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e t o o u r B a c k y a r d - Scenic Mountain Roads & Overlooks - Curves & Twisties, not on your GPS - See the Highest Point in Georgia - YouÕve Slayed the Dragon, Now Run The Gauntlet ... Gauntlet Trifold Copperhead Biker Barn RESAVE.indd 1 1/5/18 9:25:02 AM. New Gauntlet Experience Classic dungeon crawling action is melded with innovative new features for the ultimate Gauntlet challenge. Online and Couch Co-op Multiplayer Explore on your own if you dare or play with friends in 4-player same-screen and online co-op. Your friends can become foes as you compete to see who can claim the most kills and ... The Gauntlet: U of C Confessions Too Revealing. Posted on March 6, 2014 by Athena under Published Pieces, Uncategorized. U of C Confessions Too Revealing. I “liked” the U of C Compliments page on Facebook. While its content tends to lean towards male-gazey compliments about foxy women at the gym, I still think it’s kind of sweet that ... Gauntlet. Discussion. I’m preparing for the gauntlet tomorrow, and at the UAS meeting we were told that the interview questions will be behavioral based. I was wondering if anyone who has attended the gauntlet/meet the firms in previous years could give some tips or examples of what kind of questions they were asked by recruiters? Any advice ... The Three Minute Thesis competition (3MT) challenges scholars from every discipline to present their research to an audience of peers, professors, and industry professionals. Competitors must strategically craft their presentations in a way that is informative, engaging, comprehensive, and concise. As the name suggests, the Three Minute Thesis competition is extremely limiting in presentation ... U of C athletics director keeping positive amid cancelled sporting season. 0. How to (safely) make a comeback at running after injury. Lifestyle > 0. Five free at-home learning tools. 0. U of C’s Outdoor Centre will be up and running soon for rentals and programs. 0. U of C supports Scholar Strike on Sept. 9 and 10 By Nikayla Goddard , September 9 2020— The Scholar Strike taking place on Sept. 9 and 10 is a Canadian movement encouraging universities to pause teaching and administrative duties to protest anti-Black, racist and colonial police brutality in the U.S., Canada and elsewhere, as well as ... The red-baiting SU thought the Gauntlet was a communist collective and the Gauntlet thought the SU were corrupt corporate stoolies. Twice the SU shut down the Gauntlet and replaced it with the Medium, an inferior substitute. Twice the Gauntlet emerged, as the only U of C students interested in journalism (then, not now) were die-hard leftists. Gauntlet News For prospective students, admission to the University of Calgary is becoming more difficult as acceptance standards rise year after year. The Haskayne School of Business and the Faculty of Nursing have seen the sharpest increase. A handmade, fully functional actor-scale reproduction of the gauntlet worn by the Dark Lord Sauron in The Fellowship of the Ring. Strictly limited to 1000 pieces worldwide, each one is presented with a wood wall display featuring a Sauron graphic motif. Crafted of genuine leather and iron, the gauntlet features more than 35 plate mail parts ...

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A Europe-based competitive league for the capture-the-flag game TagPro: grab the opponent's flag and bring it back to yours. For more information, check out /TagPro.

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2020.09.20 15:23 astraldebri Hollowland Tales: "Resfeber" A lore-accurate. non-canon, Spellbreak short! Feedback and constructive criticism welcome!

