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DECN to Launch Its International Version GenViro! Saliva Swift :10.5 Second Covid-19 Kits on September 26

2020.09.01 15:34 Fador33 DECN to Launch Its International Version GenViro! Saliva Swift :10.5 Second Covid-19 Kits on September 26
"...announced that we have set September 26, 2020 as the launch date for our International version GenViro! Covid-19 Saliva Swift Kit. The company has notified its Korean manufacturing partner that it will place an initial order for 100,000 kits on that day. As of that same day DECN will accept orders from International distributors. The first shipments are expected to be sent to India with an initial order for 50,000 kits. The company will wholesale the International GenViro! Swift Kits at an introductory price of $8.95."

Welp, here you go bashers. Good luck trading all!
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2020.07.11 22:44 Fador33 DECN - Some DD for you on this Saturday

DECN is a company that was founded in the early 2000s. Before COVID-19 shocked the world, their product was(and still is) an at-home blood glucose testing strip; these items can be found on Amazon and a plethora of other medical sites.
On March 3rd, 2020, they announced an introduction to their screening method for COVID-19.
"Our product is timely, simple to use, cost-effective, and will be commercially ready in the summer of 2020."
"I want to say straight on that we have developed a Coronavirus screening method, not a cure or a vaccine for this virus. That being said, our screening method should allow for 80% of the suspected carriers of Coronavirus to exit the quarantine systems in the places where Coronavirus is rampant."

Before this announcement, the stock was trading sub $0.02. On March 3rd, the stock reached a peak of $0.045.

The next day, they had more PR come out that stated the following:
"..... GenViro for the Coronavirus (covid19) began as an outgrowth of our GenUltimate TBG product line. What makes the testing for the Coronavirus possible, and the GenUltimate TBG special is the company's Impedance measurement technology."
DECN's stock price stayed within the $0.03-$0.04 range with this PR
On March 11th, just a week after their first announcement, they put out a PR that started a lot of buzz and hype.
"Today... we present the Coronavirus test kit and the Phase 1 unit forecast... We anticipate the sale of 420,000,000 kits in the first full year of commercial sale. The company has retained FDA counsel who is in the process of securing expected emergency waiver for diagnostics and diagnostic devices."
"Keith Berman, CEO of DECN commented, "Because we perfected the Impedance technology in 2019 for our GenUltimate TBG glucose test strip and meter, we have shaved months off of the development time for the GenViro! device."
This caused the stock price to jump from sub $0.025 to over $0.07; within a week it went up 350% and started gaining a lot more eyes due to how big this virus was starting to get around the world.
Over the coming weeks, they would put out more and more PR highlighting the product previously spoken about, and this would gain the eyes of a lot of investors because of how rapidly the virus was spreading.
Some key quotes from their PR:
"We are awaiting (the) release of blood samples from previously infected people in Daegu, Korea, so that we can complete testing and make a final report to the U.S. FDA so that we may secure our Emergency Waiver."
"We are happy to inform all interested parties that we have raised our 12-month forecast to 525 million kits."
"... receiving a plan from our technical and R&D director, we decided to take the next step with GenViro™and further refine its use for hospitals. While we have not yet forecast sales to hospitals, and while most of the lesser but competitive products are directed toward hospital uses, we nonetheless believe that hospitals will be a large future source of revenues."
"Mr. Berman concluded, "I have been in and around the in-vitro diagnostics business for over 40 years, and never before in all of that time, have I witnessed a policy like this. This latest guidance from the FDA shaves months from our product development process, and we all shall reap these benefits. Tomorrow we will discuss our new plans going forward now that we will shortly be a two product coronavirus diagnostics company."
"DECN announces that the company's Board of Directors has approved the offering of $13 million in non-dilutive debt financing, the first $2 million in Notes, followed by a $1 million credit facility to purchase manufacturing equipment for their Korean manufacturing facility, and the remaining $10 million in a revolving line of credit to finance inventory."
At this point, the stock that originally was trading below $0.02 is now trading near $0.26.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
***** "GenViro! provides results in 15 seconds, based on a small finger-prick blood sample. The method is safe, effective, and its biggest benefit to the healthcare system is that the device can be used to screen out the 97% or 98% of those tested that are negative for COVID-19. Our method is quicker, provides the desired result, is much cheaper, and effective." ***** - March 23rd
Over the coming weeks, they release more and more PR, all leading up to April 23rd, where they announce a 2nd EUA application, followed by a response from the SEC.
Before April 23rd, the stock was now trading around the $0.40 mark, an astounding jump in share price from what it was trading at pre-test kit.
"The company's goal for GenViro! is not just to receive EUA approval from the FDA, but when this approval is received, to become the go-to testing solution, in demand by Professional organizations as well as Fortune 500 companies, even sports teams"
"New markets for our GenViro! have also been recently identified, the latest -- large businesses, Fortune 500 companies, seeking to reopen for business in the next month or two.... Some of these businesses have already contacted the company and even tried to place large purchase orders for GenViro! Swift kits, using the first in line principal, so that they may test and retest returning employees. No other test kit can accomplish this."
Then, the SEC announces the following:
"The Commission temporarily suspended trading in the securities of DECN because of questions regarding the accuracy and adequacy of information in the marketplace since at least March 3, 2020."
The stock has a sudden fall to the $0.20 mark and is suspended from trading for 10 days
DECN puts out a response 4 days later
"Prior to the trading suspension Keith Berman, DECN's CEO, had voluntarily submitted to over three hours of interviews conducted by SEC staff members over multiple days. At the conclusion of the second interview, a third interview was requested by the staff. Instead, the SEC suspended trading without warning or further discussion.""Despite the interim trading suspension... intends to press its negotiations with the FDA for expedited approval of the company's GenViro! Swift Kit for the testing of the Covid-19 virus."
Even with the SEC halting the trading of their stock, they continue to press with the kit that is being put into question.


The day the stock became un-halted, it fluctuated from $0.015 to $0.21. May 15th, DECN responded with an amended petition for their trading suspension:


May 20th, SEC publishes their information at the time of the suspension:


May 21st, DECN publishes their testing results for interested parties.
"Both of our Covid-19 test kits are now in the FDA EUA review process. The company has received Pre-EUA Acknowledgement letters from the U.S. FDA for (the) device (serial number) PEUA200232, GenViro Covid-19 Screening Kit for professional use in commercial and group settings and device (serial number) PEUA200947, GenViro Covid-19 Screening Kit for at-home use."


June 17th, DECN responds to the SEC information:

They also apply for a provisional patent for their test-kit:


July 1st, the SEC releases the final documentation for the petition on the suspension of trading:

"... the Commission’s opinion that the public interest and the protection of investors required suspension of trading in DECN’s securities was the right decision and remains the right decision. Accordingly, the Petition should be denied."

