioned the data being shared with Trump, and in internal discussions said he did not believe the death toll would ever get to 60,000 and that the administration was overreacting, damaging the economy and the president’s chances for reelection, according to people who have heard his arguments. Day after day, Short pressed other officials to reopen the entire country, encouraging more risks to get the economy humming again.
Fact check: The official COVID-19 death count is actually under-reported (non-paywalled) due to inconsistent protocols, limited resources and a patchwork of decision making. For instance, until mid-April, a death was only attributed to coronavirus if it was confirmed with a laboratory test. Now, the CDC is including "probable [Covid-19] cases and deaths" in the totals because testing shortages hampered some states' ability to test every patient suspected of having Covid-19.
  • A way to measure what the administration really thinks about the death projections: how many body bags the federal government has ordered (hint: 100,000 ordered on April 21).

Trump says deaths are okay

While touring a Honeywell factory that is producing face masks on Tuesday, Trump declared that the consequences of reopening the economy can be ignored:
"Will some people be affected? Yes," Trump told reporters. "Will some people be affected badly? Yes. But we have to get our country open and we have to get it open soon." (video)
The next day, Trump sat for an interview with ABC News and reiterated his sentiment, before then trying to project some empathy:
”It’s possible there with be some [deaths] because you won't be locked into an apartment, or a house or whatever it is… (video)
Muir asks what the president wants to say to the families of coronavirus victims, to which he responded: "I want to say I love you. I want to say that we're doing everything we can... we’re with you, we’re working with you. We’re supplying vast amounts of money like never before.”
Trump then predicted that the survivors will be “proud” of the economy he will build up next year, ending with: “To the people who have lost someone, there is nobody - I don’t sleep at night thinking about it - there is nobody that's taken it harder than me. But at the same time, I have to get this enemy defeated. And that's what we're doing." (video)
  • Note: Trump’s own administration is worried about the cost of reopening, as revealed in a May 1 recording of an interagency meeting between FEMA and HHS officials across the country. “If, at the end of stay-at-home orders, you were to lift everything and go back to normal business, and not have any community mitigation, you would expect to see in the second week in May we begin to increase again in ventilator uses,” the official said. “Which means cases increase, and by early June, we surpass the number of ventilators we currently have.”
  • Yale epidemiologist Gregg Gonsalves: “How many people will die this summer, before Election Day? What proportion of the deaths will be among African-Americans, Latinos, other people of color? This is getting awfully close to genocide by default. What else do you call mass death by public policy? ...what is happening in the US is purposeful, considered negligence, omission, failure to act by our leaders.”

Trump’s moving the goalposts

On Jan. 30, Trump said: “We think we have it very well under control. We have very little problem in this country at this moment — five. And those people are all recuperating successfully.”
On Feb. 26, Trump said: “And again, when you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that's a pretty good job we've done."
On March 5, he hailed the fact that there were about 3,000 deaths worldwide but only 11 in the United States.
By April 20, as the death count climbed above 42,000, Trump moved the goalposts to 60,000 deaths:
”But we’re going toward 50- or 60,000 people. That’s at the lower — as you know, the low number was supposed to be 100,000 people. We — we could end up at 50 to 60.”
On Sunday’s Fox News town hall, as nearly 70,000 Americans died from coronavirus, Trump again revised the “acceptable” total:
"That's one of the reasons we're successful, if you call losing 80 or 90,000 people successful. But it's one of the reasons we're not at the high end of that plane as opposed to the low end of the plane.” When pressed on his shifting estimate, Trump conceded, "I used to say 65,000 and now I'm saying 80 or 90 and it goes up and it goes up rapidly." (video)
Five days later, in a rambling Friday morning Fox News interview, Trump pushed the total higher to 100,000-110,000 deaths:
If I didn’t [close the country] we would have lost two million - two and a half million, maybe more than that - people and we’ll be at a hundred thousand, a hundred and ten, higher than the lower level of what was projected if we did the shutdown, but still you’re talking about - I say two Yankee stadiums of people. It’s unacceptable. It’s unacceptable but I created, as president, we had the strongest economy in the history of the world… next year we’re going to have a phenomenal year. (video)
  • Fact check: By just about any important measure, the economy today is not doing as well as it did under Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson and Bill Clinton — and Ulysses S. Grant. (WaPo)
Trevor Noah’s Daily Show made a great compilation of Trump’s ever-shifting goalposts. The reality is that Trump will declare victory no matter how many people die.

Kushner’s "inexperience" derailed response

...In other words, Jared Kushner holds at least some responsibility for the rising death count in the U.S. Personally, I'd question how much is inexperience and how much is intentional enrichment-of-friends, but the original reporting says inexperience so that's how I'll convey it.
Interviews with government officials by WaPo and NYT, in addition to a complaint filed by a volunteer, has filled in the details of Kushner’s “shadow” coronavirus task force in charge of managing and obtaining medical supplies for the nation. The group relied on a slew of volunteers from private sector industries that often had no relevant experience with their newfound roles in the medical supply chain:
The [complaint] document alleges that the team responsible for PPE had little success in helping the government secure such equipment, in part because none of the team members had significant experience in health care, procurement or supply-chain operations. In addition, none of the volunteers had relationships with manufacturers or a clear understanding of customs requirements or Food and Drug Administration rules, according to the complaint and two senior administration officials.
Because the team did not have existing relationships with vendors, they were instructed to “fast-track” recommendations for VIP’s, including Fox News hosts:
“Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade, for example, called two people he knew in the administration to pass along a lead about PPE in an effort to be helpful, said two people familiar with the outreach. Fox News Channel host Jeanine Pirro also repeatedly lobbied the administration for a specific New York hospital to receive a large quantity of masks, one of the people said. (WaPo)
Many of the volunteers were told to prioritize tips from political allies and associates of President Trump, tracked on a spreadsheet called “V.I.P. Update”...among them were leads from Republican members of Congress, the Trump youth activist Charlie Kirk and a former “Apprentice” contestant who serves as the campaign chair of Women for Trump. (NYT)
A South Carolina doctor with longtime manufacturing contacts in China reached out to FEMA to help the agency procure masks. “Instead of encountering seasoned FEMA procurement officials, his information was diverted” to Kushner’s team, where it stalled.
You may recall from last week, that New York entered into a $69 million contract with a Silicon Valley engineer who tweeted to Trump that he could obtain ventilators. We now know that Kushner’s volunteers fielded the offer and passed the tip onto federal officials who then sent it to New York. Not a single ventilator was delivered.
New York officials said they were told by an official assigned to the Department of Health and Human Services that the federal government had vetted Mr. Oren-Pines, and that a consulting firm had conducted a video inspection of the ventilators in China.
Had Mr. Trump acted earlier than mid-March to assign FEMA to lead the federal government’s coronavirus response, the agency’s normal procedures might have been able to cope with the swelling demand. By the time Mr. Trump’s decision came, the Strategic National Stockpile was already running low on critical supplies. FEMA had no choice but to pursue every available lead, officials said, no matter how far-fetched. (NYT)

Whistleblower complaint

An official whistleblower complaint filed by Dr. Rick Bright, the ousted chief of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Agency, added to evidence that “VIPs” were given preferential treatment in the government’s coronavirus response:
Questionable contracts have gone to “companies with political connections to the administration,” the complaint said, including a drug company tied to a friend of Jared Kushner’s, President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser. It said Dr. Bright was retaliated against by his superiors, who pushed him out because of “his efforts to prioritize science and safety over political expediency.”
...The complaint says top Department of Health and Human Services officials, including Dr. Kadlec, who oversees the strategic national stockpile, overruled scientific experts while awarding contracts to firms represented by the consultant, John Clerici...“Dr. Bright was vocal about his concerns regarding the inappropriate and possibly illegal communications between Mr. Clerici, Dr. Kadlec, Mr. Shuy and Mr. Meekins,” the complaint stated, referring to Bryan Shuy and Chris Meekins, two other department officials.
Bright also describes incredible inaction from the administration:
On Jan. 23, he met with Mr. Azar and Dr. Kadlec to press “for urgent access to funding, personnel and clinical specimens, including viruses,” that would be necessary to develop treatments, the complaint said. But Mr. Azar and Dr. Kadlec “asserted that the United States would be able to contain the virus” through travel bans, the complaint said, adding that Dr. Bright was cut out of future department meetings related to Covid-19.
A separate recounting of the complaint:
One of Bright’s biggest frustrations was saved for procurement of masks, which he said he recognized early on would be a critical need in the coronavirus pandemic. Bright said that on January 21, 2020, Mike Bowen, co-owner and Executive Vice President of domestic surgical mask producer Prestige Ameritech, emailed him that the Department of Homeland Security had contacted him about procuring masks. Bright raised Bowen’s concerns internally about getting production of N95 masks up and going. But for a week nothing happened. Eventually, Bowen emailed again.
“I think we’re in deep shit,” he wrote.
...In a meeting with other health officials on February 7, he insisted that the federal government needed to place orders to ramp up production of N95 masks in order to protect healthcare workers and first responders. But an HHS supply chain team pushed back, saying there was “no indication of a supply chain shortage or of issues with masks,” according to the complaint.
Bright finally came forward when the administration began pushing hydroxychloroquine:
[An attorney for Bright told Rachel Maddow that] the administration thought "there would be a big political win to flood New York and New Jersey with drugs that were unproven and, in fact, could have had a very damaging effect to people who took those drugs, which is what prompted Dr. Bright to come forward." (source)
Finally, yesterday the Office of Special Counsel - which is reviewing Bright’s complaint - determined that there are "reasonable grounds to believe" that Bright’s removal was retaliation. The office recommended that Bright be temporarily reinstated for 45 days while the investigation continues.
Coming up? Bright is reportedly scheduled to appear before the House Energy Committee’s Health subcommittee next week, perhaps on Thursday May 14. Also note Fauci, Redfield, and Hahn will testify on Tuesday.

In brief: Trump’s plan

Trump is pushing forward with his plan to reopen the economy, ignoring his own administration’s guidelines and discounting the projected death toll.
In short, Trump’s plan - aided by Republican lawmakers - is:
  1. Remove income support, forcing people to return to work. Officials across the country are not accepting “fear of the coronavirus” as an excuse not to return to work, meaning furloughed employees must accept an employer’s offer to return.
  2. Hide the facts about reopening and the human cost of doing so too early. The administration is burying a CDC document detailing how to safely reopen because the guidelines were “too specific,” setting a bar too high for many states to reach in a short period of time. The nationwide lack of testing also helps hide the facts, as we don’t know the true spread of the virus.
  3. Pretend that lifting mitigation measures is about freedom. For instance, Trump tweeted that citizens should “LIBERATE” states that are under lockdown, egging on protestors (who were armed, in some cases).
  4. Protect businesses against lawsuits for facilitating the spread of the coronavirus. The president has already signed an executive order forcing meat-processing plants to remain open, no matter the high rate of infection and death among employees. Sen. McConnell is insisting that the next pandemic relief bill must contain liability protection for corporations.
Trump has apparently given up on even trying to fight the virus, deciding that his main objective should be winning re-election:
Several Trump aides say their 2020 campaign will now be chiefly defined by two themes: Trump is the only candidate who can resurrect the economy and that Biden will not be as tough on China, a country Trump is blaming for the pandemic.
...Starting next week, messaging on China will be sent to Republican state party officials, accusing China of costing American lives and that "Joe Biden is good for China but bad for America," one campaign aide said.

The effect of reopening

As the IHME model researchers stated, lifting mitigation measures will lead to increased coronavirus infections and deaths. Another model, out of the University of Pennsylvania, backs up this finding. The Penn Wharton Budget Model (PWBM) has a combination of different inputs that take both policy and behavior into account. With a partial reopening and reduced social distancing, the PWBM predicts over 350,000 deaths by the end of June 2020. I think this is too high, as a “partial” reopening includes reopening schools, which so far seems highly unlikely to occur in the last month and a half of the school year.
It seems a more likely number is the one projected for a partial reopening with maintained social distancing behavior, or 161,664 deaths by the end of June. This is 50,000 more deaths than projected if states do not open.

States reopening

To save time and space, I’ll just post some headlines and links to notable stories about states reopening.
  • By mid-April, the president said 29 states would be able to reopen “relatively soon.” An analysis of state data has found that at least 19 states still fail to meet the White House’s own reopening criteria. In some 22 states, rates of infection are still rising. Ten states are in particular danger: Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Utah. Note that South Dakota never issued a shelter-in-place order so is not “reopening.”
    • These early-reopening states have already seen a rapid increase in daily case totals relative to one month ago (graph).
  • “Here’s How Texas’ Reopening Is Going: 1,200 New Cases,” Daily Beast
    • “Reopened restaurant told workers: Don't wear face masks — or don't work,” CBS
  • “Two Days of Record COVID-19 Deaths Precede Mississippi Reopening,” Jackson Free Press
  • “Florida adds 113 coronavirus deaths, a new one-day record: The Sunshine State’s death toll grows to 1,536 as it begins to reopen,” Tampa Bay Times
  • “Georgia Coronavirus Deaths Surpass 1,000; Forecaster Says Will Double By August With Reopening,” Forbes
    • IHME revised its cumulative death toll figures upwards to nearly 5,000 by August, an increase of more than 140% percent.
  • “Missouri Governor Says Concerts Can Resume, Cities Keep Venues Closed,” Yahoo News
Meat-packing cases
  • “U.S. judge dismisses lawsuit over worker safety at Smithfield [South Dakota] pork plant,” Reuters
  • Supervisors at Cargill Inc.’s pork and beef processing plant in Hazleton, Pa., suppressed information about employees falling ill with the coronavirus and told workers not to discuss it. “By April 7, 130 of the plant’s 900 employees had tested positive,” but Cargill was not disclosing any numbers. One employee died from the virus after being ordered to remove his face mask “because it was creating unnecessary fears among plant employees.”
  • Management at JBS-USA’s beef plant in the Texas Panhandle town of Cactus did not tell employees that a co-worker had contracted COVID-19 for over a week, allowing multiple other individuals to be infected. One employee died from COVID-19 after working sick for almost two weeks “because his supervisors wouldn’t excuse him to see a doctor and insisted he keep working.”
  • “58 percent of workers at Tyson meat factory in Iowa test positive for coronavirus. An Iowa Public Health Department report showed that more than 700 workers contracted the virus at a meat plant in Perry,” NBC
  • “Public health officials in Grand Island, Nebraska, wanted the JBS meatpacking plant closed. But Gov. Pete Ricketts said no. Since then, cases have skyrocketed,” ProPublica
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2020.05.02 19:33 BenedictXIII_BLACK Getting Away With Murder: The Missy Bevers Case