I steadied my breath as I descended onto the outskirt path to the town. I couldn't remember the last time I walked for an extended period, but my kind wouldn't be welcome here, and I just needed to pick up supplies.
I donned my cowl and pulled the sleeves of my tunic down over my gauntlet.
The dirt road was clean and smooth. No cart tracks, horseshoe markings, and almost no footprints. But that wasn't uncommon. The Fracture and Spellstorm had desolated the Highlands, turned them into the Hollowlands almost overnight.
The town was small, and the dirt road I was on cut right though its main square. One could assume this place had been abandoned ages ago. Grayish buildings with broken windows and roofs almost non-existent scattered both sides of the main road. Almost any building intact meant someone had to be there.
The sign was barely legible, but the markings were still there. I checked my sleeves and walked in.
The smell of vinegar was almost immediate. I held strong to not raise my arm and cover my nose.
"Don't get many visitors" a voice spoke.
A man almost twice my height turned to face me from behind the bar. His large, callous hands wiped a glass between a cloth and set it on the counter.
There were only five or six others in the shop, which apparently now doubled as the town tavern, all hunched over drinks at tables near one of the corners to my right . They were probably all that was left of the towns populace.
"Sorry about the smell, not much to clean with around here besides the vinegar. How can I help you?" he asked.
I went to the bar and took a seat, setting my sleeved gauntlet in my lap to avoid the noise it would make if I set it on the bar-top, and tried to act like any normal traveler.
Whatever that meant now.
"I'm looking for supplies. I have gold and only need a few things. The last three towns south of here have been abandoned, so I'm running a little low on everything."
"Yea," he sighed "it's not just the towns. The Fracture damn near tore Velnor apart. People speak as if it might split all of Primdal into pieces."
"I'm glad to see some people made it" I replied, trying to sound enthusiastic instead of anxious.
"When the Spellstorm ripped through here, almost all of us perished. Luckily," he stomped his foot on the wood floor, which emanated a hollow sound, "I had this old shelter dug almost ten meters deep when I built the place."
He paused and looked over at a small portrait near the wall of the abacus countertop. It seemed to be the cleanest thing in the whole shop. What appeared to be a younger version of himself with a woman and a young girl stood together in the frame.
"Couldn't get everyone inside in time, though." He turned his back to me and started wiping another glass.
The mumbles of the residents stopped. A light breeze swayed the door on its hinges, creaking as it did.
"Damn Avira Emberdane!" a hoarse voice choked out from the corner
"Damn her to The Fracture!" the other at his table shouted
"Don't go getting riled up." The barkeep stated, still turned away.
He turned to face me, "Especially in front of customers! And a young lady no less."
Like none of the previous had just occurred, he made the exclamation with the cheeriest disposition I had seen in months, if not years. The two in the corner turned back to their drinks and began mumbling to each other. The others went back to their games and drinks.
"Now, what can I get you?"
With my free arm, I pulled a slip out of my pocket and pretended to look it over as if I hadn't memorized exactly what I needed.
"Come on over, lass, browse while you tell me what to grab." He stepped out from behind the bar and over to the supplies counter near the entrance. The steady breeze picked up and caused the door to creak louder in its sway.
Something about it made me uneasy.
I turned to him, now standing in front of the supplies counter, and read off some of the things.
"I need a flask of potions for healing. Anything for minor cuts, scrapes, and internal ailments will do. Food, water, and a small pack to carry everything."
"Easy enough. Give me a few minutes to gather." He turned to a leather pack and began loading supplies in it.
I leaned on the counter and waited.
It was apparent that he did his best to upkeep the place. Polished wood logs stacked on one another to form the walls had been recently scrubbed. The tables that sat the other members were also well kept. I looked down at the floor as he grabbed potion flasks from the counter and could see little lines between the dust where someone attempted to sweep. On top of one of the corner tables on the far side was a neat stack of folded blankets. Feathered sacks for pillows sat on top.
This wasn't just a shop. It was their home.
I turned back to the wall of supplies, surprisingly many given the state of things.
"Next town is a far ways away. How long is your journey?"
"Six da..."
Levitation and flight would take me six days
"Sixty days" I tried to reply calmly "More or less." I looked to see if he noticed
"Quite a hike. Well," he brought the filled sack to the counter and laid it down "what else do ya be needin?" He asked with a smile.
Now for the hard part
"A map"
"A map?"
"Yes," I looked up from the bag on the counter and could see the the inquisitiveness in his brow.
"Maps don't do much good anymore. We have some old ones from the days of the Highlands, but too much has changed for them to be anything more than parchment for startin' fires."
"Outdated will do fine."
He smiled and turned to a cutout in the wall filled with rolled up parchments jutting out. "Alrighty, lass. What map will suit your fancy? Routes to Stormeave Plateau? I believe we have some that may get you to Longwatch in a little less than two months time."
I took a deep breath and steadied my balance.
"The mines of Dustpool."
I didn't have to turn around to know all eyes had fallen on me. When the silence fell, I could hear them all shift in their seats.
The shopkeep lowered his arms from sorting through the parchments.
"What business do you have in the mines of Dustpool?" His voice was so low and steady that had it not been for the utter silence I would not have heard him.
There was no good answer.
"I'm just tryi..."
"Lift up your sleeves." He cut me off as he turned to face me. Any hint of the cheery disposition now gone.
"Please, I don't want any trouble." I looked at him, trying to show that I meant it.
"She's one of them!" the rowdy one from earlier exclaimed.
"I promise you, I'm not like the others." I kept my focus on him as he stared. "I know what many of my kind have done. And I know the stories that are being told throughout Longwatch and the Hollowlands. But there's more that people don't know. And unaswere..."
"I don't want to hear it. All I know is that your kind caused this...Breakers did this to my home. You brought this destruction and took my loved ones from me." His voice was still quiet, but stern. Mixed hints of anger and sadness crossed his eyes.
"Now," he continued "your pleasantry and the fact that you're a young lady are the only two reason I haven't picked you up and tossed you out of here. So, I'll ask you one last time, lift up you sleeves."
I looked down at the bag of supplies on the counter in front of me. I needed that map. I could gust this entire building in a manner of minutes and just take it. But I wouldn't be like them. I promised myself that I would find the the truth and protect those that couldn't protect themselves.
I slowly folded the sleeve up my arm to reveal the gauntlet. The deep grooves wrapping around the forearm clasp and spiraling to its end at my elbow glinted from the taverns light. I opened and closed my fist, it was the first time I moved my fingers since stepping in.
The shopkeep picked up the sack and extended it towards me. His other hand rested on the counter palm up.
"Leave the gold, take the sack, and go."
"I need those maps."
"You only asked for one, and you won't be getting it."
"You don't understand, there's far more to what's happening on Velnor than the VowKeepers let everyone know!" My frustration was building, but I wouldn't let myself go there. "The mines have what I need."
"And the other map?"
Don't. This is already going south.
"Vidallah" I replied through gritted teeth. "I'll take my things and go."
I waited for the scream. For the yanking of the sack from the counter. But neither came.
"Leave the gold." he said softly. "Go."
I put the gold on the counter next to his open palm. My shears could cut his arm off, but the palm alone was large enough to wrap around my head, cowl and all.
And you don't want to hurt him. He's kind...and has already lost so much.
"I'm sorry." I said as I stepped toward the door
I walked outside and stood on the outside deck of the tavern. The wind had picked up.
Good, this will make flight easier.
Turning left from the tavern, I began walking solemnly down the dirt road. The sweat beads from the confrontation in the tavern chilled my neck as the wind gusted around me. I readied my rune as I began passing the last of the mangled town buildings.
I bent my knees, ready to kick off. Worry crossed my mind. Without the maps, I wouldn't have a good idea of where to go.
It'll be ok. You'll find a w...
Just as my feet left the ground, a large, circular shadow blotted out the path in front of me. I turned, activating my Tempest's Tornado just in time to send a wagon sized boulder spiraling into the air. Behind the tornado, a figure stood.
"Well well well!" He called out. "Imagine my surprise when here I am just cruising the Hollowlands and in the distance I see a little Breaker descending onto this town."
The Tornado dispersed and the large crack of the boulder could be heard as it tore through trees and rolled down a faraway hillside.
"I want no quarrel with you!" I shouted back.
"Oh deary me, little one. What you want doesn't matter much" He raised his finger mockingly, like a teacher talking to a youngling. "You see, I'm actually out here in the desolate place, risking my life" again more mocking and gestures "to find what's reported to be a young Breaker, Tempest Class, apparently on a mission to stick her gauntlet in places it don't belong. You wouldn't happen to have run into anyone sounding like that, eh?"
"No, I'm just out looking for supplies."
"Now see, that's interesting. Because I coulda sworn I heard you speaking about maps to the mines and something about finding the Prisma Capitol."
That's why the wind felt uneasy, it was his flight rune.
"I'm collecting maps for historical documentation. I've be..."
"Enough already"
What is with everyone cutting me off today.
I spiraled my gauntlet, weaving the wind into a disk shaped shear. He wasn't going to let me leave peacefully.
In less than a blink, he raised his hand to the sky and sent it smashing into the ground. The entire town shook, and a diverging crack came racing towards me.
I shot the shear at the ground and launched myself upwards. I could feel the mana coursing through my body as I thrust into the sky. I turned to see him looking up at me and readied another shear.
"Oh," he smiled "You just made my day, love."
He removed his cowl and revealed the emblem embroidered on the breast of his tunic. I steadied my gauntlet arm as I felt the blood boil in my veins. He was one of them. Sent specifically to track me down.
A VowGuardian.
To be continued...