Read this, at the very least, if you are going to buy this stock.



July 2nd, CEO Keith Berman releases an open letter:

"Public health experts seem to agree on two things, the need for a vaccine and the importance of increased, immediate, and affordable testing to determine exactly who is ill and contagious. As New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated, "The more testing, the more open the economy." The President's Advisory Task Force agrees that the economy won't open completely and remain such without wide-scale testing."

"But, testing is only valuable when it is accurate. In the case of a pandemic, it must also be affordable and produce reliable results in minutes, even seconds. On that front, there has to date been a failure to deliver. "

"Companies large and small have jumped in headfirst to the testing race under the FDA's guidance and with big dollars on the line. Unsurprisingly, that favors the large players to the detriment of smaller, often more nimble and innovative players. In the end, it's the public health, really all of us, who suffer. Another article points out the FDA's oversight has been inconsistent at best, stating, "The FDA must stick to its normal process for review but expedite it by giving it top priority with its clinical reviewers and bring in more reviewers if necessary."

"More so, our public health administrators favor familiar technologies whose applications often don't respond to the exact urgent needs of the moment. Worse yet, they seek familiar faces, often the big pharma-med-tech players, who like an oil tanker in the open ocean, take forever to change course in the direction required. Unfortunately for us all, this frequently unfolds at the immediate expense of creative, alternative thinking, new, unknown, smaller players who may actually have the answers, but rarely get the chance and support to appropriately test their solutions."

There are a ton of quotes from this letter, but I wanted to point out a few.


July 8th, DECN announces distribution:

"The company plans to manufacture two GenViro! International Covid-19 Swift Kit packages for sale in Central and Southern Asia and reports that its new distributor will be opening hubs in Singapore, India, and Australia... The company still estimates that sales for its International GenViro! Swift Kits will commence in late Summer 2020."


July 10th, DECN announces a saliva COVID-19 test-kit for professional and home use, as well as re-iterating their blood-prick test-kit is showing results within 11 seconds:

"Test reporting for the GenViro! finger stick kits are currently producing results at :10.5 seconds, and initial testing completed on the saliva version of the kit should yield even faster results since the saliva testing will not require any sample correction."

"Preliminary testing... was run using saliva from human donors and indicated that the saliva exhibits a comparable, and in fact favorable, impedance curve profile when compared to whole blood."


What does this all mean?
DECN says they have a product that will literally have an impact on the world; we need to test everyone and we need to do it in a way that is easy, yet effective. The fact they claim they can make upwards of 500 million test kits within a year of production shows the scale that they are able to bring their product.

The risk:
- This is an OTC, so it is inherently more risky than other stocks
- This stock will not go up any more than it is currently at now without the EUA from the FDA
- It is still on the Grey Market(normal stocks are on pinks) and you may not even be able to buy it currently, DECN has to submit form 211 in order to get themselves off the grey market; to my knowledge, they have not done this yet
- On a scale of 1-10, 1 being a low risk and 10 being high, I would have to give it a solid 7.5-8.5; again, this stock will not move without the FDA approving their device

The reward:
- You get in on the low of a stock that has the potential to raise upwards over 1-5$; my PT has been laughed at many times, but think about it... 500 million test kits, $6.95 wholesale price per test kit... stocks with this much in earnings are not penny stocks

Why I believe in this company:
If you double, triple, and quadruple down, saying that you have a product that can produce the results you promise, and then you continue to put out PR that you have come to agreements for distribution, preparing for the moment you get the approval, you would need to actually have that product. The US is seeing the 2nd wave, and this virus is not going to leave our lives for the foreseeable future.

My predictions for the stock:
- If FDA approval comes before it moves off the grey market: $0.70-$0.95
- If it moves off the grey before FDA approval: $0.40-$0.55
- Once it has both FDA approval and is moved off the grey market: $1.00-$1.25

TLDR: DECN claimed to have a quick testing process for COVID-19, SEC halted them due to the belief of misinformation. DECN denounces the halt, still pushes forward with trying to get the EUA from the FDA. DECN has since released multiple statements that they have a product and it does produce the results they previously stated. No EUA has been given to DECN yet, no movement off of the grey market yet, VERY RISKY STOCK TO BUY, but also could be more rewarding than others once they get all of the previously stated items.
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2020.07.07 17:58 madespecifictopost how to get a covid 19 test when asymptomatic, for travel requirements? (Minnesota)

I'm in central Minnesota.
I do not currently have any symptoms, however I plan to do some traveling, and one of the requirements is to have a negative Covid-RT-PCR test within the last 7 days.
I called the regional health conglomerate where they have the testing sites setup.
I was directed to their website, for an E-Visit, basically an online questionnaire that ( under normal circumstances costs $30, but is "free" if for covid ), but got the run-around. The questions basically asked do you have any symptoms, are you a health care worker, or been in a nursing/group home recently. I answered no to each question. The results of the E-Visit was "get rest, and keep hydrated".
Has anyone had experience with getting a test when asymptomatic, for travel purposes? any suggestions?
a sad but sort of true reference:
edit, adding word for word the results of the e-visit:
I am sorry you are not feeling well. Your health is our priority. Based on the information you have provided, it is possible that you may have some type of viral infection. Please read the full treatment plan and see my recommendations below. Medication information Because you have a viral infection, antibiotics will not help you get better. Treating a viral infection with antibiotics could actually make you feel worse. Self care Steps you can take to be as comfortable as possible: Rest. Drink plenty of fluids. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) General Information Because there is currently no vaccine to prevent infection, the best way to protect yourself is to avoid being exposed to this virus. Common symptoms of COVID-19 include but are not limited to fever, cough, and shortness of breath. These symptoms appear 2-14 days after you are exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19. Click here for more information from the CDC on how to protect yourself. If you are sick with COVID-19 or suspect you are infected with the virus that causes COVID-19, follow the steps here from the CDC to help prevent the disease from spreading to people in your home and community. Click here for general information from the CDC on testing. If you develop any of these emergency warning signs for COVID-19, get medical attention immediately: Trouble breathing Persistent pain or pressure in the chest New confusion or inability to arouse Bluish lips or face Call your doctor or clinic before going in. Call 911 if you have a medical emergency and notify the operator you have or think you may have COVID-19. For more detailed and up to date information on COVID-19 (Coronavirus), please visit the CDC website. 
and it ends with some more generic words about follow ups, for other types of e-visits, and is signed by someone who is a PA

EDIT found a solution:

