Liam Neeson partner

A few years ago Liam Neeson handed his son Micheál Richardson a script written by British actor James D’Arcy. The story, about an estranged father and his son trying to get a fresh start after ... Love Actually actor, Liam Neeson, was married to Natasha Richardson when she died after a tragic skiing accident. But he's revealed he is now in a relationship with someone 'incredibly famous' Liam Neeson and Freya St Johnston in 2019. The two called it off in 2012, only a few weeks after they were seen holding hands and strolling through the streets of Rome. Freya wanted to settle down, but it was too soon for Liam — it had only been three years and he wanted to be with his boys. Liam Neeson is a member of the following lists: American film actors, American television actors and American voice actors. Contribute. Help us build our profile of Liam Neeson! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. Liam Neeson has confirmed he is romantically involved again, seven years after the heartbreak of losing his wife. The Taken star - who tragically lost his wife actress Natasha Richardson after she ... Liam Neeson was born on a Saturday, June 7, 1952 in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. His birth name is Liam John Neeson and he is currently 68 years old. People born on June 7 fall under the zodiac sign of Gemini. His zodiac animal is Dragon. Liam John Neeson, OBE, is an actor from Northern Ireland. In 1976, he joined the Lyric Players’ Theatre ... How Liam Neeson Coped After Natasha Richardson's Shocking Death as Son Changes Name to Honor Her this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Who is Liam Neeson Married to? Liam Neeson Wife 2020: After the death of the first wife, he is not interested in trying a marriage knot. Liam Neeson Girlfriend 2020: At present, there are no rumors regarding the Neeson’s dating. From last few years, Freya St Johnston is his ON and OFF girlfriend. After all, it does involve one Liam Neeson and an “incredibly famous” new girlfriend. You read that right. Seven years after Neeson’s wife, Natasha Richardson, ... You may like to read Liam Neeson’s nephew Ronan Sexton dies 5 Years After his fall from a telephone booth! Liam Neeson’s past relationships. Liam Neeson was in a romantic relationship with Helen Mirren in the 1980s. They had worked together in 1981’s Excalibur and Liam credited Helen with helping him get an agent.

[M4F] A Little Black Book Of Wickedness

2020.09.12 15:19 AWickedMind [M4F] A Little Black Book Of Wickedness

(Long wall of text ahead. If you're interested in finding out my prompts, skip to the last section.)
“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.” (Carl Jung)
The human mind is a curious thing. It wants what it doesn't need. It craves what it doesn't have. It creates instincts which, if acted upon, result in nothing but total destruction of the self, and all that it holds dear.
And yet, these desires exist and arise out of nowhere. Why does something happen when there's clearly nothing good to be gained out of it? Why does the primal core of our being want what cannot be achieved in a decent, civilized society? Why do we feel a burning desire to give in to our basic instincts if we could never act on them?
Any person living in a civilization will tell you that these instincts must not be acted upon for the greater good - peace and stability in society as a whole. I fully agree with them. I absolutely do not condone the themes I post in my prompts to be acted upon in real life.

What brings me here?

To have a safe avenue for exploring these fantasies.
I want to explore the what ifs that keep you awake at night, and make for intriguing dreams, to say the least. Some of them may be dark, criminal even, that you'd be ashamed to accept even to yourself that you're capable of fantasizing about something like that. Some of them maybe immoral, something that society would crucify you for if you were to come out accepting it. Some of them maybe just plain absurd, things that could never happen to you, either because you aren't, and will never be, in such a situation of life.

What am I looking for?

Creating stories. Experiences. Fantasies.
I want a partner who is, first and foremost, interested in writing long term stories with me. This will proceed in the form of a roleplay, with you controlling your character(s) and I controlling mine. I tend to focus on the characters' internal world a lot, so expect plenty of internal thoughts and dialogues along with a description of their ever changing emotions. I expect my partner to reasonably reciprocate.
I also tend to take the world building more on my own shoulders, and don't really mind doing that. Partners are always welcome to add their own thoughts and contributions, and in fact are encouraged to do so. But even if you simply want to sit back and enjoy the ride, be my guest. All I ask is for you to give me a window to your character's soul - let me know what they're thinking, feeling, seeing, hearing etc.

Things to know about my writing style:

I tend to write about 3-5 paragraphs per response, changeable according to need. I'm not picky about using first person or third person. My prompts tend to default to a third person writing style, but feel free to ask for a change if you have a different preference.
I don't like writing for my partner's characters, and expect the favor to be returned.
At times I may respond rather quickly, shooting multiple messages back and forth in a single day. At times, I might get busy with work and may not be able to reply for a few days. Please be patient; if we have started an interaction I won't leave you hanging without a response indefinitely.
Also, I may post the same prompt multiple times, even though I've already found a partner. To all future partners with whom this may happen - that is NOT, in any way, a sign that I'm not satisfied with our current RPs. I value your efforts and your company, and don't mean disrespect to you in any way. My prompts are usually quite open ended, such that with each interpretation it tends to take the story in a completely different direction, and so finding another partner is as good as finding a partner for a new story altogether, and not because I'm not enjoying our current story.
Last but not the least - I DO NOT GHOST. If there's ever a problem, be it within the RP or the story's direction, or any personal reasons due to which I need to stop writing to you, you'll hear back from me atleast one last time saying I need to go.

The type of characters I like to play:

I generally like to play characters in their late twenties or thirties, although I can change it if the scene demands. I tend to be self indulgent, and my characters can sometimes reflect that, in the sense that you'd be hard pressed to find flaws in them. But that's not to say they're without any flaws, simply that they won't be aware of how arrogant or rude they might come across as.
My characters will be intelligent, sharp, and with a keen sense of the world around them. They don't expect the world to bend over backwards for them, but they don't shy away from getting what they want either. They have a realistic sense of how the world works. They don't expect a girl to fall head over heels in love with them just because they flashed a charming smile or wore a designer suit. They want to get in her mind first before getting in her pants.
Some other characters may be darker, and not-so-gentlemanly if the scene calls for it. These will usually be thugs, the scum of the society and on the wrong side of law. As such, they'd hardly care about being politically correct or being 'nice' to your character.
Please note that regardless of my character's actions, I'd never want you, the person behind the screen, the person typing out the words, to ever feel slighted or wronged. If you ever feel something is crossing a personal limit, please bring it up. I assure you it won't be out of malice, maybe just an oversight.

Some random thoughts:

On keeping things interesting without being boring and repetitive
On using visual aids to enhance the writing experience
On writing a good submissive character

Kinks and limits:

My biggest kink is showing off my large sex organ. The largest you'll ever see. So large you won't be able to take in all the things it can give you. You're gonna be overwhelmed with all the feelings its gonna make you feel! It is....
The brain.
Human mind is the biggest, sexiest, and kinkiest sex organ in the world, might as well make use of it.
My biggest priority would be to create worlds that excite you. Something vanilla for one person may not be as vanilla for another, and this nuance is very important to understand. I try my best to give my partners exactly what they want in terms of characters, worlds, emotions, kinks - you name it.
But for material purposes, here's a typical list of what I'm into and not into. Its a lot of things, possible non-exhaustive, and just a big collection of everything I know about myself. Not every kink needs to be incorporated into an RP, ofcourse. Besides, if you have something in mind but don't see it here, just ask.
Kinks :
Gentle : sexy lingerie, sexy outfits, living the high life, luxury, smooth talking, dirty talking, flirty banter, sexual vibes, risky public play, exhibitionism, voyeurism, gentle lovemaking, missionary, whispering sweet nothings, handcuffs, blindfolds, eating you out, blowjobs, caresses, cuddles, hugs, kisses, pampering you, aftercare, ice creams, chocolates etc.
Not-so-gentle : spanking, rough sex, doggy style, anal(giving), rimjobs (giving and receiving), hair pulling, breast play, ass play, cock worship, body worship, large cocks, deepthroat, facials, cheating, cuckolding, bondage play, threesomes (MFM and FMF) etc.
Ouch!: butt plugs, vibrators, toys, slapping, collars, leashes, metal chains, orgasm denial, forced orgasm, double penetration, full nelson, pet play, slave play, D/s M/s dynamics, total power exchange, blackmailing, dub-con, non-con, kidnappings, knife play etc.
Maybes :
Spitting, piss play, extreme torture, incest etc.
Hard Limits :
Scat, gore, bestiality, underage characters, vore, lasting damage etc.

Previous prompts and ideas:

A harmless fantasy gone too far : You've wanted an escape from your boring, monotonous life and you create an anonymous account to live out your fantasies. But its not enough for you, and now you want to take it one step further - you want to meet the man behind the screen.
Its such a small world after all
An extension of the above idea, but when you finally meet the man, he's someone you know!
Who in their right minds sets up an appointment with their rapist!?
You were raped, but you loved it. He left his number with you almost as a taunt, but you can't help wanting to set it up all over again.
You're on your way to the top in Hollywood, but not without hitting a few lows
You're a college student and you receive an unexpected response to your application for a modeling role. You're obviously very excited about your career. Little do you know the producers have very different ideas for what career to push you in.
Sub at first sight
When you know, you know.
Every high functioning person needs a break at times. You've got an awesome career, you're in charge of a group of people, you make decisions for your teams all day long. Wouldn't you just want to sit back, relax, and let someone else run the show every once in a while?
A sense of belonging
Some relationships take a lifetime to build. Some, merely a glance. Your relationship with him can't be expressed in words. It's simply a feeling you have whenever you're with him, a sense of belonging that just can't be shaken off.
An unexpected guest at a wedding
You had left the old life behind you. You had severed all connections, erased all memories that would take you back to him. Why, oh why, did he have to show up at your wedding of all places!
Only under a mask are we free to be ourselves
Your life has come to an unexpected standstill. You're supposed to be happy, you should feel good about having a loving, caring husband, but you just don't. Luckily, your friend has a solution for you - this masquerade party where you could afford a night of debauchery while remaining completely anonymous!
Love makes the greatest fools out of us
You love him more than your own self. Your heart breaks to see him in trouble. You'll do anything to help him, go to any lengths to protect him. Even if it means giving yourself away to one man you hate the most.
Being a spy is not an easy job!
You're on a secret mission. There's supposed to be a party you're going to attend, with the celebrity status you've cultivated for yourself under cover. Little do you know, your enemies are one step ahead of you and are already expecting you.
What a great first day at work
You're doing porn for the first time in your life. Your co-star is famous for his rough and brutal scenes, and stories of just how badly his co-stars are usually bruised have left you on edge the whole week. However, just before the shoot starts, you're in for a rather sweet surprise from him!
A good girl gone bad
You were sweet, shy, and innocent. No one could raise a finger at you when it came to questioning your morals. How then, did you go from that girl to the kind who sleeps around and freely expresses her sexuality without a care in the world?
A class apart
You've always had a thing for the finer things in life, be it jewels, cars, or houses. Why would you hold back on your job then? Ofcourse you'd sign up for the most exclusive, sophisticated, and elegant whore house that exists in the modern world! But be warned, its not that easy to get a job with them, they've got a very strict set of standards to uphold their reputation!
The newest craze in social media apps - FukPix - is here!
Since the rise of social media, social tolerance for posting revealing pictures of yourself up on the internet for the whole world to see has steadily gone up. Was it any surprise then that someone made an app specifically to share your sexual escapades, and it was taking off like crazy?
The most effective strategy to get over someone
It's your wedding anniversary, and your husband had to pick up a fight with you on this very day! Your mood is ruined, but you won't let that bastard spoil your whole day. You were gonna dress up and give him a good time tonight. You're still in the mood for sex. So what if it won't be your husband who gets to enjoy it?
The correction officer
There exists a special group of people, whose job it is to correct wayward girls and bring them to their senses. Only the rich and affluent can afford them. Luckily for you (or unluckily?) someone close to you has decided your behavior needs to be made more 'lady like', and has invited the correction officer to work on you.
Someone out there wants revenge, and tonight they're gonna get it
You pissed off somebody. Badly. So much so that they laced your drink at the party, and made sure you'd find yourself in their basement when you wake up. What plans do they have for you?
What makes a happy housewife, really happy?
Doing all the little things for your husband, ofcourse, but not because he likes it. You don't want him to have any suspicions, and you'd rather keep him docile with happiness than alert with suspicion.
Porn isn't what its supposed to be, let's change that
Porn glorifies violence and aggression far too much, and this needs to be changed. Lucky for you, your partner thinks the same way and wants to make a difference in the world, with your help ofcourse.
You've been abducted, but your father is no Liam Neeson!
Just as the title suggests. You go to a different country on a vacation, and end up getting abducted. What's going to be your fate now that no ex-special agent is coming to rescue you?
Cult of Colossal Cocks
The world is controlled by a cult of men who are gifted phenomenally, and the cult needs special women to take care of their men's libido. Are you brave enough to satisfy them?
It's not what you know, but who you blow
Stuck in a dead end office job with no prospects of progress, you realize the only way up is by going down...on your boss, his friends, his colleagues, whoever he wants!
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2020.09.07 14:06 JohnnyRock110 CHARACTER RANKING- VILLAINS

This series has been renowned for its prestigious cast and antagonists, delicately written and amplified by some of the most dexterous actors in the business. What no better way to honor that than to do a ranking of them with some details thrown in; plus mentions of notable side villains. Starting with the main players:
  1. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy): Much like The Joker, this fear doctor’s motives are kept in the dark. He’s not particularly deep like the five other major antagonists, but everything else about him is done to a sharp tune. Jonathan’s twisted love of science and using the fear gas to experiment with his victims, particularly Carmine Falcone, somewhat makes him like a twisted version of Sid from Toy Story. Cillian’s performance is subtly intimidating, snide and charming. Moments including him being gassed and interrogated by Batman, and him riding a horse in a cloud of fear gas are key in the first film. He’s the only villain in any Batman picture thus far to appear in three films- including his standout appearance as the hanging judge in The Dark Knight Rises; which plays an integral role in what makes that films’ social revolution aspect so compelling, and he makes himself memorable in those scenes despite a combined near two minutes of screentime.
  2. Miranda Tate/Talia al Ghul (Marion Cotillard): Talia is the most divisive character in the series, but I stand by though that Marion Cotillard does a fantastic job with her (despite her four-second passing out death, which otherwise doesn’t hinder the films’ quality that much, big deal). Miranda starts out pure and charismatic, as she (apparently) wanted to bring Bruce out of his three-year seclusion (not eight as some have wrongfully assumed). Her misleading motives are sprinkled included picking up the weight of Bruce’s seclusion through a charity ball, and wanting to use the fusion reactor even after being rejected by Bruce. Hints to her true lineage come in waves, including a tender scene with her and Bruce as his life started to crumble again- her telling him about how her poor family felt rich through being by the fire. She contributes to The League of Shadows in ensuring that Gotham City would become a landscape for ruin for as long as it could for the bomb to annihilate them- including plugging herself into resistance movements so that Bane’s men could kill the special forces agents in horrific fashion, then the capture of Gordon and his partners. Her backstory with Bane and her father leaves an emotional impact, adding to the former’s humanity; also drawing influence from Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities- Bane is Monsieur Defarge to Talia's Madame Defarge. She has some terrific moments like her “The slow knife that cuts deepest” speech to Batman, and her cold look that she gives as she tells her henchman to “Shoot them all” as they kill Deputy Foely. Her inclusion doesn’t make Bane a lesser character but adds to their motives, an ally and his human side (he’s not a henchman, they’re collaborators).
  3. Harvey Dent/Two-Face (Aaron Eckhart): In the Company of Men, Erin Brockovich and Thank You for Smoking are pronounced roles in Mr. Eckhart’s filmography; and precursors to his one that’s most well-known to the public. He brings an effortless bravado to Harvey Dent, as seen in his courtroom introduction with Maroni and a defendant who fake-shoots him; moments like this imbue him with a sense of character for people to latch onto in TDK aside from the classic clown prince of crime. He also has an emotionally authentic side, making him not merely a wolf in sheep’s clothing; as shown with Rachel Dawes and his commitment to making Gotham a better place. His transformation into Two-Face is heartbreaking, and built up with his frustration towards the justice system and near-murder of the schizophrenic Schiff Thomas. Some believed that his arc was being radiated to make him to become the next big bad in the third installment, but that idea was overturned early on in the making of TDK. It made perfect sense as to not force sequel-bait, plus he wouldn’t have survived long with the scars and his tragedy is the hanging balance of the story. Harvey leaves more than a strong impression, and importance that shall not be forgotten; especially when the dystopian future of TDKR becomes a sad mirror of everything that “this fallen idol” strived for.
  4. Henri Ducard/Ra’s al Ghul (Liam Neeson): Much like Metal Gear Solids’ Big Boss; he in some ways serves as a foundation for the trilogy, as well as the shoulder devil for Bruce in the first half of Batman Begins. Liam has become notorious for his archetype/roller-coaster action pictures; but in 2005, he sizzled the screen with his small role in Kingdom of Heaven and this. Ra’s is about as radical as you could imagine for the leader of an ancient terrorist organization, but the way his dialogue is written and Liam’s performance makes you understand where he’s coming from. From a comics to film standpoint, the change of Ra’s al Ghul’s ethnicity makes enough sense here- If Ducard was Arabic, it would’ve been obvious that the Decoy Ra’s wasn’t real; and to not depict an Arabian man attacking a city a few years after 9/11. Ra’s, Bane and Talia are all Moroccan/Middle-Eastern; which still makes them foreigners/somewhat like the comics, plus Nolan valuing talent above all so this all makes sense.
  5. Bane (Tom Hardy): He very well competes with The Joker for my favorite antagonist in the trilogy, and it’s easy to see why certain people prefer him to the latter. Not taking comic book lore into account, he was the perfect choice for the final chapter rather than just settling for The Riddler or The Joker (again). Hardy made Bane his own in addition to the writing. He’s in a constant state of pain, with an animalistic glide of fighting and movement. A lot of horror about his past lies behind his impeccable facial expressions; especially in The Pit where Bane ensures that Bruce made it in there alive, and to know what lied in store for him- his body language in that scene is great. His introduction on the plane, battle with Batman and speech at Blackgate Prison are all incendiary. Hiding behind the guise of a helper of the people; he is surreal but also real, in how many in our own world can believe a madman under the right circumstances. The Nolan brothers could’ve simply written him as a tough guy (like his dreadful depiction in Batman and Robin) or an occasional roadblock for the dark knight; but they went beyond expectations and crafted an emotional and believable malefactor.
  6. The Joker (Heath Ledger): Not hard to guess, as Heath’s immortalized performance magnetized me from day one of seeing it. All of his tics, influences and horrifying motives and actions, Heath’s transformation have been discussed ad nauseum. All for good reason, “the Coca-Cola of fear” as described by critic Robbie Collin.
I have reservations about him outside of the film, more so some of the egregious fan perspectives that came up over time (of which I’m an often reluctant member of). Some act as if he’s the only reason that made TDK successful, or that he should’ve returned in TDKR- all are hokum. Joker is an integral part of a well-oiled machine, what made TDK explode in the mainstream; as well as Bruce’s story arc. He appears out of thin air in Gotham, is stopped by Batman and last seen laughing before abruptly cutting to the climax with Harvey Dent. His absence in TDKR only strengthens the film; as it doesn’t rely on him to build the story- respecting Heath Ledger’s recent passing while giving him a Voldemort effect in how the people of Gotham refuse to acknowledge him- that’s great writing. All three films successfully revolve around Batman and Gotham, the fact that we got an award-winning and resonant character for many like this Joker is just one part of the whole puzzle.