In the footage we see a stocky figure, with a strange gait hobbling about empty corridors. The figure checks the occasional door - seemingly testing if it's locked, takes a disinterested look in the room and continues on meandering through corridors. And perhaps strangest of all, this figure is wearing a police SWAT style outfit. But even on the reasonable quality CCTV footage something isn't quite right - the outfit, it looks fake - maybe fake is the wrong word, 'amateurish' might be a better description - this just does not look like a real police officer, despite the word POLICE emblazoned on front and back of their jacket. And the figure is carrying a some kind of tool, that could be a claw hammer, and later in the footage uses it to smash something, just out of shot of the camera. Less than an hour later a woman is found murdered.
Of course, even those with a passing interest in true crime would recognise this as a description of the events preceding the murder of Terri 'Missy' Bevers, or failing that the title of the post might have given it away. The footage can be seen here. It's just over 2 minutes long, many will have seen the video - if you have not, it should be clear the footage shows the moments prior to a murder and though nothing explicit is shown, given the context, viewer discretion is advised.
With the 4th anniversary of the crime recently passed, it remains an enduring mystery. It's one of the crimes I periodically google to see if there is an update and there appears no developments of note since April 2019 when police announced their continued determination to find the person responsible. It's also a subject that is quite often discussed so I'll keep the summary brief.
Terri 'Missy' Bevers woke at around 3:30am and got ready for the fitness class she taught. The class was due to begin at 5am and was held in a location familiar to Missy and her students - Creekside Church in Midlothian, Texas - around 25 miles southwest of Dallas. The night previous she had posted a motivational message on Facebook, "If it's raining, we're still training". Any number of people would know when and where Missy was to going to be that following morning.
The morning was 18th April 2016. At 3:50am or shortly after, we see a figure dressed as a tactical police officer wandering the corridors of Creekside Church. Missy arrives at around 4:20am, some sources are more specific and put the time of Missy's arrival at 4:16am. What happens next isn't made public.
Her body is discovered shortly before 5am by students attending the fitness class - the time of discovery could be as early as 4:35am. An ambulance is called but Missy is pronounced dead at the scene. Notably, police say she died from puncture wounds to head and chest. According to multiple news sources, the wounds could be consistent with the tools the suspect was carrying in the footage.
Whereas they are somewhat coy as to confirm the precise cause of death, merely stating 'puncture wounds to head and chest', the police are quick to release the CCTV footage and publicly appeal for information. They also announce they found minor damage to the church in the form of a few broken windows and damage to an interior door within the church.
Missy Bevers was 45 years old, had been married for 20years, and was the mother of three children.
In the days that followed, police interviewed Missy's family. Missy's husband had an alibi, as did his father, who had become a figure of pronounced interest as he walked with a hobble that to some is noticeably similar to that seen in the CCTV footage. While the pair's alibis have come under extreme scrutiny, police were satisfied and continued their inquires down other avenues.
In time new CCTV footage would come to light, from a nearby outdoor supplies store carpark but it's not established that this has any link to the murder, though perhaps tellingly they are unable to locate the driver of the vehicle in this footage. It's thought the vehicle in question is likely a 2010/12 model Nissan Altima.
A friend states Missy received a 'creepy message' on LinkedIn 3 days before the murder. Possible extra-marital connections of Missy are explored, its said there are financial difficulties as well. Police questioned other potential suspects over the months and years that followed the murder; some have had links to Missy, others were investigated as the result of tips. 4 years later it appears the police are no closer to solving the case.
The security camera footage is like a Rorschach test. All seem to notice the gait of the person. Some see a woman, others a man. Some say the figure appears to be looking for someone. Others say the figure just walks aimlessly, possibly waiting for someone, and that someone could surely only be Missy.
These are just my thoughts about what is seen in the footage - its really interesting that people all watch the same 2 minute footage and see different things, it goes to show the limitations of eyewitnesses.
A targeted or random homicide?
The person walking around the church does not look worried about possibly triggering some kind of silent alarm to the police as they appear to take their time. They don't have the frantic energy you would expect in a vandal and they aren't nosey like a burglar looking for the collections money or similar things worth stealing. If anything this person looks calm, this is remarkable considering this person went on to kill minutes later.
I believe its significant the person doesn't seriously vandalise the church or steal anything. This person certainly has the tools to vandalise the church but does not do so. I think the person only damages a few windows and doors because they want to create the appearance of a break in. The damage to the church was minor, and carried out in a bid to mislead investigators. And we see on the footage the person doesn't make a lot of effort to pry open a locked door - surely a thief is there to obtain valuables and would want to look inside a locked room more than one left unlocked, and if they are there to steal things where is the bag to put the items in to?
There wasn't items stolen as per a burglary and there was not the magnitude of damage a vandal would inflict. So we can safely say this person is neither burglar nor vandal. So why is he in the church?
The figure's reported entry in to the church at approximately 3:50am is noteworthy - Missy's class would commence at 5am so it is not unreasonable to assume she would arrive no earlier than 1 hour before the class was set to start. Given the person wasn't stealing or vandalising, is it therefore correct to say this person gained entry to the church to anticipation of Missy's arrival?
With regards to the awkward walk - this could be down to boots that are too big. Wearing footwear that is not your actual size has an obvious theoretical appeal to criminals. Considering the person knew they would be walking around the church they anticipated possibly leaving footprints and so by wearing boots a few sizes too big they can cheaply and easily mislead investigators. Wearing boots too big might limit mobility but could it be seen as in keeping with the offender's other attempts to mislead. It's possible the suspect wears boots too big and has an awkward gait. So can we really draw any worthwhile conclusions from the walk/gait?
Regarding the police outfit, I think this serves a number of important purposes. Firstly, I dismiss any idea the person is playing cop dress-up or LARPing - the footage doesn't show someone pretending to be a cop. And people who role-play would have a better cop outfit. Instead, I think the cop outfit is useful for a number of reasons; it superficially resembles a police outfit enough to fool someone passing at 50mph on a freeway at nighttime in the rain, if they were spotted by a passerby neaentering/leaving the church. More importantly, the outfit would provide pause for Missy when she saw the uniform enabling the person to gain the upper hand - even if just momentarily (I don't think the outfit is capable of sustained scrutiny, as I believe people would notice sooner rather than later that the uniform isn't real). Furthermore, someone in a police uniform might issue commands that people are more receptive to because of the uniform and associated authority. The outfit also features a ski mask or something similar so Missy and anyone potentially accompanying her would not recognise the individual - importantly, a tactical police officer covering his face does not immediately raise suspicion. Lastly, the outfit has vital practical uses as it provides some protection against fingernail wounds and other injuries that can lead police directly to someones killer and the near full body covering might limit DNA shedding and being a black colour, the outfit masks the obvious staining of blood if spotted by a third person before the killer can dispose of the clothes.
One question that must be addressed is why did the killer appear to be unconcerned with appearing on camera. It is thought that the exterior church security cameras only worked intermittently if at all, was the offender aware of this? And consequently did they assume the interior CCTV was also not functioning?
Surely the person noticed the cameras and so relied on the police outfit to sufficiently disguise themselves. But it is still quite a risk for the offender to take. After all it is from the camera footage that the police estimate the offender's height to be between 5"2 and 5"8 - its a sizeable range in the possible height, but without the footage we would not even be able to guess at the offender's height, or many other characteristics. So the perpetrator took on risk by appearing on camera. It's quite possible the person made a calculated gamble - they appeared on camera because they knew they could prove they were not at the scene. Any means or motive for a crime is of little relevance if the suspect is not seen to have the opportunity to have carried out the offence. In short, if you can somehow 'prove' you couldn't have been at the scene then by simple logic, you cannot have committed the crime. 'Proving' you're not at a scene could involve falsifying corroborative witnesses and providing false alibis, for example - but this is an observation not an accusation.
Of course, you can commission a crime you are not involved in 'at the scene'. The next paragraph will look at the possible involvement of a hired killer.
Its been said that Missy could have been the victim of a hired killer. I find this highly unlikely - while it's foolish to say contract killings don't take place, I think its fair to say that they are expensive and not a service easily obtained. And large sums of money are not always easily paid discreetly. Aside from the economics of hitmen, the actual crime doesn't appear to match an archetypal 'hit' by any stretch of the imagination. Surely the hired professional would use a gun, with an altered barrel, clean of criminal history, preferably obtained without documents or paper trail (sort of gun that are easy to obtain via a gun show in Texas), and possibly use an ammunition that would fracture upon impact. These bullets again obtained without paperwork if not semi-handmade or a round significantly altered after sale. The autopsy report, what very little is known of it, seemingly indicates puncture wounds consistent with the tools we see the perpetrator carry in the video. What professional would choose such a messy method of killing someone versus a simple handgun. Skip to the next paragraph if you wish to avoid a particularly gory note. If you do chose to skip ahead you aren't missing anything substantial. Some say the perpetrator did use a gun and used the hammer type tool to extract the rounds from the victim. This exposes the perpetrator to significant blood, and would take time. The perpetrator is then covered gun shot residue and has blood on hands and presumably clothes. I'm not saying its impossible - I'm saying its very unlikely.
I think the murder weapon(s) were those we see in the video; the crowbaprying tool and the claw type hammer implement. It's quite possible a taser or similar instrument could have been used to subdue though that is highly speculative. It's possible the murderer chose such weapons because they did not have access to a firearm which couldn't ultimately be somehow be linked back to them and preferred not to take the chance of trying to purchase a firearm at a gun show as this may still leave a paper trail in the form of receipts. And nor did they have the expertise to alter a firearm or ammunition. So they used what was easily obtained and easily disposed of.
Using manual tools to kill someone is particularly violent, much more so than a shooting. And so it's possible the anger and rage that are seeming components of the homicide point to someone who knew Missy. Of course, this person would have to have harboured extreme murderous enmity. While the nature of the murder (a possible blitz attack) could be carried out by a deeply disturbed individual who was a stranger to Missy, I think the footage we see prior to the crime itself makes clear the person, in their disinterested saunter around the church and half hearted effort to jemmy a door, is waiting for Missy. This isn't a random attack. This is pre-meditated.
So this leaves us with a killer who intentionally targets Missy and opts for a personal and brutal method.
Details of Missy's classes, such as time and place, were posted on a Facebook page with unrestricted viewing access - so it can be seen that the offender would know her whereabouts on the morning in question. As the victim's movements were to some extent public knowledge it eliminates the police having any value in finding those people who were aware of her whereabouts. However, of considerable interest is the fact Missy's husband was away at the time - this I think isn't common knowledge like Missy's whereabouts. So who knew her husband was out of town? Also, why would the killer murder her when her husband was out of town - surely the murderer wouldn't mind if the police thought it could have been the husband... its possible that the offender did not want to take the slightest chance of Missy's husband accompanying her to work. For whatever reason, the killer was fine with brutally murdering Missy but apparently did not want her husband dead or implicated in the offence.
In summary - it looks very much like someone has broken in to the church and lazily staged certain details to mask their actual intention. They are aware of Missy's whereabouts that morning and perhaps importantly, that her husband is out of town. They have obtained a police tactical outfit because it will benefit the perpetrator in many ways specific to the planned crime. The fact Missy was deliberately targeted means (self-evidently) that someone had a reason to kill her. Finally, as the method of the killing is so brutal, it might be said that this is itself deliberate misdirection on the part of the killer - they might want to make the crime look as though some lone highly disturbed motiveless individual has attacked Missy.
As I said earlier, these are just observations not accusations. But it seems undeniable that Missy was targeted that morning in a pre-meditated attack.
Midlothian PD Press Announcement of murder (video) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNLtwTK2hq8
Article from 2016 - https://www.dallasnews.com/news/crime/2016/05/05/slain-fitness-instructor-missy-bevers-received-creepy-and-strange-message-days-before-death-search-warrant-says/
Husbands Thoughts 2016 - https://people.com/crime/missy-bevers-fitness-instructors-husband-says-it-had-to-be-someone-she-knew/
1 year later - https://www.dallasnews.com/news/crime/2017/04/18/who-killed-missy-bevers-year-later-fitness-instructor-s-slaying-at-midlothian-church-still-unsolved/
2 years later - https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/2-years-later-hunt-for-missy-bevers-killer-continues/71414/
3 years later - https://www.dallasnews.com/news/crime/2019/04/19/3-years-after-missy-bevers-slaying-police-are-still-searching-for-the-one-piece-that-were-missing/
EDIT: thank you for the award, much appreciated
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2020.04.09 17:59 SaintRidley Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Dec. 21, 1987