I wanted to post this one more time in the hopes of getting some eyes on it and any feedback the community might have. If you made it to here, thanks for reading!

A quick backstory on places and things:
Obviously, this is not Canon. I decided to keep any names off of characters to better promote the idea of a story continuation and the opportunity for my characters to be malleable and mysterious.
What does match is the following:
--The Highlands, a continent where the game takes place, did become the Hollowlands. Breakers traverse these lands for multiple reasons. --Supposedly, no one survived. The Fracture and ensuing Spellstorm makes all life (except plants) uninhabitable. For my story, I assume my Tavern Survivors live off potatoes and vegetables and used the shelter for the storm. --The Dustpool mines are a canon place is Spellbreak where it’s said much of the Gauntlet power can be derived from --The Prisma are a race that, before the segregations of worlds, worked with human in trade and commerce. Their capitol city is Vidallah I assume readers know the classes of gauntlets and runes --The VowGuards are just know as 'The Guard". This was the only alteration [from "The Guard" to A Vowguardian]
I do hope you enjoyed it. If you’d like a continuation of this or other fan-made shorts, please let me know in the comments!
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2020.09.20 15:19 Nightbuilder [USA] [H] NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Switch, GBC, GBA, DS, 3DS, Genesis, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, Vita Games [W] Paypal / Venmo

Prices are shipped. If you buy multiple items, I'll be able to combine shipping to save you a few bucks. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!
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2020.09.20 15:10 Tie_Interceptor_Ace [F4F] Beyond the End of the World (dark fantasy)

It was called 'The War to End All Wars' and every single race, nation and faction had a stake in it. Perhaps it was not exaggerated. It did end all wars, at least for the time being. But it also ended the world as we knew it. Massive armies, the harnessing of magical energies beyond anything seen in the past, a battlefield spanning across a whole continent... all of it contributed to the Cataclysm. Now, survivors struggle to find hope, direction, or simple means of survival in a shattered world. This is a tale of two such lost souls.
I turn to look at her again as we make our way through the marshes. The battered remains of a paladin's armour. The dirty bandages. So young. And yet, the sigils on her remaining pauldron mark her as a veteran of the War. She looks as weary and beat up as I feel. She was an enemy before it happened. Now we have been dragging our weary, injured bodies through this dark marsh for a day and an hour - together, side by side. I of darkness and she of light. Or at least, those were the sides we once served. The sides that cast the world into this fate, turned it into this Hellion infested nightmare. Her eyes meet mine. She opens her mouth to speak, then shakes her head, sighs and smiles sadly. Of course. We do not share a language. "It's alright. It doesn't matter. We both want to hear a voice right now." I try to sound encouraging. I lift my gauntlets up between us, make my hands 'talk' to each other, like puppets that children gather to watch at fairs. Gathered. I doubt there are fairs left in the world. Or puppets, for that matter. She laughs. Sad, weary, but genuine. I laugh with her and, for the briefest of moments, feel the weight fall off my shoulders. She speaks, quietly, as she points towards a copse of trees up ahead. A... light? Perhaps a campfire? I nod. It's worth a try. "Okay. Let's go there." We begin to walk again, her hand quietly finding mine in the dusk...
[This takes place in an OC world of mine which has been growing and evolving for a long time now. As I return to RP again, I wanted to revisit it. I will gladly share more about it when we set up the RP. My roleplayer profile can be found here here. Thank you!]
submitted by Tie_Interceptor_Ace to roleplaying [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 14:59 Geek_Bear Remaining time of items in the gauntlet/dungeon

It would be nice, to see remaining time counter of the consumables (coins, rod, etc) when you in the gauntlet or dungeon. Sometimes you find the dungeon, when the buffs are ending (few minutes remains), and it takes much time, to flee, then exit the dungeon, enter the character menu to control buffs times.
submitted by Geek_Bear to OrnaRPG [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 14:32 yoiola [PC] H: Legendary weapons on clearance W: Flux, Caps until maxed

B/50RD/S Mole Miner Gauntlet - 8k or 40 flux
J/33/250 Gatling Plasma - 7k or 35 flux
J/25/50 Submachine gun - 7k or 35 flux
J/10/Agi Auto Grenade Launcher - 4k or 20 flux
J/E Pipe Bolt-Action Pistol - 4k or 20 flux
I/25/15vats Tesla Rifle - 7k or 35 flux
I/E/Agi Combat Rifle - 5k or 25 flux
I/25/90 Gatling Plasma - 8k or 40 flux
I/33 Handmade - 4k or 20 flux
Q/25 Handmade - 10k or 50 flux
TE/90 Minigun - 1,5k or 7 flux
V/25/Agi Laser Rifle - 5k or 25 flux
V/25 Ultracite Gatling Laser - 11k or 55 flux
V/E/15FR Submachine Gun - 11k or 55 flux
V/25/Per Submachine Gun - 4k or 20 flux
V/10/15FR Minigun - 6k or 30 flux
V/25 Railway Rifle - 3k or 15 flux
V/33 Handmade - 4k or 20 flux
V/25 Plasma Rifle - 10k or 50 flux
Thank you for stopping by :).
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2020.09.20 14:05 AutoModerator [Daily General Lounge] Here is a collection of general information & useful resources. Casual conversations, quick questions and answers are welcome!

This thread provides a place for everyone to ask simple questions and chat about anything reasonably on topic. To new players and new members of the community alike we encourage you tap into all of the resources of this sub.

Street Fighter V Character Data & Move Lists

Rashid R. Mika ChunLi Ryu Ken
Cammy Laura Zangief Karin Nash
M.Bison Birdie Vega Necalli Dhalsim
F.A.N.G Alex Guile Ibuki Balrog
Juri Urien Akuma Kolin Ed
Abigail Menat Zeku Sakura Blanka
Falke Cody G Sagat Kage
E.Honda Lucia Poison Gill

Character Discussion Index for character specific combos, tips and matchups

General FAQ

  1. I'm new to SFV and this is overwhelming! What do I do?
  2. Where can I find a basic overview of each character?
  3. What does _____ mean?
  4. Where can I find combos?
  5. How can I stop being bad?
  6. Are there other Fighting Game communities?
  7. Where can I find replays?
  8. Can my computer handle Street Fighter V?
    • Click here to see Street Fighter V PC Recommended Specs!
  9. What's Footsies?
  10. Execution problems?
  11. Advanced Techniques?
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2020.09.20 13:58 TheRussianBlender Marvel Standoff Helicopter strat.