Honorable side-villains:

  1. Salvatore Maroni (Eric Roberts): Eric Roberts is macho, charismatic and sardonic as this mobster; who despite being a smaller role plays an important factor in the events of TDK. In The Fire Rises documentary; Scott Foundas of Variety Magazine cited Eric Roberts as an example of Nolan's Tarantino type-ability to bring seasoned actors from past decades into smaller-scale, notable appearances in these three films- same can be said for his other movies.
  2. Barsad (Josh Stewart): The voice actor for CASE in Nolan’s Interstellar also pays importance here as Barsad. He’s seen as Bane’s right-hand man/sniper throughout TDKR, played often quietly but chillingly by Josh. He’s integral to the opening as he pretends to be a Uzbekistan mercenary, handing over Bane and his cohorts to CIA agents, having already gained their trust; and for the rest of the film speaking in an American one (or English). Aside from the context of the film; he’s named after turncoat spy John Barsad from A Tale of Two Cities, and could very well be an homage to the infamous Deadshot (as Selina Kyle’s partner Jen is an homage to Holly Robinson).
  3. John Daggett, TDKR (Ben Mendelsohn)
  4. Carmine Falcone, BB (Tom Wilkinson)
  5. The Chechen, TDK (Ritchie Coster)- Despite having some characteristics of a typical Russian gangster, also has a level of respectability and sophistication.
  6. Phillip Stryver, TDKR (Burn Gorman)
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2020.09.03 03:42 Aloysius_Chinigan RWBY Ship Anagrams #27 – Coco Adel Ships (Part 3/3)

As promised, here is the last of Coco Adel's ultimate harem. What would happen if she did a makeover for every single one of her partners? Most fashionable timeline?
Next week: Fox, who has more cuts than Liam Neeson while climbing over a fence.
Coco Adel Ships (Part 2/3) < YOU ARE HERE > Fox Alistair Ships (Part 1/3)
  1. Bronze is the New Black (Coco x Brawnz) – Sizeable Bench Network
  2. Weed Whackers (Coco x Roy) – Dah: Screw Week
  3. Fashion Disaster (Coco x Nolan) – Hedonist Safari
  4. Wardrobe (Coco x May) – Bored War
  5. Milky Way (Coco x Nebula) – Yaw My Ilk
  6. Swiss Water (Coco x Dew) – Wisest Wars
  7. Femme Fatales (Coco x Gwen) – Female Ms. Fate
  8. Reheated (Coco x Octavia) – Date Here
  9. Speakeasy (Coco x Flynt) – Ye Ass Peak
  10. Tie Dye (Coco x Neon) – Yeti Ed
  11. Maxim (Coco x Tukson) – MiamX
  12. Coffee Break (Coco x Lisa L.) – Broke Efface
  13. Twix (Coco x Amber) – Twix\*
  14. Fashion Animal (Coco x Zwei) – A Half Insomnia
  15. Favorite Customer (Coco x Shopkeeper) – Serum of TV Erotica
  16. Kalifornia Girl (Coco x Kali) – A Fair Groin “Kill”
  17. Ghiradeli Chocolate (Coco x Ghira) – I’d Hail The Regal Coco
  18. Colorful Style (Coco x Ilia) – Le Fool: Lust Cry
  19. Whoopers (Coco x An Ren) – OP’s Whore
  20. Bastion (Coco x Li Ren) – In Sabot
  21. Designer Style (Coco x Henry M.) – Deny Leg, Sister
  22. Too Easy (Coco x Corsac) – A Soy Toe
  23. Smashed Buildings (Coco x Fennec) – His Gal’s Nudism Bed
  24. Tiger Print (Coco x Sienna) – Nip Gritter
  25. Bandit Girls (Coco x Vernal) – Grind Lit Abs
  26. Hot Topic (Coco x Maria) – Tit Pooch

BONUS: Chanel (Coco x Coco) – Eh Clan
*Hear me out- you shouldn't mess with something that's already perfect. Plus, something so divine needs a counterpart to share its majestic existence with. This bold stand is in honor of everyone who is in love wit da Coco.
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2020.06.29 19:50 MarshOccupation 8 Subtypes

Subtypes Preservation: Satisfactory Survival
When the passion of lust runs on the Self-preservation instinct, it is called satisfactory survival. If the basic survival needs are covered, the Self-preservation Eight feels good. The place of hardcore survivalists, these people enjoy living outside of society's conventions. They take pleasure in knowing that they don't need anyone else to survive. The Aryan Brotherhood, who live by trapping and hunting in northern Idaho, is most likely peopled with Self-preservation Eights. An Eight who was making good money as a waiter in the 1960s was living in a cardboard fort in a friend's backyard. He lived that way for two years. He ran an extension cord out from the house so he could watch TV; he was warm, he had all the basics, and he truly enjoyed it. I described him in a workshop and another Self-preservation Eight said, “You know, it wasn't a fort, but I lived in a plywood shack in somebody's backyard and we were allowed to use electricity only to shave.” As he told us this story, he puffed up with pleasure and filled the room with his energy while he laughed at his own jokes. He said he loved living this way because he was beating the system. He was getting away with something, and it was both fun and good enough. Other Eights I know have lived in tree houses, cars, and garages. Another Eight recounted that the only cars he liked were big, old Cadillacs because they were such a comfortable ride, and you could sleep right in the back. Self-preservation Eights are often crustier, more grizzled, or pricklier, more like a badger than other Eights. Since they don't need anyone else to survive, they put less attention on socialization skills. Roseanne Barr is a good example of a hedonist Self-preservation Eight. Another Self-Preservation hedonist Eight woman reported: When trying to get a man I'm usually jealous of Twos, because they can do that, and I can't. [imitates a coy Two] I'd love to rope them in [laughter]. My pride also makes sure nobody sees that actually. I've even considered maybe I should tell all my friends I've become a hermit? But then I think, “What about my dinner parties?” [laughter] You know, it's like [laughs] I won't have anybody to party with. That's not an option. [laughter] I knew I was sensitive in this way. I work alone, I live alone, all that I can do to just make sure that I don't have to run into people who tell me what to do and say, “you know what your problem is . . . “I should wear a t-shirt which first says, “Don't Fix Me. Not Fixable.” And “Beware of the Dog.” Lee Marvin, George C. Scott, and Broderick Crawford are male examples of Self-preservation Eights.
Social: Friendship
When lust uses the Social instinct, it is called friendship. Loyalty to friends, and sometimes gangs becomes one of the major themes in life. Once you get on the Social Eight's friend list, you will be there for life, unless you engage in betrayal. Social Eights are often willing to work it out with their friends, always wanting to confront in order to stay clear. As a rule, Social subtypes enjoy groups of friends together at the same time. Rarely does the Sexual subtype organize a lunch outing with half a dozen friends. A Social Eight told us that playing a pickup game of basketball was better than sex. For the Social Eight, there is a real loyalty to friends, which lasts until death. A young woman I know reported that whenever she returned home from college, she would always visit her friends first, then her boyfriend, and then family. When she broke up with her high school sweetheart, she insisted on keeping him as a best friend. As a Nine, he didn't understand it, but he went along. Years later when she married, the old high school sweetheart was there celebrating. Michelle Obama demonstrates the characteristics of the puritan Social Eight. As a Social Eight, rather than the possessive, guarding, and consuming of the family that we see in Donald Trump, the Sexual subtype, Michelle is the family. The family flows from her as the source, power, and direction. It is her identity as she nourishes it and guides it. The sexual Eight shows up differently. A Mafia don who is a Sexual Eight is loyal to his people, but he may not be friends with any of them, not even his mistresses.
Sexual: Possession/Surrender
While all Sexual subtypes seem to prefer one-on-one relationships, the Eight carries it to the extreme by wanting to possess the beloved. Issues also arise around being able to surrender to the beloved. This doesn't necessarily mean that Eights require monogamy or experience intense jealousy. One sexual Eight I know referred to his open relationship: The reason it's okay for my partner to have other lovers is that I feel we are so totally bonded, it's safe for her to have other lovers. I believe there is nobody else who could ever take my place. Possession/surrender really has to do with possessing the beloved totally, and then being able to surrender as well. Who's on top becomes an issue that the Eight uses to avoid opening to the tender vulnerable feelings of intimacy and loss of control. A male Sexual Eight reported having had a love affair with a female Sexual Eight: There were issues about who was on top on every level of our relationship from money to food to sex. She was always “doing” for me. She would buy me flowers. I've never had anybody court me and buy me flowers, candy, or gifts. I realized my own patterns and that the seduction of the Sexual Eight has to do with possessing the beloved. I had never realized that giving a gift is a way of possessing. Until it was happening to me, I never realized the level of aggression and control that manifest in ostensibly taking care of somebody. It was a complete surprise.
Type examples
Exemplars by Subtype Self-Preservation~Satisfactory Survival: These are the crustiest, growliest of the Eights. Since they don't need anyone else to survive, they have not polished their people skills. Slobodan Milosevic, Jack Nicholson, Harvey Keitel, Fritz Perls, Roseanne Barr, George C. Scott, Golda Meir, Jimmy Hoffa, Ethel Merman, Ty Cobb, Broderick Crawford, Quentin Tarantino, Waylon Jennings, Ernest Borgnine, Ann Sothern, Bella Abzug, Moms Mabley, Josef Stalin, Madame Blavatsky, Poland
Social~Friendship: These are the people who have best friends for life, and are always in a tight family and/or social circle. Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Laura Dern, Edie Falco, Judy Davis, Robert De Niro, Keith Richards, Lyndon Johnson, Lucille Ball, Hank Williams, Charles Bronson, Robert Duvall, Richard Harris, Lucky Luciano, Katharine Hepburn, Billy Martin, Danny DeVito, Audrey Meadows, Spiro Agnew, Sea Shepard, Ireland
Sexual~Possession/Surrender: These Eights are the most confident of themselves and their sexuality. The lust leaks through the eyes. Bill Clinton, Samuel L. Jackson, Serena Williams, Al Pacino, James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano), Russell Crowe, Sean Connery, Liam Neeson, Javier Bardem, Saddam Hussein, Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover, Laurence Fishburne, Richard Burton, Oskar Schindler, Mohammar Khadafi, Idi Amin, Mae West, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Swaggart, Anne Bancroft, Yul Brynner, Bessie Smith, Huey Newton, Anthony Quinn, Zorba the Greek, Gerard Depardieu, Mike Tyson, Chogyam Trungpa, George Gurdjieff, the Maori of New Zealand, gangsta rap and Israel
The Dichotomy: Puritan/Hedonist
The dichotomy is called puritan/ hedonist. This dichotomy reflects different styles of expressing excess. As in all of the fixations, both poles of the polarity are present. To everyone who knows them, puritan Eights appear maniacally obsessive about work. Working longer and harder and getting up earlier is a badge of excessiveness that the puritan Eight sometimes uses to gain leverage in relationships. Handling many tasks simultaneously, puritan Eights are always pushing against the constraints of time. After work, they may drink hard and play hard, appearing hedonistic to anyone not of the Eight fixation. The style of the hedonist Eight is bragging. Not bragging about how hard they are working, but about how late they stayed out last night and how hard they partied. One man reported that while in jail in the early 1960s, a survey was taken as to the favorite role models of the inmates. The first-place winner and unanimous choice was Dean Martin, because he always had a drink in one hand, a beautiful woman on the other, lots of money, and a couch behind him. Like all the fixations, Eights embody both poles of the dichotomy all the time, but one style is predominantly presented to the world. Whichever style is used, Eights will use it to dominate, avoid emotional vulnerability, and prove that they are superior. A good example of this polarity is a pair of country cousins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart. After growing up and raising hell together as teenagers, Jerry Lee Lewis went on to a career as a wild hedonistic rock 'n roller who did prison time for marrying his underage cousin. Jimmy Swaggart went on to a puritan career as a TV evangelist, with a holier-than-thou attack on sinners, until he was brought down for picking up prostitutes while cruising in his car. Or consider the difference between the puritan Hillary Clinton and the hedonist Bette Midler; or between Michelle Obama and Mae West.
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2020.05.25 19:17 AWS_SRE I'm interested in helping people switch careers into IT. Are there grants available?

Liam Neeson Voice
"I have a special set of skills. Skills that are in high-demand, and pay very well..."
Seriously though. Among others, I'm certified by both Microsoft and CompTIA as a trainer, and currently direct AWS SREs for a consulting partner. I hold over a dozen different certifications on both the Azure and AWS side of things.
I'm hoping to offer an evening "IT Bootcamp" that's heavily if not completely subsidized - accessing education and knowledge shouldn't be a matter of one's circumstances but rather their drive and determination. I have some serious mileage as a trainer with great results and want to be a force-multiplier here as we stare down the barrel of unprecedented unemployment rates. I tend to use comedy and analogies to make otherwise hard to understand concepts easier. Teaching end-user troubleshooting technique is another specialty - something I hope will provide an avenue to employment as we pick up the economic pieces (think software callcenter support)
In my former life, I spent over a decade working with a community action program as a center director in another state, so I'm very familiar with the concept of grants replacing student cost, but I couldn't find any obvious links for people interested in teaching here:
Reddit seems to reach just about all kinds of folks and careers, so I'm hoping someone reading this has been here and done this and may have a suggestion for me on the next breadcrumb. Thanks all!
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2020.05.24 23:09 finnagains Unexpected Movie Masterpieces to Watch in Quarantine - by David Sims (The Atlantic) 10 April 2020