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words, continuing in the footsteps of daprice82. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
The Complete Observer Rewind Archive by daprice82
1-5-1987 1-12-1987 1-18-1987 2-2-1987
2-9-1987 2-16-1987 2-23-1987 3-2-1987
3-9-1987 3-16-1987 3-23-1987 4-6-1987
4-13-1987 4-20-1987 4-27-1987 5-4-1987
5-11-1987 5-18-1987 5-25-1987 6-1-1987
6-8-1987 6-15-1987 6-22-1987 6-29-1987
7-6-1987 7-13-1987 7-20-1987 7-27-1987
8-3-1987 8-10-1987 8-17-1987 8-24-1987
8-31-1987 9-7-1987 9-14-1987 9-21-1987
9-28-1987 10-5-1987 10-12-1987 10-19-1987
10-26-1987 11-2-1987 11-9-1987 11-16-1987
11-23-1987 11-30-1987 12-7-1987 -
  • Dave’s been following wrestling for 17 years at this point, and sometimes it’s easy to think you’ve seen it all with that kind of experience. But after seeing All Japan Women live, he realized he’d seen nothing. The shows he saw during his trip to Japan had the best wrestling he’s ever seen, so much so that nothing before comes even close. The atmosphere and the action have Dave struggling to find words, and he’s just as dumbfounded by how good Chigusa Nagayo and Dump Matsumoto are at their jobs. 90% of AJW's audience is teenage girls, a demographic you don’t really see as a focal demographic over here, but to these girls the wrestlers are so over an American fan has to see it live to really get it. Dump’s the best heel in the world by a distance and as for Chigusa Nagayo: “the reaction she gets not only can’t be duplicated by any wrestler in this country (Hulk Hogan certainly comes the closest and at best his isn’t half as good) but you’d probably have to use Madonna or Bruce Springsteen at their peak for comparison. The crowd literally lives and dies with every move she makes.” At one show, the crowd were all crying, and then the main event of the 3-hour show was a fast-paced 50 minute match where every move was a high spot and the crowd never let up for the whole match.
  • Dave’s therefore changing his vote for Wrestler of the Year to Chigusa Nagayo. He’ll still vote for Hogan for best babyface, since Hogan has broader appeal and is a bigger draw, but Chigusa's sheer level of overness with AJW fans and her skill are huge. Strictly in terms of business and drawing power Hogan should win Wrestler of the Year, and should have won 1985-1986 as well (Ric Flair won those years in landslides). Dave personally figures ring-work for 60% of the equation, with impact at the box office to be 40%. Dave will not be putting Flair in his top three for Wrestler of the Year, even though his promos and ring-work merit it. Allowing his drawing power to be cut so hard and the destruction of his perception among the marks when he has the ability to call the shots about his presentation means he doesn’t deserve to be considered for Wrestler of the year at all this year (Riki Choshu winds up winning for 1987, breaking Ric Flair's 5 year streak).
  • A lot has changed during the week Dave was in Japan. Fritz Von Erich sold WCCW. Ken Mantell and a group with him have bought the company, and there are conflicting stories about the exact breakdown of the ownership (Dave keeps hearing either 30% or 51% of the stake is owned by Mantell), but Texas newspapers are reporting Fritz is out entirely and Mantell now signs the checks. Kevin and Kerry still own a lot of the company, so they’ll still get big pushes. Mantell still owns Wild West Wrestling, and the plan for now seems to be to run both promotions. That’s not going to be good for them in the long run, since they’re competing in the same area of Texas. Expect a merger when they figure that out. A lot of guys are returning to World Class now that Mantell’s in charge, like Missing Link, Bill Irwin, Terry Gordy, and Buddy Roberts. Looks like Fritz finally wanted out of the business, because everything suggests he contacted Mantell. Mantell was the booker for World Class during their heyday in 1983-84, so there’s obviously the hope he can rescue things, but his time in UWF in 86-87 saw him repeat the World Class booking from in UWF and it didn’t work and killed business enough that Bill Watts had to sell to Crockett. If he tries to relive 1983 in 1988, it’s not going to work. If he can build new stars and remove the focus on the Von Erichs, there’s a chance of World Class becoming a major power again.
  • The February 1988 issue of Penthouse will do a story on the Von Erichs. Dave doesn’t know what’ll be in the story, but Fritz is apparently worried about it and how it will portray him.
  • Kazuharu Sonoda, who teamed with Great Kabuki in World Class and would sometimes play the Great Kabuki character when the real Great Kabuki was double booked, died in an airplane crash on November 29. He was 31 years old and had been in the business since just after he turned 18. The airplane had a fire in the cargo hold that caused it to break up in mid air and killed all 159 on board. Sonoda’s trip to South Africa was to be a working honeymoon as a gift from the Great Kabuki - Kabuki was sending him in his stead to do a tour under the Great Kabuki name and gimmick and enjoy a vacation at the same time. Raja Lion, the 7’2” supposed martial arts champion working for Baba, was also supposed to be on the same plane, but canceled at the last minute and avoided disaster himself.
  • No numbers yet for Starrcade and Survivor Series. Starrcade did sell out in Chicago and drew well on closed-circuit on the East coast, but the Crocketts seem disappointed by the final gate. Dave speculates slightly more than $1 million for the final gate. While he was in Japan, Dave heard Survivor Series did $4 million, which sounds reasonable but he can’t vouch for the accuracy of it. What Dave can say is that Survivor Series was definitely a financial success in addition to being good. In terms of impressions of the shows, Dave’s heard from hundreds about Starrcade and the reaction has been mixed. Many thought it was great. There was near universal dissatisfaction with the UWF Title match. And the TV title unification was largely unpopular, which Dave blames on the build up ruining the match. Dave has heard that the UWF Title match was different from what it was supposed to be, which restores a little of Dave’s faith in Dusty as a booker. The majority was disappointed, and about 20-25% of responses said the show was terrible. Dave falls in the disappointment camp. If it hadn’t been Starrcade, it would have been fine. But Crockett needed a great Starrcade, or at the very least to outperform WWF’s show in quality, and that did not happen.
  • Business is still not good coming out of Thanksgiving. Ted DiBiase and Hogan’s matches just aren’t drawing as much as they should. The Bunkhouse Stampedes have so far been disappointments at the gate, enough that Crockett needs to reevaluate their entire model or they’ll cease to be a major promotion entirely. The November 28 Saturday Night’s Main Event is the best life sign in these times: an 11.3 rating and a 30 share are what Dave has heard (not official), which would be the second highest rating the show has ever gotten and third highest rating for that time slot in tv history. TV ratings are the biggest indicator of public interest right now, so even if live crowds are down, this shows that WWF is still very interesting. They’re just not turning that into a rabid desire to be at the show. Crockett’s ratings are dropping, though, and they need to get fans watching tv again before they can worry about getting live attendance back up. In syndicated ratings, WWF gained viewers leading toward Survivor Series, while Crockett remains out of the top 15 and has a below 5.0 combined rating, putting them behind the AWA and Pro Wrestling This Week, which combined have a rating in the low 5s.
  • Dusty is throwing everything he can at the booking to break out of the fall, and that includes turning Lex Luger. Luger turned on December 2 at a Miami Beach Bunkhouse Stampede. The match came down to Luger, Arn, Tully, and J.J. Dillon. Dillon asked the others to let him win so he could go down in the record books as a stampede winner, and Arn and Tully eliminated themselves. Luger then threw Dillon over the top to win. Turning Lex is a good move, but Dave figures it’s the second best move they could have done and that’s the difference between Crockett and WWF - WWF generally goes with the best thing they can do, not the second best. Another year as a heel might have been good for Luger and helped him shore up his skillset, but Crockett is in desperation mode and needed to make a major move. And Luger has the potential to be a great face, and could make a lot of money for Crockett with Flair if they handle things right. But if nobody’s watching tv, it won’t matter how hot he gets as a face. Other major things happening to try and get things righted: Kevin Sullivan’s group with Rick Steiner, Mike Rotunda, and Steve Williams is one; another major turn is coming soon; lots of new angles that aren’t being spelled out yet. They’re going to change up their tv as well, but if the shows all remain basically duplicates that might keep ratings down and make them worse. And the plan is currently for every hour they tape to go to two different shows, with a different commentary team depending on which show. Nikita might do an interview with Gregory for the Florida show and then immediately do a simiar interview with JR for UWF. Dave thinks basically duplicating tv shows with only interviewer and announce team differences is going to tank ratings when fans figure it out. On the pus side, the shows have improved.
  • Paul Boesch has come out of retirement and is trying to rebuild the Houston market with Crockett.
  • New Japan and All Japan have concluded their tag tournaments. New Japan’s was in Osaka on December 7 in front of a crowd of 6,120 and shown live on tv. Fijunami & Kimura were tied for second with Masa Saito & Fujiwara and had to face them in a battle to determine who would face Inoki & Dick Murdoch in the final. The final was a bloody and excellent match, and Kimura bled a lot before he and Fujinami won. With Choshu and Maeda not involved, the tournament lacked interest.
  • The biggest story of the New Japan tournament happened on November 19 during a match between Choshu/Masa Saito/Hiro Saito vs. Maeda/Takada/Kido. Japanese Wrestling Journal reports that Maeda wouldn’t sell for Choshu at all and Maeda shot on Choshu. Choshu eventually figured out what was happening, and at one point Choshu had Kido in the Scorpion Deathlock when Maeda kicked him in the eye legit. Choshu went after Maeda, and the rest of the teams had to break it up. Eventually the match ended with Choshu pinning Takada with a lariat, and nobody knows why Maeda did it. The crowd was mostly UWF Japan fans, and they cheered Maeda on the whole time because they wanted to see a shoot. This took both out of the tournament, and the Journal reports it destroyed the tournament and left Choshu with two broken bones under the eye.
Watch: Maeda shoot kicks Choshu's eye
  • The match was taped, but it’s understood that it will never air on tv and has caused a major PR shitstorm for New Japan. How do you explain suspending someone for a kick to the face to the public when that happens in every match? You can’t do it without going into the distinction between shooting and working and toward no semblance of kayfabe at all. Maeda has only kept his job because New Japan decided to spin an angle out of it. He’ll be punished and knocked down a few pegs and do a lot of jobs to keep his job, no doubt there. Seiki Sakaguchi believes Maeda’s style is hard for fans to understand and may be why ratings are so low, so they’ll be phasing down on Maeda’s shoot style. Dave believes Choshu and Saito was supoosed to be the winning team.
  • All Japan’s tournament final took place on December 11 before a crowd of 13,200. Jumbo Tsuruta and Yoshiaki Yatsu beat Brody and Snuka in the final, with Yatsu pinning Snuka after pulling a midair reversal of a dragon suplex.
  • Dusty Rhodes is “thinking” about retiring. For a long time, it’s been said Dusty was going to retire after Starrcade 1988, so this may be legit. Then again, Dusty saw how over Terry Funk got when he announced his retirement, and Dusty never misses a trick.
  • The winners of all the Bunkhouse Stampedes will participate in the big one on Januay 24 on ppv. Dave wishes them good luck on their first national ppv attempt, because they need it.
  • JCP ends too many tv shows with main events in progress. Dave’s not opposed to the idea in theory, since leaving your audience wanting is proven to work. But with where they are, they need to satiate their fans’ want for a little while.
  • Steve Williams hasn’t made his heel turn yet, but expect it before year’s end. Williams does introduce some problems, like contacting New Japan to add four weeks per year to his schedule, which now is up to 16 weeks. He’s been threatening to quit the NWA on and off for the past year but never goes through with it. So until something concrete happens, Dave’s not going to take it too serious. 16 weeks in Japan at the rate Williams gets paid is about $92,000, which isn’t bad for someone with 36 weeks of leisure time outside that.
  • JCP is full of injuries now. Rick Steiner has a separated shoulder. Barry Windham’s collarbone is broken, and Ricky Morton’s got a bum back.
  • The UWF Tag Belts have been forgotten. No idea what the status of the Sheepherders is, but they aren’t the champions anymore and the belts (along with the Florida tag belts) will simply no longer be referenced. Steve Keirn also quit the promotion, apparently to go to either Memphis or Global.
  • [Stampede] Jason the Terrible turned face and things are heating up and they’re selling out more often than not right now. Jason beat Zodiak in a mask match and unmasked Orton, who then left the territory. The Badnews Allen attacked Jason and sprayed paint through his mask into his eyes, before unmasking him.
Watch: The end of "one heck of a ring-ding-dong-dandy"
  • Stampede are kayfabing Hiroshi Hase’s return to Japan as forced retirement due to injuries inflicted by Jason.
  • The Iran-Iraq war isn’t enough to stop pro wrestling in the Middle East. Foreign wrestlers are being kept out right now, though.
  • Curt Hennig had to be hospitalized after AWA’s show on November 28. He was wrestling Wahoo McDaniel in an Indian Strap Match for the title when Adrian Adonis interfered and used a knife to cut the strap, but wound up cutting Curt’s finger. Somehow this wound up with Curt getting disqualified over the interference (I guess since Adonis was attempting to act on his behalf), and it was thought for a bit that he might lose some of the finger.
  • AWA was supposed to do the tournament for their women’s title on November 28, but have delayed it. Instead, Madusa pinned Bambi in a shitty match and the tournament final is scheduled for December 27 in Vegas. Madusa vs. Candi Divine.
  • Verne Gagne and Larry Hennig will not be wrestling on the Christmas show for AWA. It’ll be Greg vs. Curt with Verne handcuffed to Larry at ringside.
  • WCCW’s Christmas card is shaping up. Al Perez vs. Kerry Von Erich for the world title will headline. No second guesses who wins there. The Six-man tag titles will return as well.
  • The big question for WCCW is how they handle the return of Lance. He’s under contract with David Manning to work independents and eventually Manning’s promotion if he can get it off the ground, but in the meantime he was working for Wild West. No idea what Manning’s relationship with the new WCCW will be like, so who knows what Lance will wind up at.
  • WCCW’s Thanksgiving show drew 6,000 at Reunion Arena in Dallas. It’s less than Dave had anticipated (ticket prices were way down - general admission was $5 for adults and $3 for kids). Kerry’s comeback match (he’d been back for several weeks, but don’t expect honesty from Von Erich promotion) was 57 seconds against Thing, then Brian Adias, and finally a non-title match against Perez. He won all three matches. Perez then lost another non-title Texas Death Match against Kevin.
  • Memphis unified all their singles titles in a tournament on December 7. They had Lawler (Southern Champion), Jeff Jarrett (Mid American Champion), and Manny Fernndez (International Champion) in, and the goal was to get rid of all the titles and declare a Continental Wrestling Association Champion. They’re still recognizing Curt Hennig as World champion, so this isn’t a world title. Lawler beat Jarrett then beat Fernandez by DQ to win the tournament.
  • The Rockers are the Southern tag champs in Memphis and have turned heel. Their reputation for being great workers is clashing with the reports of them in Memphis as basically doing almost nothing in Memphis. After seeing their work in Alabama, Dave thought they just had an ego and thought they were too good for the area. Folks in Memphis are blaming it on their wild partying. Fans weren’t going for them as faces anymore due to their cocky interviews and because they see the Rockers as ripoffs of the Fabulous Ones (a comparison Dave does not get in the slightest), so they needed to be turned.
  • World Organization Wrestling in Florida are talking about running shows in direct competition with Memphis wrestling. One of the guys they’ve got is a muscular guy managed by Don Fargo by the name of Bob Holly.
  • Former Kansas State footballer and wrestler Curtis Hughes (the future Mr. Hughes of WCW/WWF) has been refereeing in Alabama and is training to start wrestling.
  • Shunji Takano (Ninja in Oregon) was on trial in mid November for allegedly hitting a fan with his nunchucks in Eugene, Oregon back in July. He was found guilty and fined $250. His jail sentence was suspended and he has been instead sentenced to community service.
  • Dave doesn’t know what’s aired and what hasn’t, so here’s what he knows about the DiBiase/Hogan program. DiBiase offers Hogan “7 figures” for the World Title, and Hogan considers it and says he could help his family with the money, but he turns down the offer because he can’t let down the Hulkamaniacs. Then DiBiase makes an agreement with Heenan and Andre that if Andre wins the title, he’ll sell it to DiBiase and get the deal Hogan turned down. Dave thinks the idea of buying/selling the belt is stupid, but it’s less stupid with WWF since they don’t pretend to be a sport. This would be worse in NWA. Anyway, this should all be building toward Wrestlemania and Hogan’s scheduled to leave for a few months to film a movie after Wrestlemania, so rumors will fly that Andre will beat Hogan and sell out to DiBiase. It’d be the first time in WWF history the belt was around the waist of a great wrestler, at least.