Why is it that the Doctor Doom helicopter groot ball a viable strategy? Why even allow helicopters in a game mode where You can't shoot them down? I've been in games where the people in the helicopter won and I've been in games where Me and My teammate have won like that. The enemy team had 19 lives while me and my teammate had 6 combined. I just have to jump out of the helicopter while He stays in the air and let's me do a LOT Of damage with Dooms gauntlets since it has a chain lightning effect. Since everyone is already jam packed together, they lose a lot of lives. When the circle completely disappears, He jumps out and uses His groot ball for his remaining 3 lives and out heals everyone. It's unfair.
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2020.09.20 13:53 malaclypse333 [PS4] W: J/SS/STR Bear Arm, V/E/FR LMG, Uny/STR/Sent or Cav Scout Armor H: Handmades & Heavies, Van/Uny Armors, Rare outfits and plans, and more

Please Read

I am ONLY looking for the items listed, not taking any other offers at this time. I may be willing to bundle some items, depending on what you're asking for. I can add caps or ammo onto offers as well.


Junkie/ Swing speed/ STR-- Bear Arm
Vampire/ Explosive/ Faster reload-- LMG
Lifesaving/ +1 ST Sentinel-- Scout Right Arm
Unyielding/ +1 ST Sentinel-- Scout Left Arm
Unyielding/ +1 ST Cavalier-- Scout Legs

What I have to offer


Anti-armo FFR-- .50 cal
Anti-armo FF faster reload-- LMG
Anti-armo FF VATS crit refill-- Handmade
Anti-armo Explosive/ reduced weight-- Handmade
Anti-armo Explosive/ VATS crit refill-- 10mm SMG
Anti-armo 33 VHC/ less AP cost-- 10mm SMG
Anti-armo VATS crit dmg/ VATS crit refill-- Combat Rifle
Berserke Swing speed/ +1 STR-- Pitchfork
Berserke Explosive-- Harpoon Gun
Berserke FF FMSWA-- LMG
Berserke FF faster reload-- Combat Rifle
Berserke FF faster reload-- Handmade
Bloodied/ swing speed/ +1 STR-- Bear Arm
Bloodied/ swing speed/ +1 STR-- Meat Hook
Bloodied/ FFR-- .50 cal
Bloodied/ FF less AP cost-- Handmade
Bloodied/ FF reduced weight-- Laser Rifle
Bloodied/ Explosive/ faster reload-- Laser Rifle
Executione FF faster reload-- Plasma Rifle
Executione FF faster reload-- 10mm SMG
Executione Explosive/ reduced weight-- 10mm SMG
Furious/ Swing Speed/ +1 STR-- Sledgehammer
Furious/ FF reduced weight-- Railway Rifle
Furious/ FF reduced weight-- Gatling Plasma
Furious/ FF FMSWA-- LMG
Furious/ Explosive-- Handmade
Furious/ Explosive/ reduced weight-- 10mm SMG
Furious/ 33 VHC/ faster reload-- Handmade
Instigating/ Swing Speed/ +1 STR-- Sledgehammer
Instigating/ swing speed/ +1 STR-- Bowie Knife
Instigating/ FF less AP cost-- Gatling Laser
Instigating/ FF +250 DRWR-- Gatling Gun
Instigating/ Explosive-- Combat Shotgun
Instigating/ 33 VHC/ less AP cost-- .50 cal
Junkie/ Swing Speed/ reduced weight-- Mole Miner Gauntlet
Junkie/ swing Speed/ reduced weight-- War Drum
Junkie/ swing speed/ reduced weight-- Ski Sword
Junkie/ Limb DMG/ +1 STR-- Bone Club
Junkie/ Limb DMG/ +1 STR-- Grognak Axe
Junkie/ FFR-- Laser Rifle
Junkie/ FF VATS crit refill-- 10mm SMG
Junkie/ Explosive/ faster reload-- Handmade
Junkie/ Explosive/ +1 PER-- LMG
Junkie/ 33 VHC/ less AP cost-- Handmade
Junkie/ 33 VHC/ less AP cost-- .44 Revolver
Junkie/ 33 VHC/ less AP cost-- Single Action Revolver
Mutant/ swing speed/ reduced weight-- Meat Hook
Mutant/ FF VATS crit refill-- Combat Rifle
Mutant/ Explosive/ +1 PER-- Handmade
Quad/ FFR-- Cryolator
Quad/ FF reduced weight-- Handmade
Quad/ FF less AP cost-- Laser Rifle
Quad/ Explosive/ reduced weight-- Handmade
Quad/ 33 VHC/ less AP cost-- Assault Rifle
Suppresso Limb dmg/ faster reload-- Fixer
Two-shot/ FFR-- Lever Action
Two-shot/ FF faster reload-- .50 cal (The Action Hero)
Two-shot/ FF FMSWA-- 10mm SMG
Two-shot/ Explosive/ +250 DRWR-- 10mm SMG
Vampire/ FF less AP cost-- .50 cal
Vampire/ FF reduced weight-- Railway Rifle
Vampire/ 33 VHC/ faster reload-- Plasma Pistol


