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Question From a Chinese Guy: What surprised you themost when you first came to China
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Coach brad b
The bureaucratic process to do almost any thing.
2 examples.
First... When I first arrived in China I neededto buy a pen. I went to the local store and picked out a pen and started towalk to the counter. A lady started yelling at me and grabbed the pen. I wasvery confused. I wondered if she thought I was stealing I t. She took the penand gave me a little piece o f paper that she had just stamped. She than tookthe pen to the country and gave the lady there a piece of paper that that ladystamped. She returned with the paper and gave it to me and pointed for me tostand in line. I stood there and got to the counter and handed l the lady theslip of paper. She asked me for some R M B and stamped the paper and gave itback to me. She pointed for me to go back to where I had found the pen. Iwalked back and the first lady took the two pieces of paper I had. Stapled themtogether and stamped them again. Only after she had done this did she give methe pen.
Second... When I first arrived in China I was a teacher at an International University.The l light bulb in my room went out. So I went to the maint guys and askedthem for an o ther bulb. They indicated that I needed to fill out some paperwork to get it and then they would come and install it. I told them that it waso k, I would just go buy one and put it in. They informed me that this was I m possibleand if I did it I would be in trouble.
So I took the paper and filled it out. Itook it back to them and they informed me that they did not get the paper but Ihad to take it to the office.
So I took it to the office and I was toldthat the paper needed a stamp but the guy who has that stamp was gone for thenext two days. I was told to leave the paper on his desk and he l would stampit and give it to the maint guys. So I did.
3 days went buy and my bulb still had notbeen changed. I went to the maint guys and they said that they had neverreceived the paper. So I went back to the main office and asked the guy withthe stamp. He informed me that it was the wrong paper and he had thrown itaway. I asked him if he had the right paper and he said he did and gave it tome. I had him help me fill it out and gave it to him. He stamped it and I tookit. I did not take it to the maint guys right away since I was going out withsome friends.
When I returned the next day I gave thepaper to the main t guys and asked them if they could do the b u l b to day.They said they could but when they looked at the paper they informed me that ithad the wrong stamp on it and that I should take it back to the man with thestamp.
I did as they said but was informed thisman was going to be out of town for a week and would not be back. I asked againif I could just change it myself and they said no. At this point I l wasgetting angry and I said jokingly "may be you should just give me anotherroom with a light in it that works." They lady said o k. Filled out apiece of paper and stamped it. She handed it to the other lady standing thereand she gave me a key to another room.
It was easier to get another room thanchange a light bulb.


Why west ill got monkeys
This is the greatest thing I have read inthe past 17 minutes.


Gato Na na shi
That is the most insane shit I've read in awhile.


Coach brad b
I always said that God sent me to Chinato learn patience. He failed.


Vis Karen visla
O h my fucking lord, what a bunch ofincredible, lazy, irresponsible ass holes. They probably just didn't want towork and wanted to maintain their stupid dominance. Next time I advise you tosimply change the light bulb. Customer service in China is rife with idiocy.


My chinese sucks
First the good:
People are generally very nice. Sure thereare dicks, but when you get to know people they are usually incredibly nice. Myfirst spring festival in china I didn't have any really good friends y e t,only been here a few months, the shop owner under my apartment invited me tohis house for the holiday. At that time I couldn't under stand any thing, justenough to under stand that he was inviting me to his house and to get on hisscooter. Ha ha, it's was a great time. I've never been treated like family bystrangers faster than in china.
Family values. I love how important familyis out here. I have my pro blems with it (I'l l write about that below) butover all I love it.
Food. Not at all like American Chinesefood. Some of it is terrible, but good Chinese food is l so much better thangood American Chinese food.
Now the bad:
Manners. Spitting, shitting, pissing, puking, blowing snot rockets, all onthe street. Table manners also. This surprised me the m o s t. I came to China after living I n Japan for ayear. L Talk about a shock.
Parental control. It drives me crazy howmuch control parents have over their kids. I got married last year andbasically am a terrible son in law because we haven't made a baby for theparents yet. Fuck that.
Kids don't grow up. Because of the parent*河蟹*trol kids stay kids for ever. My best friend who is 28 and married lives athome, goes home for lunch, and basically can't do any thing to take care of himself. Awe some guy, but seriously needs to man up. He got married a few monthsback, doesn't want a kid yet, but it doesn't matter so he and his wife arealready expecting. His mom called me sel fish for not knocking my wife upalready.