  • WWF taped the Saturday Night’s Main Event for January 2 in front of 11,000 fans. The attendance has to be a disappointment considering the hype. Hogan beat Bundy again, which led to Andre attacking and stealing the belt before beating up several other faces and even no-selling Duggan’s 2x4. Strike Force beat the Bolsheviks in two straight falls to keep the tag titles, Jake Roberts beat Sika (who’s back because Killer Khan disappeared and they needed a foreign guy, and whatever got Sika fired was apparently not major enough to make them forget about him), and Greg Valentine beat Koko B. Ware.
  • A source at the last MSG show said the Jumping Bomb Angels got twice the reaction for their match as Savage did for his. Dave isn’t sure WWF will ever get a number 2 face over enough he can draw gates on his own. Aside from Rock/Austin falling in their lap and doing just that through sheer force of will, I think this is something they never did figure out.
  • That’s the length of a regular issue, but this is a double and Dave is going to tell us about his trip to Japan for the next ten pages. It’s a fascinating place. Nobody knows who Joe Montana is, but everyone knows Abdullah the Butcher. Wrestling is big business in Japan, and they tend to set the trends that come to the U.S. several years later. Toys, action figures, records, even Hulkamania were a big deal in Japan well before anyone in the U.S. envisioned it. Vince McMahon gets a lot of credit as a genius in marketing pro wrestling, but he toured Japan several times before 1984 and recreated what they had there. Hogan as an American hero is just the American version of Inoki, with just as big an ego. The albums, t-shirts, action figures, and the rest are all extensions of what Japan had from the 70s on. Vince’s failed attempts to push women’s wrestling came as a result of seeing that they could do big business in Japan. The only thing Vince hasn’t copied from Japan is the work ethic of the wrestlers.
  • While wrestlers in Japan are on tv commercials and talk shows all the time, that doesn’t make the industry stable. Dave’s first trip to Japan was in December 1984, and a lot has changed since then. All Japan was on top and clearly outclassed everything else, and while New Japan was suffering from its arrangement with WWF it still had a big audience on tv. The Crush Gals were the rock & wrestling idols of Japan for the teen set, and their posters were all over record stores and merch available everywhere. Dave didn’t go to an All Japan Women show in 1984 and regrets that deeply, but in every record or book store he went to, the Crush Gals’ popularity was inescapable.
  • Compared to UWF and Crockett in 1987, it’s hard to look at Japan as in a bad way, but this year’s trip was different. In Tokyo there were ten stores that catered specifically to wrestling fans back in 1984, compared to five now. Only three weekly magazines are left standing and one monthly, and the monthly is strictly joshi. The Chigusa Nagayo and Riki Choshu calendars are around, but gone are the Crush Gals, Tiger Mask, Stan Hansen, and Choshu records and the posters of the joshi. The most they found was a new 45 by Fujiwara. The lack of the joshi posters is probably due to idol culture in Japan, where they can take a teen, turn her into a rock star, and spit her out in two years. Nearly every teen idol name Dave remembers from his trip three years ago has disappeared from the stores and replaced with new 17-year-olds. The fact that Chigusa Nagayo has managed to increase in popularity and maintain a hold in the mainstream now that she’s 23 has to do with, in Dave’s mind, her improvement of her wrestling to become the best there is in the entire business.
  • If wrestling has declined over the past few years in Japan, that doesn't mean it’s not still the ultimate experience for a fan. The sheer volume of wrestling coverage is unfathomable to an American. The daily newspaper had a full page devoted to Starrcade and Survivor Series, while American newspapers ignored the results. The death of Kazuhau Sonoda was the lead story in several newspapers, and even though he was just a mid-card guy his death was covered more than American newspapers would cover the hypothetical of Hogan going down in a plane crash. Dave spends a lot of time going over the Japanese wrestling magazine landscape. He managed to work out a deal on getting a lot of magazines to bring back to America for people to be able to buy cheaper than by import subscription.
  • Dave talks at length about the presentation of wrestling and the fan demographics in Japan. It’s much more sports-like in presentation, and lack the surreal characters, skits, promos, etc. that attract audiences in the U.S. Ticket prices are higher in Japan with the cheap seats as low as $16 (the bigger shows cost $75 for ringside). So the audience is wealthier and more white collar than in the U.S. In the major cities, the fans are almost entirely boys and men between the ages of 15-30. The audience grows older in smaller towns, accounting for the continuing popularity of guys like Baba and Inoki.
  • He next explains the basics of men’s wrestling in Japan: what New Japan and All Japan are, who their big stars are, etc.. All Japan is more reliant on foreign stars and New Japan relies more heavily on feuds between Japanese wrestlers. He compares Inoki to Dusty, in that he’s popular and pushes himself high on the card, and hardcore fans don’t like him much but unlike Dusty he’s really considered a legend by everyon in Japan. That is one of four reasons people in Japan gave Dave for why New Japan has been suffering in the ratings. The other big reasons are that Japanese culture is still interested in seeing the Japanese prevail over the big, monstrous Americans and New Japan has almost none of those. There’s also a feeling that New Japan’s style is perhaps too esoteric and too heavy on submissions for the casual fan to catch on to. Lastly, they aren’t fans of people changing jobs and bouncing between promotions. Nobody minded when Choshu jumped to All Japan in 1984 because he said a lot of things about Inoki that fans took as true. Jumping back to Inoki purely because he wanted more money and thus breaching contract and making a whole legal thing of it has not been received well in Japan, though, and the jump is popularly felt to have almost killed wrestling in Japan.
  • The five New Japan shows Dave went to while in Japan made good money at the gate, but the big issue is tv. TV-Asahi has lost interest due to bad ratings and have turned down the request to host the Crockett Cup in April, and New Japan’s tv is in danger of being moved to midnight Mondays or off the air entirely. Landing an afternoon slot on the weekend would be the best goal.
  • The tv ratings issue is pushing Inoki to try some wild things, the most controversial of which is currently an angle involving a comedian named Mr. Takeshi. Takeshi was once the most famous comedian in the country and is analogous to a Don Rickles or Johnny Carson now, and he’s doing a Cyndi LaupeAndy Kaufman type of angle with Inoki, saying he’s putting together a group to beat Inoki, with a probable end point of a Tokyo Dome show in April. New Japan’s fanbase hate this angle. But New Japan needs to hope the fans stick around and they can get new eyes on the promotion and convert them to fans. It’s the same gamble Vince made with Cyndi Lauper and Mr. T, and it helped cement Hogan. Masa Saito is involved with Takeshi in the storyline and the first involvement of Takeshi will be at the December 27 show, with Takeshi being given the role of bringing over a massive guy named Leon White in as Saito’s partner against Fujinami and Kimura.
  • All Japan is more stable than New Japan right now. Choshu leaving certainly hurt them, but they’ve recovered and are doing steady business now that Tenryu is hitting his stride as a heel. Bruiser Brody and Abdullah the Butcher returning has been a big boon. Tv ratings arent spectacular, but they’re safe and doing better than New Japan (New Japan’s range from 6-9, All Japan sits in a consistent 11-12 range).
  • The last promotion Dave covers is All Japan Women, and he finds it hard to explain. The best explanation he can give is this description of an event on December 6 at Korauken Hall:
about 2,400 teenage girls log-jammed in an 1,800 seat building breaking every fire law known to mankind. It was the best live card I’ve seen in at least three years and the main event was by far the greatest match I’ve ever seen live. In fact I’d say without question it was better than any match ever held in the United States in the history of this business. It was a 12-girl tag team match with the most falls before curfew deciding the winner, and he rates it 5 stars. The match went 50 minutes of nothing but high spots and the crowd was screaming at about double the level of a Hulk Hogan posing routine for the entire time. When Chigusa Nagayo was squaring off against Lioness Asuka, the roar was louder than you’d here [sic] in the seventh game of an NBA championship series with 18 seconds left and the home team down by one. I’ve never experienced anything like the energy that comes out of the crowd, and the girls in the ring worked every bit as hard as the crowd. The girls are on TV on the Fuji network and while they consistently draw 7s plus on Saturday afternoons, the week we were there they drew an 11.3 rating. To give you an example of the popularity of this group in Japan--that rating for one show is higher than the rating of all McMahon’s syndicated shows in the United States put together. In fact, it’s roughly the same as the rating that McMahon’s best Saturday Night Main Event NBC special drew, so when I compare the importance of Chigusa with Hulk Hogan it is not an outlandish statement at all.
  • Despite putting on the best wrestling in the world, AJW’s audience is almost 100% teenage girls. They live and breathe Chigusa Nagayo. The fans who go to men’s cards don’t go to women’s cards in Japan, and the fans and reporters Dave met could not understand why he and his group were so interested in an AJW card. There’s a negative stigma about women’s wrestling in Japan among the fans, probably because the show is designed to appeal to a teen girl’s interests. But it wouldn’t surprise Dave if AJW was as profitable as any other major promotion. They have the ratings (Japanese promotions are paid by their networks, rather than the other way around like in the U.S.) and more importantly, they have major merch - about 15 minutes before the show mentioned above, only 150 people were seated. But then one of the guys Dave was with pointed him to the lobby, and about 1,500 girls were buying all of the merch. Videos, cassettes, posters, keychains, purses, wallets, Dump Matsumoto gym shorts, shopping bags, books, programs, streamers - you name it, they were buying it. Given ticket prices, Dave estimates the gate at about $75,000, and they probably more than doubled that with merch and concessions. There were also other Americans at the AJW show, which you don’t see as much at men’s cards. Based on American reactions to Dump Matsumoto, Dave believes if she were given quality opponents and allowed to work without restriction, she’d make women’s wrestling huge in the U.S. She and Chigusa have drawn several times gates of more than $200,000 (Crockett only did that twice this year - the WarGames matches in Atlanta and Miami, and Hogan did it about a dozen times this year).
  • The main attraction of the show was that it was Devil Masami’s retirement show. AJW has a mandatory retirement age of 26 (only Dump Matsumoto has been granted an exception by the promotion), and Masami turns 26 on January 7. Dave’s not clear on the reasons, but he figures it probably goes back to the idol culture thing - promote them young, wring out every drop of marketability, spit them out and bring the next fresh crop in. It keeps the stars relatable to the audience, Dave supposes. Some argue that they like their female stars young and cute, but Dave doesn’t see that as a major reason if there’s no men in the audience. Masami’s final match was a five minute exhibition with Chigusa, and the crowd went silent for it out of respect. Chigusa bumped for Masami for the most part, and in the final 45 seconds or so of the match, when Dave thought they’d turn on the intensity, both women broke down in tears together, and the crowd broke down with them. Masami is expected not to stay retired, but to leave Japan to continue her career.
  • Dave does note some positive things that come out of the age rule AJW has. For one thing, pro wrestling is part of pop culture, but pro wrestling promoters have a really bad understanding of pop culture. Some musical groups have long runs, but most groups that get hot don’t last long and the fizzle quick. The average run for any kind of teen heartthrob to last in pop culture is about two years. Hogan cannot simply sell out a building by showing up. The Rock & Roll Express and Road Warriors can’t draw big numbers by themselves anymore. By having the age rule, AJW forces the constant development and pushing of new talent to the top, which keeps things from getting stale. It keeps you from having a Dusty Rhodes who is still popular and somewhat legendary, but turns other people off. Dave isn’t in favor of the rule at all or any kind of mandatory retirement - he’d still love to watch Bockwinkel or Masa Saito five days a week, but it’s undeniable that the business has been hurt by guys staying long past their prime and using what political power they have to stay on top. It’s hurt by promotions who don’t build stars and only think about the upcoming card, never realizing you need to sometimes tear the whole business down and rebuild and freshen things up to keep alive in the long run.
  • Anyways, Dave runs down some of the key wrestlers in AJW and talks about them. You’ve got Lioness Asuka and Chigusa Nagayo, Dump Matsumoto, the Jumping Bomb Angels, Yukari Omori (nearing retirement age), Yumi Ogura and Kazue Nagahori (both very young and coming up as a top babyface team), Bull Nakano (19 years old and already a top tier worker), and Condor Saito.
  • Dave then gives complete results and ratings for every card he saw during his trip. I’ll stick to negative stars and 4+ star matches for matches of note. December 11 All Japan had Tenryu/Hara vs. Hansen/Gordy go to a double count out in the tag tournament. 4.5 stars. December 6 AJW had Dump Matsumoto vs. Yukari Omori go to a double count out. 4.5 stars of an absolutely bloody match that went all around the arena and included a fork (American fans started cheering Dump after she got out the fork, and she blew them kisses in response, though Dave makes a shitty joke about Americans cheering for a fork after having to use chopsticks). The 12-woman tag match mentioned above gets 5 stars and is the best thing Dave’s ever seen live. December 3 New Japan has Shiro Koshinaka & Kazuo Yamazaki & Keiichi Yamada beat Hiro Saito & Norio Honaga & Kensuke Sasaki in a six man match. 4.5 stars. They had another 6 man the next night where Yamazaki & Nobuhiko Takada & Yamada beat Hiro Saito & Honaga & Dynamite Chris. 4.5 stars. Antonio Inoki & Dick Murdoch vs. Masa Saito & Fujiwara went to a 30 minute draw on the same show. 4 stars. Lastly, New Japan saw Fujinami & Kimura beat Masa Saito & Fujiwara in the tournament semi-final on December 7. 4 stars.
Watch: Hansen/Gordy vs. Tenryu/Hara
THURSDAY (last issue of 1987): 1987 in review, Observer expanding to two columns of text per page, WWF riding high, projections for 1988, on the importance of PPV, and more.
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  306. Essentials of Public Service: An Introduction to Contemporary Public Administration: Mary E. Guy & Todd L. Ely
  307. Practical Business Statistics, 7th Edition: Andrew Siegel
  308. Fundamentals of Financial Management, Concise 9th Edition: Eugene F. Brigham & Joel F. Houston
  309. Reading, Writing and Learning in ESL: A Resource Book for Teaching K-12 English Learners, 7th Edition: Suzanne F. Peregoy & Owen F. Boyle
  310. Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines, 2nd Edition: George H. Martin
  311. Literacy for the 21st Century: A Balanced Approach, 7th Edition: Gail E. Tompkins
  312. Music in Theory and Practice Volume 1, 9th Edition:Bruce Benward & Marilyn Saker
  313. Microbiology with Diseases by Taxonomy, Global 5th Edition: Robert W. Bauman
  314. International Economics: Theory and Policy, 11th Edition: Paul R. Krugman & Maurice Obstfeld & Marc Melitz & Marc J Melitz
  315. Principles of Psychology, 1st Edition: S. Marc Breedlove
  316. Essentials of Pharmacology for Health Professions, 8th Edition: Bruce Colbert & Ruth Woodrow
  317. Strategic Management: Creating Competitive Advantages, 9th Edition: Gregory Dess
  318. Lives Across Cultures: Cross-Cultural Human Development, 6th Edition: Harry W. Gardiner
  319. Leadership: Theory and Practice, 8th Edition: Peter G. Northouse
  320. Public Human Resource Management: Strategies and Practices in the 21st Century: Randy Paul Battaglio
  321. Pathophysiology, 6th Edition: Jacquelyn L. Banasik
  322. Exploring Geology, 5th edition: Stephen J Reynolds & Julia K Johnson & Paul J Morin
  323. Information Technology for the Health Professions, 4th Edition: Lillian Burke & Barbara Weill
  324. Introduction to Mathematical Statistics, 8th Edition: Robert V. Hogg & Joseph W. McKean & Allen T. Craig
  325. Study Guide for Mankiw's Principles of Macroeconomics, 7th Edition: N. Gregory Mankiw
  326. Human Physiology, 1st Edition: Bryan H. Derrickson
  327. Steel Construction Manual, 14th Edition: American Institute of Steel Construction
  328. The American Democracy, 11th Edition: Thomas E. Patterson Dr.
  329. Entrepreneurship: Successfully Launching New Ventures, 5th Edition: Bruce R. Barringer & R. Duane Ireland
  330. Power: A Radical View, 2nd Edition: Steven Lukes
  331. Operations Management (Operations and Decision Sciences), 11th Edition: William Stevenson
  332. International Business Environments and Operations, 15th Global Edition: John D. Daniels & Lee H. Radebaugh & Daniel Sullivan
  333. Business Communication Essentials, 7th Edition: Courtland L. Bovee & John V. Thill
  334. Ansel's Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Drug Delivery Systems, 11th North American Edition: Loyd Allen
  335. Drug Information: A Guide for Pharmacists, 6th Edition: Patrick M. Malone & Meghan J. Malone & Sharon K. Park
  336. College Algebra Enhanced with Graphing Utilities, 7th Edition: Michael Sullivan & Michael Sullivan III
  337. Patent Law and Policy: Cases and Materials, 7th Edition: Robert Patrick Merges & John Fitzgerald Duffy
  338. Information Technology Project Management, 8th Edition: Kathy Schwalbe
  339. Enterprise Systems for Management, 2nd Edition: Luvai Motiwalla & Jeffrey Thompson
  340. Milady Standard Esthetics: Advanced, 2nd Edition: Milady
  341. Understanding Weather and Climate, 7th Edition: Edward Aguado & James E. Burt
  342. Revenue Management for the Hospitality Industry, 1st Edition: David K. Hayes & Allisha Miller