Autostim/ Powered/ Sneak-- Marine Chest
Auto-stim/ Powered/ more durability-- Urban Scout Right Arm
Assassin/ Powered/ Sneak-- Urban Scout Chest
Assassin/ Rad Resist/ Sneak-- Heavy Metal Right Arm
Bolstering/ Powered/ WWR-- Sturdy Combat Left Leg
Bolstering/ Powered/ Acrobat-- Marine Chest
Bolstering/ +1 ST Sneak-- Urban Scout Left Arm
Chameleon/ Powered/ less limb DMG-- Forest Scout Left Arm
Chameleon/ Powered/ Cavalier-- Heavy Combat Right Leg
Chameleon/ Powered-- Urban Scout Right Leg
Chameleon/ Powered-- Marine Left Leg
Chameleon/ +1 LCK/ Sentinel-- Forest Scout Left Leg
Chameleon/ +1 LCK/ Sentinel--Urban Scout Chest
Chameleon/ +1 LCK/ Sneak-- Forest Scout Right Leg
Chameleon/ +1 LCK/ Sneak-- Marine Right Arm
Chameleon/ Poison Resist/ Sneak-- Heavy Combat Right Arm
Cloaking/ Powered/ Sneak-- Marine Left Arm
Cloaking/ Powered/ Sneak-- Marine Chest
Ghoul Slaye Powered/ WWR-- Forest Scout Right Leg
Ghoul Slaye Powered/ Cavalier-- Marine Left Leg
Lifesaving/ Powered/ Sentinel-- Metal Chest
Lifesaving/ Powered/ Sneak-- Sturdy Raider Left Arm
Mutant/ +1 STR-- Heavy Raider Left Arm
Mutant/ +1 ST Sentinel-- Heavy Raider Right Leg
Mutant/ +1 ST Cavalier- Trapper Chest
Mutant/ +1 ST reduced DMG while blocking-- Forest Scout Right Arm
Mutant/ Rad Resist/ Sneak-- Sturdy Combat Chest
Mutant/ Powered/ WWR-- Marine Right Leg
Mutant/ Powered/ Sentinel-- Sturdy Raider Left Arm
Mutant/ Powered/ Cavalier-- Metal Left Leg
Mutant Slaye Powered/ Sneak-- Urban Scout Left Arm
Mutant Slaye Powered/ Cavalier-- Forest Scout Left Leg
Mutant Slaye +1 ST Sneak-- Heavy Combat Left Leg
Regenerating/ Powered/ Sneak-- Heavy Leather Right Leg
Troubleshoote Rad Resist/ Sentinel-- Heavy Robot Right Leg
Troubleshoote +1 END/ Sentinel-- Heavy Leather Chest
(Lvl. 40) Unyielding/ Powered/ Sneak-- Forest Scout Right Leg
Unyielding/ Powered/ Durability-- Forest Scout Left Leg
Unyielding/ +1 ST Cavalier--Marine Left Leg
Unyielding/ +1 ST Sentinel--Marine Left Arm
Unyielding/ +1 ST durability-- Heavy Raider Left Arm
Unyielding/ +1 LCK/ Sentinel-- Heavy Leather Left Leg
Vanguard/ Powered-- Forest Scout Right Arm
Vanguard/ Powered-- Heavy Combat Left Arm
Vanguard/ Powered/ WWR-- Heavy Raider Right Leg
Vanguard/ Powered/ AWR-- Sturdy Leather Chest
Vanguard/ Powered/ FDCRW-- Trapper Left Leg
Vanguard/ Powered/ Sneak-- Forest Scout Right Arm
Vanguard/ Powered/ Sneak-- Sturdy Combat Chest
Vanguard/ Powered/ Cavalier-- Trapper Left Arm
Vanguard/ Poison Resist/ FDCRW-- Heavy Raider Left Leg
Vanguard/ Rad Resist/ Sentinel-- Forest Scout Right Arm
Vanguard/ Rad Resist/ WWR-- Heavy Robot Right Arm
Vanguard/ +1 ST Cavalier-- Marine Right Arm
Vanguard/ +1 ST Sentinel-- Heavy Raider Right Leg
Vanguard/ +1 ST Sentinel-- Heavy Raider Left Arm
Vanguard/ +1 ST Sneak-- Heavy Raider Left Arm
Vanguard/ +1 ST WWR-- Marine Chest

//Plans and Outfits//

Brotherhood Spec Ops Outfit
Brotherhood Spec Ops Mask
Reclaimed Mining Mask
Tattered Field Jacket
Plan: Circus Cage Trailer
Plan: Chally Backpack
Plan: Caged Lightbulb
Plan: Insurgent Outfit
Plan: Marine Armor Helmet
Plan: Safari Croc Backpack
Plan: Shielded Marine Underarmor Lining
Plan: Shielded Casual Underarmor Lining
Plan: Shielded Raider Underarmor Lining
Plan: Strongman Super Sledge Paint
Plan: Treasure Hunter Outfit
Plan: Vault 94 Jumpsuit
Plan: Vault 94 Stashbox
Plan: Whistle in the Dark
submitted by malaclypse333 to Market76 [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 13:37 TheManFromVault11 [PC] H: Trade List - Max Lvl Weapons + Armor Pieces + Various Outfits - W: Max Lvl Instigating/50VATS Crits DMG/15VATS Crits Pump-action

Greetings. All items are Max Level. I'm looking for the items as described in the title, feel free to shoot offers, offers are always considered.
A few things in my collection are here but I also have Legacies and other weapons/armor so ask away. Thanks.
Weapons Screenshots
My Armor for Reference/Upgrade
Trade ArmouOutfits Screenshots
submitted by TheManFromVault11 to Market76 [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 13:37 Talia_Sendua Xûr's Exotic engrams should be impossible to roll below 60 stats if you have already reached maximum non-pinnacle power of a season.

I am on close to 1060 power this season so I am already above the border of pinnacle power level. The game should already know thru algorithms and systems that I have very potent engame gear.
Now, getting the engram from Xûr is not only frustrating most the time when not getting the exotic you want. But it is even more frustrating if you get an exotic you already have on stats below 60.
I got this week cithans ramparts (not sure about the name, gauntlets for shoot-barrier on titans), which I already have on a 63 base stat roll. I got from Xûr a roll with 53 from the engram, which feels like kinda an isult Rahool would do to you back in D1 when giving blue stuff out of legendary engrams...
Well, thanks Xûr, for pissing me off this week. It is not like I hope for Urs Furiosa gauntlets on 60+ stat roll since 2 Months every time I get your engram.
submitted by Talia_Sendua to DestinyTheGame [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 13:35 subtiliser Bloodied Unarmed Melee feedback after nerf.

Full Unyielding SS with Cavaliers on three slots and AP Refresh on two, Tried a BSS1S Puncturing Power Fist, and a BSS40 Deathclaw Gauntlet to try the extra damage reduction if I use power attacks. Scaly Skin and Grounded for extra resistance, Dodgy, Lone Wanderer, Barbarian, Blocker, Ricochet, Suppressor, Carnivore and multiple beneficial food buffs.
Most of my health is gone by the time i sprint to my targets, as well as most of my AP from Dodgy. My melee character is now forced to use VATS to benefit from Hack And Slash, but no AP. AoE kills from Hack and Slash don't trigger Grim Reaper's Sprint. Power attacks can't be used in VATS. Every second load screen from doors or fasttravel, my AP refresh from Lone Wanderer isn't working anymore, and neither is Richochet. Probably safe to assume the reduced damage effect isn't either. Take One For The Team apparently stops Suppressor from working. And to top it off, there is no way to enter Daily Ops with other people unless you are in a group - which makes Lone Wanderer not an option. And I can't stay still in order to use Sentinel instead of Cavalier's.
Tried swapping four pieces of Unyielding to Troubleshooter's and ran at 30% health for Serendipity, still died before I took down an assaultron that I got the jump on, cos there was a Mister Gutsy in AoE range but i had no AP left..
Relying on Ricochet and a Vampire's weapon isn't a "solution", it's a crutch!
Literally nothing is cohesive here.
I gave up and went with my Bloodied Commando, and literally not a single problem there after a few very minor adjustments.
submitted by subtiliser to fo76 [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 13:33 supermangb06 [PC] H: List of legendary and Legacy weapons/armor, Ammo W: Caps, Junk, Flux, Trades(plans, legendary)