Some were blasted by critics, some flopped at the box office, and all are ripe to attain cult-classic status.
With new cinema releases grinding to a halt in response to the spread of the coronavirus, I’ve used these weeks of self-quarantine to cast an eye backward over the cinematic canon, to rewatch old favorites, and to fill in viewing gaps. Now I’ve begun evaluating films that, for whatever reason, didn’t get a fair shake when they were released. Some were blasted by critics, and others simply made no impression at the box office; all of them are available to watch online, just waiting to become cult classics. The 30 films I’ve chosen as the most underrated are all from the past 25 years, and many belong to genres (rom-com, sci-fi, thriller) that are overlooked in serious critical circles. Some of my selections might seem obvious and others ludicrous, but all were made in the spirit of enjoyable debate and discovery.
the Box-Office Flops
Kino Lorber Archipelago (2010, directed by Joanna Hogg)
Joanna Hogg broke out in American art houses last year with her wonderful autobiographical work The Souvenir, but she’s been making terrific indie films for years. Archipelago might be her best. A quiet drama, it sees Edward (played by Tom Hiddleston, a year before Thor catapulted him to fame) gathering with his family on the remote British island of Tresco after quitting his job to travel the world. Many long-simmering tensions boil to the surface; Hiddleston (who is in most of Hogg’s movies) gives one of his best screen performances, and Hogg depicts subtle, polite infighting with humor and insight. No filmmaker has a better handle on the ridiculous foibles of the English upper-middle class.
Watch it on: Vudu, Prime Babe: Pig in the City (1998, directed by George Miller)
George Miller is the master of sequels. Each of his installments in the Mad Max series is innovative; his Happy Feet Two is quietly underrated. But he’s never made a follow-up as strange and beguiling as Babe: Pig in the City. Miller wrote and produced the first Babe, a charming, Oscar-winning success. In the director’s chair for part two, though, he turned the sweet fable of a pig who wanted to herd sheep into a grim fairy tale about life in the big city. The movie was a commercial disaster, but it’s a rewarding, beautifully designed work set in a fantasy city that mashes up landmarks from every modern metropolis. The plot, such as it is, follows Babe as he goes on a trip and mixes it up with more streetwise animal brethren (the director Noah Baumbach once said that the film’s closest thematic companion is Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut).
Watch it on: Hulu, HBO Beyond the Lights (2014, directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood)
A gorgeous romantic drama about the pain and pleasure of pop stardom, Gina Prince-Bythewood’s remarkable Beyond the Lights made little impression at the box office on release, despite a star-making turn from Gugu Mbatha-Raw. The actor plays a Rihanna-esque figure named Noni Jean who falls for a police officer (Nate Parker) and tries to escape the limelight. Prince-Bythewood, who also wrote and directed the incredible Love & Basketball, is one of only a few people in Hollywood still trying to film genuine love stories, and she deserves many more chances to do so on the big screen.
Watch it on: Vudu, Prime Cadillac Records (2008, directed by Darnell Martin)
The smartest music biopic from a decade full of them (including 2004’s Ray and 2005’s Walk the Line, to name a couple), Darnell Martin’s portrayal of the rise and fall of Chess Records was woefully underseen in 2008. The film digs into the exploitative dynamics at work in so many early rock-and-roll labels, examining the troubled relationships between Leonard Chess (Adrien Brody) and his biggest stars: Muddy Waters (Jeffrey Wright), Etta James (Beyoncé Knowles), and Howlin’ Wolf (Eamonn Walker). The film has a harder edge than its contemporaries, and the musical performances are particularly sensational.
Watch it on: Crackle
Cloud Atlas (2012, directed by Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski, and Tom Tykwer)
This is the most dizzyingly ambitious project in the Wachowski sisters’ expansive filmography. Adapting David Mitchell’s novel of the same name, Cloud Atlas encompasses six distinct stories, beginning with an 1849 naval adventure and zipping through the 1930s, the ’70s, and the present day before blasting to the clone-filled future of 2144 and ending in a postapocalyptic 2321. Members of the ensemble, including Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, and Doona Bae, play different characters in each story line, and the film jumps backward and forward through time to reveal surprising thematic links. As with many a Wachowski project, you have to make a few logical leaps to get on board, but if you can, there’s no movie experience like it.
Watch it on: Vudu, Prime
20th Century Fox Film Corp. Down With Love (2003, directed by Peyton Reed)
This knowing throwback to the “no-sex sex comedies” of the late ’50s and ’60s (like the Doris Day–starring Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back) was too clever for its own good on release. But it’s a fabulous, entertaining, and singular creation, both celebrating and subverting the innuendo-filled rom-coms of yesteryear. An impeccably styled Renée Zellweger and Ewan McGregor star as lifestyle writers who form a friendly rivalry in 1960s New York. Sarah Paulson and David Hyde Pierce round out the cast, and Peyton Reed (who had just directed Bring It On in 2000) plays off the visual language of his source material in stylish, innovative, and cheeky ways. When you watch, be sure to stick around for the fantastic musical number over the closing credits.
Watch it on: Vudu, Prime Dredd (2012, directed by Pete Travis)
Perhaps the best comic-book movie of the past decade was Dredd, a gritty adaptation of the Judge Dredd series that was a financial flop on release. Set in a dictatorial future in which armored policemen are empowered to dispense lethal justice for almost any crime, the film takes place entirely within a colossal tower block, following Dredd (Karl Urban) and a new trainee as they do battle with a sadistic mob boss (Lena Headey). It’s a gruesome but smart movie, at once lionizing and satirizing the ruthless efficiency of its hero. The film was written and produced by Alex Garland (Ex Machina, Annihilation), who has since become one of the most exciting sci-fi directors working today.
Watch it on: Vudu, Prime Killing Them Softly (2012, directed by Andrew Dominik)
Killing Them Softly is Andrew Dominik’s brutal follow-up to his painterly revisionist Western, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Also starring Brad Pitt, Killing Them Softly takes George V. Higgins’s hard-boiled ’70s crime novel Cogan’s Trade and updates it to the present day, following a mob robbery that goes wrong and the assassin (Pitt) hired to clean everything up. Dominik turns the web of competing criminal interests into a broad metaphor for the quagmire of the Iraq War. Killing Them Softly may have been too weird and slow for general audiences (it’s one of the few movies ever to earn an F on CinemaScore). But it’s bleakly funny and impressively acted by a cast that includes James Gandolfini, Ray Liotta, and Ben Mendelsohn.
Watch it on: Netflix Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005, directed by Shane Black)
The film that put Robert Downey Jr. back on the map was critically praised but ignored at the box office in 2005. An extremely metatextual crime comedy, it follows a thief (Downey Jr.) pretending to be an actor who gets mixed up in a murder and goes on the lam with his acting coach, a private investigator (Val Kilmer). The story line is as complicated as it sounds, but the thrill of Shane Black’s film lies in his hilariously punchy dialogue and his skill at making the most convoluted plotting flow with ease. The movie reintroduced Downey Jr. as a leading man after he’d spent years struggling with addiction: He was hired to play Iron Man mostly on the strength of this performance.
Watch it on: Vudu, Prime Premium Rush (2012, directed by David Koepp)
David Koepp’s bike-messenger thriller is far more robust than that description might suggest. Set on New York’s crowded streets, it follows Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a deliveryman who picks up a package that’s tied to a criminal conspiracy; soon enough, he’s being chased around town by a crooked cop, Bobby Monday (Michael Shannon), who’s intent on taking him down. The story is told with unrelenting silliness, and Koepp translates Wilee’s brash confidence about weaving in and out of traffic into a visual roller-coaster ride. The highlight, though, is Shannon’s performance—he turns Monday into a living Looney Toon, gnashing his teeth and bulging out his eyes in fury with abandon.
Watch it on: Vudu, Prime Solaris (2002, directed by Steven Soderbergh)
Steven Soderbergh’s sci-fi opus was decried on release for daring to re-adapt a novel (by Stanisław Lem) that had already been turned into a film masterpiece (Andrei Tarkovsky’s sprawling 1972 work of the same name). But Soderbergh’s movie is a very different beast from Tarkovsky’s, stripping the story down to 99 minutes and focusing on the haunting romance at the center of the book. George Clooney plays Chris Kelvin, a psychologist haunted by the suicide of his wife, Rheya (Natascha McElhone). After hearing the mysterious distress signals sent out by a distant space station, he travels there—and finds Rheya, somehow re-created by the planet that the station is orbiting. The film includes stellar supporting performances by Viola Davis and Jeremy Davies, a beautifully understated score from Cliff Martinez, and some of the most compelling world-building in Soderbergh’s career.
Watch it on: Hulu
Sunshine (2007, directed by Danny Boyle)
This stunning space-mission drama from Danny Boyle and the screenwriter Alex Garland might be the Oscar-winning director’s best film. A wildly intense thriller about a last-gasp effort to restart the dying sun, Sunshine pits an outstanding cast (Cillian Murphy, Michelle Yeoh, Chris Evans, Rose Byrne, and more) against a monolithic enemy: the star at the center of our solar system, which Boyle depicts as an immovable, godlike force. As the voyagers’ ship gets closer to the sun, everything on board goes more and more haywire, and Boyle—who can depict the onset of madness better than almost anyone working—dials up the chaos.
Watch it on: Vudu, Prime Talk to Me (2007, directed By Kasi Lemmons)
Kasi Lemmons, whose most recent work is 2019’s Harriet, has long been one of Hollywood’s most criminally unheralded directors, and Talk to Me never got the wide audience it deserved in 2007. It’s a biopic of the controversial Washington, D.C., radio host Petey Greene (Don Cheadle) that’s unafraid to be messy, reflecting its subject’s surprising rise to fame as someone who fearlessly speaks his mind on the social and political issues of the 1970s. The film is grounded by excellent performances from Cheadle, Taraji P. Henson, and Chiwetel Ejiofor, who plays Greene’s put-upon manager, Dewey Hughes.
Watch it on: Hulu, Sling What If (2013, directed by Michael Dowse)
Also known as The F Word (its title was changed in America for obvious reasons), this extremely charming slow-burn rom-com was unfairly overlooked on release. It follows two people (Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan) who become friends but spend the entire time wondering if they’d be better off as lovers. Many relationship hijinks ensue, but the movie works because of the performances at its center, along with energetic supporting turns from Adam Driver and Mackenzie Davis, who were both on their way to bigger, franchise fame.
Watch it on: Prime The Yards (2000, directed by James Gray)
Back in 2000, James Gray’s operatic crime thriller was dumped unceremoniously into theaters by Harvey Weinstein and ignored by audiences. Like all the director’s films, though, it’s well worth viewing, combining hard-boiled storytelling with graceful visuals. Mark Wahlberg gives one of his best performances as Leo, an ex-con who returns to the fold of his shady New York family and gets tangled up in city corruption surrounding the subway system. A shifty Joaquin Phoenix plays Leo’s ne’er-do-well friend who is embroiled in a dramatic relationship with a young woman (Charlize Theron), while James Caan is suitably menacing as Leo’s morally dubious benefactor. The Yards also showed the first signs of Gray’s considerable talent; he’d go on to make We Own the Night, Two Lovers, The Lost City of Z, and Ad Astra.
Watch it on: Vudu, Prime the critical bombs
Warner Bros. Addicted to Love (1997, directed by Griffin DUnne)
All of Griffin Dunne’s films (including the delightfully bizarre Practical Magic) deserve more appreciation, but Addicted to Love is a personal favorite of mine, a largely forgotten romantic comedy that satirizes gooey Hollywood storytelling tropes. It casts Meg Ryan and Matthew Broderick, two stalwarts of the rom-com genre, as a bitter pair united by a hatred of their respective exes, who are now dating each other. Ryan and Broderick spy on their former partners and, of course, eventually fall for each other, but the film never sacrifices its acidic tone, even as their relationship turns tender.
Watch it on: Vudu, Prime Armageddon (1998, directed by Michael Bay)
If nothing else, Armageddon is a crucial cultural artifact: a portent of American culture’s jingoism in the 2000s, when blockbuster action sequences had the tone and tenor of Budweiser commercials. Where Michael Bay’s prior film, The Rock (which is much better regarded), had tapped into the U.S. military’s dysfunction and despondency post-Vietnam, Armageddon sees the country uniting to obliterate an evil asteroid by turning to … the oil industry. (It also spends a good chunk of time mocking post-Soviet Russia.) Despite the ridiculous plotting and Bay’s frenetic editing of every set piece, Armageddon is the clearest distillation of his macho brand of propaganda, designed to have audiences cheering by the end (against their better judgment). Listen to Ben Affleck’s gleeful commentary to triple the entertainment factor.
Watch it on: Hulu, HBO Blackhat (2015, directed by Michael Mann)
Five years ago, one of the great contemporary directors still working made a globe-trotting cyber thriller starring Thor himself and was completely ignored. Booed by critics and dumped by its studio into the doldrums of January, Blackhat made only a shocking $8 million at the domestic box office. Yet it’s a terrific entry in Michael Mann’s esteemed body of work (which includes other movies, such as Heat, Miami Vice, and Manhunter, that were underrated in their day). Chris Hemsworth plays a hard-bodied hacker who’s released from prison to battle a shadowy online terrorist; like many of Mann’s later films, Blackhat is a story of the analog world’s struggle to confront its digital future, wrapped up in a very masculine action saga. If you can, try to catch the director’s cut, which cleans up some of the film’s dense plotting and airs regularly on FX.
Watch it on: FX The Box (2009, directed by Richard Kelly)
This is the third film directed by Richard Kelly, a onetime wunderkind who burst onto the scene with the 2001 cult hit Donnie Darko. The Box is also his best, though few have recognized it as such. It was a bomb on release, getting poor reviews and the rare dishonor of an F from CinemaScore. But its wild ambition is second to none, spinning Richard Matheson’s mordant short story “Button, Button” into a paranoid 1970s epic—part domestic drama, part psychological horror, part sci-fi fantasy revolving around a NASA expedition to Mars and magic portals. This movie has short, simple scares that I’ve never forgotten, and a plot convoluted enough to obsess over forever. I live in hope of a fourth film from Kelly.
Watch it on: Vudu, Prime Constantine (2005, directed by Francis Lawrence)
Fifteen years after its release, this remains one of the best and cleverest comic-book adaptations ever made, and probably the most underrated entry in Keanu Reeves’s cinematic career. This is a horror thriller that dives into biblical fantasy, casting a varied ensemble (Tilda Swinton, Djimon Hounsou, Gavin Rossdale, and Shia LaBeouf) as various angels and demons doing battle in modern-day Los Angeles. Based on Alan Moore’s Vertigo comic Hellblazer, Constantine junks a lot of the established hallmarks of the character John Constantine (he’s supposed to be a witty Brit who looks like Sting), but that doesn’t matter. Reeves’s laconic style is a perfect fit for the cynical antihero, and Rachel Weisz thrives in twin roles as sisters on either side of an infernal crime that Constantine is called to investigate.
Watch it on: DC Universe The Counselor (2013, directed by Ridley Scott)
Of the seven films made by Ridley Scott in the past decade, none is more critically reviled than The Counselor, a knotty crime drama written by Cormac McCarthy and featuring an all-star ensemble that includes Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, Michael Fassbender, Penélope Cruz, and Cameron Diaz. Summarizing its noir-ish plot, which revolves around the Juárez, Mexico, drug trade, is impossible, but the film is worth watching simply because there’s nothing like it. McCarthy’s florid dialogue and Scott’s hazy visuals are bewitching, and every actor gives an energetic performance pushed to ridiculous heights (one scene in particular, involving Diaz and a Ferrari, is hypnotically baffling). The Counselor is a dark acquired taste, but a deeply satisfying one.
Watch it on: Vudu, Prime Universal pictures The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006, directed by Justin Lin)
After the success of the first Fast and the Furious movie, in 2001, Vin Diesel’s car-racing franchise struggled to stand out until 2009, when its original cast returned under Justin Lin’s direction for the surprise smash Fast & Furious. But the groundwork for that revitalization had been laid three years earlier with Tokyo Drift, Lin’s debut film in the series. Though Tokyo Drift introduces Sung Kang as the fan-favorite character Han, none of the series’s other beloved characters appears. Yet Lin’s skill with crisp action and quick-paced banter—built up in his fantastic breakthrough, Better Luck Tomorrow, which also starred Kang—makes this one of the best in the franchise.
Watch it on: Vudu, Prime Hulk (2003, directed by Ang Lee)
Coming off the resounding success of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Ang Lee could’ve made any film he wanted. He picked an adaptation of Marvel Comics’ most tortured star, the Hulk (Eric Bana). At the time, the movie was seen as odd, mocked for its wobbly CGI, and suffered one of the largest box-office drops in history for a blockbuster after its opening weekend. Viewed now, given the cookie-cutter format of contemporary superhero movies, it’s a startling experience. Lee turns his film into a living comic book, zooming in and out of boxy frames and inventing a visual language that could’ve become an exciting norm for the medium. The story, which sees the Hulk doing Freudian battle with his demonic father (Nick Nolte) and unearthing dark family secrets, is bizarre, and thrillingly so.
Watch it on: Starz In the Cut (2003, directed by Jane Campion)
Every film Jane Campion has directed since her Oscar-winning The Piano (1993) is underrated and underseen, but In the Cut was perhaps her biggest flop on release. That was partly because it subverted Meg Ryan’s usual bubbly onscreen persona, casting her as Frannie Avery, an introverted English teacher who starts dating the detective (Mark Ruffalo) investigating a murder case in her apartment building. It’s a sweaty, grisly, and sexually charged thriller that swerves from strange comedy to gory horror from scene to scene. But that tonal whiplash is one of Campion’s smartest storytelling tools, properly rattling viewers and plunging them into Frannie’s mixed-up headspace.
Watch it on: Crackle Jennifer’s Body (2009, directed by Karyn Kusama)
This is the movie that landed Karyn Kusama in “movie jail” for almost a decade: a gleefully bloody teen-horror comedy that was undone by the high expectations for its script. The writer, Diablo Cody, had won an Oscar the previous year for her Juno screenplay, and though this follow-up had that film’s humor, its intense gore and flippant humor were too much for critics at the time. Fortunately, Jennifer’s Body is already being reevaluated as a trashy classic, a nastier update of movies like Heathers that turns the social competition of high school into a literal bloodbath. Kusama has also reemerged as a filmmaker, with the excellent indie horror The Invitation.
Watch it on: Vudu, Prime Universal pictures Josie and the Pussycats (2001, directed by Harry Elfont and Deborah Kaplan)
This knowing revival of the Archie Comics series was a failure on release, but has deservedly attracted a cult following in the years since. It’s a pitch-perfect parody of the manufactured pop pipeline in the early 2000s, watching as the chipper rock band comprising Josie (Rachael Leigh Cook), Melody (Tara Reid), and Valerie (Rosario Dawson) is run through the major-label mill. Parker Posey and Alan Cumming play perfect corporate villains, and almost every scene is suffused with ostentatious subliminal advertising, with au courant brand names crowding the frame. It’s a bitingly clever work, with a great power-pop soundtrack that includes contributions from the late Adam Schlesinger.
Watch it on: Hulu with Cinemax, Xfinity Jupiter Ascending (2015, directed by Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski)
In the 2010s, blockbuster studio filmmaking made a hard pivot to existing intellectual property for its biggest movies: Star Wars, comic books, anything audiences might have nostalgia for. The Wachowskis, as they often do, went their own route. After giving cinema one of its greatest franchises in 1999 with The Matrix, the duo took a different direction in 2015 with a loopily operatic sci-fi epic rooted in nothing but their own imaginations. They were pilloried by critics. Jupiter Ascending is a wonderfully absurd space fairy tale starring Channing Tatum as a dog-man, Eddie Redmayne as an immortal arch-capitalist villain, and Mila Kunis as a secret princess who unwittingly owns the property deeds to our solar system. If you can get on this movie’s wavelength, you’ll find much to enjoy in its many flights of fancy.
Watch it on: Netflix
Non-Stop (2014, directed by Jaume Collet-Serra)
Since the surprise success of Taken in 2008, Liam Neeson has played a broken-down man forced to take the law into his own hands in countless mid-budget action dramas: Unknown, Cold Pursuit, The Commuter, Run All Night, and many more. Non-Stop is easily the best of them, partly thanks to Jaume Collet-Serra, a Spanish director who is one of the finest purveyors of modern pulp cinema (along with many Neeson movies, his other credits include The Shallows and Orphan). Set entirely on an airplane flying from New York to London, Non-Stop follows an alcoholic air marshal who gets caught in a deadly battle when a terrorist starts texting him. Perfectly befitting its setting, this thriller has the plot of the best kind of airplane paperback, with just the right number of twists and turns.
Watch it on: Sling Ocean’s Twelve (2004, directed by Steven Soderbergh)
Despite coasting to box-office success, Ocean’s Twelve was disliked on release for swerving in the opposite direction from the über-cool Ocean’s Eleven. Critics dismissed it as overindulgent, pretentious, and ultimately pointless: The heist plot is nigh-impossible to understand, most of the crucial exposition is entirely absent, and there’s a subplot in which the character played by Julia Roberts pretends to be the real Julia Roberts. In hindsight, though, the film is a perfect deconstruction of sequel logic, showing the difficulty of finding new directions for a beloved cast of characters. Where Ocean’s Eleven was all smooth style, Ocean’s Twelve is a knowing subversion that lays bare the ridiculous fallacy of movie-star charm. It also happens to be very, very funny.
Watch it on: Vudu, Prime Pain & Gain (2013, directed by Michael Bay)
Practically every Bay film has been dismissed by reviewers on release, and often for good reason. His high-octane storytelling style makes the simplest scenes of dialogue utterly hyperactive, and most of his recent efforts are about talking robot toys. But Pain & Gain was a sly departure for this director, a low-budget (by his standards) crime comedy that feels like a Coen Brothers movie on growth hormones. Based on a true story, Pain & Gain is about three bodybuilders (played by Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, and Anthony Mackie) who embark on a harebrained kidnapping scheme for easy money; naturally, things quickly go awry. Bay doesn’t abandon his trademark energy, but instead deploys it as satire—these characters might think they’re in a flashy action movie, but their circumstances are far more mundane and depressing.
Watch it on: Vudu, Prime
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2020.04.24 05:53 Clafa7 Thoughts, Quotes, Randoms and Summaries of Movies