Download any of these for free at https://oppfiles.com/585933
submitted by cooklanbrahh to ebookleaksdownload [link] [comments]

2020.03.09 14:50 crowsandbrows PSA: OMG Food Fest in Houston is Another Food Festival Scam

This also includes a list of the most notorious organizers hiding behind their event names, and their festivals to avoid.

TLDR: - OMG Food Fest is misleading the public about its event - Christopher McMurray (Chris Mac) is the real name of the Green Light Events organizer responsible for OMG Food Fest - almost all of the known food events and festivals organized by Green Light Events are listed - other shady food festival organizers and their festivals listed

Depending on the pages and friends you follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, chances are 0you've seen social media ads for OMG Food Fest. There's also the possibility you've seen linked articles about the festival shared on Facebook. If so, don't fall victim to this festival and its shady practices.

OMG Food Fest is being marketed as the world's first hip-hop music and food festival. It's taking place in Houston this Saturday, March 14. It was planned originally for March 7 at either Peggy Park or Emancipation Park. The organizers announced a venue change in February, moving to the event to Midtown Park because of ticket sales and demand. The festival is organized by Green Light Events. Amanda Sapp of Asapp Productions was hired as the event's publicist (she's also a radio personality at KMAZ-LP 102.5 FM) .

The food festival promises "tons of food vendors, shopping, outdoor games, [and] activities," while they "keep you entertained with the city's best Djs and bands playing hip-hop, rap [and] old-school [music]." Here's the real deal: it's all smoke and mirrors.

First of all, there isn't a website for the event. It's not just this event either. Many if not all of events and festivals from Green Light Events don't have a website. The events all have web domains redirecting to Eventbrite. And the Eventbrite ticketing pages lacks lots of information. That's a huge warning sign.

To date, there isn't a list of food and beverage vendors for OMG Food Fest. When tickets went on sale in January, the festival didn't provide a list of participating food vendors. That's a major component to know being it's a food festival. It's also a warning sign many should have taken into account from the beginning. Another warning ? Green Light Events asked for food vendors the day tickets went live and a couple of weeks leading up to the festival. Food vendors and participants should be in place the moment the event and ticket sales go live. That wasn't so with OMG Food Fest.

Some food vendors were announced later by Green Light Events on OMG Food Fest's event page on Facebook, but none are listed under the description or on the ticket site powered by Eventbrite. The vendors posted in separate posts were: Krave Funnel Cakes, Foreign Policy, Kono Pizza, and American Lobster and Seafood. Other food vendors that will supposedly be in attendance are Tila's Tacos, Toros Barbecue, A Diff Swirl, Peirre's Cajun Creations, and Skillet Cajun, per each of their Facebook pages. I found those after performing various Facebook searches. None have been confirmed or listed as vendors by Green Light Events. Basically, it's a glorified food truck festival with a handful of known food trucks and the rest unknown food vendors.

After months of requests for food vendor information, Green Light Events began deleting comments and blocking people. The organizer or its publicist responded rudely to ticket holders and those wanting to buy tickets but wanted answers. One reply from Green Light Events in response to why they haven't released the list of vendor with the event a week away,was this: "For reasons that we don't need to explain. We will get it up either tonight or tomorrow morning." The response from Green Light Events was Friday. It's Monday and still no official list of participating food and beverage vendors in sight.

Another shady practice of Green Light Events? Using photos found on Instagram of food from non-participating restaurants that won't be available at their events. No trustworthy festival would use photos of foods from restaurants, chefs, or other food vendors that aren't participating. But that's what Green Light Events is doing:



The photo of the chicken pieces served in a waffle cone are from Chick'nCone, which is not participating in this event at all. The other photo used to promote this event is of a burger that's from from Bleecker St. Burger, a restaurant in England:


Last week, a week before OMG Food Festival takes place, Green Light Events adds a VIP package. The VIP is $500 for 8 or more people. What credible food festival does that at the last minute? And for what's a glorified food truck festival that won't have anything special?

One glance at the event page filled with grammatical and spelling errors, and it's clear it's not a professional event. It is certainly not one deserving of anyone's money. But that hasn't stopped people from shelling out for tickets. It also hasn't stopped this event from getting a lot of publicity.

Channel 2 ( KPRC) and Narcity wrote about this event. Each of the articles were shared over 8 thousand times on Facebook alone (Close to 40k shared Narcity's article on Facebook), thereby giving this event legitimacy without doing their due diligence in making sure the event and its organizers are trustworthy:


In addition to Channel 2 (KPRC / Click2Houston) and Narcity failing to research and verify Green Light Event's track record with festivals (and its overall lack of professionalism), neither news sources bothered verifying if the press release sent to them by Green Light Events (or hired publicist Amanda Sapp) was accurate. If either publication did, they'd discover within a minute Google search OMG Food Fest (aka the Hip Hop Food Festival) is NOT the world's first hip hop food festival as it claims. At least one event from 2015 shows a festival called the The Cookout: An Annual Hip-Hop & Food Festival. The festival is/was held in Ontario, Canada. There were probably others predating The Cookout. But it goes to show credible news sources the public trusts (though I wouldn't put Narcity in that company), don't do their due diligence in making sure what is reported is factual.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/absinthe-hamilton/the-cookout-2015-annual-hip-hop-food-fest-thecookout2015/675429392590077/

Other digital magazines and website have publicized this event with articles also posted to Facebook. Because of the reach of those article, and the reach due to promoted Facebook and Instagram posts and ads, news of the event has spread all over the state and across the country. From the comments on the event page, people are flying and driving into town, purchased lodging accommodations because they're attending this festival. Sadly, they're in for nothing but disappointment.

And with so many questions surrounding OMG Food Fest , the biggest should be who is Green Light Events. Green Light Events is the same organizer behind the disastrous King of Crawfish Festival held two weeks ago in Houston.

It was discussed on Reddit the day after the festival:


Green Light Events didn't apologize for the event on Facebook. Instead, they wrote rude replies to angry patrons, deleting comment on both Facebook and Instagrams, blocking people, and ultimately deleting the Facebook event page for King of Crawfish Fest and the Facebook page for King of Crawfish Fest. These measures are always taken to make it seem as if the event was a success. Or if people try to look at the event from the previous year, they won't find much about it ot many negative comments.

Interestingly enough, Green Light Events sent ticket holders a recap letter through Eventbrite where they claimed the event was a success, for the most part:

The organizer did admit there were issues, which were glossed over. But what's more surprising is the gall to blame most of the failures because it was their first all-you-can-eat King of Crawfish Fest. That is partially true. This was the second year Green Light Events produced the King of Crawfish Fest. Last year, someone asked Reddit about King of Crawfish Fest and the event was also publicized on Facebook (the page was deleted after the festival) and Eventbrite. This year was the first for all-you-can-eat crawfish:


King of Crawfish Fest received much of its exposure the same as their OMG Food Fest, ads and promoted posts on Facebook and Instagram. There were also an article promoting the event on Narcity. Houston Chronicle helped give the event legitimacy with an article of its own that was shared over four thousand times on Facebook alone.

There is no transparency with Green Light Events. The general public does not know who's behind Green Light Events, an organizer who's been producing food festivals since 2017 (with the same results: poor planning, severely under-delivering, deletes Facebook event page when lots of people complain to limit others from knowing how the events actually turned out, etc). That's because the organizer goes out of their way to hide their identity. But knowing who is involved with Green Light Events is important for the public's sake. The continued practice of organizing fraudulent festivals that never deliver on its promises should be reported. A name is needed to report this organizer to the city's Special Events Office and the state's attorney general. If more of these organizers are brought to light, then the more they will be held accountable and people can avoid them altogether.

So, who makes up Green Light Events? Christopher McMurray or Chris McMurray for short . He also goes by the names Chris Mac and 713ChrisMac on social media. Here's his photo:

Photo of Christopher McMurray, the organizer hiding behind Green Light Events

He operates his events under the entity Space City Events LLC (his name and entity's name are key information if reporting his events and shady business practice to the city and the state).

The extent of McMurray's hospitality experience is as a club promoter mostly. He promotes parties for Access Lounge. In the past, he promoted parties for Bar Republic. McMurray has little hospitality experience in the food and restaurant industry in Houston. His Instagram bio lists him as the owner of Sauced Up food truck.

Other food and beverage festivals produced by McMurray, some dating back to 2017, include (you can also search for their Eventbrite listings):

Trap Wine Fest
Taste of New Orleans (I don't know if Timothy Hudson was involved with this, but at one time Hudson was involved in an event with the same branding)
The Houston Food Fest
Midtown Wine Fest (a repackaged festival of its fail-tastic Wine on the Green)
Wine on the Green
King of Crawfish Fest
H-Town Crawfish Fest
H-Town on Tap Beer Fest
Fiesta Del Taco

McMurray goes out of his way not to link himself or Green Light Events to the Houston Food Fest and Midtown Wine Fest on Facebook and Eventbrite. Green Light Events is not listed as the organizer on either event pages. It's possible McMurray goes to such lengths because those two festivals are his cash cow events that attracts a wider audience and demographic (i.e. marketing to a potential white audience). However, Narcity included Green Light Events as the organizer of the Houston Food Fest in its infomercial article for OMG Food Fest. There are permits and records, including a DBA for Texas Wine Events filed in January (there's a Facebook page too), linking both events to Chris McMurray of Green Light Events.

McMurray and his shadow company Green Light Events also organizes music festivals. I have not attended the music festivals he's organized in the past, but if they're anything like his food festivals, it may be best to avoid:

Houston Zydeco Fest
Reggae in the Park
Soul Flower Music Festival


Steer Clear of These Other Food Festivals (Wine Festivals) and Their Organizers

I put together a list of organizers and their festivals that are either questionable, proved to be scams, or turned out to be complete disasters. Reference this or pass it along so others are informed. Maybe local news stations will look into this further since almost all the major local news stations have helped legitimized many of these festivals by promoting them to their viewers.