Open to offers!!
181 Missiles .2c each
734 Fuel .1c each
7200 5.56 .1c each
5100 Fusion Cells all for 3k caps
555 40mm all for 400 caps
5200 10mm all for 3k caps
2600 .44 all for 1k caps
6500 .38 all for 2k caps
5500 .45 .1c each
Combat Rifle Anti-Armor 25% Faster 25% less Vats
Combat Shotgun Berserkers 25% Faster 25% less VATS
Laser Pistol Berserkers 250DR 50% critical VATS
Ultracite Gatling Laser Berserkers 40% Bashing 1 Agility
10MM Pistol Berserkers Explode 250DR
Gatling Gun Berserkers Explode Faster Movement Speed
Auto Grenade Launcher Bloodied 25% Faster
Mole Miner Gauntlet Bloodied 40% more power attack 1 agility
Harpoon Gun Cursed 90% reduced 40% Bashing
Short ultracite laser pistol Furious faster movement aiming bashing damage increase 40%
Gatling Plasma Junkies 50% Limb 250 DR
Gatling Plasma Junkies 10% aiming dmg 1 agility
Auto Grenade Launcher Junkies 33% VATS 25% VATS AP
Hatchet Junkies 40% less dmg power attacking 40% more power attack damage
Ultracite Gatling Laser Junkies Explode 15% faster reload
Scattered Gatling Plasma Junkies Explode 90% Weight Reduction
Light Machine Gun Mutants 15% Vats meter 25% Faster fire
Ultracite Gatling Laser Mutants 25% Faster 15% faster reload
Gauss Rifle Quad 50% VATS Critical Vats Critical 15% faster
Gauss Rifle Quad 50% VATS Critical 50DR while aiming
Lever Action Two Shot 25% Faster 25% Less VATS
Gatling Laser Two Shot 25% Faster
Light Machine Gun Vampires Explode
Death Tambo Vampires 40% Faster 1 Agility
scout armor unyielding ap refresh
scout armor unyielding agility
submitted by supermangb06 to Market76 [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 13:13 tofaoh Why is my vampire gauntlet so shit?

So I'm mostly using a vampire shot gun and recently I got my hands on both a deathclaw gauntlet and a powerfist with vampire and for some reason the melee weapons don't seem to work? Is that a bug or is the shot gun just really good with that effect?
And just to say that I mean it literally doesn't work. Didn't before the need and still doesn't. Like not one hp, I tested the shit out of that the last 2 days....
submitted by tofaoh to fo76 [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 12:46 Fallout_3_gamer Can't wait for Beth to fix these damn weapons

My furious mole miner gauntlet used to do 600ish damage, now only 222. Now i die 3 times trying to take down 1 glowing ghoul in a nuke zone. I used to take it down in 2 taps. This stuff better not stay this way, how is one supposed to play this game as a melee build
submitted by Fallout_3_gamer to fo76 [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 12:46 icouldsaysomething a nightmare i had

it was me and 2 of my friends we were doing an online challenge similar to run the gauntlet but as well as videos there were challenges you had to do for example one of the challenges was to punch a nun 20 times but the worse part of the dream for me was this series of videos where it begins with a person filming themselves on a roller coaster and then it drops down vertically and they turn the camera around to reveal they're heading for the ground like theres no more track it just slams into the ground and they die.... needless to say im more afraid of roller coasters now
submitted by icouldsaysomething to Dreams [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 12:35 ConorCulture Rebookiversary Pt.2 – Slammiversary 2006