So after looking into the required travel health certificate document application I found a list of accepted labs that do the test, some of them have at home kits that you can mail in, so if the sample is mailed back with overnight shipping, the results can be obtained within the 1 week requirement.
Access Medical Labs Bakotic Pathology Associates BioCollections Worldwide, Inc. BioReference Laboratories CareSpot Express Healthcare Diatherix Laboratories GENETWORx Health Network Labs (HNL) Ipsum Diagnostics John Hopkins Laboratories Lab24 Inc. Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp)/ViroMed LaboratoriesLabCorp)/ViroMed Laboratories LabTech Diagnostics Mayo Clinic Laboratories Medical Diagnostic Laboratories (MDL) Microgen Diagnostics Novant Health PathGroup Laboratories Quest Diagnostics Synergy Labs Testing Matters University of Florida University of Miami Hospital and Clinics Vanderbilt Health and Williamson Medical Center Almonte General Hospital Calder Health Centre Cambridge Memorial Hospital Central Zone, Nova Scotia Health Authority Clinical Research Laboratory and Biobank (CRLB) Collingwood General and Marine Hospital Cornwall Community Hospital Deep River and District Hospital Dynacare-Brampton G.B. Cross Memorial Hospital Glengarry Memorial Hospital Hamilton Health Sciences Homewood Health Centre Joseph Brant Hospital Lakeridge Health Bowmanville LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services North Shore Health Network Ontario Agency for Health Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre Scarborough Health Network St. Francis Memorial Hospital St. Joseph’s General Hospital Protection and PromotionPromotion Stevenson Memorial Hospital Western Memorial Regional Hospital William Osler Health System 

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2020.05.13 16:44 SheepExplosion Latin Paleography, Lesson 3: Protogothic Notarial Hands

Lesson 3: Protogothic Notarial Hand
The manuscript for this lesson (requires Flash to view) is probably one of my favorites to teach with - Templars, Emperors, the Teutonic Order, and sartorial controversy. It comes from the papal chancery of Honorius III. The letter forms are very similar to the previous lesson's protogothic, but with several modifications which make it a notarial protogothic.
Note that the ascenders (vertical strokes) on the top line are much longer than others, which is called litteris celestis. Note also that the 'q' hooks to the left like a 'g', a feature particular to Roman notarial scripts. Finally, if the word order at times seems odd, this is to follow a pattern known as prose cursus, wherein sense units end in a regular metrical pattern (usually cursus planus -xx-x, cursus tardus -xx-xx, or cursus velox -xxxx-x). In papal diplomae, this is an anti-forgery feature, as is the deliberate use of the entire page and the wide spacing of the final dating clause at the bottom.
I really love this document because the subject matter is so trivial, and Honorius' tone seems to me to border on bitchy. He's got nothing on Innocent III there, though, who was the pontifex maximus of sass.
Although there is little horizontal compression to the script, making it a protogothic, note that the frequent use of the short-s in a terminal position shows a transition towards Gothic.
1 Honorius ep[iscopu]s servus servor[um] dei . Dilectis filiis . {{ }} . mag[ist]ro et fratribus domus militie Templi . Sal[u]t[em] et ap[osto]licam . ben[edictione] . Quanto vos ampliori caritate diligim[us] .
2 tanto nobis amplius displiceret si quod absit reprehensione seu etiam irrisione dignum aliquid faceretis . Siquidem privilegia fr[atr]ibus domus s[an]c[t]e Marie Teuto-
3 nicorum ab ap[osto]lica sede concessa manifeste demonstrant . q[uo]d ordo v[este]r in cl[er]icis et militibus ac aliis fratrib[us] hospitalis vero in pauperib[us] et infirmis in ip[s]a
4 domo iam dudum extitit institutus . et per sedem ap[osto]licam confirmatus . Licet autem fr[atr]es ip[s]i tum propter negligentiam suam dum essent pauci et pauperes
5 tum etiam propter scandali v[est]ri metum . tam in habitu deferendo . quam in quib[us]dam aliis . aliquando contra institutio[n]em fecerunt memoratam . nos tamen
6 inclinate sue religionis merito et precibus carissimi in [Christ]o filii n[ost]ri . F[redrici] . romanor[um] imperatoris illustris semper augusti et regis sicilie qui in
7 die coronationis sue id a nobis pro speciali munere postulavit . institutionem ip[s]am de communi consilio fratrum n[ost]rorum n[ost]ro privilegio confirmavimus .
8 domum ip[s]am aliis privilegiis indulgentiis et libertatibus munientes . Accepimus autem quod vos occasione alborum mantellor[um] super quibus deferendis spe
9 cialem a nobis indulgentiam impetrarunt . pro eo q[uo]d in hoc specialiter fecisse contra institutionem hui[us]modi videbantur . moti estis aliquantulum contra eos .
10 quod quantum sit v[est]ra religione indignum quisquis recogitare voluerit . facile recognoscet. Si enim vos ab hui[us]modi motu . nec ap[osto]lica nec imperialis
11 reverentia cohibet . cohibere saltem om[n]ium id audientium substannatio vos deberet . quibus videtur sicut est revera ridiculum vos indigne ferre alios a vobis
12 album portare mantellum . presertim a v[est]ro habitu sic distinctum signaculo speciali .' ut timeri non possit . ne quis unius ordinis fr[atr]es ordinis e[ss]e alteri[us] ar
13 bitretur . Id[eo]q[ue] circumspectionem v[est]ram attente rogandum duximus et hortandam . quatinus om[n]i rancore deposito . siquem forte contra dictos fr[atr]es occasione
14 hui[us]modi concepistis ambuletis in caritas sp[irit]u et unitatis vinculo cum eisdem . eor[um] profectum sicut decet viros religiosos . proprium reputantes . ita
15 q[uo]d idem imperator cum illuc deo dante pervenerit .' fraternam inter vos inveniat unitatem . quia si aliter faceretis . nonsolum ap[osto]licam et imperialem in-
16 curreretis offensam .' ver[um]etiam in detractationem v[est]ram ora quor[um]libet audientium laxaretis . Dat[um] Verul[ensis] . XV . k[a]l[ends] maii .
17 pontificatus n[ost]ri anno sexto .
Notes and Hints
I just love this document so much for its contents. Getting both the pope and the holy roman emperor tangled in a dispute over sartorial habits? chef's kiss Yes, that was an intentional pun.
Chancery, chancellor, and cancel all come from cancellus, a lattice or grid. The chancery, and thus the chancellor, would be separated from the court by a latticework or railing. To cancel something, in paleographic terms, is to draw Xs through it, as opposed to expunction (dots above and/or below the letters) or erasure (scratching out with a pen knife). Note that if you see something crossed out in a medieval document, it is not erased or removed. Quite the opposite, in fact: that's how they did highlighting.
The first line has a space between "filiis" and "magistro" where an initial should go, but it has not been filled in.
Examples of cursus:
Previous Weeks
Lesson 1: Basics
lesson 2: Protogothic
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2020.05.06 21:06 Dastardos Best Pryda Track Tournament Round 1