Timothy Hudson

Remember the debacle of Houston Beer Fest's inaugural festival? If not, Hudson organized the event. There are countless articles about the festival, Hudson, and others involved:


Hudson also had several court cases in Harris County, including theft by check. He also organized the Houston Food Truck Festival The Best Damn Food Truck Festival Ever around the same time as Houston Beer Fest's duration. He's still in the food and beverage festival business bilking people out of their money with sub-par events.

Below are events and food festivals he's organized (or is involved in some way be it through marketing the event or assisting in the production of the festivals ) in recent years, including this year. You wouldn't know he's involved because his name is not listed in any of the event's descriptions. The events also don't provide the organizer's name on Eventbrite and on their Facebook event page to inform the publc the festivals are from the same organizer:

Houston Wine Festival ( This went by the name Houston Wine Fest in its first few years & were disasters + rip-offs; read more about it here. )
Houston Food & Wine Fest
The Urban Food & Wine Fest
Houston Cocktail Fest
Houston Seafood Fest
OktoberFest Houston
The Crawfish & Music Fest or may go by the name Houston Crawfish & Music Fest
Houston Cider Fest
Houston Moscato Fest
Taco X Tequila Fest

In regards to the Houston Cocktail Fest and how it connects to Timothy Hudson, it was kind of tricky to find; which is usually the point (organizers of shady events or festivals won't connect themselves to newly created events in fear people won't purchase tickets because of their past events). There isn't a Facebook page for Houston Cocktail Fest, but there is an event page on Facebook for the festival with Shake Stir Sip Inc listed as the organizer. The same organizer is the producer of the Austin Cocktail Fest. There is also an Eventbrite listing for Houston Cocktail Fest. Like all the other festivals from Hudson listed above, the organizer isn't listed on Eventbrite. Towards the bottom of their Eventbrite page is a list of other festivals from the organizer. Guess which festivals are listed as other events of the unlisted organizer? Many of the festivals listed above, which connects this festival to Hudson.

Further digging uncovered the entity TBK Holdings listed as the producer and organizer of the following festivals: Houston Seafood Fest, Houston Crawfish & Music Fest, the Urban Food & Wine Fest, and Houston Cider Fest. DBA records filed in Harris County for TBK Holdings list Timothy Hudson, the same Timothy behind Houston Beer Fest. TBK Holdings is not associated with TBK Holdings Inc, the parent company of the Breakfast Klub, Reggae Hut, Signature Kafe, the Alley Kat, and Kulture.

Hudson may also have involvement or is associated with EW Media Group (or EWMedia Group) who are involved in some way with these food festivals and drink festivals in the Houston area:

Brazilian Food & Music Festival
La Izquierda Surf & Music Festival
Houston Reggae Fest (The Reggae Group aka the International Reggae Group is the organizer. Special event permits for this event list Timothy Hudson. He's assisting in some capacity with the event)
Woodlands Margarita Festival

The Houston Margarita Festival is produced by Jirmar Proctor of Escutcheon Entertainment. Proctor is also the organizer of Woodlands Margarita Festival, Humble Margarita Festival, Austin Margarita Festival, and Beaumont Margarita Festival. Proctor's festivals aren't the best IMO and really under-delivers, but at least he's transparent some. He makes it known he is the organizer of those festivals. Transparency aside, this isn't a festival worth attending.


Jordan Cummings and Ta' Whitmore

Cummings and Whitmore make up Late Nites Early Mornings or LNEM Events. Like Chris McMurray of Green Light Events food and drink festivals organized by LNEM Events are more about a party atmosphere than the food. Past events on Facebook and Eventbrite list more parties than anything food related. The organizers are not involved in any aspect of Houston's food community. It's evident from their events with obscure food vendors. Their events also have restaurants, food trucks, and chefs that aren't well known in Houston.

Last year's Nola Boil was cancelled over the weather. Refunds weren't provided to ticket purchasers. LNEM Events provided tickets to their Hennything Fest instead of refunds, much to the dismay of angry ticket holders. Duplicating the pattern most failed festivals or festival rip-offs, LNEM Events deleted much of negative comments and posts, blocked people, and removed the review portion of their page preventing people from leaving a review.

LNEM Events also hosts the Hennything Fest, a festival for all things Hennessy purpotedly. Their most recent Hennything Fest was held in Dallas. Many complained of the festival being a scam and a rip-off. Many of the original comments were removed from the event page and Instagram, but some complaints can be found on public Facebook profiles. Last week, Narcity wrote an infomerical article promoting LNEM Event's Henneything Fest, further helping spread this festival to people on Facebook and Instagram.

Most of the food and drink festivals from LNEM Events are listed below.

◆ The Nola Boil
◆ Hennything Fest (a Hennessy festival)
◆ The Houston Daiquiri Fest
◆ Funtober Fest


Honorable Mention

Bar Crawl Nation

This company isn't based in Houston, but does hosts bar crawls across the country. Like the other events above, Bar Crawl Nation uses the power of social media to promote its events, placing promoted ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Bar Crawl Nation has a website, dedicated email address, and an app to register for their events. Everything looks on the up and up, but the crawls severely under-delivers. The crawls makes up bars along Washington Ave with discounts for food and drinks provided the week of the event and when checking in on the app. YMMV if the discounted prices are worth the hassle or time. Bar crawl attendees who participated in events in other cities have complained.
So, while not a rip-off as the other events above, you may be better off attending a local bar crawl that has a better track record or create your own bar crawl. .


Ways to Sniff Out a Food Festival That is Probably a Scam or a Rip-Off

Last year, CultureMap listed a number of ways to sniff out a food festival that's a rip-off, a scam, or will under-deliver. It's a good starting point in gauging whether or not a food festival is a scam or will be a total $%^show. The list could also apply to music festivals, cultural festivals, or any niche festival.


Houston Food Finder also lists red flags to look for in an article about Houston Brunch Fest (or HTX Brunch Fest, organized by Bruce Bray of Bray Consulting Firm and Diiverse Entertainment):


Each festival has an audience they're targeting. One festival may appeal to one person, while it won't to another. Not every food festival in the Houston area will be a Chris Shepherd produced Southern Smoke or Houston Barbecue Festival, but that doesn't mean they have to be a bait and switch either. Regardless of a festival's target demographic, no one deserves to be duped of their money. People attending a food or beverage festival want to experience the food, they want to meet the people behind the food, they want to enjoy themselves while getting their money's worth. It's as simple as that. However, some organizers are money and fame hungry, throwing festivals to line their pockets without caring about the consumer or vendors.

A rule of thumb is do your research before handing over your money (and credit card information) to people you don't know. Here are more ways to to spot a potential festival scam or rip-off and how to be proactive:

Look at past events organized.

Check if the main attractions (i.e. food, chefs, and beverage participants) are listed.


Excuse the typos and other errors. The keyboard on my laptop is broken and there's a delay when typing due to problems with the motherboard.

Information found on the state comptroller's website, Harris County Clerk's website, and the mayor's office of special events' website
submitted by crowsandbrows to houston [link] [comments]

2020.03.09 07:13 JustMeInBigD Things to Do - March 9-15

UPDATE 3/12/2020 Many of these events are likely cancelled.
Large events prohibited in Dallas
“Gatherings of 500 or more people will be prohibited in Dallas County as part of the order which begins at 11 a.m. Friday.”
Things to Do posts will go on hiatus until April or later.
I may attempt a post or two of ways to support local businesses and hourly/gig workers in the safest possible manner. If you have suggestions, generic or specific, please message me.
Here’s your list of fun things to do in Dallas this week. If you want to get a look ahead at the month of March, there’s a link to that list on my website in the Other Lists section at the bottom.
As always, please share events I missed in the comments of this thread.

Multi-day & Weekend Events

Mar 9-12 Paul Baker New Plays Festival at Booker T Washington High School
Mar 12-15 All-Con Dallas Crowne Plaza Hotel, Addison
Mar 12-15 Texas Storytelling Festival Denton Civic Center
Mar 13-14 Deep Ellum Metal Festival The Blue Light Dallas
Mar 13-14 Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Winspear Opera House
Mar 13-14 The Polyphonic Spree: Jukebox Jamboree at The Kessler
Mar 13-14 Pickle Parade & Palooza Main Street, Mansfield, TX
Mar 13-14 Jeremy Piven Addison Improv
Mar 13-15 Dallas Quilt Show Dallas Market Hall
Mar 14-15 Funky Finds Spring Fling Will Rogers Memorial Center, Fort Worth

Local Exhibits

Liberty & Laughter: The Lighter Side of the White House at the George W. Bush Presidential Ctr
2020 Nasher Prize Laureate Michael Rakowitz at the Nasher Sculpture Center through May 3
Artcrush at Canvas Hotel Dallas through Apr 5
Signs of the Times at Photos Do Not Bend Gallery through May 2
Justin Favela Installation/Preview at NorthPark Center from Feb 27 through Jun 30
The Fight for Civil Rights in the South at Holocaust and Human Rights Museum thru Jun 30
Ruckus Rodeo at The Modern, Fort Worth through March 29
Barry X Ball: Remaking Sculpture at the Nasher Sculpture Center through April 19
Hip Squares at The Museum of Geometric and MADI Art through April 26
Beili Liu: One and Another at Crow Museum of Asian Art through August 16
Flores Mexicanas: Women in Modern Mexican Art at DMA through Sep 20

Local Theatre

Mlima’s Tale Feb 19-Mar 14 Bryant Theatre
Women in Jeopardy February 27 - March 14 Rover Dramawerks
Playwrights in the Newsroom Mar 5-15 Wyly Studio Theatre
Madame Bovary Feb 12-Mar 15 Undermain Theatre
Funny, You Don’t Act Like A Negro Feb 20-Mar 15 Theatre Three
Catch Me If You Can Feb 21-Mar 21 Pocket Sandwich Theatre
A Critical Case of Murder Mar 12-28 Pegasus Theatre at Lochwood Branch Library
American Mariachi Mar 14-Apr 5 Wyly Theatre

Daily Things to Do

Monday, 3/9
Monday Night Board Gaming at Dallas Gaming Marathon
Opening Reception: Pieced + Painted at University of Dallas, Irving
Fana's Three-Course Ethiopian Pop-up Dinner at Lounge Here
D&D Adventurers League at Common Ground Games
Road Tripping Class at REI Dallas
Meditation for Everyone at Unity Greenville
Specialty Branson Cognac Cocktail and Dinner at Chamberlain's Steak & Chop House
Purim at Alice

Tuesday, 3/10
Dallas Stars vs. New York Rangers at American Airlines Center
Arts & Letters Live: Anne Enright at the Dallas Museum of Art
Meadows At The Meyerson at Meyerson Symphony Center
Exploring Mexico’s Transformational Mariachi Culture at Mercado 369
"Pay What You Want" Dinner at Mendocino Farms
The Acacia Strain at Gas Monkey Bar and Grill
Classical Guitarist David Russell at Eisemann Center, Richardson
Kristian Donaldson+INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Richardson
Today is National Ranch Dressing Day - check your news and social media sources for specials!

Wednesday, 3/11
Dallas Mavericks vs. Denver Nuggets at American Airlines Center
Celebration Of The Life Of Eduardo Mata at Meyerson Symphony Center
Trixie Mattel at The Bomb Factory
Park Lane Panel: Celebrating Ladies Shaping the DFW Business Scene at Shops at Park Lane
Free Rooftop Movie: The Big Lebowski at Sundown at Granada
Inner Moonlight Poetry Reading at The Wild Detectives
Cakebread Cellars Vintner Dinner at Rapscallion Restaurant (Facebook link)
Women’s Soccer SheBelieves Cup at Toyota Stadium, Frisco

Thursday, 3/12
Dallas Stars vs. Florida Panthers at American Airlines Center
Second Thursdays with a Twist at Dallas Museum of Art
Junior Brown at The Kessler
Dead Horses at Sundown at Granada
Midnight Memories: One Direction Night at House of Blues
Maker Mixer at Mosaic Makers Collective
Dallas Vegan Drinks at Braindead Brewing (Facebook link)
Beer and Cheese Pairing Class at Mozzarella Company

Friday, 3/13
Fair Park Movie Night: Black Panther at Fair Park Band Shell
Friday the 13th 24-hour Tattoo Marathon Elm St. Tattoo
Stop Light Observations at The Rustic
Royal Sons at Granada Theater
Clan of Xymox w/The Bellwether Syndicate at Deep Ellum Art Co
Off With Their Heads "Be Good Tour" at Three Links
H&H Presents: House Party at The Nines
Captain and Camille at Barley House

Saturday, 3/14
St Patrick’s Day Parade on Greenville Avenue
Pi Day Math Festival at Sammons Park
Art Battle Texas State Championship at Deep Ellum Art Co
Dallas Mavericks vs. Phoenix Suns at American Airlines Center
Dallas Stars vs. San Jose Sharks at American Airlines Center
DaVido - A Good Time Tour at House of Blues
Indie-Rock Latin America 2020 at Club Dada
The Office! A Musical Parody at The Majestic
ChingonX Festival 2020 at Four Corners Brewing Co.
Movies in the Park: The Lego Movie at Klyde Warren Park
Animal Artshow at Wright Twins Art Gallery
FIGMENT Dallas at Reverchon Park
The Choir Of Man at Eisemann Center, Richardson
Dancing Beyond Borders at W E Scott Theatre (FWCAC), Fort Worth
Frisco Festival of Colors at Independence Practice Field, Frisco
Roanoke Medieval Faire at Roanoke Community Center
Today is National Potato Chip Day - check your news and social media sources for specials!