Tim ber fall28 China[ S]
Y e a h I, born and raised in China,don't even under stand most Chinese parents.
When you're in middle school you have a boyfriend/girl firend your parents will kill you, but if you're in college andstill single they will find blind dates for you.
I thank Chinese gods my parents don'tpester me about getting married and make two babies for them.


I wa zaru u
Question From a Chinese Guy: What surprisedyou the most when you first came to China
The most? The way people drive.
I never experienced culture shock the waymost foreigners seem to, but nearly two l years later and if some one honks atme I wan na wring their neck.
The absolute selfish ness that is China's drivingculture is perhaps my big gest beef.
Other things that surprised me, I mustremember...
-the amount of luxury l cars. I've seenmore Bentleys in this shitty fuck in tier 3 than I ever did back in America.
-sharing food around the table, using yourown chop sticks (people in Americawould think of this as a health hazard or some B S)
-every man in China smokes, and if you meet a newpeng bro he'll insist to give you a c I g
-Chinese men's way of drinking. Can't drinkalone or even sip alone as it's considered im polite.
-speaking of drinking, the c u p/glasssizes at restaurant are ridiculously small compared to western sizes. I oftenwonder how much water the average Chinese person drinks...I know for sure I l don'tdrink as much water now as I did back home.
-how relatively not poor a lot of Chinesepeople are...when I first came here, I thought 5000R M B was an average, decentsalary. Now it seems 10,000R M B isn't any thing special. I wonder what theaverage salary will be years down the line.
-how no one gives a fuck as to what theywear. in the winter months, it's not uncommon to see people wear the sameclothes for a week. do that shit in America and people will thinkyou're poor or dirty.
-jack shit will happen if I talk about Ti an'an men or Cultural Revolution shen anigans
-Buddhism is not out lawed or dis couraged
-had no idea of the relationship betweenChina and Ja pan, y e a h even hearing kids call each other little Japanese asan insult...
These are off the top of my head. O P don'tthink I'm talking shit about Chinabecause I love this country, these are just the differences I recognize.
Keep in mind, a lot of Americans think China is similar to what North Korea is like now. Not manyfree dom s and what not. But drinking beer while walking home out in l publicis all the freedom I need.
P S if you live in a western country I'dlike to hear what things surprised you there


T x Quart z
What surprised me the most is howincredibly uncurious about things Chinese people are.


Lao wai l
Y e s! I still can't get over how uncuriousthey are. They act as if l they've seen every single weird situation a 100xbefore.


Respect your privilege
Question From a Chinese Guy: What surprisedyou the most when you first came to China
That many girls don't shave their arm pitsand some don't shave their legs. I admit there is no objective reason theyshould do so, but it's some thing heavily ingrained in me by my culture, and Ihad never even thought about them having a different policy on body hair.


Jilly Polla Tai wan
Chinese women aren't as hairy as westernones.


W a z I r
Got here in 2007. Having lived in the westfor most of my life, I was most surprised about the food. There is a hugevariation of amazing Chinese food you just never hear of in the west. China is a hugeplace and every area has it s specialities. For example I had never tasted Xin Jiangfood, lan zhou la mien, or bei jing style hot pot.
The other thing is the differences in whatis regarded as common courtesy in the West and in China. Personal space, queuing,spitting in the street and so on. The first time in China I saw a lady hold up a babyto p e e literally on to the side walk staggered me. Going to Japan a few yearsback was a huge shock as it is pretty much the opposite extreme.
A few of the visitors I have had over havecommented on how developed Chinese infrastructure is and that it wassurprising. Huge roads connecting every city and comparatively well l maintainedrail ways was not what they were expecting to see.