Hello fellow Prydateers!
Inspired by the A&B bracket created by finkelbeats, I've created a 128 participant bracket of Pryda tracks comprised of four groupings (Early Years, Essential Mix Era, Pryda 10 Era & Pryda 15 Era) in order to determine what the "best" Pryda track is. This bracket is inclusive of all released Pryda tracks except for Sucker DJ. The following tracks were consolidated in order to fit an 128 participant bracket: Aftermath (Original Extended Version, 12' Version & Eric's Edit), The Gift (Original & EPIC Version), Melo (Original, Eric's Special Edit), Niton (Original & Pryda 82 Remix), Viro (Original & Intro Edit), You (Original & Interlude). Additionally, while 2night, Mighty Love and the 1983 Remix are technically Eric Prydz tracks, they've been included in this bracket since they are part of Presents Pryda.
Here is the breakdown of the four groupings which were determined by the following release date ranges: Early Years (2004-2010), Essential Mix Era (2010-2013), Pryda 10 Era (2013-2017) & Pryda 15 Era (2017-Present). Seeds within each grouping were determined by the amount of recorded plays on 1001tracklists. Thus - for example - Muryani gained the first seed in the Early Years grouping as it has 111 recorded plays on 1001 whereas Miami to Atlanta received the second seed as it has 88 recorded plays on 1001. Vocal mashups were counted (e.g. Missing Europa, Sweet Genesis).
Here are the visualized brackets: Early Years, Essential Mix Era, Pryda 10 Era, Pryda 15 Era. Unfortunately because of the tournament size I was unable to find a way to display all 128 matchups in one image. Please note though that in the final four that the Early Years will be facing the Pryda 10 Era and the Essential Mix Era will be facing the Pryda 15 Era.
There will be seven rounds of voting and voting will be conducted via Google Forms. I'll post the voting results after each round along with the voting form for the next round and an updated visual bracket.
Here is the link to the first round of voting. Voting for this round will close on Sunday, May 10th at 3:00 PM CST.
Have fun and may the best track win!
Edit: Based on the submitted feedback from our participants I've switched all matchup responses to being optional and not required for this round.
Edit 2: Voting for Round 1 has now closed. Results and Round 2 will be posted in a separate thread later today.
Edit 3: Round 2 has now opened and can be accessed here.
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2020.04.27 03:09 SkyBS “Hey, man, thanks 256.” Expressions of gratitude (or not) in Jumrol

Firstly, this whole scheme I am going to describe was inspired by a Demetri Martin joke about saying thanks (in English, naturally):
You can say thanks, and you can say thanks a million, but any number in between? Uh-uh. “Hey, man, thanks 256.” “What?” “Yeah, you gave me a ride. That’s not worth a million. You know what? 255 for questioning me. Keep it up, stupid. We’re headed for thanks 0, and that’s no thanks."
This whole thing got me thinking, what if a language did use "a number in between one and a million" for other expression of thanks? The more I thought about it, the more I felt it worked in my conlang, so I created some fitting expressions. I don't mean to say that in my conlang, Jumrol, that you could literally say any number and it would value your level of gratitude, e.g. "thanks 256", but rather I have five examples where each number encodes a specific meaning, a couple of which shining some cultural light on its speakers.
Example one:
Akru vul / ɑkɾʊ vʊl / one.hundred.million debt / Thanks a million
Here's the Jumrol equivalent of "thanks a million" or perhaps mille grazie. It is the most generic and most common of these examples.
Example two:
Flosho vul / 'flɔʃɔ vʊl / one.hundred.thousand debt / Thanks for everything
The number flosho (one hundred thousand) is used generally to describe a 'whole variety of things,' much like how 'myriad' (technically the English number ten thousand) is used to mean a very large number of things. Flosho vul and akru vul are not just variations on the same expression however. Flosho vul is like "thanks for various things you have done over time" and akru vul points to gratitude for a specific deed.
Example three:
Nōstīk vul / nɔ:s'ti:k vʊl / ninety debt / Thanks (for the gift)
This phrase is ultra common. It is what you say when accepting a gift. Always. Aside from some trivia-loving outliers, Jumrol speakers would have no idea where it comes from. The popular belief among those who say they know is that it dates back to a 500-year-old story of when an emissary from the Unggan Empire brought 90 gifts to a leader in the southern regions in an attempt to unify the north and south. Whether this story has any validity is questionable though, as there are varying accounts of how many gifts were sent, or if the story is true at all.
Example four:
Reko vul / 'ɾækɔ vʊl / six.GEN debt / Thanks (for your input)
This one is pretty rare. You won't hear a fishmonger or some lay person using it. You may however hear some oligarchs or an esteemed erudite using it. Science and education are of utmost importance in Jumrol society and the number six is strongly connected to this. It refers the six great universities that anyone who is anyone attends. Think the Ivy League but even more iconic as an institution. The number six is associated learning, so reko vul can also mean "thanks for your insight/expertise."
Example five:
Viro vul / 'viɾɔ vʊl / two.GEN debt / Thanks (sarcastic)
This one is pretty simple. What ever the person you are talking to did it was only worth two thanks, or really zero thanks, which is what you are actually offering.
Some other basic expressions are vulru "thank you" or simply vru "thanks" (inf.) Unfortunately, "256 thanks" still means nothing.
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2020.03.15 21:44 lasanhawithpizza Help me please.

I have a girlfriend and she is a medical student and am an engineering student. We have been dating for 2 years. We had some discussions and some disagreement, but we never fought or argued, too calm for that. So far so good.
So, for her to get some extra credits at the university, sometimes she works in the service area and first aid area at the university/hospital. With this corona viros she is practically forced to do this due to the lack of people to work, even gets an extra for it.
In these 2 months that she has done all of this I kind of feel that we are distancing ourselves, when we talk it is always a short conversation and sometimes we just send memes to each other. when she gets home she just studies and then sleeps (I always leave her something to eat in the fridge, but not all times she eats). I don't know if I should be quiet about it or talk to her or support her or some other option, but I feel like she can't take much more of it and wish I could make her feel a little better. Any idea what I can do?
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2019.08.12 02:05 LePOSSM The Hunter Through Time - pt1: Origin