Sunday, 3/15
Torres Empire Dallas Super Show at Fair Park
Blaq Ron And Friends at Addison Improv
Lunchtime Music at Klyde Warren Park
Blarney Brothers Reunion at Poor David’s Pub
Blanks with Remy Reilly at Club Dada
GOOD MORNING & Hall Johnson at Three Links

Other Lists of Things to Do:

Culture Map Dallas Calendar
Plan Your Week from Dallas Voice, The Premier Media Source for LGBT Texas
Do214 Top Picks
This Week’s Beer Events from BeerInBigD.com
Dallas News Events (This page is not paywalled.)
If you liked seeing the whole month in advance, click here to see it on inBigD.com.
submitted by JustMeInBigD to Dallas [link] [comments]

2020.03.08 11:12 sacrificed_red From Psychology to History——Lappland’s ASPD and A Probe into the Probable Prototypes of the Double Wolves

Source:https://www.bilibili.com/read/cv4028323 Author: 幽幽子大人身边的幽灵 Editor:u/sacrificed_red Operator Information: https://gamepress.gg/arknights/otheguides [Contents in the square brackets are written by the editor. It’s the first time for me to post something on Reddit, and my English is rather poor. What I did is edit the obvious mistakes Google had made. So, hope you enjoy the article and give me some advice! I don’t know how to post pictures on Reddit, so I turned some into English and deleted the others... ]

* This article may violate your understanding of the role to a certain extent, but I guarantee that everything is based on the original design, I hope you can temporarily put aside some character designs made by players. [Because Lappland’s character is somewhat changed in Chinese fanarts ]

As a super-popular character of Arknights, a member of the triangle‘Exusiai-Lappland-Lappland’, Lappland's mental state is not healthy, as every Doctor can tell. However, what exactly is this "unhealthy" situation and whether it constitutes some kind of psychological obstacle is difficult to determine, at least for me. The judgment of her symptoms started as early as one afternoon in August, and to this day, after written the analysis of many other staff members, I finally got an accurate answer in my mind, and more thoughts following. Below I will list these clues and inferences in the order of my thinking. This article will no longer be divided into several distinct parts, but in general it is still the process from the factual semi-science to the inference based on this. . ASPD? Judging that Lapland is ASPD (Antisocial Personality Disorder) is almost my first reaction after seeing her file. why? Let's introduce ASPD first, and then see how well its diagnostic criteria in DSM-5 match Lapland's profile. Unlike all other mental disorders, personality disorder is more like a functional disorder than "physical disease". To put it simply, other disorders such as depression and anxiety are subjectively tortured, and personality disorders are mostly free of this subjective pain. They refer to an extreme deviation from normality in personality, and the defects in normal social functions and maladjustment to society caused by it. And ASPD, also known as APD, Sociopathy (commonly known), and 4 types of personality disorder of performance type, narcissistic type, marginal type, belong to the category B (Cluster B) of personality disorders. Such patients are no different from ordinary people on many levels, but they often have an exaggerated, emotional, and unpredictable behavior trend. In this, ASPD is unique again. As its name indicates "anti-social", it is highly related to criminal behavior (40% to 78% of patients are in prisons or labor camps). In practice, relevant practitioners such as psychological counselors must first consider safety and legal factors before providing services to them.
As for its characteristics and diagnostic criteria, let's compare it with Lapland's archives: We have struggled to understand Lappland's personality. Some consider her simply mad, despite how polite and personable she can be in daily life. She actively seeks out people to converse with, indulging her taste for gallows humor, eager to see how her conversation partners will respond. * Note: Here is the A part of the Criteria of ASPD in DSM-5. There are 7 points in total. It only needs to meet 3 points. Only the 5 points that match are released. The serial number is meaningless.
"Irritable and aggressive, manifested as repeated physical conflicts or offensive behaviors", in simple terms, she loves fighting, this file may not reflect that thoroughly, but if you listen to Lapland ’s Voice (for example, the piece that she want to fight with Red), I think it’s very obivous.
"Neglecting the personal safety of herself and others", she "seldom considers her own safety" and "fearless in battle", which is also reflected in the changes of her E2 art(before in the article about Nightmare I mentioned E2 reflects the changes of the operators over time. Lappland is currently the only operator who has experienced a huge increase in the area of originium after E2. This is probably due to her disregard for herself and the dangerous fighting style). [Or maybe she just don’t want to be cured...]
In contrast, Ifrit, the girl loved by all has a decrease of originium on her skin in her E2 art.
Using charm or wit to manipulate others for personal gain or personal pleasure. The description here intercepts another description, which is more comprehensive and easier to translate, corresponding to "A-2" in DSM-5. "Using charm and wisdom (the average intelligence of ASPD patients is higher than that of normal models, and often has a strong surface charm) to manipulate and play with others in order to obtain material benefits or spiritual pleasure"-she "likes to use a little "Brutal jokes to tease everyone in front of her", she is happy to keep a relationship with Texas, and her "Hidden Purpose". Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors, as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest. In short, this is disobedience to social norms and laws. This is reflected in her first voice: Hey, Doctor. Hope you don't mind if I bring my weapons inside. I'll seat myself right over here. Another point is "relentless" (in fact, APD refers to Affectionless Personality Disorder, or ruthless personality disorder). The ruthless suggestion here is to understand it as "lack and difficulty forming emotional connection with others". Where is this reflected? In fact, it can be seen from a very small place: Ha, you people... I don't even remember your faces. Whatever, let's go, huh? The mad white wolf can't remember his companion's face and has no friends
And that is "relentless", which makes me wonder whether I can judge her as ASPD for a long time. Because when she's with Texas-no, just mention "Texas"-she's no longer the ruthless and combative lone wolf (at least on the surface) .
Based on scattered reports and eyewitness accounts, Operator Lappland has a close personal connection to Penguin Logistics employee Texas, a liaison from the company to Rhodes Island. Texas, for her part, makes a concerted effort to avoid contact with Lappland. Still, in situations where they were forced to work together, Lappland has not gone out of her way to antagonize Texas. In fact, she seems to be taking some degree of pleasure in Texas playing hard-to-get, as it were. Lappland treats other PL personnel cordially, but they have not warmed to her, and their meetings are always rather awkward (though thankfully rare). Lappland tries to get along with other Rhodes Island Operators, as long as no one gets in her way. As you can see, she even showed a kind of pleasantness ... Therefore, I once thought that this was a concession of HyperGryph (like Texas's smoke changed into pokey), or tried to show the special, Texas pair of Texas "Salvation" meaning and the like. However, in fact I was wrong . Texas is indeed irreplaceable, but she is not a "specific medicine", but ... something more complicated ... Then, with all kinds of doubts and confusions, I further looked up the ASPD's emotional and interpersonal relationship-related data (including the part that I hadn't thought of in my mind (?). The final result was shocking. There are many, many things. It's hard to say in a simple sentence, and it makes me wonder. The first thing to mention is a concept called Psychopathy. Although often mixed with ASPD, they are actually different. Psychopathy's diagnostic criteria focus more on the patient's personality structure than on their criminal behavior. Remember ASPD, commonly known as Sociopathy? Yes, they are compound words, and the first half is Psycho- (Social-). I hope you see Psychopathy below as a personal aspect of ASPD . However, it is generally accepted that ---ASPD patients do not have normal love (to prevent argument, here is a preview of "but"). In the words of Darrel Turner, a criminal psychologist, "Sociopaths can APPEAR to be in love, they can be really good at FAKING feelings of love", "It's common when a sociopath enters into a relationship to behave very lovingly ... at least at the beginning", "someone with ASPD can seem to love others when it suits their end goal, but that 'love' will erode or disappear once the individual's needs have been met." Therefore, Lappland's enthusiasm when approaching Penguin Logistics is actually just an acting skill in pursuit of his own goal, and this goal is Texas. /Here’s a picture/ Summarize the translation above: And it is not easy to interact with a person with ASPD. "They will be happy to control and operate this relationship, make the partner feel bad, destroy their self-esteem, degrade them, and alienate them. Family and friends. " Texas? Ha, she's afraid of me, but I don't really plan to do anything to her, except maybe try to bring back the old Texas... instead of this current coward version of her. In contrast, Lapland ’s purpose is actually quite modest (of course, it still reflects part of this manipulation intention), she just wants to change Texas back to the previous Texas ... So What was Texas like before? What kind of relationship do they have? With this question in mind, let's take a look at the "but" previewed earlier. !! !! But is it really impossible for ASPD patients to have love (or intimacy)? The answer is no . Although their feelings have faded to a considerable extent; although they are anti-social personality disorder, the lunatics in the eyes of ordinary people; despite the fact that ordinary love has no doubt missed them. However, there is still a form of love that still exists even at this moment.
"People who are highly socially ill (ie, the above-mentioned Psychopathy, the personality dimension of ASPD) can still form a romantic relationship, whether they are married or establish a bond with commitment. However, this relationship may not be based on the traditional sense Intimacy. Instead, like Bonnie and Clyde , such a partnership may be based on a common view of the world, in which they try to get as much as possible from Gain benefits for other people. Their lack of empathy and deep emotional ability, if they cannot be released through violence, will dissolve with each other, resulting in increasingly destructive interaction patterns . " This passage in Susan.K. Whitbourne's text reminds me again of the possibility of ASPD establishing a close relationship, and of the "unusual and persistent" feelings of "Lappland's ties to Texas" A reasonable explanation. Not only that, it also inspired me and provided the second clue of this article, which is also what I believe HyperGryph has reference in the prototype of the two wolves- Bonnie and Clyde .
Bonnie & Clyde I believed this name is familiar to many. The movie, released in 1967, winning eight Oscar nominations in 1968, and receiving two awards, are the stories of the two, Bonnie and Clyde. Today, the movie still has a high rating of 8.3 on Douban. [Douban is a Chinese app where you can comment the books and movies] /A poster at the movie's release/ The prototype of the film is the real story of the Great Depression in the United States. Bonnie · Elizabeth · Parker (1910.10.01-1934.05.23) and Clyde · Chestnut · Barrow (1909.03.24-1934.05.23) were famous robber lovers during the Great Depression in the United States. They were born in Texas and grew up in Germany Texas eventually died together in Gibsland, Louisiana, a small town next to Texas . They met on January 26, 1930, a very common afternoon. Clyde met Bonnie at his friend's house party while she was making hot chocolate. At the time, Bonnie was 19 years old. Since the death of her 4-year-old father, her family's economic situation has been in a state of depression and her family has moved to a slum in West Dallas. Earlier, she married a man named Roy Thornton at the age of 16, and she dropped out of school for this purpose, but after a while, their relationship faded due to Roy's tendency to abuse, and shortly thereafter, Roy was put in jail for fighting and killing people (it is worth mentioning that they did not divorce, and even when she died, she still wore Roy's diamond ring, but the dispute between the two was limited to this). After dropping out of school, Bonnie's life was limited to be waitress. The arrival of Clyde made her fall in love almost instantly--"I was fascinated by his suit and driving, although I knew it might have been stolen."--Bonnie said nothing Wrong, Clyde had been in prison for not renting a car back at the age of 17 (a signal that meets the ASPD pre-blocking barrier-Conduct Disorder). After the application to join the Navy was rejected, he worked with his brother, they robber and steal cars. When he met Bonnie, he was 20 years old and not only had a criminal record, he also had a wanted warrant on him. /17-year-old Clyde jailed/ Before dropping out, Bonnie was a quiet girl with a good grade and a passion for literature. Her life did not have any tendency to go to crime. (Although her other aspects have changed a lot, she has always loved literature, even after She did not forget to write poetry when she was in exile with Clyde, one of which was in the newspaper). However, when she met Clyde, she not only fell in love quickly, but also quickly adapted to his "lifestyle." (This shows that Bonnie did not have ASPD. In fact, although she committed She has committed more than 100 felonies, but she has not murdered). /Photo of two kissing/ Not long after the two met, Clyde was put in prison for robbery, and Bonnie, who loved him, even secretly gave him a pistol to help him escape. Although he escaped with a pistol, he was soon arrested. Finally, after two jail sentences, Clyde was released on bail in 1932. Later, the two returned together and began their road career. They first formed the Barrow Gang and brought in several relatives and friends (Raymond Hamilton, WD Jones, Henry Methvin, Barrow's brother Buck and his wife Blanche. In fact, these people were soon caught or killed (In the end, there are only two of them left). Then stole a Ford V8, and began the journey of grabbing stores, gas stations, and even banks. In the era of the Great Depression, even small town banks had little money to grab. /A warrant for them/ In April 1932, during a looting of the grocery store, Clyde's gun discharge accidentally and killed the owner. He was then charged with murder, and this was his first murder. On August 5, during a crossfire between Oklahoma and the police, the Barlow Gang killed a police officer. At this point, their crimes have become more serious, and they have even gained some positive reputation. /Two men sorting guns in the wild/ In 1933, Clyde's elder brother, Buck, went home on bail. To celebrate the happy event, they found an apartment in Missouri for vacation. However, they were too presumptuous, drinking and having fun all night. Neighbours finally reported to the police after a fire broke out. At first the police thought that they were just alcohol dealers. After surveillance, they found that they met the description of the Barlow Gang. On April 13, the police launched a surprise attack on them, but the police were too optimistic, sending only five people. Despite his surprise, Clyde was still in chaos. After a gun battle, the police suffered heavy casualties. The Barlow Gang escaped successfully, but did not have time to bring their belongings. These leftovers included some camera rolls. After the police finished their search, a reporter named Joplin Globe quickly released these photos, including a photo of the very famous Bonnie smoking a cigar. This has made them famous, and various newspapers and media continue to report their deeds, and some even call them "Robin Hood".
/The image of Bonnie holding a gun while holding a cigarette became the target of many female imitations./
/* This picture is actually just a photo shoot. Bonnie really loved smoking camel cigarettes that were popular among women at the time . They later even kidnapped a police officer specifically and let him pass the news to the press./
/Camel cigarettes in Bonnie's pictureThe 1929 women's cigarette advertisement set off a wave of smoking among women at the time/ The good times didn't last long. In June 1933, Bonnie's legs were severely burned by battery fluid in a car accident, and their mobility was severely restricted (previously they had been moving quickly between several states to avoid police hunt), but Clyde never abandons her. He kept robbery, car theft, to find ways for her healing. As she is not convenient to walk, he carried her himself ( even though Clyde is a emotionless killer who won’t blink at the dead bodies, even though he had killed more than 10 people at this time, he took good care of Bonnie ).
Soon, this desperate journey came to an end. Although the media at the time described them as "Robin Hood" and "Romeo and Juliet on the Run", the crimes committed by them were also beyond description. In 1934, the FBI dispatched J Edgar Hoover, "Director of the FBI, called in the only policemen feared by all criminals" , he convened 5 Texas Retired Rangers, whose leader is named Frank Hamer, "Hamer himself had been shot 17 times by desperadoes and somehow survived. Hamer shot dead 57 killers and criminals and was the most feared cop in the South." . Under Hoover's strategy, on May 23, 1934, Clyde and Bonnie were seduced into the encirclement of Hamer and his men, and had little time to react. Their body was hit by a gunfire with the Ford V8. Sore holes, which ended a short life. /Their car was hit by more than 100 roundsRestored scene in a movie/ After their death, a turbulent crowd poured into this town like an ant colony. Overnight, this small town of only 2,000 people flooded into the town with tens of thousands of people, and some even came by plane. Even a 15-cent bottle of beer in the town usually sells for 25 cents. People frantically tried to take something from them: the policeman who shot them tried to cut off Clyde's ears, and the onlooking village woman cut Bonnie's hair. Even the clothes hitted by bullets, stained with blood were also torn ... At the subsequent funeral, more than 100 police officers and 20,000 citizens from various places attended. The women screamed Clyde's name, and some even fell into a newly dug grave pit and were injured- "The Texan women were as bad, hyper hysterical, screaming," We want Clyde, I love Clyde! "Many women were injured falling into newly-dug graves six foot deep.". Their love is as splendid and short as fireworks. There is no lack of beauty and romance, but it is full of darkness, blood, and madness. During their lifetime, they love madly , and there was only one other in their eyes, and everyone was afraid of them. After death, they were buried in two places, and became the story of the normal people. Such a scene can't help but fill me with emotions ....[Don’t know how to translate this paragraph...] /Tombstone for two/

* It is worth mentioning that Clyde is psychologically in a state between men and women, which is actually similar to Lapp. As for why, one was because he was sexual incompetent (you can know this after watching the movie), and the other was because he was sodomized in prison. In fact, everything he did later was to counterattack and destroy the prison that gave him endless shadows.