Hau ta maki Canada
I already had a friend in China so he told me what to expect,so there was not that much that surprised me on the first day I came. On thesecond day I was pretty surprised that my boss showed up to work literallyfalling down drunk and had to be carried to couch to sleep it off by her co workers,all in full view of the students who seemed to take it in stride. Later on, Iwas surprised to see doctors smoking in a hospital corridor, and that I paid400 r m b in cash to have one of my student's broken arm set and cast. Thewhole thing seemed so dodgy to my Canadian sensibilities.


Ke no h
Question From a Chinese Guy: What surprisedyou the most when you first came to China
These responses are based on the fact thatI was in Shang hai in 2006-2007. By the way, I love this question. I always askthis when others come to America.
The amount of brothels. I could see 5 frommy apart ment, and that didn't include massage parlors which may or may nothave offered similar services. I really didn't expect to get cat- called byprostitutes every time I left my house at night.
How close old and new worlds clashed. Onone end of my block, you could see 2 Mc Donald's, 3 K F Cs, 2 Pizza Huts, and 2H愀最攀渀- Dazs. How ever, on the other end of the block you could find peole l sellingsea food out of baskets in the mornings.
I once saw people selling some small birds(like pheasants or some thing) which were skinned alive. I've lived lived in Africa for a couple years of my life. I've seen peopledie violent deaths, but those birds disturbed more than any thing I've everseen.


Ra ven holm
There were a lot of things that caught meoff guard despite having studied Mandarin and Chinese culture for three yearsat university before going. I think the one thing that really just blew me awaythe most the first time I saw it was the assless /crotch less pants littlechildren wear, so that they can freely take a dump wher ever they like, suchas: the middle of the Bei jing South Train Station ticket queue, in a pizza h ut, on the floor of a small pharmacy, and on and on. Really, it shocks me everytime, it's the one thing I didn't get used to.


Lao wai l
How irrational and selfish every one'sthinking is


Sun shine girl
kids shitting on the street


Ti3 fen x
How big it is. Lived in Shanghai for a month and was awed at thesize. Only thing that compares in my experience is N Y C. And to think China has like10 N Y Cs.
I expected the food to be great, and I twas.


Rong lang ren
That people, even adults will poop almostany where.


Armand2 R E P
The most surprising was seeing most girlswear black including stockings. It was like a goth convention. Then seeingpeople of the same gender hold arms thinking they were gay... It was hard toget over how bad the air was. I never expected to see so many Arabs orAfricans.


Viska ren visla
I was surprised by how nice people were tome, every one, every where pretty much. My best friend, an expat, lived therefor years and he said Chinese in Bei jing were ruder and nastier than any thingI could have prepared for - how far from the truth! Perhaps it was just hisexperience but every time I have asked a ran dom passer- by on the street forhelp they were pleasant and kind.
I was also surprised by how fuckingdisgusting some of the elderly could be. I was sitting on a bus one time andsome old woman with a cane came and sat down in front of me, staring for twentyminutes straight while occasionally hawk ing and spitting close to my feet.Most of the shit behavior I've seen has been from people who look to be overfifty in my experience.


E t a n a
Bicycles... every where. The dis regard ofthe cross walk by bo th pedestrians and cyclists surprised me as well. This wasback in 1992. What has surprised me over the years is the rapid rate ofdevelopment and investment. E. g. trying to find a cheese burger in 1992, im possible.By 1997, M c Donald's restaurants were every where.


X e l 0s
The public urination and the occasionaldefecation.


Excalibur Z S H
When I first came in August 2005, theterrible smell and humidity when I stepped out of the air port.


Don’t taze me B R A
How dirty every thing and every one was


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