She's in nothing. Floating in darkness. No gravity, no floor, no ceiling, nothing. It's just empty. No lights at all. Suddenly, a bright light appears and she wakes up in the rusted, broken cockpit of a Golden Age interstellar transport ship. Except... She doesn't know that. A small, robotic, star-shaped robot floats in front of her.
"I'm so happy to finally meet you!" he says with a gentle, metallic voice. "My name is Viro. I'm your Ghost."
She sits up and looks around. The sky is... Green. The ground is a psychodelic mix of green, yellow, and blue, and she's strapped into the wreckage by the seat's harness. She tugs at it and tries the buckle, but can't escape it.
"Look at your boot. I gave you a knife. That should help you." said the Ghost.
She glanced at her foot and saw a knife in a sheath attached to the side. She pulled it out and ripped through the harness easily. She looked at the knife... Curved, sleek, and had an insignia on the blade. The hilt had 2 finger holes for her pinky and index. Twirling it around her hand she looked at her Ghost.
"Where am I? What's going on?" she said softly.
"Venus, just outside of the Ishtar sink. We've got a long way to go to get you home."
She gets out of the chair and loses her balance for a second. She exits the ship and steps out into the Venusian air. She can breathe... But she doesn't question it.
"Where are we going?" she asks.
"To earth. We have to get you a ship. Let's go to the Academy. I remember a ship there."
He vanishes and she begins walking towards the city. There, she comes across a robotic leg. It looks sleek, yet... Almost scary.
"That's a limb from the Vex. They roam here. Best not to mess with them yet. They're basically time travelling killer robots. We're rather ill-equipped to take them on." says Viro.
She just nods and proceeds into a building. There, a panel still works, but faintly. It's a map of the entire area. Before she could study it, she looks past it to see the bodies of alien creatures hidden in the shadows. She opens her hand and Viro materializes.
"What are those things? What happened to them?" she asks quietly.
Viro flies over and shines a blue light on the corpses. After a minute or two, he returns.
"They're known as the Fallen. Scavengers that torment the system looking for ways to take our Light." he says. "They were killed by a Titan, another class of Guardian like yourself. The Void traces left over indicate it's a Defender. Maybe he's still close. It was hard to date the bodies."
She goes back to the map, studies it, and follows the directions to the nearest hangar. There, there's rustling coming from inside. The hangar door had been blown open and it was pitch black inside. She takes cover and thinks about her approach.
"Do you know what's in there?" she asks quietly.
"Yeah. There's Fallen in there. Unfortunately, the only working ship for almost 100 miles is in there. If we want to get off this planet, we have to take care of them." Viro says.
"How? The only weapon I have is a knife." she says coldly.
An auto rifle materializes in her hand. She grins and cocks the bolt, loading one into the chamber. She stands in the center of the massive hole and calls out.
"Hey! Come on out! I got a bullet with your name on it!" she yells into the hangar.
"You really should not have done that..." Viro says.
In a split second, a bright blue flash from the dark appears, a quick sharp pain in her forehead, and suddenly everything goes black. She's floating in the nothingness once again. Just as before, a bright light appears and she wakes up again. Her Ghost has brought her back once more. Realizing she is immortal, she gets to her feet and runs inside. Shots begin ringing towards her as she ducks into cover. She opens fire occasionally in the direction of the shots and hears a few alien screams of pain. She peeks from cover to see a Fallen bigger than the rest with a bright blue shield running at her. Before she could react to get away, the Captain grabs her by the neck and pins her against a wall and breaking her rifle in half with 2 of his free hands.
She tries to get free but he's too strong. Looking around, she notices a fuel tank parked about 15 meters from them. She looks at the Captain's belt and notices he has a few grenades strapped the bandolier. His grip gets stronger and her eyesight begins to fade as she makes one last kick towards his bandolier knocking the grenades towards the tank.
She forgot to try to prime them...
Kicking and struggling with all of her effort, the Captain raises a really big... Solar cannon to her head and presses it on her forehead. She rolls her eyes as if to say "here we go again" as he kills her.
Blackness, light, and she's back. The Captain hears her come back and runs to grab her as she scrambles to the grenades. She primes one and drops it beneath the tank just as the captain grabs her leg. He pulls her to face him once more and he roars in her face. She spits onto his eye as the grenades and fuel tank exploded killing every living thing in that hangar except for her. She burns for a while and is in a lot of pain, but she pulls herself back up and looks back.
"Well... I blew it..." she says looking at the wreckage of the ship she was going to take to Earth.
"Pretty dramatically if you ask me." Viro says with a chuckle.
"Well... Looks like we've got a long walk ahead of us."
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2019.03.11 03:34 throwawayhunnees step 1 write up: low score NBMES --> 254 on real deal (and score predictor underpredicted me!)