Back in the game, like Bonnie and Clyde, Lappland is also a madman with ASPD, Texas also likes to smoke, and they have also relied on each other to die, even the story is also inseparable from Texas. [The way Texas holds her pocky is like someone used to smoke] The difference, however, is that Texas eventually left Lapland, instead of being stuck in the abyss of self-destruction with Bonnie and Clyde. After leaving Lapp, she came to Penguin Logistics, Rhode Island, and now undoubtedly has a better life. Noisy partner, peaceful life, tacit partner, younger people admiring her ... This kind of life, she doesn't hate it. However, what about the other wolf that was left behind? To her, from the day she was left, her time seemed to stop, just hovering in place, chasing the shadow left by the past Texas. However, on the other hand, it seems that nothing has changed. She came to Rhode Island, but still the same loneliness, the same madness, and the endless self-harm. As her file says, everything can no longer be reproduced ...
She's alone wolf(note: this is Lupus slang for a Lupus ostracized from the community) who's been hurt. She's lost her family and will never truly be a part of another one. You don't need to know what's been keeping her alive till now, and you can try to heal her wounds, but remember this: Madness can never be healed. Nothing in her past should happen again. * Can Madness (ASPD) be cured? This can be said to be almost impossible.
However, she remained stubborn and stayed there, hoping to bring the distant person back to her. I don't know what kind of words should be used to express such a feeling ... but maybe a poem by Borges fits perfectly with it. Let's end this article with this poem-- What can I use to keep you? I give you poor streets, desperate sunsets, and moons in run-down suburbs. I give you the sorrow of someone who has been watching the lonely moon for a long time. I give you my dead ancestors, people remember their ghost with marbles: my father ’s father who was killed at the border of Buenos Aires, two bullets shot through his chest, he died with a beard The soldiers wrapped his body in cowhide; my mother's grandfather — at the age of 24 — led three hundred soldiers in Peru and has now disappeared as a ghost on horseback. I give you all the insight that can be contained in the books I write, the masculinity or humor that I can have in my life. I give you the loyalty of someone who has never believed. I give you my own core, which I manage to preserve-the core of not making words, not dealing with dreams, and not being touched by time, joy and adversity. I give you the memory of a yellow rose that you saw early one evening many years before your birth. I'll give you your explanation of yourself, your own theory, your own true and amazing news. I give you my loneliness, my darkness, my thirst for heart; I try to impress you with confusion, danger, and failure. " ——What Can I Hold You With * A coincidence: This poem was also written in 1934.
Thank you for seeing here! In addition, it is strongly recommended that after reading this article, read the "Texas Staff Family History Study" I wrote earlier, which is a translation and interpretation of the history of the Texas wolf pack change, which may provide another perspective. [https://www.bilibili.com/read/cv3478404?share_medium=android&share_source=qq&bbid=XYCC4C9C0B5D38DD2CA6A18F543475CF19DE8&ts=1583467799002 Here’s the link, it’s about the exact wolves that Texas and Lappland are.] appendix: Bonnie's Death Poem: Some day they'll go down together And they'll bury them side by side To a few it'll be grief To the law a relief But it's death for Bonnie and Clyde. Other Tips not mentioned: 1. Regarding gangsters, the American mafia originated from the Italian mafia. It was about the middle and late 19th century that the Sicilians began to develop their power in American. You can read more about it in The Godfather or articles written by others. [A screenshot of American Mafia wiki page in the original article] 2. Lappland is also the northernmost and largest administrative region in Finland, where the story of Santa Claus and the Snow Queen happened. In addition, the distance between Lapland and Texas is about 8,000 kilometers. [There’s a map of America in the article] 3. Lappland's race is Arctic Wolf, distributed in areas above 70 degrees north latitude. They are mostly snow-white, thick hair, and have a wide hunting range. Interestingly, they have the habit of "less children and better children."
Some references: 1.AB Psychology 17th (380-383.p) -James N. Butcher, Jill M Hooley 2.A Collection of Adult Perverted Psychological Cases-William B. Weiner 3.Are Sociopaths Capable of Love? -Ashley Mateo https://www.health.com/relationships/can-sociopaths-love%3famp=true 4. Bonnie and Clyde: Pretty Thieves https://m.guokr.com/article/96526 5.Bonnie Parker-Clyde Barrow, Poems & Death-Biography https://www.biography.com/.amp/crime-figure/bonnie-parker 6.What Happens When a Psychopath Falls in Love-New research into how partners may influence each other, for better or worse https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/fulfillment-any-age/201505/what-happens -when-psychopath-falls-in-love% 3famp 7, beautified Bonnie and Clyde: unforgivable evil under the filter https://www.douban.com/doubanapp/dispatch/review/9225878 8.The Saga of Bonnie and Clyde-Noel Twamley http://www.newsfour.ie/2015/09/the-saga-of-bonnie-and-clyde/ In addition, the cover and head picture are from @ 幻象黑兔
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2020.03.06 00:48 DGenerationMC The (Re)Booking Game: WCW Bash at the Beach 1999

Konnan & Rey Mysterio Jr. (with The No Limit Soldiers) def. The West Texas Rednecks (Curt Hennig & Barry Windham) (with Bobby Duncam Jr. and Kendall Windham)
Thanks to Master P's chosen WCW bodyguards, K-Dawg and Rey Rey move past the country boys to get one step closer to the tag titles, proving rap is not crap.
Perry Saturn def. Rick Steiner(c) to win the WCW World Television Championship
In a hard-hitting affair, Saturn becomes a 2-time TV Champ, dethroning the veteran nWo sympathizer.
Lord Steven Regal, Fit Finlay & David Taylor def. La Parka, Hak & Mikey Whipwreck in a Hardcore Six-Man Tag Team Match
The snobby Europeans fight dirty enough to outwit the "garbage wrestlers" for the violent win.
Buff Bagwell (with Asya) def. David Flair(c) (with Torrie Wilson) to win the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship
David's blind love for Torrie kept putting him situations where his mouth wrote checks his ass couldn't cash. With his father and WCW President, The Nature Boy, refusing to protect him any longer, the younger Flair falls to Buff despite putting up a fight. To add insult to injury, Torrie leaves David after blaming him for the attacks she took from Asya.
Chris Kanyon & Bam Bam Bigelow(c) def. Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko to retain the WCW World Tag Team Championship
Benoit does his damnedest to win the match, putting on a clinic with Malenko bringing up the rear. However, a timely low blow from Kanyon takes him out and allows Bigelow to pin Dean.
Roddy Piper def. Disco Inferno with Ernest Miller as special guest referee
In his bid to impress the nWo, Disco drew the ire of The Hot Rod, whose spotty appearances culminated in this grudge match after months of being called out. Assuming The Cat would rule in his favor due to their shared relationship with Eric Bischoff, Inferno is left disappointment when Piper beats him fair and square with a Sleeper.
Randy Savage & Sid Vicious (with Madusa, Miss Madness and Gorgeous Geroge) def. Sting & Diamond Dallas Page in a Unsanctioned Match
Both Savage and Sid made their respective returns to WCW to upset the system that had kept them away from the ring. Along the way, they cost Sting and DDP the WCW Title. Thanks to Page's increasingly bad attitude, he could not get along with The Stinger. In the climax of the match, DDP abandoned Sting to be with his Jersey Triad buddies. Forced to fight on his own, Sting nearly pulls off the miracle but Sid finishes things with a Chokeslam to get he and Savage reinstated in WCW.
Kevin Nash(c) def. Ric Flair (with Arn Anderson) in a Title vs. Presidency Match to retain the WCW World Heavyweight Championship
With Flair receiving credit for putting Hollywood Hogan on the shelf and briefly getting the World Title out of nWo grasps, he puts it all on the line. Thanks to injuries inflicted by Goldberg on other members, Big Sexy is the sole nWo flag-bearer left. In a titanic and bloody affair, Naitch looks to have won with the Figure-Four. But, the presence of Sid and Team Madness attacking Arn at ringside distracts the referee from seeing Nash tap out. This gives way for Savage to come through the crowd and hit a Flying Elbow Drop on Flair, breaking up the submission.
Recovered, the champion nails a Jackknife Powerbomb to retain the championship and gain control of WCW. Savage and Sid make it clear that they did not do what they did help Nash or the nWo, but rather to screw over Flair and stick it to WCW. All the while, being the final black-and-white menace standing may have gone to Big Sexy's head as he may no longer need the nWo. The imminent return of Hollywood Hogan could spell doom but Nash isn't concerned.
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2020.02.11 20:32 DGenerationMC Rebooking the nWo in WWF Pt. 1 - No Way Out 2002

Sunday Night Heat: William Regal(c) def. WWF Hardcore Champion Goldust to retain the WWF European Championship
The Bizarre One made his return to WWF, taking the Hardcore Title off of a badly injured Regal following Royal Rumble. Even though his opponent was the walking wounded, Goldust failed to become a double champion thanks to the former Commissioner's trusty brass knuckles.
Billy & Chuck def. The Dudley Boyz(c) (with Stacy Keibler) to win the WWF Tag Team Championship
The Dudleys' dominant run atop the tag division ends at the hands of the most unexpected duo, who pull off the upset.
Booker T(c) def. Diamond Dallas Page to retain the WWF Intercontinental Championship
Even though the WCW stalwarts earned their places in the "new" WWF, they had their own issue. With the WWF audience begin to turn around on DDP, Booker was not happy as he still viewed them as the enemy. Accusing Page of sucking up to the "other side," The Book Man gladly put his title on the line and ultimately retained.
Test & Lance Storm def. Edge & Christian
The past nine months had been a roller coaster for the former tag teams with Test and Storm being the thorns in the sides for most of it. We finally get Christian officially turning on his friend and joining forces with his fellow Canadians.
The Hardy Boyz (with Lita) vs. The APA for the #1 Contendership to the WWF Tag Team Championship ends in a No Contest
The embodiments of the "old" and "new" WWF went at it for a shot at Mania, but neither got the win. Still upset about their earlier loss, The Dudley Boyz stormed the ring and attacked all four men, putting them through tables.
The Undertaker def. Rob Van Dam
Taker's crusade against the "enemy" continued as he got his win back over RVD. Already putting the rookie Maven on the shelf for eliminating him from the Royal Rumble, Big Evil looked to do the same to Van Dam. Luckily, The Rock ran down to make the save, drawing battle lines between the two homegrown WWF superstars.
Kurt Angle def. Triple H (with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) to be added to the Undisputed WWF Championship match at WrestleMania X8
Everything looked to be normal again for The Game, as he returned to win the Royal Rumble and was back in the World Title picture. However, the tension with his wife leftover from before Jericho put him on the shelf was elevated. Stephanie was concerned for Trips' well-being which led to more frequent arguments.
This culminated with a desperate Angle challenging for a spot in the Undisputed Championship match at Mania. Stephanie once again overstepped boundaries, getting involved and accidentally costing The Game via distraction. If the rumors of an affair with the Olympic hero hadn't come back around before, they had now.
Chris Jericho(c) def. Stone Cold Steve Austin in a Last Chance Match to retain the Undisputed WWF Championship
This was Austin's last chance. If he lost, he'd never get another World Title shot for the rest of his career. Meeting Commissioner McMahon's newest signings, The Outsiders, backstage earlier in the show, Stone Cold refused any help against the turncoat champion. That Texas pride would lead to his fall as Hall and Nash ran down to attack him with the titles within his grasp. Suddenly, a man dressed in red and yellow lumbered down, sending The Outsiders heading for shelter outside the ring.
In a surprise move, the longtime fan favorite hit two Atomic Legdrops on Austin, revealing himself to be Hall and Nash's partner as The Outsiders returned to the ring to drag the shell shocked Jericho onto The Rattlesnake. As soon as the bell rang, the three assailants continued beating down Austin before moving on to the referee and then Jericho. The man in red and yellow tore off his shirt to reveal a more familiar black and white one. Hall and Nash took off their jackets, doing the same.
One by one, each of their victims had the three most poisonous letters in pro wrestling history spraypainted on their backs. As the PPV faded to black, Hollywood Hulk Hogan shouted to anyone who'd listen: "the band is back together," as he had returned to the WWF after nine years and brought the nWo with him. Without ultimate power, Mr. McMahon was driven to insanity as the company that used to be his was injected with a lethal dose of poison.
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