The Prestige:
The prestige is about two stage magicians and their journey from partners to rivals. In this Christopher Nolan masterpiece these two men find themselves at odds following a catalytic tragedy. A usual stage trick of theirs involved Julia, Robert Angier’s (played by Hugh Jackman) wife, being tied and locked up then lowered into a locked glass cage filled with water, which she then would escape from. Starting off all as friends, things were going peachily until Alfred Borden (played by Christian Bale) decided to change up the act and use a different and more difficult knot for the trick. This was against the wishes of Angier but Borden still wanted to go through with it. That night on the stage Julia wasn’t able to get out. In one of the most frustrating scenes I can think of in cinematic history, Borden and Angier (Batman and Wolverine) watch idly by in horror as Cutter (played by Michael Caine, or more famously known as Alfred) is trying to break the glass detaining Julia. Because Borden made the change without Angier knowing beforehand this caused a rivalry that continued to spiral end escalate throughout the years. As competing magicians they continually and tirelessly worked to disclose each other’s new tricks and sabotage their acts. The actions of sabotage eventually lead them to extremes which result in tragic consequences. It starts with tricks such as catching a bullet. Once Angier discovers the trick he sabotages Borden, ultimately leading to Borden losing a finger. The final magic tricks from each involves cloning, prison, and murder? A star studded cast of Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson and many more, this is one movie that deserves to be watched by all.
Thor Ragnarok:
Thor Ragnarok in my opinion is the greatest of all 23 currently released marvel movies. Taika Waititi is a creative genius and was allowed to use those skills in his adaptation for this movie. The aesthetic makeup of this movie is bold, vibrant and quite simply childish, exactly something you would anticipate the inner workings of Taika’s mind to be like. What makes this film different from all the rest is the lightheartedness and quality humor that percolates throughout the entirety of this theatric masterpiece. Snide humor such as Thor and Hulk’s reunion in the arena of Sakar when Thor says “we’re friends from work” to the spectators. This line was a from a Make-A-Wish child who suggested it for the scene when he visited the set. Nearly every scene with Korg is an instant favorite, filled with one-liners made even better by the New Zealand accent. To top Korg off he is played by none other than director Taika Waititi. One thing that I did find irksome however was highlighted when watching “how it should have ended”. In the film Thor is easily incapacitated by a shocking device that is planted on him by Valkyrie. It makes you question how, if the device works so effectively on Thor then why wouldn’t they use it on Hela? The biggest change in this movie from the others, for Thor’s character perspective at least (pre endgame), was when Stan Lee hacked off his luscious locks. It seemed to completely change my image of the character but for the better. Originally, I hated that they would do such a thing. However, I like the new look and once he went back to long hair I found myself almost longing for the short haired version. When people who are against Marvel/ Superhero movies for some reason this is the film to suggest. It isn’t like all the others which cause you to feel almost comatose because the atmosphere, storyline, or whatever is not the same. Instead of responding to the question of “how was the movie” with “it was a typical superhero flick” Thor Ragnarok warrants a better response, a positive response, one that doesn’t group it with all the other superhero movies.
The Patriot:
Mel Freaking Gibson. This film is a journey and a half of the American Revolutionary war. Here’s the storyline given on IMDB
“It is 1776 in colonial South Carolina. Benjamin Martin, a French-Indian war hero who is haunted by his past, now wants nothing more than to live peacefully on his small plantation, and wants no part of a war with the most powerful nation in the world, Great Britain. Meanwhile, his two eldest sons, Gabriel and Thomas, can't wait to enlist in the newly formed "Continental Army." When South Carolina decides to join the rebellion against England, Gabriel immediately signs up to fight...without his father's permission. But when Colonel William Tavington, British dragoon, infamous for his brutal tactics, comes and burns the Martin Plantation to the ground, tragedy strikes. Benjamin quickly finds himself torn between protecting his family and seeking revenge along with being a part of the birth of a new, young, and ambitious nation.”
One of the greatest cinematic antagonists Col. William Tavington is the catalyzing factor for all sorts of emotional highs. Being the cause for the deaths of Benjamin Martin’s children at the onset of the movie, you find yourself cringing each time he makes an appearance. If you’re familiar with the Game of Thrones T.V. series then you will understand well when I say he gives the same emotional trauma as King Joffrey did. It’s not only because he killed Eddard Stark but the way he did it that caused you to despise him, among other things, that draws remarkable contrast to the emotional “attachment” you feel towards Colonel Tavington. It doesn’t help that one of the son’s he kills is portrayed by the late Heath Ledger. Two fun facts about Heath Ledger in relation to this film are such:
· “He didn’t work for a year because he only got offers for teen heartthrob roles. He was about to quit acting, and return to Australia, when he was cast in the film.” (And thank goodness because he is an incredible actor and we would have missed out on the greatest villain portrayal of all time in the Joker had he not remained in the acting world)
· “Heath Ledger said researching the American Revolutionary War for the film answered his question of why Americans “wave their flag so high.” “It’s because they went to hell and back to build their country.”
Being an American this film promotes ample feelings of patriotism and pride. Despite the fictional aspects it is always a great addition to any movie when applicable. Something about being reminded that the United States of America is the greatest and most skilled, powerful and dangerous militaristic forces can’t be undersold (some other great movie examples are Lone Survivor, 13 Hours and American Sniper)
Crying can be defined as: “to utter inarticulate sounds, especially of lamentation, grief, or suffering, usually with tears.” This emotion is not an unusual one to experience when watching your typical rom-com or drama, even a pixar or dreamworks animation can cause the waterworks to start flowing. Maybe there is something wrong with me but I have never been brought to the point of tears while watching a movie. Not when they put down Marley in Marley and Me, nor when Iron Man died at the end of Endgame, not even when Mufasa was killed by Scar in the Lion King (and we all know that that is at least in the top 3 of the saddest cinematic scenes of all time). So, how is it that the closest I got to crying was in a movie whose storyline is:
“Two brothers face the fight of a lifetime - and the wreckage of their broken family - within the brutal, high-stakes world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting in Lionsgate's action/drama, WARRIOR. A former Marine, haunted by a tragic past, Tommy Riordan returns to his hometown of Pittsburgh and enlists his father, a recovered alcoholic and his former coach, to train him for an MMA tournament awarding the biggest purse in the history of the sport. As Tommy blazes a violent path towards the title prize, his brother, Brendan, a former MMA fighter unable to make ends meet as a public school teacher, returns to the amateur ring to provide for his family. Even though years have passed, recriminations and past betrayals keep Brendan bitterly estranged from both Tommy and his father. But when Brendan's unlikely rise as an underdog sets him on a collision course with Tommy, the two brothers must finally confront the forces that tore them apart, all the while waging the most intense, winner-takes-all battle of their lives.“
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is not the most emotionally stimulating category but yet this movie was able to bring me nigh unto tears, twice. The first was a scene involving Tommy Conlon (portrayed by the talented Tom Hardy) and his father Paddy Conlon (played by Nick Nolte). Throughout the film you feel bad for Paddy as he is just trying to make amends for the terrible father figure he was, on his journey to find his way back into either of his sons polar opposite lives. It climaxes for him when he is at the casino and is emotionally destroyed by his son. You next see him in his hotel suite listening to a tape recorder and drunk (which destroyed his sobriety that he had been working so hard on so he could be allowed back into Brendan Conlon’s life). Tommy takes over and helps his father get into bed then comforts him as he sobs himself to sleep in his son’s arms. The second scene is the finale. Brothers Tommy and Brendan fight their way through a major tournament to ultimately meet each other in the championship. Here’s the script of the final scene:
“Brendan climbs into the cage as the house LIGHTS DIM. The
crowd is going bonkers. And they EXPLODE when Tommy appears
at the end of the tunnel with his hoodie up and begins his
march toward the cage.
The Marines shower him with cheers and "Hoo-ahs." The girls
scream. The rest of the audience stamps their feet and chants
his name. But he acknowledges no one, and the hard look on
his face never wavers.
Fenroy and the crew on the edge of their seats, all staring
at the big screen.
A nervous Paddy sits in the back of the cab as the DRIVER
navigates through holiday traffic.
And here it is. The two brothers face to face in the middle
of the ring, staring each other down. Tommy with his usual
controlled fire, Brendan intense, searching his brother's
eyes for some flicker of recognition.
Gentlemen, this is the final. Five
rounds. I expect a clean fight.
Obey my commands at all times.
Defend yourselves at all times.
Touch gloves, go back, let's do
As Rosenthal finishes his instructions, Brendan peers into
Tommy's empty corner.
Where's Pop?
Tommy turns without answering. All business. Brendan returns
to his corner. Looks at Tess. So much emotion on her face.
Gentlemen, are you ready? Are you
ready? Let's go to war!
Tommy comes right after his brother. Just like with his
previous three opponents. A natural wrecking machine. Frank
screams at Brendan to stay calm, but Tommy is all over him,
POUNDING on him with savage intensity. As bad as the other
fights were for Brendan, this one is worse.
The crowd is tense and subdued. It's not going well.
Fenroy and company thoroughly enjoying themselves.
Tommy continues to batter Brendan, then he swoops in, picks
him up, and SLAMS his big brother into the ground. Then he
does it again. And again. And again.
Brendan, the wind knocked out of him, is on his back, trying
to protect himself from Tommy, who mounts him and starts
blasting away with a BLUR of lefts and rights. The only thing
that saves Brendan is the HORN. Which Tommy ignores, blasting
his brother with a brutal CHEAP SHOT to the jaw well after
the round had ended.
What was that!
C'mon, Josh!
Brendan lays on the ground as Josh Rosenthal pulls Tommy off
him and admonishes him for the cheap shot. Tommy stares at
Brendan. You want more?
Frank runs into the cage with the stool and Brendan limps
over to him and sits down. Brendan stares at Tommy, who paces
in his corner like a caged animal.
Sit down. Look at me. Look at me,
Brendan! Let it go! Breathe.
Beethoven. He's coming hard, just
like we planned. I want you to
angle out, hit, and move.
Angle out, hit, and move.
Good. Breathe. Relax. He's not your
brother, right? He's just a guy
who's in the way.
Josh Rosenthal claps his hands. It's time. Frank glares at
him as he picks up the stool.
I'm taking a little more time for
the cheap shot! Do your job, Josh!
Tess sits uncomfortably in her chair. Her husband's face is a
mess. In front of her, Callen and Sheridan commiserate. J.J.,
the TapouT crew, and Colt Boyd look on. The electricity in
the crowd is greater than ever. They want a champion.
Very quiet at the Drive-In. It's tough for everyone to watch
what's happening to Brendan.
The Marines in the crowd are all on their feet, screaming for
Tommy to end it. The chant starts up again. 15,000 strong.
"Tommy! Tommy! Tommy!" Frank tries to instruct Brendan, but
he can't hear him, and he's too overwhelmed.
Tommy presses Brendan against the cage and does the same
thing Koba did. He lifts him off the ground, carries him on a
dead run, and body SLAMS him so hard the cage shakes. Then
Tommy mounts him and starts pounding away again.
The HORN sounds ending the round, but this time it's Brendan
who pops up and pushes Tommy. Tommy shoves him back.
Rosenthal has to separate them as the crowd roars its
Here we go, Mom! Time to lock up
your china, the boys are at it
Fenroy and company watching the big screen.
Again, Tommy is on top of Brendan, trying to ground and pound
him into submission. Frank, leaning on the apron nearby,
screams at Brendan.
Switch! Switch!
Tommy tries to pound Brendan out, but Brendan latches on to
Tommy's arm, wraps his legs around him, and REVERSES
position, just as he did with Midnight, the Dane, and Koba.
Tommy is in deep trouble. Brendan pushes him face down on the
canvas and cranks his shoulder. There's no escape.
Oh my God, that's a deep omoplata!
He's doing it again! Conlon's doing
it again! This is going to be over!
Brendan applies intense pressure. Tommy's shoulder is
contorted, WRENCHED backwards, and his face is a mask of
pain. Tommy's in agony, but he won't give in.
Tap, Tommy!
Tommy SHRIEKS like an animal, but still won't quit. In fact,
he elbows Brendan in the face in defiance. Brendan in turn
cranks the shoulder even more. It's at the breaking point.
The shoulder twists. Twists. And then, audible only to Tommy
and Brendan, CRACK. Dislocated. Then the HORN ending the
Brendan, worried he hurt his brother, leans over to see if
Tommy's alright, but Tommy, like a wounded animal, leaps up
and grabs Brendan around the throat with his one good arm. He
shoves him all the way across the cage and into the fence,
and it takes Rosenthal and Frank to separate them.
The crowd fired up by Brendan's comeback, and mesmerized by
what's taking place in the cage between the brothers. It's
complete and utter chaos in there.
Sheer amazement that Tommy didn't submit.
Tommy, flap down, tears of pain pouring down his face, stands
defiantly in his corner. In the other corner, Frank attends
Brendan. In the crowd, Tess covers her mouth. She can't
believe what Tommy allowed to happen to him.
Frank puts the stool down and gives Brendan some water.
Brendan's face is wracked with guilt and concern over his
I popped his shoulder.
Relax, breathe.
I heard it tear.
You popped his shoulder? Good. I
want you to pop his other shoulder.
This is not what Brendan wants to hear. He looks over to Josh
Frank snaps. Grabs Brendan by the face.
Hey! Hey! No Josh! Look at me! You
got two rounds left! You need both
rounds! Go in there, kick him in
the head, take him down, and finish
Rosenthal claps his hands. Frank exits the cage. The wounded
Tommy stands in his corner, his ruined left arm hanging low.
Brendan makes eye contact with him.
Tommy! What are you doing?
Shut up! C'mon.
What are you that crazy?
Let's go to war!
The BELL sounds. Round Four begins. Tommy throws useless
right jabs. He's one handed and has no chance. Brendan stays
away from him, not wanting to hurt his brother.
What are you doing? It's over!
Frank screams at Brendan from cageside to take the wounded
Tommy out, but Brendan is reluctant.
It's over, Tommy. C'mon. We don't
have to do this.
Tommy and Brendan circle each other. Tommy throwing rights
and wincing in agony at any movement. Brendan stares at him.
Everything about him says "Quit, Tommy." But Tommy won't.
Paddy runs up the tunnel, his All Access pass around his
neck, and enters the arena. Sees Brendan and Tommy in the
cage. Quickly figures out what the situation is.
Zito and the kids staring at the screen, imploring Brendan to
take the helpless Tommy out and win the championship.
Brendan continues to circle and not engage. Frank is livid.
He knows he'll lose the fight on the judges' scorecards if he
doesn't do something.
Finish him! You finish him!
Tommy keeps throwing defiant right jabs at Brendan. Finally,
with no choice, Brendan fires back. He batters the
defenseless Tommy up against the cage and POUNDS away at him,
blasting his left shoulder with punches that make Tommy wince
in pain. It's anyone's guess how he can take it.
Brendan presses his brother up against the cage. Begging him
to quit. But Tommy merely responds by elbowing Brendan in the
face again. This sets the older brother off, and he resumes
pounding on Tommy until the HORN sounds and Rosenthal pulls
Brendan away.
Break! Break!
Brendan heads back to his stool as Tommy leans against the
cage in agony. The Marines scream for him, but his eyes are
glazed over. It's unthinkable that he hasn't broken yet.
From near cageside, Paddy looks to the corner and makes eye
contact with Brendan. They exchange a small look of
understanding. A NOD. They both know what needs to be done.
The crowd wants a victory. Tito and the boys start the "Mis-
ter C!" chant again.
Tommy and Brendan stand for Round Five. Tommy's face is
battered after Round Four and Brendan's face is ruined.
In the crowd, the "Tommy" CHANT begins in earnest. In fact,
it may be louder than ever. Having done the impossible and
carried on with one arm, Tommy is more superhuman and heroic
than ever before. But his face tells another story. Soaked in
pain and anguish. All his stoic walls crumbling down.
All eyes riveted to the screen, where the brothers circle
each other as in the fourth round.
Brendan SLAMS Tommy to the ground. His face is contorted in
merciless pain. Brendan slips his forearm under Tommy's neck
and squeezes. Tommy struggles, but he's got one arm and
there's NO ESCAPE. His face getting red from lack of oxygen.
As an anguished Tess and a shaken Paddy look on, Brendan
CHOKES his brother. As he does, he pleads with him.
I'm sorry, Tommy! I'm sorry!
Tommy continues to struggle.
Tap, Tommy! Tap!
Tears pour down Tommy's face. Brendan is crushing his wind
pipe. Tommy's eyes bulge.
I love you, Tommy! I love you!
Tommy, about to pass out, no more air to breathe, slowly
opens his left hand, looks at Brendan, and TAPS his shoulder
on the Conlon family crest. Finally submitting.
While most of the crowd erupts in celebration and the kids
leap into each other's arms, Joe Zito stares at the screen.
Frank makes eye contact with the jubilant Tess. Indicates she
should meet them in the locker room. Meanwhile, people pour
into the cage. Frank pushes them aside, keeping them away
from Brendan and Tommy, who remain on the ground, exhausted.
Tommy to begins to WEEP.
Silence at Colt's. Everyone spent from what they've seen.
Tommy buries his head in Brendan's chest. A torrent of
sobbing gushes from him, years of pain pouring out in heavy
bursts. From the crowd, Paddy stares into the cage and
watches as Brendan comforts his little brother, then helps
him to his feet.
Callen, Sheridan, and J.J. Riley make their way inside for
the post-fight interview, cameras trailing behind them. With
Frank continuing to run interference, Brendan pushes through
the crush of people, arm around Tommy, and exits the cage.
The crowd parts for Tommy and Brendan. Paddy watches them, a
tear in his eye. He's overwhelmed by the sight of his two
boys together again.
As the noise from the arena fades, the brothers walk through
the wild crowd and continue on through the tunnel, arm in
For me, the part the just punched me right through the gut was when Brandon started talking to Tommy, “I’m sorry, Tommy! I’m sorry!... Tap, Tommy! Tap!... I Love you, Tommy! I love you!”. As soon as this is all over Today by The National begins to play and it just causes you to melt inside. Warrior Is A Cinematic Masterpiece! And, if it can almost make me cry then it has my respect.
Batman Trilogy:
Batman Begins
The Beginning of one of the greatest trilogies out there. Christian Bale accepted the mantle of portraying the caped crusader and brought us one of the finest live action superhero movies. In a reversed dogmatism, the first film of the series was the worst of the three. Were I to make any changes to batman in general, in all the adaptations out there, the “batman voice” is one of my least favorite things. Why in the world does he need to talk like that? If people aren’t able to piece together who he is then changing his voice is more so just an awkward attempt to add another aspect to the film. Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite directors in Hollywood and Batman is no exception. Liam Neeson is a legend and making him the main villain, Ra’s Al Ghul,, made me happy.
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight is the best of the three, and that is because of Heath Ledger and his genius take as the Joker. Chalk full of one-liners his performance was so great that he won an academy award.
- “Do you wanna know how I got these scars?”
- “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.”
- “How about a magic trick? I’m gonna make this pencil disappear. Ta-daa! It’s… it’s gone.”
He showed off more talents than with just his acting. He directed both homemade videos that The Joker sends to GCN. As Christian Bale takes this journey of toeing the line with one of the greatest villains you’re constantly on edge, as is typical of a Christopher Nolan movie, wondering how close Batman is really going to get to breaking his one rule of killing someone. One dislike or complaint that I had for the movie was the casting choice for Rachael. Although she is Jake Gyllenhalls sister, I don’t have much care for her as an actress and feel like they could have, and should have, cast someone else in the role, especially since she does play an important part in not just The Dark Knight, but through into the next movie as well.
The Dark Knight Rises
The voice of Bane is a heavy favorite among people. Plenty of memes have been created using Tom Hardy’s portrayal of him. Despite being just 5 foot 9 inches and Christian Bale 6 foot, the camera work makes it seem as though bane is a behemoth of a man compared to him. He was too big (tone wise) from his role in Warrior so in the dark knight they made him put on a little bit more of mass to make him look like he did in the movie. I remember the scene where he picked up batman and broke his back and his dialogue “I was wondering what would break first, your spirit, or your body”. The scene sent chills throughout my body and now every time the movie is on, no matter where I am or who I am with, there is without fail at least one person who will say the line along with him. When I first heard that Anne Hathaway was going to be playing catwoman I was a little upset. However, she did an incredible job and I ended up really liking her performance and my mind was changed. In this concluding film of the trilogy I was left at the end hoping that they were going to make another film with Robin since they teased him but unfortunately that never came to fruition.
Peanut Butter Falcon:
Top 3 movies of all time. Peanut Butter Falcon is the story of three people, Zak (Zack Gottsagen), Eleanor (Dakota Johnson) and Tyler (Shia LaBeouf). Let’s start with Zak. Zak is a down-syndrome kid who is confined to a nursing home because he has no family. He loves wrestling and wants to attend his favorite wrestler’s (Salt Water Redneck) wrestling school. One night with the help of his roomie, Carl, he covers himself up with lotion and slips through the bars that were put on his window since he tried to escape just a few days prior. As he is hiding out in a boat, in just his whitey tighties, the boat is suddenly boarded and takes off through the marshes. Eleanor. Sweet Eleanor, a nursing home employee is responsible for Zak. Upon his runaway she is commanded essentially by her boss to find him before he has to report it to the authorities and government. Tyler. The getaway boat driver is the main character. He lost it all essentially when his older brother died in a car crash. In an act of retaliation he burns down a fishers equipment and jumps on his boat to escape from them. This boat had a stowaway hiding in the back who almost got him caught, that stowaway was Zak. Initially Tyler is trying to get rid of Zak as soon as they get to some civilization but since Zak is determined to get to the wrestling school Tyler agrees to help him get there (after a few unfortunate events that sort of force him into it.) So Zak and Tyler, Shia LaBeouf and a down syndrome kid, brodies, set out on their journey with Eleanor trying desperately to find Zak. Tyler and Zak develop a very special and close bond with each other as they are trekking to their destination. Eventually Eleanor catches up to them and is livid at Tyler since she ran into him a few days before and he lied about knowing anything about Zak. Zak forces Eleanor’s hand into coming with them on their journey as he throws her keys into the water. The three of them set out and become a makeshift ragtag family. This is just one of those movies that you can watch multiple times a year and not get sick of. Additionally, it is because of this film that Shia LaBeouf has started to make a resurgence into the film industry and recreated himself. If you watch an emotional video you can see how much Zak changed Shia’s life and it only adds to the connection you feel to them and their characters as you embrace this heart warming adventure tale
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2020.02.22 15:28 Baskin5000 Album of the Year #23: Dreamville - Revenge Of The Dreamers III