Hi yall
Doing a step 1 write up b/c i am honestly shooketh by my score and I want people to know that you can score well even if your preliminary scores for practice tests and qbanks aren't super hot.
US school, 1.5 yr curriculum
resources used: Boards n Beyond, FA, Pathoma, Sketchymicro & Sketchypharm partially Zanki deck, partially Torki/Pepper deck, partially LY deck. random class notes.
Real deal: 254
Nbme 13: 221 (5weeks out, right before dedicated, although I had reviewed 1 week of GI at this point)
Nbme 15: 230 (4 weeks out)
Nbme 16: 225 (3 weeks out)
Uwsa 1: 247 ( literally 2 days after NBME 16 cuz I needed a confidence boost)
Nbme 17: 228 (2.5 weeks out)
Nbme 19: 236 (1.5 weeks out)
Uwsa 2: 258 (1 week out)
Free 120: 75% (0.5 weeks out)
UW percentage: somewhere in 70-75% range. but this is all mixed, some are random timed, some are tutor modes untimed.
What I attribute my success to? Understanding not just the high yield information, but being able to first off, identify WHAT IS high yield in the first place. Pounding micro + pharm bc they are just free gimme points. Knowing everything else by volume not necessarily super in depth but making sure I'd seen everything "at least once" and then somehow connecting that back to the HIGH YIELD points. And lastly, INTEGRATION!!!!!! OMG GOLJAN IS MY FATHER!!!!!!!!!
For me it wasn't about finishing things and making "passes". If I passed by it one time and could teach you back again, I'd never pass by it again. I mean are you really going to forget that Rifampin makes your pee orange? Who could forget that. That being said, I did utilize Anki for repetition, but only to repeat those things that are in my mind as a framework already, and to keep seeing things NOT to rote memorize them, but to understand and integrate it the second, third, fourth time I saw it. For instance, the first time you learn about Staph aureus impetigo, the word impetigo means nothing to you. Then you get derm, and you see the card again about impetigo and suddenly it means so much more... and then the card about staph aureus is now also a trigger for me to remember and review derm too! INTEGRATE!!!!!!!. It also wasn't about "maturing decks" or doing multiple Q banks. I only finished UWorld once (untimed tutor during the year) and then did incorrects (timed, random) during dedicated. The name of my game was slow and steady wins the race + breadth not necessarily depth. Having the breadth allowed me to make those integrations. IMO you don't need a lot of depth, maybe in physio that's about it. The rest will come with breadth and integration.
I am going to structure this write up by how I used my resources b/c when I was studying I saw so many people writing "passes" of this or that, and like what does a pass even mean??
Anki: I started Anki relatively "late" for all you anki die hards out there. Didn't hop on until a month or so into 2nd year. None used during first year. At first I used the Zanki deck, then around the 3rd or 4th organ system, I discovered Boards and Beyond (continued to use Zanki and try to correlate it with BnB) --> then a month later found out about the LY deck and completely dropped Zanki for LY. IMO no deck will cover everything. And honestly no deck should. Its inhuman to try to cram all that material into your mind, and will make you lose the forest for the trees. Ie: take your focus out of the big picture HIGH YIELDS and have you worrying about low yield bs details.. that really only exist to support HIGH YIELDS.
I also used Torki and Pepper PRN for micro & pharm. If I liked the Zanki micro/pharm cards, I'd use those. If I liked Torki better, I'd use those. It depended on the item itself. like I think Torki has way too much info about Leishmania... which is fairly low yield so like, I'd just use the Zanki micro for that which is way less cards. Obviously you can see my workflow was kind of all over the place, but as I got closer and closer to step, I started feeling more and more confident about completely relying on LY deck. In dedicated, I kept up w any of the micro/pharm cards I'd already used not from LY deck but for instance, I didn't card any viruses until dedicated so once I was in dedicated, I only used cards from LY deck on viruses because I just wanted to streamline my anki usage and not have a million different decks pieced together.
Another thing: I didn't use cards throughout the year continuously like you are supposed to. So if you are really struggling w keeping up, I'm here to tell you ITS OK !!!! I used the decks during the block to learn the information and then afterwards, I never saw the cards again until dedicated when I re-reviewed. I did somewhat try to rereview micro/pharm but that meant just having like a few days a month of just "I'ma sit here and pound 4 hours of micro/pharm cards for a study break from organ systems".
So to summarize: organ systems, basic sciences - LY deck. Micro/pharm- a combo of Zanki, Torky, Pepper, LY... patched together depending on how I liked the cards for each bug or drug (some I thought were too much unnecessary junk, some I had like staph aureus cards from multiple decks cuz I thought its pretty dang high yield and I wanted to see it multiple times from different angles).
Boards and Beyond: the best resource to cut to the chase and HIGH YIELD everything. I saw so many things on my test that wasn't explicitly discussed in FA or class that Dr Ryan was like "oh yeah boards love this" and I'd sit there doubting him like really?? do they?? cuz its not in FA?? and YES IT WAS ON MY EXAM. .... if you can afford it, get it. worth it. Also doing Bnb videos --> immediately doing the deck for those videos from LY deck made my workflow like amazingly smooth and peaceful. a gift, a blessing. I watched every single BnB video (minus viruses) before dedicated. Then during dedicated, I selectively rewatched ones I needed to review/didn't remember or understand the first time around.
Pathoma: Chapters 1, 2, 3. HIGH YIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the other chapters are cool and whatever but honestly, Dr Ryan covers the relevant path already in his videos and I was ok just seeing it from Dr Ryan and then passively watching pathoma (not even annotating) during meals. However chapter 1,2,3 I heavily annotated and rewatched twice or three times. I will say I found skin chapter and accompanying Zanki cards to be helpful since derm was NOT a thing at my school like we had no formal derm block. so I felt like I needed to hit derm hard on my own and so I did Bnb + LY deck derm + Zanki derm cards so I could just get that extra exposure.
Sketchymicro: I made sure to watch every single video (minus viruses) at least twice before dedicated began. I did viruses during dedicated only b/c I did super well in viro in school so didn't really need to review heavily. Ladies and gentlemen: Just fucking do it. You will thank yourself. Micro and pharm questions should not be missed. They are first or second order easy gimme points. Every micro or pharm question I got on the exam, I knew it cold and answered in like 3 seconds. Saved me time, and brain space for things I really had to think about (physio questions... weird ethics questions...)
Sketchypharm: I cherry picked this. The pharm videos are bloated and too long for mnemonics to work anymore. I focused on ones that would be hard for me to remember like Diabetes drugs, antiarrythmics, and left the rest to Dr Ryan. Like for instance, I didn't really need the renal drugs. Diuretics are easy enough to get if you understand their mechanism and the phys.
A special note on class: If possible, I would try to attend class or at least watch the videos on 2x speed WHILE doing my thing. I attended class for basic sciences and for the earlier organ systems, but then gave up about 1/3 way into the year b/c I felt like I couldn't keep up with class and also my study schedule. I was really nervous about ditching the curriculum but ultimately, it freed up my time to do things like revisit Sketchy, go back and do UW questions for basic sciences from year 1 and then I always made sure to finish the UW questions for that organ block that we were in before our in house exams, which helped me pass the in house exams. I would try to at least cherry pick and 2x speed a few lectures here and there and then try to speed read powerpoints but yeah towards the end, I stopped even doing that as well. I'm not happy about it b/c I do think that class lectures provide you the CONTEXT in which to hook your information on, and that is part of INTEGRATION so it is very important. I don't think I could have gotten such a high score if I ditched from day 1. I noticed during dedicated that it was significantly easier to review organ systems that I paid attention to in class and made an effort to attend because I remembered that much more and had so much more context. But time is money and unfortunately the volume may not always allow for that.
During the year schedule: I tried to finish the UW for that organ system block we were in before the in house exams. I would also do the relevant sketchies for that organ system (for ex: pulm has a lot of resp bugs). I didn't start UW until 6 months before my exam, so for all the basic sciences I budgeted in about 4-5 days per block to solely re-review those items and finish the associated UW sections for that. By the time I got to dedicated, I had gotten through almost 97% of UW and the rest was like a little bit of organ systems that I didn't finish during blocks. But then I finished those questions in the early weeks of dedicated. I used LY cards during that block only, never saw them again until dedicated. (the way I did micro/pharm cards is detailed above). Also listened to Goljan for that respective block either the day before or day after in house exams.
Dedicated schedule:
I had 6 weeks of dedicated but I used them like this:
note when I say review, I mean, I watched BnB videos I thought I needed (ie. need a second look), rewatched any sketchies I needed, highlighted and read Pathoma + FA, redid the corresponding BnB LY cards for that subject.
Week 1: reviewed all of GI BnB and GI uworld questions that I hadn't completed. end of week: nbme
Week 2: took a family vacation
Week 3: reviewed all of Neuro BnB and did the associated questions I hadn't completed. end of week: nbme
Week 4: reviewed heme onc + immuno in like 4 days. finished any associated questions I hadn't completed end of week: nbme + uswa 1.
[ insert emotional breakdown bc nbme scores are getting lower and lower. ]
Week 5: reviewed repro in one day. reviewed endo in another day. reviewed cardio in about 3-4 days. started doing timed mixed randoms of my incorrects. end of week: nbme.
Week 6: continuing w timed mixed randoms. reviewed pulm in one day. reviewed renal in 2 days. reviewed psych in like 1 afternoon (lol) end of week: nbme + free 120
week 7: continuing w timed mixed randoms. reviewed all of micro. focused on switching my sleep schedule to sleep early, wake early. RELISTENED TO ALL GOLJAN!!! midweek: uswa 2.
[feels better since uswa2 score was better. i decided to skip nbme 18 for psychological reasons]
throughout all the weeks: reviewing MSK, Derm, basic sciences as "breaks" from the main reviews.
In retrospect I felt like I peaked at week 6 cuz week 7 I didn't do much except review micro and be nervous and sleep early. whatever.
Actual test: ha ha ha felt like I blacked out and failed first 3 sections. Running out of time, sweaty and anxious. Last 4 sections cool and calm in control. Felt like my normal self, having like 15-20 mins leftover at end of each section.
Final thoughts: do not skip on biostats.!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH RANDY MCNEILS YOUTUBE VIDEOS! GOOGLE HIM!!! dont skimp on pharm like load dose and whatever that crap. I thought it was low yield. I WAS WRONG!!!!!!! get those micro points they are so cha ching free points on the test. Do your best to understand physio. do not memorize it, the test will ask you in a way that is not memorization friendly. everything else is: memorize, integrate, apply. INTEGRATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe if you don't know what integrate means, listen to all of goljan. he integrates for you. eetz dee best.
Best of luck to all you hunnees. Hope all of you are living your best lives and scoring your best scores. And by best lives I mean ha ha ha...its actually was the worst year ever. I cried every single week without fail. Called bf multiple times thinking I should drop out of med school. It was psychologically depressing and soul crushing. So don't feel bad if you feel that way. I mean yea feel bad, and talk to a friend or therapist. But understand it does have an end date. I feel so much more normal after step. I feel like myself again. I threw everything into preparing for step and it took away my happiness but well I guess it worked (?)
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2018.10.20 11:01 JorWat I need some help working out how to read some Latin