Team Canada (A-1, Eric Young and Johnny Devine) defeats The Naturals and Shane Douglas in a Pre-show Match
When Douglas returns, he reunites with Chase Stevens, and they go under the wing of Shane Douglas. Their first opponent of this trio is Team Canada. The Naturals and Team Canada have had issues in the past, but they now have third men in their corners. Team Canada gets the win.
Team 3D defeats The James Gang in a Bingo Hall Brawl
Rhino defeats Team Canada (Bobby Roode and Coach D’Amore) in a Handicap Match
Senshi defeats Shark Boy, Petey Williams, Puma, Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt in an Ultimate X Match
The participants of the match stay the same, only instead of being a 6-way Elimination Match, it is an Ultimate X Match, meaning the winner gets a shot at Samoa Joe’s X Division Championship. This is the most men to ever participate in an Ultimate X as its hyped. They have a lot of the same spots as the real match, but extra involving the cables and four towers. Senshi then goes on a strike spree with kicks galore. He then swings on the cables with a kick to the midsection to Puma. He flips inside out off the cables and Senshi grabs the X to win the match. He will soon challenge Samoa Joe.
Kevin Nash defeats Chris Sabin
A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels defeats America’s Most Wanted © to win the NWA World Tag Team Championships
Samoa Joe © defeats Scott Steiner to retain the X Division Championship
This match is heavily hyped as the biggest ever match in TNA not for the World title. Joe holds the X Division Championship when he starts feuding with Steiner. The feud isn’t about the title, but Steiner still wants it based off his thought process that its never bad to have an extra title on the accolades list. This is Joe’s chance to see if he belongs in the main event picture, and will be his biggest test to date against Big Poppa Pump. Steiner also believes that the X Division represents everything he hates about TNA and wrestling, and that he will make it relevant.
The opening of the match stays the same, both guys working some pretty stiff stuff. They trade strikes with big lariats and dropkicks. However instead of the ending we got of Steiner kicking out of Joe’s finisher, and then a lot of low blows, and a botched slam, and a REALLY long wait for the pin – Joe simply proves that he is indeed worthy of the main event and is definitely able to hang with the big boys. He hits an STJoe and locks in the Rear Naked Choke, making Freakzilla tap out in seconds. He leaves Steiner in agony as he stands victorious. He then does something he very rarely does, and takes the mic. “I want…the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.”
Monty Brown defeats Christian Cage ©, Alex Shelley, Abyss and Sting in a King of the Mountain Match to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship
For the second year running a King of the Mountain Match has been apart of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship picture, but this time it is for the title itself. Champion, Christian Cage, declares that he will defend the title against four of the best TNA have to offer, and the qualifiers begin tonight. Sting is the first man to qualify, defeating A.J. Styles in the main event of Impact!. He stares down Christian to close the show. Abyss then opens the show next week in a match with Hernandez. Abyss wins cleanly and this time with James Mitchell in his corner, he will avenge last years loss. Monty Brown also gets into the match second year running, leaving the last match of the night to be Jeff Jarrett vs. Ron Killings, and you’ll see how that plays out later, but in short: it’s a no contest. This means the go home show will have a Gauntlet for the Gold match for the empty slot, won by Kevin Nash’s best friend Alex Shelley.
Shelley has some skits with Nash on how to be a main eventer early in the show, so he’s prepared for tonight. He impresses in the match, with two big spots. He becomes legal after pinning Abyss in a shock, and then stops Christian from retaining by hitting him with a Automatic Midnight off the side of the ladder! He then climbs up the penalty box and dives off the top into the ring with a Sliced Bread #2 to Christian! Christian pins Sting early to become legal, who then forms an alliance with Abyss while in the penalty box. They then go on a tear together, pinning Christian and Monty Brown, until they both try and climb up the ladder. Abyss then hits a Black Hole Slam off the side of the ladder!
Christian and Monty Brown both fight in the penalty box until they’re released. Meanwhile Alex Shelley sits on the top of the box, waiting for the right moment. Monty takes Shelley off the roof and hits him with The Pounce to become legal. He goes to climb up but Sting pulls him down. Sting clocks him with the bat and he fights with Abyss up top. They’re both then pushed off by Christian and Monty! Christian climbs up but he’s met by Monty. Christian hits him with the belt, and then hits him again. He goes for a third but Brown ducks and he swings too far. The title is snatched out of his hands and is easily pushed off. Monty then hangs the title up and dethrones the champ! He is the new NWA World Heavyweight Championship, and now has his second chance to make it big with the gold.
Ron Killings defeats Jeff Jarrett in an Unsanctioned Match
Jeff Jarrett tries to get involved in the King of the Mountain Match to regain the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, but in his qualifying match with Ron Killings, the newly face Truth ends it in a no contest when it goes too far. He explains afterwards that he doesn’t care that he lost his shot at the world title, he can regain that when he wants. But he says it is his duty as a man who has been one of the faces of TNA for 4 years to not let this ass hat win the title once again. A gauntlet for the gold is made for that spot their qualifying match was meant to fill, which we already saw. Jarrett is enraged by Truth’s actions and wants revenge. He attacks him backstage and cuts a scathing promo on Killings, and tells him the real “truth”, he always has and always will be in his shadow as the face of TNA the last 4 years.
The match is declared Unsanctioned by Dixie Carter as what they will do to each other cannot be associated with their brand. Truth says in the promo before the match he doesn’t even think that will able to contain them. It’s brutal from the get go as they trade shots with chairs, until a shot to the head busts Killings open. He is bleeding profusely early and they’re barely into it. Jarrett continues to assault him with weapons and target his cut forehead. The gruesome violence gets to the degree Tenay has to tell the audience at home to turn the TV off for the kids. Jarrett is slingshot into the ring post and he’s now bleeding. Ron unloads with his beat down, hitting a Diving Elbow off the timekeepers stand through the announce table. They then have a moment where they’re both on their knees and throwing elbows, until Jarrett and Truth both fall in unison. Truth then gets up and struggles to stand, while the ref demands the bell be rang because Jarrett can’t keep going. Jeff then slaps him and the match is restarted.
More violence ensues with Killings being hit with The Stroke onto thumbtacks near the end. This is kicked out of though. Jarrett then hammers the tacks in with a chair but he keeps fighting, and hits Jeff with The Stroke. 1….2…Jeff kicks out. Jarrett’s old rival Monty Brown, who just won the world title comes out and tells him to stop the match. Jarrett then beats him down with a kendo stick. He turns around into being hit with a Truth Conviction onto the tacks by Killings!! He gets up and hits Monty in the head with the steel chair, and hits a Hang Time on Jarrett for the win. In the most brutal and violent match in TNA history comes to a close, both guys are stretchered out, although Killings holds a triumphant fist in victory.
submitted by ConorCulture to fantasybooking [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 12:28 areyoumuckingfental 1 of the doom weapons doesn't count for my punchcard

PC The mystical bomb counts but not the arcane gauntlets. I am still confident I will get the punchcard completed though. I just need this mode to be available for an estimated 20 to 30 years.
submitted by areyoumuckingfental to FortNiteBR [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 12:20 Darknight307 Heroic Gauntlet is nothing but flawed game design.

I know a lot of us are frustrated with this game but I want to share my concern with the endgame content. I’ve certainly had my ups and downs with the product. I for one love the feel of the general gameplay. But I’ve also experienced a tonne of bugs. I’ve had 30k units wiped from my profile. My resources were lessened randomly last patch. So when this new patch came out, I was actually excited to see how much they would fix. It turns out... not a whole lot.
They marketed this as a co-op experience that you can play with friends. In order for the player to get the best gearewards we have to do something like the last avenger standing mission or the gauntlet.
Now I was gonna give the gauntlet a shot. I have a hulk at power level 150 with an optimised build. He has been my main since day one. So I was powering through the mission chain & on tier 6 a stiletto bot one shots me with a spinning attack, from behind, with indicator of prompt on screen to alert me of it. Now I would have to get another character 140+ to even stand a chance in this endgame content. But I don’t want good gear for any other characters, players should be able to specialise in creating a main, without needing to play a character they don’t want to earn gear for.
Think about it, if you go down once as your main, you will not get any speciality gear for that character. That’s such a big time waste and it’s not worth it. The most demoralising things about it, is that you can’t share the experience with your friends, but with companion AI.
This games focus should be on multiplayer, not single player. You gave players who wanted a single player experience a fully fleshed out campaign. I admire that. However everything in the avengers initiative should have the option to be played with friends.
After all the problems I’ve had with this game, I think it’s finally time I hang up the hulk gloves, until the next rework or patch because right now, the game is not worth my time in the endgame.
submitted by Darknight307 to PlayAvengers [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 12:11 MrRedBoi how to get two problem solvers in nuka cola world (guide)

so i replayed nuka cola world but this time as a raider and i planned on using rifles so when i got out of the gauntlet i went to the pack to get the problem solver.
while there i did the orange speech check and didnt think much about it, that was until i went there again for the meet the leaders mission where there was a red speech check and i used it and got another problem solver.
I know u can just use the splattercannon aswell but if you're low on caps and want one sniper and one mid or close range weapon this is really useful
submitted by MrRedBoi to fo4 [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 12:11 Ketchup-Spider If they wanted to have an endgame single player mode; I think a weekly score attack idea would be better. Let me explain...