Apple Music
Background by Baskin5000
To preface, the background will be more focused on the label, and less about J. Cole.
Back in 2007, Fayetteville, North Carolina rapper J Cole and his manager Ibrahim Hamad decided to start a record label known as Dreamville Records. The first artist signed to the label was rapper Omen, from Chicago, who had met Cole after sharing music with each other via online forums. Both artists would go on to release mixtapes through the label for the first few years, notable ones including Friday Night Lights, and Afraid of Heights.
In early 2014, Cole announced while performing at Madison Square Garden, that Dreamville now has a distribution deal with Interscope Records, and handed out flyers to attendees announcing that a mixtape called Revenge of the Dreamers has been released. That same day rapper Bas from Queens was signed to Dreamville and featured on the mixtape with Cole and Omen.
In June of 2014, Cozz from Los Angeles was signed. In December of 2015, R&B singer Ari Lennox from D.C. was signed, rapper Lute from Charlotte was signed, and Revenge of the Dreamers II was released, featuring all the current label artists, and a few outside features.
In 2017, Dreamville signed East Atlanta (not Santa) rapper JID, and Atlanta duo EarthGang, comprising of Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot. JID and EarthGang would grow to be Dreamville’s biggest artists, sin J. Cole.
On January 6 of 2019, Dreamville announced Revenge of the Dreamers III, but this wasn’t announcing the release date. This was announcing the beginning of what would be a 10 day recording session in Atlanta, extending invites to over 100 artists and producers to come and work on the album with them.
Singles including Middle Child and Down Bad were released, while Popup shops, brunches, private concerts, and even comics took were used to help promote the album.
On July 2 of 2019, REVENGE, the documentary was released on YouTube, documenting the 10 day process, and featuring snippets from many of the songs featured on the album. 3 days later, Revenge of the Dreamers III was released.
Review by Baskin5000
I will first be doing a track by track analysis, with an overall review and summary at the end.
Under The Sun (J. Cole and Lute feat. DaBaby)
The album opens up with a needle drop and a soul sample of “I’ll Be Waiting For You” by The Argo Singers. The sample then tapestops leading into a chopped up instrumental of the song and some booming 808s, with J. Cole mumbling,
“I done seen it all, oh my god”
before entering his verse with much more confidence.
“Nothing new under the sun, nobody fucking with son”
Thematically, the song is your typical braggadocio rap, but the confidence of Cole and the upcoming artists over the smooth soul sample gives the song much more prominence.
Coles verse leads directly into the hook, which to many listeners shock is a surprise feature from Kendrick Lamar. He says two simple lines that follow the braggadocios theme, and then it’s on to the next verse.
“I woke up for some money
Ayy, lil’ bitch, Too many opps in here tell me who you with.”
Lute from Dreamville raps the next verse, coming in with even more energy than Cole. He also raps about shooters, girls, and the now iconic line:
“Wish a nigga would like Liam Neeson”
Kendrick’s two-line hook is displayed again, and rapper DaBaby takes the last verse, and is the first of many non-Dreamville artists to officially feature on the album. Bragging ‘bout bagging girls back in college, guns, and even a reference to his self-defense shooting at a Walmart, he ends his verse shouting out his hometown Charlotte, which may be why Cole chose DaBaby for the opening track, as they share the same home state.
The theme of under the sun can mean everything the rappers have experienced in their lives. The “sun” motif is also played with multiple meanings, as Cole and Lute refer to themselves as sons, while Cole himself has a son, and talks of Sunday dinners.
Fun fact: The last time Kendrick and Cole’s voices were both on a song was on “American Dream” by Jeezy in 2017 but part of separate acts, and before that was “Forbidden Fruit” by Cole in 2013. Under the sun may be a great tease for fans of the duo, but to those thinking this might mean the long awaited collab album is coming, don’t get your hopes up.
The hungry lyrics, laid over the smoothness of the sample elevate the song to a memorable album opener.
Down Bad (Bas, EarthGang, J. Cole, JID feat. Young Nudy)
Down Bad was one of the lead singles of ROTD3, and is a posse cut of Dreamville rappers, and features East-Atlanta trapper Young Nudy. Nudy, JID, and EarthGang are all from Atlanta which may be why Nudy made the final cut of the song.
Nevertheless, Nudy breaks the song, as the opening sample gets filtered and reversed, bringing special attention to his verse. He delivers his signature flow, laid back yet still filled with energy, but his verse is cut off to tap in fellow East Atlanta rapper JID. One of Dreamville’s standout artists known for his fast doublet tip-tap cadence, he doesn’t cease to impress with strong lyrics and clever wordplay.
JID’s verse leads into the hook, mentioning how he had a hard knock life, but had to harden up if he wants to be the best at the rap game. The Dreamville torch then gets passed to Bas, whose verse compares Dreamville to track and field athlete Marion Jones, who cheated in the Olympics to gain an upper hand. He uses this comparison to say how it’s unfair how Dreamville is racing past the competition, while everyone else is slow like a heroin high.
Another hook and it leads to the head of Dreamville, J. Cole. Following the theme of being down bad, he raps about humble beginnings, and how hard work and pressure got him to where he is now, all while having kept a consistent yet complex rhyme scheme in the first half of his verse.
EarthGang member Johnny Venus delivers the final verse. Doctur Dot isn’t on the song, and there will be many times on the album that will credit EarthGang but only include one of the members. Even though he doesn’t talk about being down bad, he makes up for it in his energy and flow. Shout-out Even Stevens.
Overall, the song is a great banger and a good choice as one of the promotional singles. The instrumental is a fusion of rock and trap, with a heavy electric guitar and hard hitting trap drums. It also feels nostalgic giving early 2000’s (Toxic is the first song coming to mind) vibes with the high pitched instrument ringing throughout the track. Every artist gives an amazing performance with high energy.
LamboTruck (Cozz feat. REASON and Childish Major)
The anthem of the underappreciated. This song trades verses between Cozz of camp Dreamville, and REASON of Top Dawg Entertainment. The hook on this song is done by Childish Major, a renowned artist known for producing the tracks U.O.E.N.O (remixed by TDE) and 4 Your Eyez Only by Cole of Dreamville, which is fitting given the topic of discussion. Being the underdogs of their respective labels, the artists have an issue with being overshadowed by the more popular members, who have more favor for releases, features, pay, marketing, etc. etc.
Cozz begins talking about his lack of pay from the label, and how his “dreams” at Dreamville aren’t able to be fleshed out due to lack of funds and attention. Cozz wonders if REASON is having more luck at TDE, since everyone there has gotten special attention to their album releases, from Schoolboy’s recent album to Isaiah Rashad (Ironic). He’s hungry to be making more music, but it’s not in his favor. He’s been so frustrated he’s even considering popping a glock. This could either mean suicide, or more likely used to threaten the label to give him more attention. He brushes it off because that would be stupid to do, but still thinks he might blow a fuse if something doesn’t change soon.
REASON sings a different tune, talking about his lavish life as a rapper, getting money, getting girls and keeping up his image as a hardened West Coast rapper-wait, that’s a lie. He reveals to Cozz that he’s actually been broke for quite some time, the bills keep stacking up, and he can’t handle lying about his situation. Being surrounded by much more rich and famous artists at the Dreamville recording sessions got to him, and seeing J. Cole pull up to the studio in a Lamborghini truck was the straw that broke the camel’s back. REASON wants him and Cozz to rob Cole.
The third verse is a back and forth between REASON and Cozz, with Cozz pleading not to mug Cole, as he’s like a brother to him, and crossing your own brother is taboo. REASON isn’t listening since he isn’t that close to Cole, so it’s not much of a loss if Cole dies in the process. The argument reaches a climax when REASON makes an offer: He goes and robs Cole, while Cozz robs Top Dawg, the head of REASON’s label. Cozz agrees.
The outro by REASON summarizes the song, nice guys finish last, and if you want to get what you deserve, you have to take it for yourself.
This song is one of my personal favorites on the album, since the topic is one rarely heard in rap. Usually artists rep their collective as their family, and upon getting signed, the artist will always be taken care of. In hip hop it’s common to talk about how you used to be broke, but working hard has got you in a much better financial situation. It’s refreshing but also sad hearing how in the case of Cozz and REASON, they’re still broke even after getting signed to some of the most desired and prestigious rap collectives.
The back and forth arguing at the end of the song feels much more intense as their voices are panned to the left and right and the beat breaks, making the listener feel dead center of the altercation.
Swivel (EarthGang)
I’ll be keeping this track short since hammer_it_out is doing an AOTY review for Mirrorland and will most likely have a better analysis for this track (I will link once his review is out)
The track focuses on caution and paranoia (Always keep your head on a swivel) and the gangs talk about the dangers of living in Atlanta. Dot salutes a fallen friend Alan, whose cause of death remains ambiguous but can be inferred through the lyric,
“RIP my nigga Alan, damn, I wish you would’ve stayed at home”.
Venus’ verse tells a small story of his youth, not involved much in gang violence which he was thankful for, but still had a rough upbringing as both his parents were overworked for little pay. Things changed for the worse though when Ronald Reagan introduced the War on Drugs, which I’ll try to keep short. Instead of helping communities stay safe from the addictive nature of drugs (which he may or may not have deliberately introduced into lower income communities), the administration used the War as an excuse to target and jail minorities.
Now Venus is ironically surrounded by police brutality and death in what was once a safe neighborhood, and thinks solemnly that being dead would weigh less on him than needing to mourn for everyone else that has lost their lives.
After 3 faster and more aggressive tracks, Swivel serves as a nice break to ground the listener, and help lead into the next track with a similar vibe. The beat teeters between smooth/calm, and eerie/unnerving, helping instill the feelings of paranoia that the song is focused on.
Oh Wow…Swerve (J.Cole feat. Zoink Gang, KEY!, and Maxo Kream)
Zoink Gang is the newly formed collective of JID, Smino, Buddy, and Guapdad4000, having been created during the Dreamville recording sessions. Buddy even announced the group has enough songs for a tape. Although this is the only track on the album officially featuring Zoink Gang, many tracks on the album will feature 2 or more members of the group.
Oh Wow…Swerve is the combination of two tracks.
Oh Wow opens with a dreamy, slow instrumental as Zoink Gang can be heard conversing in the background, and then coming together to chant the hook. Layered vocals of the members sing in the background leading into Coles verse, an introspective verse about how people are truly happy is when they enter the afterlife. Some purposefully corny bars about Radioactive (he’s becoming self aware), and the verse ends with an alarm clock, telling the listener to stay woke even though it may feel better to be asleep. Zoink gang chants the hook again, and Oh Wow ends.
Swerve begins with an incredibly catchy hook from Atlanta’s KEY! talking about his car, the theme of Swerve. A slow but bouncy trap beat from Bizniss Boy is the instrumental for the song.
A car skrts in the background and the song shifts focus to H-town Maxo Kream, a standout verse showcasing his clever comparisons of pop culture to gang life. Some of my favorite lines of the album are from his verse. The following verse is by JID, but is cut off short, the listener only hearing about 4 or so lines. This could be payback for cutting off Nudy’s verse early back in Down Bad.
Oh Wow…Swerve is a nice double track, and although there is no real connection between the two parts of the song, it was probably combined as a way to transition back to banger territory from the solemnness of Oh Wow and Swivel. Swerve also doesn’t feature any Dreamville members bar the 4 bars from JID, so this could’ve been an excuse to get the track onto the album since Oh Wow does contain Dreamville members.
Don’t Hit Me Right Now (Bas, Cozz, Ari Lennox, feat. Yung Baby Tate, Guapdad4000 and Buddy)
Don’t Hit Me Right Now is a track packed full of different artists. The artists are tired of girls hitting up their phone, and are busy with other things, which is the theme of the song. The beat is bouncy and is fleshed out by Ari Lenox’s singing as she provides background vocals for the track.
Oakland’s Guapdad4000 sings an incredibly catchy hook (it won’t be his last on the tape) and the remaining artists deliver quick 8 bars. Bas takes the first verse, and his last line actually begins the first bar of Atlanta’s Yung Baby Tate’s verse. With less rapping and more singing, her verse is also outstandingly catchy.
The hook is displayed again and Compton’s Buddy begins the following verse. Buddy arguably benefitted the most from the recording sessions in this album, being lucky enough to voice in 6 separate tracks on the album (a whopping 9 if we include the director’s cut), the most from any non-dreamville artist. He even beats some of Dreamville’s own artists in volume. Cozz finishes the last verse and the hook plays again, ending the song.
Overall, Don’t Hit Me Right Now is a nice party track, and is a fun song to listen to.
Well Fargo Interlude (JID, EarthGang featuring Guapdad4000 and Buddy)
However, the debatably most fun track on the album is an interlude. It begins with a skit from the credited artists imitating posh British accents, while preparing to rob a bank with bazookas, flamethrowers, machine guns, and muffins. The hook is the 4 artists chanting about how they’re about to rob the Wells Fargo. The beat is loud and rambunctious, and features some unique instruments imitating party horns to make the track extra playful. While the vocals and beat are in sync, the composition of either the hook or the beat (can’t tell which) is done so in a way to make it song sound off kilter, almost like the artists are coming in early/late and need to catch up to the beat. This is done on purpose as Johnny Venus is heard saying at the end:
“It’s just how you count it, it just depends on how you count it”
The verses are super quick, switching from one artist to the next before you even have time to realize they started rapping. The quickest song on the album, Wells Fargo makes a case of being one of the most HYPE songs of 2019. The energy in it is insane. Examples include the chanting of the chorus, the group finishing every bar for Johhny Venus, and Buddy cutting into the hook screaming:
If you haven’t watched the REVENGE documentary on youtube, I’d recommend scrubbing through until you find the clip of them recording this song. Seeing all these different people from across the country, having probably not even met each other prior to the recording sessions, have so much fun making a track captures the essence of what ROTD3 is about, getting people together to make great music.
Sleep Deprived (Lute, Omen, feat. Mez and DaVionne)
This track is another focused on overcoming hardships to reach success, so much so that the artists are sleep deprived from overworking. They also reminisce about past dreams and conquered goals.
Raleigh’s Mez and DaVionne (hometown not specified) are featured on this track. The beat is filled with natural drums that surround the room, with a crash symbol that slides between the left and right connecting the kick and snare. A funky bass riff plays in the background, and dreamy piano keys capture the reminiscing topics of discussion.
Lute begins talking about how thankful he is to be in his position to a girl he just met. To put it simply, even though saying Rap saved him is cliché, it’s true. He can live comfortably now, and watches as those who didn’t ride for him now want to be on his side. Lute manages to always bring hunger and energy in his verses, and the same goes for this one.
Mez picks up the next verse, talking about his dreams, and mentions that he used to want to sign to Cole in the early days of Dreamville. He reflects on the hard times and trauma he had to go through, and now it keeps him up at night, yet tells someone (his fans or his girl) not to stay up late worrying about him.
DaVionne delivers an amazing Chorus, catchy but meaningful, and Omen, one of the OG members of Dreamville, gives his first verse of the record. He talks about a failed relationship and trying to rid himself of her, yet still finds himself staying up late thinking about her.
Every artist on this track shined, and played the different aspects of why someone could be sleep deprived. Lute is sleep deprived from stress. Mez doesn’t want his fans or his girl losing sleep over him. DaVionne is carving her own path in life while haters are losing sleep from trying to figure her out, and Omen is up late thinking about a lost love.
Despite the topic of discussion, the vibe of the song is a mix between bounce and relaxation, and serves as another great bridge on the album as it delves into deeper, more meaningful cuts.
Fun Fact: Mez actually did have a back and forth with Cole on MySpace back when J. Cole went by “The Therapist”. This was probably around the same time Omen was chatting with Cole and would eventually go on to create Dreamville.
Self Love (Ari Lennox, Bas, feat. Baby Rose)
This song is for the self-conscious. The soulful Ari Lennox and Atlanta’s Baby Rose sing about struggling to fit in, and how it’s unhealthy to invest too much of yourself into someone else, when instead you should be loving yourself.
The chorus is short but impactful, “Self-love is the best love”. Ari Lennox croons her verse and her turn at the chorus, filling the air with vibrancy and emotion. Baby Rose sings the following verse and chorus with much more soul. You can feel the pain in her voice, and her performance is remarkable.
Both singers mention a failed relationship amidst their self-conscious thoughts, and Bas comes in to play the other side of relationship, saying how he led his girl astray and feels shame for making her feel the way she feels. He realizes this relationship isn’t healthy and a break is needed, because “Self-love is the best love”.
Another personal favorite of mine, it’s good to know you’re not alone when you feel down and out of place. Baby Rose killed her feature, and has an outstanding voice.
Ladies, Ladies, Ladies (JID feat. T.I.)
Based on “Girls, Girls, Girls” by Jay-Z, JID talks about his experience in past relationships with a little help from T.I. The beat uses a chopped up/reversed vocal sample and is slow and dreamy.
JID reminisces, from girls who tried to rob him, girls far more wealthy than him, girls’ brothers trying to shoot him, andeven girls who tried to say the N-word around him even though they aren’t black.
Some clever word play is used in his verse, such as:
“She be panty-less (penniless), so no panty lines…she fucked me, tryna pluck a couple bucks like a banjo…”
JID is almost always rapping with a faster flow, so it was a nice change of pace to see him rap so smoothly over a slower track.
ATL’s T.I. is the guest of the track, talking about his past relationship with a girl named Loraine, and how karma from “loving” a woman too hard is bound to come back to you, so you can get that same lovin’.
I feel like it has to be mentioned given the recent T.I. controversy, but it is pretty hypocritical about rapping about past relationships, and how fucking a girl really well will come back to you as good karma, while at the same time giving your daughter regular hymen checks to make sure she isn’t having sex. Nevertheless, T.I’s verse fit the song well, and did well as a guest feature.
Costa Rica (Bas, JID feat. Mez, Buddy, Jace, Reese LAFLARE, Ski Mask the Slump God, Smokepurpp, and Guapdad4000)
Another posse cut on the album but one highlighting the features much more than the Dreamville artists. CuBeatz makes the melody on this beat, with their signature of complex, catchy instruments. Pyrex Whippa known for his bouncy drums doesn’t disappoint, adding the percussion on this cut.
This posse cut is aimed for flexing, each artist giving their own unique sauce for their verses. Reese from Atlanta begins with a standard trap verse, talking of fendi pants, slatt, and plenty of girls. The verse gets passed to Bas, who uses a clever simile telling his jeweler to make a piece out of his heart since it’s so icy cold.
Guapdad4000 shows his amazing hook skills once over, yelling how he’s got plenty of fans and plenty of bands in the popular tourist country of Costa Rica.
Jace’s verse is filled with pop culture references, from Norman Bates to Rihanna, and Raleigh NC’s Mez delivers a fast rhyme scheme in the latter half of his verse. Guapdad sings the hook again and the drums cut out for South Florida’s Smokepurpp, who’s funny lines paired with a laid-back tone make them even more humorous, examples include:
“Forty-five on me, shit hot like a pocket (doo-doo)”
“Got your baby mama doing drugs in the moshpit”
JID is back to his fast cadence, bouncing off the walls from topic to topic, and ending his verse somewhat humorous saying that at the airport before flying to Costa Rica, a girl mistook him for Swae Lee.
After the third hook, Buddy is back on the album track, also with a humorous verse, and even comparing himself to Ernest Hemingway because he’s been writing so much, which is why he’s on so many songs.
Ski Mask, also from South Florida, holds the final verse. A long awaited one at that after a snippet surfaced of him in the studio during the Dreamville recordings, with almost a dozen artists all chanting his bars and going absolutely crazy. He also uses his signature style of fast flows and humorous references. I might be biased being from South FL but it’s nice seeing so many rappers fuck with him, and even having him and Purpp be invited amongst the other artists during the ‘Ville sessions.
1993 (J.Cole, JID, Cozz, EARTHGANG feat. Buddy and Smino)
“Every album gotta have a weed song.” `-Danny Brown.
Much like many rap albums, a dedicated song to the wonderful flower that is bud is needed, but this one has more of a twist. The artists are having a smoke sesh trying to relax after a day of recording during the Dreamville sessions. If you’ve ever seshed with friends, you know that there’s always going to be the one friend who’s high enough to think he can freestyle some bars and impress the group. Usually while attempting to freestyle, the blunt stays burning in their hand, and it’ll be ages before it finally gets passed.
Take that scenario, but everyone in the group is a famous rapper. Buddy is not having it, and tries to stop everyone attempting to spit so that they can just chill and enjoy the sesh. Every rapper talks about their experiences with the drug, only to be abruptly cut off by Buddy who just wants the damn blunt to be passed. The highlight of the song is the skit at the end, just hearing all the rappers just laughing while Buddy is trying to quiet the room down, and points out:
“This nigga J. Cole, he done grew some dreads, he think he smoke now”
It’s definitely one of the funniest lines on the album and it’s not even part of the song, it’s a skit.
I really enjoyed this song because like Wells Fargo, it’s not meant to be taken too seriously, but as a song/skit combo it does well enough to be funny without crossing the line of corny.
Rembrandt…Run It Back (J. Cole, JID feat. Vince Staples)
Rembrandt…Run It Back is another 2 part song, and Rembrandt opens up with a vocal pitched JID giving warning to anyone who might try to mess with him or Dreamville.
JID and Cole both have verses on Rembrandt, talking about how their group is better than others in the game. A boastful song, both verses also feature 2 word couplets, using a limited vocabulary to help paint the picture (like artist Rembrandt van Rijn) showing their superiority.
The hook is displayed again with gunshots ending Rembrandt, as Run It Back starts to play. Long Beach CA’s own Vince Staple’s voice can be heard trying to get someone’s attention. He’s confused and wonders if this is the Dreamville recording session he’s been hearing about.
He then begins his albeit short verse with energy, boasting of his guns, clothing, cars, and fearlessness in the face of violence. He ends the verse warning someone not to get killed by the police, before his verse is cut off by fully automatic gun.
Both 2-part songs on this album seem to have the second song only populated by non-Dreamville artists. As I mentioned earlier this is probably why they’re attached to the first song which does feature Dreamville, as a way to still have it listed on the album.
Sunset (J. Cole feat. Young Nudy)
Pyrex provides another bouncy trap beat, this time with help from ChaseTheMoney. Originally called God Flinch, this track was rumored to include a Drake feature due to a photo online of Drakes name attached to a first draft of credits for the song, and a photo of him riding in J. Cole’s RR around L.A. J Cole mentions riding the Rolls Royce in L.A, and includes the bar, “2-6 god” which could also be interpreted as “To 6-god”, but to many fans dismay, the track does not include Drake.
J. Cole’s hook plays a cliché on the “Roses are red…” poem, saying roses are red while his diamonds are blue. His pockets are green from being filled with money all the time. He mentions how he wants to get a house in LA, and later explains why in his verse due to how he almost got killed in his hometown being mis-recognized in a drive-by.
Young Nudy is back again (with a full verse this time) and uses his laid back flow to contrast his trap/drill filled lyrics. Thematically, the song isn’t very significant, however it’s still catchy to listen to if you need a banger.
Got Me (Ari Lennox, Omen feat. Ty Dolla $ign and Dreezy)
Ari Lennox and L.A’s Ty $ tag team in this R&B deep cut, singing of their loyalty to their lover, as long as their lover is just as loyal. Much like every album needing a weed song, if there’s an R&B track and Ty $ is featured it’s bound to be a vibe. Ari sings the following verse after Ty, talking about how just much more special she is as a lover than the other fish in the sea. Omen and Chicago’s Dreezy finish the cut with rap verses, but still fit the theme of the song as they discuss how grateful they are for their partner, and their partner for them.
Like I said, the song is a vibe, plain and simple. The beat is very trapsoul, and allows the singers to shine. The rappers’ verses give support in order to make a catchy, quality, R&B track on this album. After what was about 5 trap-inspired songs previously, this is a nice change of pace yet again, showcasing the album’s diversity.
Middle Child (J. Cole)
A solo track by J. Cole, Middle Child was released under his name in January of 2019. Originally believed to be a single for what would be his next album, it was actually the first of many singles to be released promoting Revenge of the Dreamers III. A full brass section opens the song, serving as the basis of the song’s instrumental. Cole opens with a refrain, talking about his enemies and how he’s coming to get them.
His first verse discusses how he isn’t into hard drugs, but may babysit some drinks and smoke ‘sum. He talks of wanting to support his friends and peers who aren’t in as lucky a position as Cole. A common theme of his is again expressed of him giving thanks to the rap idols of the past for giving him a source of inspiration.
His refrain repeats and transitions into the hook, a chant of boasting, and telling other rappers that no amount of money or street cred will make you real.
The second verse fits more into the theme of Middle Child. Cole feels like the middle child, bridging the gap of the older, more lyrical generation of rappers, and the new wave of trap-heavy beats carrying the songs of rappers with more minimalistic lyrics. He mentions talking with 21 Savage and Kodak Black, using them as a means to spark a discussion about how too many minorities are jailed. The lack of proper guidance due to generational trauma is leading to mass incarceration and infighting, which Cole hopes to fix. The chorus plays again, a quick outro and the song ends.
Overall the song accomplishes its purpose. Just like merging the two wings of rap, it’s conscious and delivers its message prominently, while still being modern/poppy enough to be played at functions. Even though Cole says he doesn’t drink much, he talks about needing a very strong drink, “something he can feel” in the chorus. This could either mean hard liquor or lean. It’s argued whether he’s talking in first person perspective, or in the perspective of a typical new age rapper, but it’s still cleverly used as a way to keep the hook catchy. It’s modern enough to have playability at parties, (similar to Swimming Pools, albeit not as powerful imo) which is very smart from a marketing standpoint, making it a hit.
Fun Fact: J. Cole is not actually a middle child.
PTSD (Omen feat. Mereba, Deante’ Hitchcock, and St. Beauty)
The penultimate track, PTSD is one of the most slept on songs of the album due to the lack of star-studded guests.
What sound to be chopped vocals and a melancholic piano open up the song, with natural/rhythmic drums keeping the time. The theme of the song is just like the title-PTSD. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder usually develops in people who have witnessed a traumatic event, with its effects being triggered reactions within those affected regarding the event. The artists on this track talk about traumatic events in their lives and how it has affected them.
Mereba from Alabama begins by speaking to an unnamed figure. This figure is no longer with her, with clues hinting to death by being shot. Now Mereba reflects and understands that this is the reason why she has trouble sleeping at night, and needs to sleep with a gun in order to feel safe.
Deante’ has the next verse, very deeply and emotionally talking about his regrets through life. He’s carrying the thoughts of those close to him on his shoulders, not because they died, but because they failed to live out their dreams and are doing so vicariously in him. His fortune and fame is causing him guilt and shame.
Omen has the closing verse of the song, and his trauma revolves around his sister. On a Tuesday he saw her walking with her kids, which normally is no issue, only it was at midnight. It finally dawned on Omen that rumors he’s heard of his sister being homeless are true, and that she was living on the streets. He was so in shock that he left her on the street before they could talk. The trauma is that he hadn’t seen her for years prior to that encounter, and hasn’t seen her since. Omen prays that he can get closure and the chance to talk to her before one of them dies.
St. Beauty sings a refrain, and Buddy closes out the song with a more uplifting outro, chanting with many of those in the studio with him about how this (being the song or the album) is for the homies…and the hoes.
Sacrifices (J. Cole, EARTHGANG feat. Smino and Saba)
An album later and here we are. Is it really a closing track if it doesn’t have Smino and Saba? No need to worry about that here, as Chi-towns Saba and St. Louis’ Smino both have verses on this song.
A guitar can be heard picking in the background, and a fast drum break leads into the beat of the song. Johnny Venus is the only EARTHGANG member on the song, but his two verses make up for Dot’s absence. His signature voice croons as he talks about a near death experience. The hook is short but meaningful.
“I make sacrifices, bloody sacrifices. Cutthroat... rabbit’s toe... I suppose... maybe that’s what life is”
His second verse gets more enthusiastic. Olu’s voice pans between the left and right ear as he yells two words at a time, only to slow back down again for his hook. St. Louis’ own Smino raps the next verse, a smooth feature showcasing his unique style of wordplay and flow. Smino always shines on closing tracks, and this is another example for that. The same goes for Saba, who goes next. His rhyme scheme is consistent, and near the end of his verse it really shows off.
J. Cole has the last verse, and it’s honestly one of the best verses I’ve heard from him, period. He wrote more meaningful lyrics about how he loves his wife in a single verse than Chance did on an entire album. He also mentions cleverly how he went from Huey Freeman to Ed Wuncler from the Boondocks to describe how he went from being as conscious as he was pre-fame, to now a rich, disconnected man. It’s one of his most memorable verses, and the singing at the end really sells it. The way the beat rides at the end serves as a great album closer.
Revenge of the Dreamers III accomplished what a lot of other collaborative/label albums fail to achieve, being a critically good album. It has structure, flow, and consistency throughout. Much like critically good solo albums, there are high points and low points, a diverse mix of bangers and deep cuts, and track placement is perfect. The album is divided into small sections that help separate the tracks by feel, but short enough so the vibe doesn’t get stale.
One of the main reasons this album is as good as it is, is because of the features. ROTD3 broke new ground, and inviting so many artists to help work on the album sparked waves of creativity that we will continue to see. Many songs from the Dreamville sessions may not see the light of day, but non-Dreamville artists will eventually have a track or two that was recorded at the time. The relationships formed such as ZoinkGang, Cozz and REASON, etc may also not have happened, and we may get more collaborative music in the future from them.
The last time an event on this scale occurred was probably during the recording of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. While Kanye helped craft his album with the help of his legendary connections like Jay-Z, Rza, etc. Cole went a different route, and focused on the new school. He even minimized having more noticeable features, having only 2: Kendrick as an uncredited feature and a single verse from T.I.
Doing so gave the new school a chance to show their hunger, and maybe even served as a competition; since so many artists were at the studio, only the best of the best could get featured on the album. Standout performances from people like REASON, Buddy, and Guapdad4000 may introduce them to new audiences, who may never have given them a chance beforehand.
Even though this is a feature stacked album, it’s a Dreamville tape at heart. Dreamville didn’t disappoint. Every member came through, and reminded listeners why it was called Revenge of the Dreamers in the first place. Dreamville has done a lot better than other labels at showcasing their in-house talent, and gives each artist multiple spots on the album to exemplify their prowess (I’m looking at you, TDE and Cactus Jack). It was also a nice change of pace for J. Cole, his verses were much less serious than his solo work, and you can tell he really had fun when making the album.
I really hope this album inspires more rap collectives/labels to make their own collab tapes. I also hope this makes it more acceptable for said collab tapes to accept help from outside artists. Revenge of the Dreamers 3 is a standout album in 2019, and definitely earned its Grammy nomination.
FAVORITE LYRICS by baskin5000
“Potato over my gun”
“Pistol grips get to squeezing, wish a nigga would like Liam Neeson”
Lute – Under the Sun
“Let a nigga cover Fader ‘fore I have to fade a nigga at the Fader Fort”
JID – Down Bad
“Maxo talk a lot of shit but is he really ‘bout that life?
Is a pig’s pussy pork and can a caterpillar fly?
Go Go Gadget, toting ratchets, beam attachment on the side”
Maxo Kream – Oh Wow…Swerve
“Had so many adventure times, we used to run from the jakes
To make it for Southside, we do whatever it takes
It was apartheid when my barber parted my fade
‘Cause now I’m pulled left and right by Keshia and Adrinae”
Mez – Sleep Deprived
“I got the Mike Jack’ nose, just before the vitiligo,
Norman Bates with the eights, I’ma go psycho,
Laundromat with a temper, this a vicious cycle,
Feel like Rihanna, bitches go wherever I go”
“Niggas got me tight like Arthur’s fist and shit”
“I started sucking on her titty, put my thumb in her ass
She had a little one, it really wasn’t nothing to grab, I did it anyway.”
“I’m feelin’ like Goku, bitch, I need your energy, uh, um, okay, huh. Going on a date with an AK”
Jace, Mez, Buddy, and Ski Mask the Slump God – Costa Rica
“I push pack like USPS, you is a bitch”
Smino – 1993
“See a nigga in all red from the North with the pole, it ain’t Santa Claus
Brought my gifts to Atlanta, I’m Atlanta Claus
I can smell you pussy with the panties off”
“It’s astigmatism, you got poor sight, let the bitches forget it, I do it Alzheim”
“I’m a real soulful nigga, collard greens inside your speakers”
Smino – Sacrifices
TALKING POINTS by baskin5000
• Would you like to see another collaborative album made similar to the Dreamville recording sessions? Will there be more events like this in the future?
• How does Revenge of the Dreamers III rank compared to other label albums? (ex. Beast Coast, JackBoys, TDE/Black Panther soundtrack)
• Who was your favorite Dreamville artist on the album? Your favorite non-Ville Artist?
• Has this album introduced you to any new artists? Will you be exploring more of the artists featured on this album?
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2020.02.16 19:07 arithmetok Hello from the middle of a flashback