I'm working on an audiobook for Librivox, and the book I'm reading quotes a Latin inscription.
I can work out how to read most of it with this and Wiktionary, but there are a couple of contractions that I don't know what they're short for.
Here's the quote:
Bernardo Pasquino Hetrusco e Massa Vallis Nevolæ Liberianæ Basilicæ S.P.Q.R. Organedo viro probitate vitæ et moris lepore laudatissimo qui Excell. Jo. Bap. Burghesii Sulmonensium Principis clientela et munificentia honestatus musicis modulis apud omnes fere Europæ Principes nominis gloriam adeptus anno sal. MDCCX. die XXII. Novembris S. Ceciliæ sacro ab Humanis excessit ut cujus virtutes et studia prosecutus fuerat in terris felicius imitaretur in coelis. Bernardus Gaffi discipulus et Bernardus Ricordati ex sorore nepos præceptori et avunculo amantissimo moerentes monumentum posuere. Vixit annos LXXII. menses XI. dies XIV.
So, here are the specific questions:
  1. What is 'Excell.' short for?
  2. Is 'Jo. Bap.' short for Johann Baptist (or perhaps Johannes Baptista, which I believe is more Latin)?
  3. What is 'sal.' short for?
  4. How should I read 'MDCCX'? Should be like English, and be 'septendecim decem', or should it be like French and be 'mille septuaginta et decem'? Or something else entirely? EDIT: Looking through this Wikipedia page, it says that 'ordinal numbers, not cardinal numbers, are commonly used to represent dates'. So would it be 'millesimus septuagesimus et decimus'?
  5. Is 'S.' short for something? 'Sanctus', perhaps? EDIT: I think it might be 'Spurius'. Then again, 'Sancta Caecilia' was the patroness of music, and this is a musician.
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2017.06.07 04:30 Glofkill Verbum Diei, die Martis, A D VIII ID JUN, anni AUC MMDCCLXX: meridies

Verbum diei hodie est:
mĕrīdĭes, mĕrīdĭēi: mid-day, noon, the south
5th declension masculine
quos cum ille vidisset et Beniamin simul praecepit dispensatori domus suae dicens introduc viros domum et occide victimas et instrue convivium quoniam mecum sunt comesuri meridie
And when he had seen them, and Benjamin with them, he commanded the steward of his house, saying: Bring in the men into the house, and kill victims, and prepare a feast: because they shall eat with me at noon.
Genesis 43.16
The terms AM and PM are abbreviations for ante and post meridiem, meaning before and after mid-day.
Nonne habetis verba cara? Verba invisa? Verba jocosa? Date mihi verba vestra, et fortasse videatis hic!
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2016.09.04 07:52 am153 Vinyl Give Away #2 Winners

So I've decided to pick 2 winners instead of 1 simply because there were so many good submissions that I had a very hard time choosing a single winner.
First place winner got first pick of which out of the 3 vinyl he/she wanted and will also receive a decal. 2nd place winner got to pick from the remaining two vinyl.
Thanks to all those who submitted their stories. There were a lot of awesome ones! Next give away will be of Mouseville 22 whenever it is released. It will be open to EVERYONE, not just US residents.
Here is the original thread w/ all the submissions
1st Place Winner - Dj-A-lash - Chose Inspiration/RYMD as their record.
My prydz cherry popped in the most unlikeliest of the places : In a Hospital.
I had heard prydz before but mostly/ only like Call on Me and Pjanoo. I was in the hospital going through the roughest patch of my life. Being treated for stage 3C cancer. It was i think my third cycle of Chemotherapy. I had lost about 40 pounds and all the hair. Some of my friends came to visit me in the hospital that weekend, to check on me and cheer me up. Them and my dad who was in the hospital were ready to leave and thats when one of my friend's told me that hey why don't you watch Ultra, it will be some fun company once we are gone, they are streaming live this year, she opened that up on the iPad and they left. I was looking at the live stream, think rehab was playing and it was like all cool. I was thinking I should be doing ultra sometime after i get Ok. Looked at the stream schedule and I was kind of waiting for Avicii. But thats when it happened, Eric came on. Opened up with personal jesus. I was like wooaaahhh... this is amazing...!! I pressed on the call button like a mad person. I knew the nurse on the floor. He came running thinking something is wrong. As soon as he came, I apologized, I am like sorry man, i need the headphones from the desk, I need to hear this one. He was relieved to see that everything was ok but then warned me not to go crazy on the call button again. And that was my first prydz experience, I remember how I got the headphones in like towards the end of personal jesus with IV line in one hand, CanceChemo trying to kill me and the earphones pushing Life into me. And then Prydz transitioned into Power Drive, and came the rush of dopamine and I smiled and felt happy from the inside. Never during the past 3 months had I felt that way. I was Happy. I felt ready to beat cancer and get on with life. Every single day I was in the hospital after that I listened to the set once atleast. I celebrated my birthday in the hospital a few days later listening to that set multiple times.
I still listen to that set every now and the memories attached to it just get me feeling pumped up every single time.
2nd Place - peanutlasko - Chose Viro/Emos as their record.
This isn't a story about the first time I heard Eric, but it's a pretty amazing "fairytale" one.
I got introduced to Eric from a good friend who showed me some of the songs off "Eric Prydz presents Pryda" album. I had already saved the song Allein in my favorites list from several years ago, not knowing who Pryda actually was.
Fast forward to EPIC 4.0 earlier this year. I went with my friend and saw Eric perform for the first time live and my mind completely exploded. I had already been hooked by the songs off OPUS and seeing him live at EPIC was a life changing experience. Little did I know that was just the beginning.
In May, my best friend asked me to come to Vegas with him for fun. I didn't really think it was a good idea since I had already bought tickets to EDC LV which was in June - two Vegas trips back to back really didnt seem necessary so I declined. However, shortly after I read that Eric was playing in Vegas at Marquee the same weekend. I changed my mind and decided to go on the trip, although none of the people going liked EDM so I knew I'd be seeing Eric by myself.
A week or so before I was set to leave, I checked this subreddit and found a posting for someone who was also going by themselves to see Eric at Marquee and was looking for people to meet up with. I responded just thinking it would be nice to hang with another Prydz fan.
The rest you can say is history. This "fan" turned out to be an awesome person who I ended up dating. We went to EDC together (her 2nd time going, my first) and got to hear NOPUS, spent the next several months dating long distance, and just a week ago she relocated from her state and moved in with me.
TLDR: Thanks to Eric and his music (and this subreddit!) I found an amazing person who is more than just a cute face, she changed my life and moved halfway across the country to live with me and be together. Now we plan on attending as many Eric live shows as possible!
edit: The post in question:
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2016.08.11 23:29 Glofkill Verbum Diei, die Jovis, A D III ID AUG, anni AUC MMDCCLXVIII: terebinthus