So looking over how these Elite Hives work; I like the idea of a single player mode that makes you use your whole roster. It'll get more fun as time goes along, but in a Hive? No. No no no and no. This idea can work for something; though. Take this idea for example. Most people seem to dig the HARM Rooms. I do. Easily one of my favorite things to do in this game. I've also seen people wanting a Gauntlet Mode of some kind with infinitely spawning enemies and what not. How about we mix these ideas together?
You start with one character and fight waves until that character dies; then you switch until you run out. The further you get; the higher your score is. After each week; you get rewards based off where you placed in a certain percentage. Top 1% of scores get yadayada, 2%-10% get yadayada, and so forth. An artifact, a Legendary gear for each character you used, a number of fabrics, and... you get the idea. It wouldn't hurt anything either because you can't buy any gears or gear up resources for real world money; so it would be relatively fair across the board. It would also give people another reason to invest in there characters more. The stronger your overall roster is, the further you get, and the better stuff you get every week. I think it's a simple idea, but it would be a much needed mode that would give more incentive to play and bother to rank up your entire roster... which is something the game needs. They could even spice it up every week where X character gives a bigger score multiplier or killing enemies with take downs and/or Heroics gives bigger multipliers; something to add a little skill edge to it all also.
I just felt like sharing an idea I came up with. Thoughts?
submitted by Ketchup-Spider to PlayAvengers [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 12:05 MikiLord4 How the fuck do i counter axe?

I once said it's op and got yelled at and bullied that I suck but its true. I get hit 4 times and die because axe does way to much damage it's not even slow like everyone says it is played against some teros and he hit me 3 times with axe and one heavy attack and I died and he just repeated that and I could even hit him I got 93 damage how am I supposed to hit something that does so much damage and not get hit such a little amount of times?
This game is fun I enjoy playing it but every match I play there is a axe and I lose every single time im probably gonna fall to bronze or something.
I listened to tips I got from the people that didnt say shit about me and the tips were:
-To be quick and have range so i picked hattori she's fast and has quite some range weapons and I couldnt do anything just plap plop plip and heavy attack and i'm dead.
-To stay above ground and not around edges and when im up there he just does recovery and sligt and im on the edge and what then if im not supposed to be on the edge? I die becaus he does a heavy attack and im on red when he hits me like 4 times.
-Got told just dodge yes hes going to jump off because of my dodges i still cant hit him even tho i can dodge his attack like i dodge but then he just comes after me and hits me when i try to hit him he just cancels me.
-And also what other people have said to litteraly all weapons im good at arent good against axe like gauntlets, hammer and scythe.
-The best option i got told was to jump off and i think that was the best tip.
I have played axe and it's so boring you kill so fast and so easily, if you're against axe you get killed so fast.
Please just how do i counter this god damn axe?
submitted by MikiLord4 to Brawlhalla [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 11:53 wraithkelso317 Mega Hive confusion on if/when you die

Ok, I thought that the way these hives worked was that you go until either you win, or the hero falls in combat. If you fall as one hero you pick up right where you left off with another. Well I made it all the way to the second floor of gauntlet 8 with Ms Marvel PL 147 on challenge 1. I had over half health and a cryo adaptoid got me and killed in one hit (way more damage than I expected to see done). But now I’m confused because when I went to check it and attempt to get through it (severely underpowered with my next highest PL being Cap with 83, but it reset back to the first gauntlet.
After how many hours I put into that, and not having any other characters that could even come close to being high enough PL to survive more than 2 hits, I’m definitely not gonna attempt it again. Did it do that for the rest of you that have attempted it, or did it have you start with hero 2 at either the same exact stage, or at least the beginning of that gauntlet (rather than the beginning of the whole thing)?
submitted by wraithkelso317 to PlayAvengers [link] [comments]

Gauntlet UofC - YouTube Gauntlet - YouTube LGC vs AV - Gauntlet Day 1 Game 2 - YouTube Grand Gauntlet Day 8 - YouTube Umarex Gauntlet .22 Caliber - YouTube

The 2020 3MT Competition: Undergoing the Grad Student Gauntlet

  1. Gauntlet UofC - YouTube
  2. Gauntlet - YouTube
  3. LGC vs AV - Gauntlet Day 1 Game 2 - YouTube
  4. Grand Gauntlet Day 8 - YouTube
  5. Umarex Gauntlet .22 Caliber - YouTube
  6. Gauntlet - Arcade - YouTube
  7. Gauntlet - YouTube
  8. The Gauntlet - YouTube
  9. The Gauntlet - YouTube
  10. Atari's Gauntlet 2 arcade gameplay footage - YouTube

In March of 2020, 32 teams and 64 factions will enter The Gauntlet, seeking to throw down and become the greatest Smash Up team ever. Only one team will surv... Gauntlet (c) 12/1985 Atari Games. Up to four players take on the role of either Elf, Valkyrie, Wizard or Warrior in this classic Dungeons & Dragons-inspired ... Gauntlet 2 arcade gameplay. (c) Atari 1986 produced with mame and fraps The Gauntlet: Inside a Dinos wrestling team practice - Duration: 3 minutes. 704 views; 3 years ago; 2:43. Mark McMorris talks snowboarding, Saskatchewan and his new film, In Motion - Duration: 2 ... Gauntlet is an unreleased Nintendo DS hack and slash dungeon crawl video game developed by Backbone Entertainment, based on the 1985 arcade game by the same ... Split 1, 2018 Gauntlet Legacy vs. Avant Gaming Game 2 For more OPL action, subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel: For more OPL coverage in... SUPPORT US BY PURCHASING A MAN CAN: AMAZON Store: PATREON: Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The official YouTube channel of the Gauntlet gaming community features our entire podcast lineup plus an extensive playlist library showcasing recorded RPG s...