27 minutes ago my partner inadvertently triggered my fear of abandonment.
A few years ago this would have ruined the day for me and for my partner. Possibly the week. I’d be violently ejected from the cockpit of my life reflexively grasping at anything to stop my free fall. I’d hound my partner about what he meant, how that was different than what he said previously, what that meant about how he really feels about me, and a thousand other false alarms clangoring in my ricochet brain. It wouldn’t stop until the energy generated by the explosion finally ran out, leaving me with a headache from sobbing on a good day, from pounding my head with my fists to relieve the anguish on many more days.
I’ve been through intensive therapy and I found the right meds and I’ve been incredibly privileged and all that has allowed me to live a life where this happened:
He made the comment.
I felt my body tense and react defensively. ‘What do you mean?’
I heard the accusation and the fear in my voice.
I saw his face change to startled confusion.
I remembered that face from my old partnership — the one that got sucked into a black hole.
I stopped.
I closed my computer.
I took a deep breath.
I checked the facts. I know my partner loves me. I know that when we disagree it’s usually a misunderstanding. He’s showed in a thousand ways that he values our relationship.
I said ‘hey, I’m not sure what just happened, I feel confused, I’ll take a minute.’
All of my strongest emotions are related to abandonment and security. So when I feel terrified and ready to run, and I’m with a safe person who loves me, that always means my fear of abandonment has been triggered. I’ve finally stayed mindful and used skills and paid attention enough times to notice it WHILE it’s happening.
Even with all my progress, it’s still not, like, fun or easy. It feels like being Liam Neeson’s daughter in the scene in Taken when she’s under the bed and he states the fact of her impending kidnapping to her. ‘You are going to be taken. You have 5, maybe 10 seconds, important seconds. Shout out everything you can see.’
My body relaxes. I still feel the fear, but I can respond to it instead of reacting to it. I let my partner know I have something internal to deal with. I wrap myself in the softest blanket. I rock back and forth. I find the child screaming inside me ‘don’t leave me behind! Don’t leave me!’ and I tell her, ‘I hear you. You are right to scream. You are important and necessary in this world and you have the right to scream for your survival. I’m here now. I heard you. He might abandon you and me, I can’t control that. But you’re with me now, and I know you don’t ever deserve to be abandoned.’
It’s excruciating. I cry in agony and fear, clenching my teeth as I feel the feelings of that little girl. My partner kisses my forehead, and knows to offer me comfort without reassuring me, reassurance being, for me, a powerful drug that drags me towards the grave whenever I seek it.
And then my breathing slows. And I pick up the phone to watch that scene from Taken again. And I write a Reddit post. And I tell him I might be a little defensive until my nervous system is finished regulating. And then I go to cook dinner, content with my own company and enjoying the act of creation.
Tl;dr: thrived during an abandonment flashback.
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2020.01.22 10:03 OmnivorousWelles The Over/Under Game: Noir, Crime and Thriller

When I did a post like this for horror, the responses were excellent and and so much fun that I wanted to do a followup. One caveat though is that I love the genre so much that I was stretching for items I thought were overrated (somehow, one of my favourite movie of all time made this overrated list, as did a canonized classic make my underrated). But the whole point is to throw the gauntlet and provoke discussion, and provoke it I shall, ow without further ado:
OVER: Milan Caliber 9: Fernandi di Leo is regarded as the premier Italo crime master, and considers himself the Italian equivalent to Jean - Pierre Melville. He does a certain sense of style, and is actually very good with his actors and at staging clandestine secret meetings drenched in both suspense and melancholy. But he's not very good at avoiding the cheesiness and sillier aspects of the genre, and his action scenes fall flat due to the low budget. UNDER: Death Occurred Last Night: An atrocious score does its best to make this look like an exploitation movie, but that cannot stop the force of Duccio Tessari's flair for characterization. Everybody has their reasons, and all the characters have the feeling of a life fully lived, with problems and viewpoints. The march towards horror is therefore all the more powerful.
OVER: Inherent Vice: Kudos to Anderson for bringing Pynchon onto the screen, and with a pitch perfect cast to boot (especially Brolin's Bigfoot Bjornsen, a performance for the ages), but what was light and evocative on the page becomes ploddingly and thunderous, as the confusion mounts without the attendant wistful/slapstick mood of the book. It's not helped by the fact that Anderson forgoes his usual expressiveness, which means we're left with the content which is too much and never what a noir is about. UNDER: A Walk Among the Tombstones: Many neo noirs - even the great ones - are self conscious. A Walk Among the Tombstones feels like an assignment from Republic studios by someone who never considered himself an artist, but knew he was no hack. The result is one of the most honest noirs in a long time, and what noir once actually was: a more human and stylish version of a disreputbale genre (the Liam Neeson action film) that catches us offguard
OVER: The Lady from Shanghai: The original 2.5 hour cut is lost forever, which leaves us with a frustrating sense of beautiful fragments. It's nor Welles' fault of course, but that it leaves it less satisfying than some other works... UNDER: The Stranger: ...such as this movie, unfairly derided as a "well - behaved" project. Only compared to Welles' masterworks could a vision of America so ugly and grotesque be considered safe! All of the Welles baroque is still here, and thankfully intact, in one of the most nightmarish noirs of the 40's.
OVER: Criss - Cross: Siodmak never lets the craftsmanship down, and the final noir passages are memorably potent, but in many ways there's a sense that it's somewhat of a retread of The Killers. UNDER: Phantom Lady: His first American noir is what the most visually distinctive and creative of the entire period, combining the loneliness of Hopper, the cartoonish grotesquerie of Grosz, and anticipating the entire Giallo cycle with his nightmarish vision of the city.
OVER: The Man Who Knew Too Much: Hitchcock considered his remake of his 30's thriller an improvement - he felt this was the work of a professional, the other the work of a "talented amateur" -but its glossiness works against it too often. The assassination at Albert Hall is one of the finest pieces of cinema in existence though. UNDER: The Silent Partner: Still terribly unknown, Elliot Gould's other noir masterwork of the 70's is one of the best examples of the Hitchcockian vision of our safe world invaded because our transgressions, brilliantly staged by Daryl Duke and with a prizeworthy script by Curtis Hanson. A scary, funny and fascinating mix of heist film, black comedy, slice of life and giallo.
OVER: The Big Sleep: Hear me out! Yes, it's one of the 50 best movies ever made, and as a piece of Hollywood ecstasy it's never been beat...but is it even a noir? The dark vision is only sporadic, and Marlowe isn't a tarnished knight, he's our Hollywood fantasy. It's pure bliss, but a screwball comedy with a body count, not a noir UNDER: The Maltese Falcon: There are some grumblings that this is too safe for noir, but that's poppycock. It's in Bogart's perfect Sam Spade - propelled by his fascination, sadistic, driven by a mix of brutality and a reluctant sense of justice - that we see the essence of noir. The mystery is just the hanger for our dark hero.
I tried to keep this oveunder, because a pure underrated list would take a freaking year to compile
So what do you have to say for yourselves, eh, tough guys?
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2020.01.05 02:08 MajorZuma Master and Apprentice by Claudia Gray Review(Audiobook)

My review for the Master and Apprentice book, also want to make clear I experienced the audiobook version.
Qui-gon Jinn takes center stage as the conflicted mentor of a young wily Obi-wan Kenobi. Qui-gon's outer shell is that of a cool, calm, and collected Master of the Order yet his internal dialogue details the exact opposite.
At the start of the story, Qui-gon feels as though he is failing young Obi-wan as a Master and that other members of the Order would have done better with such a star pupil as Kenobi. Though the duo had great admiration for each other, they struggled to work together cohesively. The chemistry that Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor had in The Phantom Menace is masterfully captured by Claudia Gray. This chemistry is seen in the amazing conversations and arguments that the duo have throughout the book.
It seems as though the Force listened to the duo's issues and answered as Qui-gon Jinn, a Master who was often at odds with the Council was suddenly offered a position of great honor, a seat at the Council itself. It was great seeing Jinn struggle to handle this surprising move by the Council. Qui-gon was conflicted as he understood that if he accepted then Kenobi would no longer be his Padawan. Therefore he held this knowledge in the back of his mind as the Master and Apprentice received a new mission from the Jedi Council.
The mission comes from an old partner of Qui-gon, Rael Aveross, Jedi Master and now The Lord Regent of Pijal. Rael is a gruff and rogue-like Jedi with independent qualities that make him distinct. Rael had been the first Padawan of Master Dooku and one of Qui-gon Jinn's first friends in the Order. Years before the assignment on Pijal, Rael was forced to cut down his former pupil, Nim Pianna, during a mission when she had been poisoned by a slicer dart and turned against him on the spot.
It seems Rael had been given an unofficial exile with the assignment on Pijal, now years into his servitude as Lord Regent. Overseeing the planet until the young princess Fanry grew old enough to rule in her own right. Rael had obviously developed a strong attachment to the Princess, providing a mentorship of sorts for the young soon-to-be ruler.
A rogue terrorist group had begun to cause serious issues for the ruling leaders on Pijal causing Rael Aveross to send out for the Jedi. The politics of Pijal were a very interesting read, as a KOTOR fan it was nice to see the despicable Czerka back in form. The fact that Czerka is so powerful it has a position at court on Pijal was very interesting. Its also important to remember Star Wars is no stranger to resistance/rebellion type stories even on a smaller scale than "THE" Rebellion. The Clone Wars and Rebels series were full of arcs where the protagonists helped struggling planets form a resistant defense, the Mandalorian had it too.
Qui-gon had conflicted thoughts about Rael Aveross and his past but he answered the Jedi's call per request of the Council. It was also a great reveal that Yoda did not agree with the Council granting Qui-gon Jinn a seat. A great callback to the end of Ep. 1 when Yoda says to Obi-wan "Qui-gon's defiance I sense in you, that you do not need." Yoda clearly doesnt approve of Qui-gon, not in a disrespectful/dislike sort of way, but he clearly finds Qui-gon to be a loose cannon. I wonder if it was a conscience move because Qui-gon was Dooku's Padawan and Dooku was Yoda's. Dooku leaving the Order may have troubled Yoda to a great deal.
The dynamic between Rael and Qui-gon was very interesting to see unfold. They are polar opposites and yet the great respect they share for each other is almost always on display. The best way to describe their relationship in my opinion would be an older brother(Rael) and a younger brother(Qui-gon) that have grown apart over the years.
Some of the best scenes of the novel/audiobook is the Dooku flashbacks. Its clear to me that Claudia Gray and Cavan Scott, author of Dooku: Jedi Lost, had at least consulted each other about Dooku, Rael, and Qui-gon. Both books seem to brilliantly compliment each other in that regard. Though it predates Dooku's exit of the Order, Dooku still appears as this terrifying figure of power. A menacing presence who's strong mind greatly influenced his two pupils. It was Dooku who turned Qui-gon onto the old Jedi prophecies. The flashbacks also explore the extent of Qui-gon and Rael's relationship when they first knew each other. It was amusing that both Kenobi and Qui-gon thought Rael was a refugee the first time they each met the disheveled Jedi. One of the more memorable scenes of the book is when Qui-gon and Obi-wan meet Rahara Wick and Pax Maripher on the moon of Pijal. A quirky duo present throughout the book who seem to fall under the category of "good" criminals. To be honest, I thought some of their chapters were the weakest parts of the book but they were still a fun crew. Rahara and Pax had great chemistry despite their "randomness", they don't feel necessary to the overall story for the majority of the book. Qui-gons willingness to use their assistance showcases the differences he has with the rest of the Jedi, Rahara and Pax were no more than petty thieves, they should have not been in league with Qui-gon and Kenobi. It's a recurring concept that Qui-gon uses less than savory methods that other Jedi would frown at. Methods that Kenobi doesn't agree with, and its history repeating itself as Qui-gon didn't agree with Dooku's methods in the flashbacks.
Also Pax Maripher's origin story is so wacky that its actually great. "Trapped, alone, and raised by a group of protocol droids?" Sounds like the worst hell in all of Star Wars. I could imagine quite the comedic potential of a youtube animated series following Pax and his Protocol droid family.
Qui-gon Jinn's beliefs about the ancient prophecies seemed confirmed when he experienced a vision of "danger" involving Princess Fanry and Rael Aveross. I love how well this all falls in line with the Qui-gon we see in The Phantom Menace, his obsession with prophecy and the future is what led to his recruitment of Anakin Skywalker, believing the young boy to be The Chosen One. Its a dangerous line you walk when you play with visions of the future and its the line that Qui-gon seems to dance around.
The shocking revelation that Qui-gons vision didn't just involve Fanry, it was caused by Fanry at the coronation. The production value on Queen Fanry's declaration after she stabs the skykeeper is so good it completely elevates the amazing writing. The mix of the music picking up and Fanry's voice ringing over the speaker is stunning. From there, the following events feel like a true Star Wars blockbuster, a puzzled Kenobi with an orange lightsaber saves the day as Queen Fanry's revolution takes shape. The Righteous Revolution led by the Warrior Queen against Czerka Corps, or that's how Princess Fanry saw it(Seriously, Warrior Queen is how she saw herself). Only for it to end in Fanry's house arrest in the palace, I felt like we coulda got a little more resolution there.
The report to the Council on Coruscant at the end, is one of the best scenes of the entire book. Qui-gon gave so much praise and admiration for his pupil, it's no wonder Kenobi would later be on the Council in his later years. Among other reasons, mainly Qui-gon's belief in the prophecies and the Living Force leads him to decline joining the Jedi Council in an awesome move. Qui-gon reveals he wishes to surrender himself to the Force, which falls in line with him discovering the Force Ghost method.
Rael has some great resolution in the book and somewhat of a cliffhanger. I love the fact that he basically shuns a lot of the Jedi's high morals for most of the book but in the end he realizes the value of non-attachment, admitting he had a love for Fanry just like he did for Nim Pianna. He is truly an intriguing character and I really want more of him in the canon. Maybe a comic following him and Dooku or him and Qui-gon.
The development that Qui-gon Jinn and Obi-wan Kenobi have as partners, Master and Apprentice, and as friends throughout the progression of the book is fantastic. It is actually pretty wholesome to see where they are at the end of the book compared to where they were at the start.
The pacing of the novel is really something that I like a lot, there is a flow to the progression of events that I think is sometimes lost in popular writing. In true Claudia Gray fashion, there is quite an awesome twist in the climactic sequence of the novel. Not every twist landed for me though. The revelation that the opposition were pulling pranks and were being framed seemed a little "campy" to me.
All in all, the novel is a stellar addition to the Star Wars Canon. Despite a few extremely minor flaws, the book has so much to offer. There are so many highlights and scenes that just enhance the overall Star Wars experience and particularly The Phantom Menace. This novel is a great lead in to the First Episode of the Skywalker Saga
Id give it a 4/5
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2019.12.31 16:18 MC_Fuzzy The Hip Hop Bars of 2019