Verbum diei hodie est:
tĕrĕbinthus, tĕrĕbinthi: terebinth, turpentine tree
2nd declension feminine
igitur Israhel pater eorum dixit ad eos si sic necesse est facite quod vultis sumite de optimis terrae fructibus in vasis vestris et deferte viro munera modicum resinae et mellis et styracis et stactes et terebinthi
Their father, Israel, said to them, "If it must be so, then do this. Take from the choice fruits of the land in your bags, and carry down a present for the man, a little balm, a little honey, spices and myrrh, [and] nuts
Genesis 43.11
It comes from the Greek τερέβινθος (terebinthos), and gives rise to the English name for the tree, terebinth. Terebinth trees are in the cashew family and were historically used as a source of turpentine.
Nonne habetis verba cara? Verba invisa? Verba jocosa? Date mihi verba vestra, et fortasse videatis hic!
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2016.01.21 01:26 Glofkill Verbum Diei, die Mercurii, A D XII KAL FEB, anni AUC MMDCCLXVIII: solarium

Verbum diei hodie est:
sōlārĭum, sōlārĭi: sundial
2nd declension neuter
ipsa autem fecit ascendere viros in solarium domus suae operuitque eos lini stipula quae ibi erat
But she had brought them up to the roof and hidden them under the stalks of flax which she had laid in order there.
Joshua 2.6
I'm not really sure where it is in the translation, I guess it means roof. Derivations include solarium which means room with lots of windows.
Nonne habetis verba cara? Verba invisa? Verba jocosa? Date mihi verba vestra, et fortasse videatis hic!
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2015.07.24 17:55 Glofkill Verbum Diei, dies Veneris, A D IX KAL AUG, anni AUC MMDCCLXVII: priscus

Verbum diei hodie est:
priscus, -a, -um: old, ancient, primitive
quanto rarior apud Tiberium popularitas tanto laetioribus animis accepta. atque ille prudens moderandi, si propria ira non impelleretur, addidit insulam Gyarum immitem et sine cultu hominum esse: darent Iuniae familiae et viro quondam ordinis eiusdem ut Cythnum potius concederet. id sororem quoque Silani Torquatam, priscae sanctimoniae virginem, expetere. in hanc sententiam facta discessio.
Tacitus, Annales, 3.69
Nonne habetis verba cara? Verba invisa? Verba jocosa? Date mihi, Glofkill, verba vestra, et fortasse videatis hīc!
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5 Things You NEED To Know About Dating A Virgo - YouTube Signs That The Virgo Male Likes You - YouTube Dating A Virgo: Compatibility And Traits  ZULA ChickChats ... What it's like to date a Virgo man (What you really need ... Odessa Women DREAM of Dating Foreign Men in Ukraine - YouTube VIRGO MAN IN LOVE  DATING A VIRGO MAN - YouTube Dating A Virgo - YouTube Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Dating A VIRGO Virgo in Relationships & in Bed - YouTube

Dating A Virgo Woman SunSigns.Org

  1. 5 Things You NEED To Know About Dating A Virgo - YouTube
  2. Signs That The Virgo Male Likes You - YouTube
  3. Dating A Virgo: Compatibility And Traits ZULA ChickChats ...
  4. What it's like to date a Virgo man (What you really need ...
  5. Odessa Women DREAM of Dating Foreign Men in Ukraine - YouTube
  7. Dating A Virgo - YouTube
  8. Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Dating A VIRGO
  9. Virgo in Relationships & in Bed - YouTube

Ukraine women from Odessa dream of making love connections with visiting foreign men for a good portion of their adult lives. At an early age, Ukraine girls ... Click Here To Subscribe 💋 : My opinion of what it's like to date a Virgo man. Enjoy xox This Video gives you the ins and outs of Dating someone with Virgo Sun Sign. Including the Top 10 Things You Need To Know about dating a Virgo, what a relati... Discussing how to tell if a Virgo male likes you, If you are making any progress, and why he moves slow. Dating a Virgo ***Book Private Sessions With Me At: ... Let astrologer Maria DeSimone show you what it's like when you're in a relationship with or dating a Virgo man or woman. Learn about their personality traits... DO NOT CLICK THIS! Description 💑 💑 💑 💑 𝗠𝗼𝗿𝗲 𝗔𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗩𝗶𝗿𝗴𝗼 𝗠𝗮𝗻 𝗟𝗼𝘃𝗲 ... What are some traits Virgos exhibit? How do Virgos handle conflict? In this episode of ZULA ChickChats, we discuss what it's like to date a Virgo, taking int... Dating A Virgo My Saturn's in Mercury's Jupiter. MERCH: PATREON: Drew Lynch is a c... Dating A Virgo (Sun/Moon/Rising/Venus) ! The Truth Revealed MY SERVICES: Thanks For Watching :) LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE ! C...