Not always the best lines, not always the worst. Instead, these lines were memorable, made us rewind, or by chance, encapsulated just what the hell was happening in 2019. These aren’t in any rank. (EDIT FOR CLARIFICATION: This is mostly influenced by popularity within hip hop)
“Can’t nobody tell me nothing” - Lil Nas X (ft. Billy Ray Cyrus), Old Town Road (Remix)
Let’s start with the obvious. 20-year-old Lil Nas X had a great 2019. What started as a controversy then propelled a young rapper breaking the Billboard record for longest-charting song at number one for nineteen weeks. This shit was everywhere. Additionally, Billy Ray Cyrus hopping on the remix landed him with more respect in rap than his own daughter. The track, which was removed from the country genre charts, is nominated for a Grammy (sorry, two Grammy’s, and the album/EP is nominated for Best Album) after the various remixes, videos, and meme-ing of it as helped it dominant spring and summer of 2019. While “I’m gonna take my horse to the Old Town Road,” or “I got horses in the back” is as memorable, we really couldn’t tell Lil Nas X anything. . . But really, this song is really nominated for a Grammy.
“I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% that bitch” – Lizzo, Truth Hurts
This song is also nominated for a Grammy. In fact, Lizzo has the most nominations for the 62nd Grammys. It’s weird yet fascinating what TikTok and meme culture can do. The song has dominated several Instagram captions, pushing Lizzo into stardom, which in turn gave her a lot of fans and a lot of detractors. Guess all that drama with the Uber Eats driver doesn’t sit well with the younger generation.
“My kids stuck at the border, Flint still need water” – 21 Savage, A Lot
A common theme with my lists: There’s better 21 Savage lines, some in this song (could’ve used Cole’s meme line) but this line is from the music video in which 21 rapped a new verse. And in case you forgot this happened this year, 21 Savage was arrested by ICE(it’s our most upvoted thread this year). I could go deep into my views on America and our politics, but to put it lightly: There’s kids in cage, Fuck Donald Trump. 21 dropped a solid album in Dec 2018 that showcased more than guns and drugs. Lines like these made me appreciate his music more. I still like his gun talk but variety is always cool. Also, 21 is from the UK?! What?!
“They call me F-L-A-C-K-O and don't play, no, about my papes” – A$AP Rocky, Babushka Boi
Speaking of arrests and Trump, our boy Rocky got in some hot water over in Sweden. This led to Trump tweeting, trying to get Rocky out of trouble. Once Rocky was out, instead of thanking the POTUS, he dropped a music video that featured shooting cops. Or pigs. what’sthedifferenceokaylemmestop
“You disrespect me and I'll beat your ass up, all in front of your partners and children,” – DaBaby, Suge
One of the hottest rappers in 2019, from dropping two albums this year, hopping on just about everyone’s albums, getting on XXL, to releasing hilarious music videos, DaBaby cannot be stopped. I think he’s a good rapper, and his charisma is just infectious. DaBaby managed not to go to jail for (his words) “an act of self-defense” and straight up made some guy famous after he left him with his pants down in a store. Of all the artists this year, I am very interested in how DaBaby will take on 2020
“Real hot girl shit, yeah, I'm in my bag, but I'm in his too, and that's why every time you see me, I got some new shoes” – Megan Thee Stallion, Cash Shit
Hot Girl Summer, baby. Another rapper with great charisma to back up her great bars (yeah I said it), Megan had all these ladies feelin’ themselves. ~Or maybe climate change did that. . .~ Regardless, her music should be played on the radio, at the pre-game, and the party, and in your library. Also, don’t be out here turning women rappers against each other. None of that “There can only be one” bullshit. Megan is not the first to rap unabashed but it’s still good for a rapper to be comfortable about who they are.
“Hot damn, hot water, hot shower” – Chance the Rapper, Hot Shower
Look this is the only line I clearly remember and I’m not spending much time on this. I’m glad Chance loves his wife, and the album concept IS great, but the execution IS NOT great. I was so excited for this album, and it just did not live up to my hype. The “Ooooh, I love my wife” meme song is better than this. At least DaBaby had a good verse on this.
“I think I've fallen in love. This time I think it's for real” – Tyler, The Creator, I THINK
Tyler, the Creator took the softer sides of Flower Boy and ran with it. It was a surprising first listen, because I relieved this would not be the rap album we expected (learn that shit, Grammys). Tyler wrote a song for pop stars like Bieber but ended up singing it himself in the form of Earfquake, and I don’t think I want it any other way. It’s funny: many say Tyler is a much different person from 2010/11. But now, seeing him play with voice pitches and wearing blonde wigs and dancing, he’s still a weird kid at heart, but that’s good. He gives other weird kids space to breathe.
“Okay, lil' dirty, nappy-headed East Atlanta n---a/Father said that I was a force/.44, Hank Aaron chrome/Wanna make it home? Then get out the Porsche/Let a n---a cover FADER 'fore I have to fade a n---a at the FADER Fort/It’s tomato or tomato, either way, the boy the greatest/Play it, I won't say it no more/I was just fucked up, I was just down, down bad/I had to tighten the fuck up, but I'm here for the crown/Board of Education vs. Brown/I was bored of education, left the town/Fuck a resume and fuck a cap and gown/Fuck a background check back 'round when I get the check/N---a, that's now” – J.I.D, Down Bad
I cannot do this justice. Here’s J.I.D’s entire verse. Revenge of the Dreamers III showcased a lot of talent. And yeah, J.I.D does look like Swae Lee.
“1-800 then I kill the pussy” – Logic, Twisted
Logic dropped two bad albums this year. And yet, a lot of people knows he has the skills to rap. What the fuck, man? Either I use this line from his guest verse to describe his year, or the dick sucking line
“I got murder on my mind” – YNW Melly, Murder on my Mind
This song speaks for itself. Listen to the second verse while reading through articles on his court case.
“You’re the sunflower” – Post Malone and Swae Lee, Sunflower
Cheating, because this came out in 2018, but man this is a good song. It broke records for spending 45 weeks in the Billboard Hip-Hop/R&B charts. Post Malone dropped another album going #1 too. With an Ozzy feature. Good lord. . . The sunflower metaphor is pretty smart, too. I wonder if other artists can still make great metaphors for their SOs.
“You my Chik-Fil-A” – Kanye West, Closed on Sunday
Apparently not. Kanye made a gospel album after supporting Trump again and is talking to those big televangelists. I don’t wanna talk about it. Nine albums in (more counting collab albums) and Kanye is still going strong. God help us all.
“Drugs for the free, soul sold separately” – Freddie Gibbs, Education
Freddie and Madlibs are at it again. An album so good, some folks caught some backlash for saying MadGibbs is a better duo than Madvillian. This album didn’t get much radio love but if anyone still believes that popularity dictates skill, fuck ‘em. And if anyone still is antivax, then dude, get educated.
“I know I'm ’bout to blow, I ain't dumb, they try to take my flow, I take they ass for ransom” – Lil Tecca, Ransom
The guy looks like my cousin but made more money than all of us. Props to him and for dressing like he’s gonna play some 2K in the official video.
“Now I'm digging up a grave, from my past, I'm a whole different person” Juice WRLD, Robbery
After hitting the scene with Lucid Dreams, Juice is still pushing music that the kids like. I had different comments here, but his recent passing influenced me to change it up. It’s never easy, for me at least, to see rappers die at a young age. It also sucks that word got out about how Future inspired Juice to try lean, and now Juice WRLD is not with us anymore. I cannot do his work any justice, so I’ll ask for comments to better explain the art behind his work. Yes, a cop out. Several teens and young adults loved his music, and it is always a shame to hear a 21 year old dying of a supposed drug-related seizure.
“How you die thirty somethin' after banging all them years? Grammy-nominated, in the sauna sheddin' tears,” – Nipsey Hussle, Racks in the Middle
I haven’t listened to a full Nipsey album. And I’m not gonna provide an excuse. I always knew about him, I’ve heard songs, my cousins would hype him up, I just have not listened to Crenshaw or the grammy nominated Victory Lap when they first dropped. I say this to promote the idea of trying new music, whether that’s a new artist from your main genre, an old artist from the past, or even a whole new genre. And, it should not take a death to get an artist recognition. I’m not gonna bandwagon and say I loved the guy, but instead, admit to the mistake, and promote him here.
Nipsey Hussle, after seeing his debut album appear on live TV, was unfortunately shot outside his own store. That’s what most non-hiphopheads no him for, and honestly, what a few rap fans know about him. However, he has great hustle (it’s in his name, dammit), influencing Jay Z to buy 100 copies of his $100 mixtape. Yes, he was in a gang before, but he’s been talking about us black men raising above that mentality, in and out of his music. He left a good impact, and I hope more people will dive into his music to keep the name alive
“Wish a n**** would like Liam Neeson” – Lute, Under the Sun
Hard ass line, bar of the year, fight me
“Just got a pack, came from the DHL” – Frank Ocean, DHL
“When somebody that you know throws you in the fire how do you survive?” – Dom of BrockHampton, Dearly Departed
“I got hoes that I'm keepin' in the dark” – Drake, Money in the Grave
“I’m the highest in the room” – Travis Scott, Highest in the Room
“Real ass bitch, give a fuck 'bout a n**a” – City Girls, *Act Up
“I drew a line without showing my body, that's a skill” – Rapsody Nina
What are some of your favorite bars of this past year? Tell me where I fucked up (I left Boogie off this, I know).
NOTE: After writing the first draft, it seems mods allowed for general discussion to have their own topics. The idea for this thread was partially born from that rule not existing, hence past writeups sometimes being in the DD threads. I have another write up for the decade done and some of a two-part thread for just listing all the songs from 2010 til now as a “hey remember theses?” However, it seems this is becoming redundant with the general “best lines of the yeadecade threads” so I understand this coming off as unoriginal. I’ll still post the decade thread but I don’t know about the long list threads
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2019.12.27 04:16 Oporz 27 Best Sic-fi Movies 2019 So Far You Should Not Miss

SOURCE: 27 Best Sic-fi Movies 2019 So Far You Should Not Miss
Among so many movie categories, science fiction is one of the most popular ones, which normally describe a world people can't imagine, and the movies will also mix with high technologies. Most sic-fic movies will talk about universe, science, space exploration, supernatural power, and so on. The story plots of science fiction are always excited and mind-blowing, which can greatly attract people to watch, and fall in the story of the movie.
As 2019 has almost passed, today we would like to list the 27 best sic-fi movies have released so far, giving you a clearly introduction and reference. If you are a mad of science fiction movies, read about the list below now and pick one for enjoying with your friends.
1. Alita: Battle Angel
Movie released date: January 31, 2019
Runtime: 122 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Rosa SalazaChristoph Waltz/Keean Johnson/Mahershala Ali
Brief introduction: Based on the story happens in 2563, 300 years after Earth when all people are ruled by the sky city of Zalem, Alita: Battle Angel shows how an android woman, Alita, keeps fighting under constant threat in such a futuristic world. The courage and brevity of the heroine should be the quality we can learn from.

2. Ad Astra
Movie released date: August 29, 2019
Runtime: 124 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Brad Pitt/Tommy Lee Jones/Ruth Negga/Liv Tyler
Brief introduction: 30 years later, a mysterious life-threatening event strikes Earth and keeps threatening the survival of our planet. For that, astronaut Roy McBride goes on his travel across this unforgiving solar system to uncover the truth that challenge the nature of human existence and our place in the cosmos while finding his missing father.

3. Terminator: Dark Fate
Movie released date: October 23, 2019
Runtime: 128 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Linda Hamilton/ Arnold SchwarzeneggeMackenzie Davis/Natalia Reyes
Brief introduction: Not only that the world changed after 27 years passing since Sarah Connor prevented Judgment Day, but also the fate of human race was gotten re-written either. To survive from the chase of a Rev-9, a highly advanced and deadly new Terminator travels back through time to hunt and kill her and her friends. So Dani Ramos keeps fighting for the future of humanity with the help of two warriors: Grace and Sarah Connor.

4. Paradise Hills
Movie released date: January 26, 2019
Runtime: 95 minutes
Country: Spain/United States
Language: English
Cast: Emma Roberts/Danielle Macdonald/Awkwafina/Eiza González
Brief introduction: On an isolated island called Paradise, Uma awakens on an apparently idyllic school where high-class families send their daughters to, in order to train them for becoming the perfect versions of themselves. It seems that the island provides physical and emotional healing for those in need, which helps them revolve all physical and emotional shortcomings within two months. However, there's a darker secret hidden behind its fairy tale like exterior.

5. I Am Mother
Movie released date: January 25 2019
Runtime: 113 minutes
Country: Australia
Language: English
Cast: Clara Rugaard/Luke HawkeHazel Sandery and Summer Lenton/Maddie Lenton
Brief introduction: I Am Mother shows a story about how the robot raises the girl to repopulate the Earth under various threatens. This can really be unimaginative because we will always consider that mankind is the ruler on the Earth. It's such a must-watch film that deserves more cinema attention.

6. The Wandering Earth
Movie released date: February 5 2019
Runtime: 125 minutes
Country: China
Language: Mandarin/English (Electronic Voice)/Russian/French
Cast: Qu Chuxiao/Li Guangjie/Ng Man-tat/Zhao Jinmai
Brief introduction: Telling the story of a distant future in which the earth will soon be engulfed by the inflating sun, people around the world are building giant planet thrusters to move Earth out of its orbit and want to sail the planet to a new star system. Focusing on the storyline of a group of young people who fight hard for the survival of mankind at the pried of wandering Earth, The Wandering Earth earns its thrills with exciting set pieces and dazzling special effects.

7. Spider-Man: Far From Home
Movie released date: June 26, 2019
Runtime: 129 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Tom Holland/Samuel L. Jackson/Zendaya/Cobie Smulders
Brief introduction: Following the events of Avengers: Endgame (2019), our Spider-Man Peter begrudgingly agrees to return to super heroics for helping Nick Fury take on new threats in a world that has changed forever. On his way on trip with his classmates, Peter also tries to figure out ways to hide his identity, deals with the relationship with the girl he loves, and fights against the bad guy for maintaining the peace on Earth even without Stark's help.

8. Avengers: Endgame
Movie released date: April 22, 2019
Runtime: 181 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Robert Downey Jr./Chris Evans/Mark Ruffalo/Chris Hemsworth
Brief introduction: After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War (2018), almost half of people in the universe are being wiped out due to the efforts of the Mad Titan, Thanos, who gets the six energy stones successfully. For that, the remaining Avengers members gather again and decide to find a workable way to reverse Thanos' actions and restore the balance of the universe.

9.Detective Pikachu
Movie released date: May 3, 2019
Runtime: 104 minutes
Country: United States/Japan
Language: English
Cast: Ryan Reynolds/Justice Smith/Max Fincham/Kathryn Newton
Brief introduction: To unravel the tangled mystery about his father's missing, Tim keep chasing clues through the neon-lit streets of Ryme City with the aid of Harry's former Pokémon partner. In the course of their thrilling adventure, they have encountered with some reliable people, and cooperate with them to uncover a shocking plot that could destroy this peaceful co-existence and threaten the whole universe.

10. Gemini Man (2019)
Movie released date: October 1, 2019
Runtime: 117 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Will Smith/Mary Elizabeth Winstead/Clive Owen/Benedict Wong
Brief introduction: Henry, an agent of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, was chased to kill by a mysterious killer when he was going to retire. In the fierce competition between the two men, he found that the killer was in his 20s. A duel between him and himself started immediately, and the truth behind it gradually surfaced.

11. Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)
Movie released date: May 13, 2019
Runtime: 132 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Kyle ChandleVera Farmiga/Millie Bobby Brown/Bradley Whitford/Sally/Hawkins/Charles Dance/Thomas Middleditch/Aisha Hinds
Brief introduction: Godzilla met with Mothra, Rodan, and its powerful enemies, Ghidorah. Previously, the ancient super monsters that had been thought to exist only in mythology, but now one by one, they will fight for the "King of monsters", and human survival will be seriously threatened.

12. Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus! (2019)
Movie released date: August 16, 2019
Runtime: 71 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Voices of: Richard Steven Horvitz/Andy Berman/Rosearik Rikki Simons/Melissa Fahn
Brief introduction: When Zim reappeared and began the second phase of his plan to conquer the Earth, a "Florpus" suddenly opens, swallows the planet and merges it with alternate realities. On the other side, Zim's enemy, DIB, tried to expose his plan.

13. Captive State (2019)
Movie released date: March 15, 2019
Runtime: 109 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: John Goodman/Ashton Sanders/Jonathan Majors/Machine Gun Kelly/Vera Farmiga
Brief introduction: The movie tells of the emergence of a rebel force in the urban area of Chicago after the Earth has been occupied by aliens for 10 years. It has an irreconcilable conflict with the government forces of the obedient faction, and a battle is going to arise from it.

14. Men in Black International (2019)
Movie released date: June?11,?2019
Runtime: 115 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Chris Hemsworth/Tessa Thompson/Rebecca Ferguson/Kumail Nanjiani/Rafe Spall/Laurent Bourgeois/Larry Bourgeois/Emma Thompson/Liam Neeson
Brief introduction: In the process of preventing the invasion of alien gangs, agent H and new agent M of the headquarters of the MiB accidentally eradicated the traitors hidden in the MiB. Although they went through so many difficulties, they finally managed to successfully save the world.

15. Brightburn (2019)
Movie released date: May?24,?2019
Runtime: 90 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Elizabeth Banks/David Denman/Jackson A. Dunn/Matt Jones/Meredith Hagner
Brief introduction: A rural couple without children picked up a baby from a spaceship near their home and raise the baby to grow up. Gradually, they found that the child was a little different. All kinds of supernatural abilities appeared on him. He put on a cloak, but not all the people can put on the cloak are heroes. So what is his real identity? Is him an alien?

16. IO (2019)
Movie released date: January 18, 2019
Runtime: 96 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Margaret Qualley/Anthony Mackie/Danny Huston
Brief introduction: Samantha, a young female scientist, is one of the survivors of the last catastrophe happened on Earth. Instead of abandoning her home like others do, she stayed on Earth and worked hard to find a way to help human beings survive.

17. Replicas (2019)
Movie released date: January?11,?2019
Runtime: 107 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Keanu Reeves/Alice Eve/Thomas Middleditch/John Ortiz
Brief introduction: A bold neuroscientist tries to revive his family who died in a car accident. In order to achieve this goal, he would not hesitate to fight against the police, confront the government controlled laboratories, or even challenge all scientific restrictions.

18. High Life
Movie released date: November 7, 2018
Runtime: 110 minutes
Country: France/Germany/United Kingdom/Poland/United States
Language: English
Cast: Robert Pattinson/Juliette Binoche/André Benjamin/Mia Goth
Brief introduction: After embarking a dangerous and useless mission, Monte and his little daughter become the last survivors of it. As there is nobody living near them now, they have to find every method to let themselves lead a life, relying on each other. Now, they are facing danger and going straight ahead, which is a black hole.

19. Captain Marvel
Movie released date: February 27, 2019
Runtime: 124 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Brie Larson/Samuel L. Jackson/Ben Mendelsohn/Djimon Hounsou/Lee Pace/Lashana Lynch/Gemma Chan/Annette Bening/Clark Gregg/Jude Law
Brief introduction: This is the first Marvel heroine solo film. Captain Marvel is also a new character that is introduced into the Marvel universe. This film tells the origin of Captain Marvel. At first, Carol believes herself is a Kree warrior. However, she regains some memories that point out that she is a human and used to live on Earth. After evoking her memories, she finds a huge hidden lie.

20. Aniara
Movie released date: 7 September 2018
Runtime: 106 minutes
Country: Sweden/Denmark
Language: Swedish
Cast: Emelie Jonsson/Bianca Cruzeiro/Arvin Kananian/Anneli Martini
Brief introduction: The film tells the story happened when a spacecraft, which carries some residents and is flying towards the Mars. Unexpectedly, the spacecraft is getting away from the original course. Getting lost in the universe, the passengers have to make clear where they are now in the universe, and how they can get back to the right routine.

21. Fast Color
TV series released date: March 10, 2018
Runtime: 102 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Gugu Mbatha-Raw/Lorraine Toussaint/Saniyya Sidney/Christopher Denham/David Strathairn
Brief introduction: A young woman is being traced by an unknown and mysterious force because of her supernatural power. To save herself, the woman has to keep escaping. Till she has nowhere to go, she goes back to the farmhouse where she used to live with her family but now the place has been abandoned. After living in that place again, she begins to repair the relationship with her mother. Then the woman's family knows about the hidden power inside her.

22. Rim of the World
Movie released date: May 24, 2019
Runtime: 99 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Jack Gore/Miya Cech/Benjamin Flores Jr./Alessio Scalzotto/Andrew BacheloAnnabeth Gish
Brief introduction: Before the terrible aliens are going to give an attack to the Earth, the summer camp is just begun. On the place where the summer camp is held, four teenagers are given an essential key that conveys the secret and way to prevent aliens from invading the planet. However, the four teenagers get no adults to help, which means that they can only depend on themselves to save the world.

23. Project Ithaca
Movie released date: June 7, 2019
Runtime: 85 minutes
Country: Canada
Language: English
Cast: James Gallanders/Deragh Campbell/Daniel Fathers
Brief introduction: After waking up, five people, who are completely strangers to each other, discover that their 5 are trapped in an alien spaceship. Worse yet, they discover that the ship seems to get the power through some terrible means. As deeper into their investigation, the truth is that these aliens have kidnapped human for over decades, and even centuries. They have to stop this from happening again, and also, save themselves.

24. The Silence
Movie released date: April 10, 2019
Runtime: 90 minutes
Country: Germany
Language: English
Cast: Kiernan Shipka/Stanley Tucci/Miranda Otto/John Corbett
Brief introduction: The world is being attacked by some terrible creatures, which will kill people through releasing a kind of sound. Under this danger, in order to avoid the hunt of the aliens, a teenager, who lost her hearing at the age of 13, tries to escape to a safe place with her family. As the teenager can't hear the sound released by the aliens, a cult want to make use of her ability to beat the invaded aliens.

Movie released date: 10 September 2018
Runtime: /Country: Canada
Language: English
Cast: Patrick J. Adams/Troian Bellisario
Brief introduction: Isaac Bruno, working as an astronomer, extremely wants to find out the clues about the existence of life in the universe. Because he is too crazy about his work, he pays less attention to his friend's advice, who suggests him to lead a normal life. But Isaac ignores the warning and gets much addicted to the job. One time when Isaac meets an artist, Clara, and they begin to work together to find the data about stellar, for making a huge discovery.

26. White Chamber
Movie released date: Mar 29, 2019
Runtime: 89 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Shauna Macdonald/Oded FehAmrita Acharia/Nicholas Farrell/Sharon Maughan
Brief introduction: Unfortunately, civil war happens in the United Kingdom. The film starts with focusing on a woman, who wakes up in a cuboid cell. She discovers that her situation is dangerous now because she is kidnapped. The kidnapper tortures her, and asks her for the information from her. But the woman just keeps saying that she has no information. So what will happen next? And what information these guys need?

27. See You Yesterday
Movie released date: May 17, 2019
Runtime: 87 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Eden Duncan-Smith/Danté Crichlow/Marsha Stephanie Blake/Johnathan Nieves/Myra Lucretia TayloWavyy Jonez/Rayshawn Richardson/Ron Bobb-Semple/Brian "Stro" Bradley
Brief introduction: Two teenagers, who have great talents in scientist, are working hard to complete their latest invention - a traveling backpacks that can enable a time travel. However, unfortunate thing happens. One of these two teenagers is killed. It is a chance to use their invention to save him now.
Watching sci-fi movies sometimes will be surprised by the imagined high technologies invented in the future. It is also a chance for us to imagine how will human's life would be in the remote future. Sic-fi movies are always mind-blowing, and can make people feel excited. This is also the reason for why so many people enjoy watching science fiction movies.
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2019.10.08 18:22 jpjbagdi 100 funny/disturbing/adorable things for a kenku to say

Hey guys, I thought it would be cool to have different things to say as a Kenku. This can range anywhere from cute to popular to funny to just straight-up weird. Have a nice day and lucky rolls :D

Things a Kenku says:
  1. You have our sincere condolences (old man voice).
  2. Becky, let smash.
  3. Fresh bread! Fresh bread for sale! (Small child voice)
  4. Ow! You're hurting me! Let go!
  5. Go fuck yourself!! (Super happy upbeat voice)
  6. You will always remember this as the day that you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow( proceeds to sing music as well)
  7. You’ll never see me coming (gravely drawn out words)
  8. I have a particular set of skills. Honed over a long career. Skills that make me a nightmare to people like you. Release them now and we can put all this behind us. If you hang up I will find you. And I will kill you. (Kenku Liam Neeson)
  9. Yippee Kai Yey (cocks crossbow)
  10. (Kenku walks up to a guard) Oh man Rick we screwed up this time. Let’s hide the body and forget about it.
  11. You checked that the king was dead right? (Informant Kenku the night after assassins attacked the king)
  12. You killed my father, prepare to die! (passionate Spaniard voice)
  13. Anybody want a peanut? (lovable giant voice)
  14. There is a shortage of perfect breasts in the world, it would be a pity to damage yours. (dashing pirate voice)
  15. You seem a decent fellow, I hate to kill you.
  16. I put down my sword, you put down your rock and we try to kill each other like civilized people.
  17. AS YOU WIIISH!!!!!!!
  18. Sleep well and dream of large women
  21. "NIPPLE SALAD!!!"
  22. "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
  23. "I find that if you stick the pointy end right here, people will say anything that you want them to say." (Said in a manic whisper)
  24. I killed them. I killed them all. They're dead, every single one of them. And not just the men, but the women and the children, too. They're like animals, and I slaughtered them like animals. I HATE THEM. (crying young men)
  25. "Whack"
  26. No, that CAN’T be a trap. Don’t be ridiculous.
  27. It’s fine! Why? Because I am here!
  28. Don't. Fucking. Blink. (Mouth barely moving, nearly silent whisper)
  29. TwEeT tWeEt (A very sassy human voice)
  30. Repeat after me. No, don't say repeat after me, just say... oh for gods sake. (Increasingly exasperated older man voice)
  31. Would you like a spot of tea, Mrs. Flufflefeathers? (Little girl voice)
  32. The birds are singing, singing, singing. Go to bed, go to bed. I’ll see you in the morning, morning, morning. Now rest your head, rest your head. (Sung, roughly 4:25 in this video
  33. sounds of a baby crying, or a lost child asking “mom? dad? hello?”
  34. “i have the stuff if you have the money.”
  35. “just head east for 20 miles, and start going north after you pass the abandoned tavern.”
  36. prayers or hymns dedicated to whatever god the locals worship
  37. “there’s a trap door under the carpet. downstairs is where we keep it.”
  38. “hey, he’s using a loaded set of dice!”
  39. "And as the ticking takes you further below, into the Further you go"
  40. (announcer voice in crowd) and they round bend, with number 4 taking the lead
  41. (child's voice) IT'S SO FLUFFY!
  42. (pirate voice) arrr that's some mighty fine booty ye got therr
  43. (woman's voice) oooh, yeah, just like that
  44. (shifty voice in alleyway) just take care of it, quick and quiet
  45. (crazy joker style laughter) AH ha hahaha!
  46. (sounds of dice rolling) snake eyesssss
  47. Don't hit me, Daddy!
  48. Stop dawdling!
  49. Fresh apples, three for a copper!
  50. Want me to show you a good time, mister?
  51. If you don't have any money, get out!
  52. No ma'am, we don't know where your husband is.
  53. Good dog!
  54. It’s okay, dearie, you’ll have another chance at getting them tomorrow (said in the voice of a hag acting motherly)
  55. I’m gonna get you! (said in a playful child’s voice)
  56. I think we lost him... (said in the voice of a winded teen)
  57. What in the nine hells happened to his eyes!? (Voice of a guard, followed by a different guard) Looks like a bird pecked them out!
  58. Don’t worry, we’re alone here (said in the voice of a young woman.)
  59. Somebody help me!!! (He had a lot of voices saying this one. Regardless of who it sounds like, it works great when calling for the rest of the party)
  60. Who are you? (said in the voice of a curious child)
  61. "Singing" full orchestra pieces
  63. "NIPPLE SALAD!!!"
  64. (in Infernal): This flesh vessel will serve nicely as my tool to purge this realm of mortals. Let us begin with the birds.
  65. I need a broom. I need to borrow a broom. We're just a couple of stage hands out here. We're local, and we need to borrow your broom.
  66. Did I make it good? (Said in the voice of a little boy. Then switches to voice of a proud father) yes son, yes you did.
  67. Hush little baby... don’t say a word... (Whispered menacingly)
  68. Why is there so much blood?! Why?! Oh gods, I think I see it over- Abruptly stops
  69. "Give me back my leg bone! [meaty thwack] Hey! [two more thwacks] DON'T HIT ME WITH IT!!!"
  70. "Captain Darling? Funny name for a guy, isn't it? Last person I called darling was pregnant twenty seconds later." [Confident and cocky male voice]
  71. "Am I pleased to see you, or did I just put a canoe in my pocket?" [Confident and cocky male voice]
  72. But now that she's apparently wrapped up to the tip of her horn with that smuggly bastard... I don't know if that would be the best option.
  73. Hmmm, chief, I think maybe, just maybe... we went the wrong way.
  74. If my friends die for it, I swear to my god Tyr, and every bone in my body, that whoever is involved in this will answer for it in judgment. This goes for everyone.
  75. It doesn't look like this was barbarian stuff.
  76. Cheater! Cheater! Stop cheating (Said in a little kids voice)
  77. I’ll have the usual (said in a tired voice)
  78. Remember, if any of you let go of each other we’re all going to die! (said In a manic voice)
  79. No you’re not supposed to chop off the legs first
  80. Y’know, a group of crows is called a murder. Just saying.”
  81. “Hey, cool costume man!”
  82. “Quack.” Said in a deadpan voice.
  83. “In my experience, all meat tastes like chicken.”
  84. Go fuck yourself ( a not to kiri from critical role)
  85. GIVE. ME. THE. SEEEDS. throw them in the brig squaack
  86. Aye aye commander
  87. Cloaca to beak is never ok
  88. "Seriously, is this organic."
  89. "Well bite my beak, and slap my feathers - how the hell you holdin' up partner!"
  90. "If I die, let it be because I undercooked your fish."
  91. TING TING TING TING Yeah yeah I'll make you your sword, be patient TING TING TING TING
  92. The army of forks are coming to get us!
  93. I didn’t know humans had 10 toes
  94. Red dots and more red dots
  95. -Ummmmmmmmmm... I don’t know. (Child’s Voice)
  96. A cartoonish Boing! noise -The sound of dishes breaking
  97. Whistling a popular folk tune
  98. Wolf Whistle “Lookin’ good” (Old man’s Voice)
  99. I don’t think this is a good idea (Child’s Voice)
  100. Does this go with my eyes? (Woman’s voice) -Stop copying me!
  101. So you can copy anything I say perfectly? (Woman’s Voice)
  102. Tell my wife I love her (Dying man’s voice)
  103. You can tell Joey to choke on a- (Angry woman’s voice)
  104. ::Wings flapping loudly:: ::Cawwww:: "Louuuud Noisess!!!" ::Caw Caww!::
u/SirFluffyChicken (1-4)
u/AegisAngel (5-11)
u/DreadPirateJon (12-18)
u/Moon_Dew (19-22)
u/TheExpandingMind (23)
u/Tyunne (24)
u/breaddlecrumbles (25)
u/Not_Defective (26)
u/Plot_Ninja (27)
u/AllHarlowsEve (28-32)
u/homesloth (33-38)
u/Jakethegooze (39)
u/parad0xchild (40-46)
u/High_Stream (47-53)
u/Clickclacktheblueguy (54-60)
u/blacksun2012 (61)
u/Moon_Dew (again, 62 & 63)
u/Pentwarrior (64)
u/HamburgerHellper (65)
u/suiki7777 (66)
u/DAREALTCE (67,68)
u/Moon_Dew (69-71)
u/Whisdeer (72-75)
u/AfternoonBaboon (76-79)
u/DAREALTCE (80-83)
u/soundofhope7 (84-86)
u/razorik-1 (87)
u/BEZERK0xD (88-90)
u/HeyShipmate (91)
u/AfternoonBaboon (92-94)
u/CephaloPawd (95-103)
u/HeyShipmate (104)
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2019.07.26 02:04 ForeverDamagedGoods Extreme experiences of infidelity against me in my past relationships are causing me to consider employing a range of highly unethical snooping, monitoring and spying methods against my so far innocent and wonderful girlfriend, in a "preemptive strike" - I know this is insane abnormal behavior :(

I'm damaged goods and I have a warped perspective on why snooping and all out full time monitoring is not only acceptable, but justifiable. I know that even the act of looking through someones phone is viewed by many here to be inexcusable behavior, but I've leaned that it takes far more than that to get the answers you wish you had known sooner. Does the end justify the means? I have tried the moral path and given it my best only to have it thrown back in my face one too many times now - and for this reason I say it does justify the means.
A bit of background.... I have been cheated on in past relationships that were some truly next level kinda experiences.
Cheating has been an issue in almost every serious relationship I have ever been in, ranging from what I would now class as a pretty insignificant "my girlfriend was seeing someone else" kinda thing, through to the truly special experience of finding out the girlfriend who I had just moved in with after having already been in a serious relationship with her for 2 years, had in fact been working as an escort (prostitute) from the day I met her.
Ironically, these incidents have all happened in the handful of relationships that I had actually felt more "serious" and "long term" about - having taken my time to rebuild some trust for myself in between them and once again let go of the previous relationships dramas to ensure I came into things feeling ready to be a normal, happy, fully trusting person once again - only to get solidly kicked in the teeth yet again as a result.
The last incident of infidelity in a relationship I've been through involved my then fiance, having an emotional or very possible physical affair with a coworker, which I eventually found out about and then stupidly confronted her with, having nothing more than the basic phone/sms records and none of the actual message content.
I bet none of you are surprised to hear that she used the opportunity I gave her from the heads up to sanitize everything else left that would be incriminating over the following 24hrs, leaving me nothing but the version of events claimed by a lying cheating fiance to go off... who I stupidly plowed on and married anyway, despite me never actually getting past the affair, due to incomplete and likely untruthful answers from her and the ongoing suspicions.
The Marriage was a highly toxic relationship that had a cancerous growth eating away at it before it even began. It died a slow, horrible death.To top my stupidity in this one off, during the marriage, we went on to bring an amazing little girl into the fucked up world we had created, before separating and divorcing when our daughter was 12 months old.
Yeh, I'm fkn bitter. I'm not saying that I haven't got my difficulties too or that I could have been wiser with the decisions I made along the way with these relationships... But every time I *have* left the baggage of previous catastrophies behind and made a genuine clean slate step into a new relationship, I've been reminded brutally of why behavior that most normal people deem "Controlling and Abusive" is in fact what is required and should be standard operating proceedure.
Like our good mate Liam Neeson... over the years with all these experiences, coupled with a solid technical/IT knowledge, I have acquired a "very particular set of skills".
It's fair to say that I'm an expert in covert surveillance, counter-surveillance, data gathering, compiling, monitoring, and good old fashioned "treasure hunts" as call them... which is actually just a fancy way of saying "searching through every inch of the house, your stuff, your car, and those hiding spots you thought no one would ever in a million years think of for evidence".
But, whilst it is great to have these wonderful skillsets from a lifetime of relationship infidelity events - I do (reluctantly) understand that implementing these monitoring and surveillance premptively in a new, untainted relationship would be viewed by most normal people to be straight up unacceptable.
Here's the issue I find myself in now.
I have a wonderful new partner who I have known since I was a teenager, whom I fell into a relationship with shortly after the wheels finally fell completely off the marriage.
We've just celebrated our 3 year anniversary a few weeks ago and whilst there's been some ups and downs due to things like career requirements, interstate living initially and of course having to deal with my c&%t of an ex wife and a bitter custody dispute, its overall feeling like a fairly normal, healthyish relationship.
But, my paranoia and insecurities are starting to tap away down in that area where I get the "gut feeling's" again now :(
The last probably 6 months I have been letting myself entertain the little crazy thoughts and ideas that thee might be something not good somewhere... and without going gangbusters and all out NSA monitoring mode on her, I really can't see anything that justifies these feelings I have as anything more than the paranoia of a very insecure and damaged person.
The problem is... I know I can very easily step things up to an all systems and angles are covered mode - but again, this is the kind of behavior that would end a relationship on grounds of me being abusive etc.
It's just so easy, so tempting and in my head, so justifiable given my reasoning by experience... and I am trying so hard not to do it.
I don't want to let it ruin this so far good relationship and the "Good little angel on my shoulder" says that I don't want to put her through that and its not an acceptable way to behave.
The "Bad little devil" on my other shoulder is jumping up and down with his pitchfork, a wifi-pineapple, a bunch of network, computer and phone hacking and monitoring tools, screaming "Go onnnn do it! You know you want to!"
Has anyone else been in this situation? What did you do?
A lot of the behaviors and actions that are suggested and actioned by people in many of the dedicated infidelity/relationship issues forums are in the wider community viewed as abusive, wrong and overstepping the line.... the end doesn't justify the means from their perspective. If you dont have trust,just end it immediately. The problem is, I want to trust. I just worry that there's nothing left of me to break and that if it were to happen again, I might totally go off the deep end.I don't want to live in a constant state of cold war and espionage. I don't want to behave in an abusive, controlling asshole way....
But I'm at that point where I think "F%@K it, when you've seen the end and the way it comes about like I have, anything is justified..."

TL;DR: I have totally lost the ability to trust due to past relationships and I am having a hard time keeping the crazy part of myself from using highly invasive and possibly illegal levels of covert monitoring in a relationship that I value greatly with a girl who I really love and respect very much.
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2019.06.19 06:58 Bhiqm Why I hate 😡 emojis 🚫

Should I 👁 ever be 🅱️kidnapped 🔫or held against ❎‼️my will – I am 🗣talking about a boring👎 wedding 👰rather than a Liam Neeson 😳Taken-type scenario📽 – it will be very ❗️easy 🆗for my nearest💞 and dearest to know 🧠😼something is up. 🆙I will ℹ️🤳🏻text them those ➡️vile 🚮little 👌gurning 😈dots called 🌀emojis 🤥and they will 🙀know my world is falling 🤯apart.
I have never ❌🙄knowingly 🤫used an emoji 😨and I 😻don’t intend 🤔to start 🔛now. Someone 🚺has to 2️⃣hold 📎the line. Standards 🎷🎺must be maintained. 🧹Recently I accidentally🆘giffed – my phone ☎️had a sort of spasm📴 in my bag 👜– but 🍑🌝I have since 🔙apologised. 🤦‍♀️Gifs 🎦and memes 😹😹are mostly 🔢lazy and🛌 formulaic, ➗✖️but 💦occasionally marvellous.😻 I can 🥫live 🎤with them – I am not 🚭an 🙈animal.
But 🌚🌝emojis? Really? ⁉️For grownups? 💁‍♀️🙆‍♀️Are we to ➖reduce our complicated🆒🔣 and interesting ✌️interior 🍆lives to 2️⃣nasty little smiley 😄faces and erect 😉vegetables? (Aubergines, 🍆🍆💦if you are asking.) ❔Is this 💯actual communication? 📡Take it to your👣 mindfulness class. 🤔🤔Sad face 😰emoji.
Japan 🎌had emojis 😂first 🆗🔤and soon🔜 they 🔀were sold 💴to every 💱©️tech company. The Smiley Face 🙂is now the corporate💼 logo par excellence🙃. You work 👷‍♀️for the 🦸‍♂️Man and at the end 🔚of your messages 👏you send your partner 🥰💋the cuddly 🤗image that the Man 🤠has installed on your phone. Sometimes🤭 the man is grinning 🤪or winking 😉or crying 🥵or there is a kitten😽. Your emotional 😤range 🤽‍♂️extends 🔝with each new 🆕batch 🥖🥖of emojis. What fun, 🤩this almost 🔜talking, 🗣🔜almost living.
When👀 I was ranting to a friend 🤙about how infantilising🤱 these toddler-esque👶 signifiers🏧🚱 are, they suggested ❓that maybe I’m not a 🔭visual person. 🤠🤠Maybe I am, 😮actually, and would 🍆prefer something 💬other than these uniform 👮‍♀️feelgood 🤡cartoons. Yellow 🥴smiley faces have a long history🀄️📚, and back 🔙in the 1970s 👩‍🎤they did mutate 🧬slightly 🧫when Talking Heads 👥used one ☑️on the 12-inch💦💦 of Psycho Killer, 🔪crossing out the eyes😵. But by the late 80s , the yellow horrors 🤕had spawned and their faces 🤤were all 😧over acid 🧪house club ♣️flyers. They were infantile, 👶open, upbeat🤓; a symbol Ⓜ️without a ⏯side. Recognisable, 🙌but dull. 😶Fatboy Slim 🤠has apparently 🤷‍♀️amassed the biggest collection💗‼️ of smiley epehemera 🦋in the world, which is due 🤰to be part 🙋‍♀️of an exhibition🏛 in Portugal. Well, jolly good.
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2019.06.14 04:00 mi-16evil Official Discussion - Men in Black: International [SPOILERS]


If you've seen the film, please rate it at this poll.
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The Men in Black have expanded to cover the globe, but so have the scum of the universe. And to keep us safe, decorated Agent H and determined rookie M are partnered - an unlikely pairing that just might work. As they face a new alien threat that can take the form of anyone, including MIB agents, they must join forces on a globetrotting adventure to save the agency and ultimately the world.
F. Gary Gray
screenplay by Matt Holloway, Art Marcum
based on characters by Lowell Cunningham
  • Chris Hemsworth as Henry / Agent H
  • Tessa Thompson as Molly / Agent M
  • Kumail Nanjiani as the voice of Pawny
  • Rebecca Ferguson as Riza
  • Rafe Spall as Agent C
  • Laurent and Larry Bourgeois as The Twins
  • Emma Thompson as Agent O
  • Liam Neeson as High T
  • Tim Blaney as the voice of Frank the Pug
Rotten Tomatoes: 27%
Metacritic: 39/100
After Credits Scene? No
All previous official discussions can be found on /discussionarchive
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2019.03.19 17:40 OG-DirtyDee A FBI Noir Story

Crazy Dream, last night: I was a federal agent, investigating my share of cases. Gun on the hip, windbreaker and all. A new transfer came into our office, a badass ‘DGAF’ type with a brown leather jacket, green shirt and denim jeans who looked like Liam Neeson. While driving around the city, this agent would follow me, I pulled over and he confronted me. As we stood at a parking lot overlooking a sweet Malibu beach, he said “I know what you did”, I replied sarcastically “I did a lot of things”, the Dream continues on with minor and forgettable details.
Later, I returned to my residence in the pitch black of night, my wife and son are afraid and say someone is watching outside, I tell them to go hide. The stalker enters the slider door from patio, and enters my study, with me standing by my desk, I said “who... you?” It’s was the Liam Neeson type, he said “I know what you did” And I replied “Okay what did I do?” He says “you tampered with evidence” and reaches into his coat pocket and retrieves a iPhone case. “A iPhone case?” I said, it looked similar to mine. He said “you changed the evidence log from iPhone to iPhone Case, to destroy evidence” I was dumbfounded, but he stared at me with these sinister eyes, he knew I was guilty, I felt guilty. So I unholstered my gun and quickdrawed on the man so fast, he didn’t see it coming. I pulled the trigger, one bullet shot off, right between his eyes it went, with brains and blood splattered against my mahogany wood walls.
The next day, I went to a prison to visit my recently incarcerated former partner and I asked about the iPhone Case and he said “yeah that was me”, he went on to say how he used my access code to remove and destroy evidence from the lockup. I was dumbfounded once again and the dream ends.
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2019.02.26 01:05 MIKAL7991 Now that season 3 is wrapped up what do you want to see from a fourth season?

I know it just ended and we arent all done talking about it, and thats okay. I also dont want them to rush out another season any time soon. However, what do you all want from the next season?
I'm typing this all out on my phone while doing laundry so pardon any grammar errors. Also this is going to be a long post, but I'm still leaving some ideas out. So feel free to ask me stuff or even ignore my pitch and just post your own in the comments.
Id like it to be set somewhere snowy and remote, like Alaska as an example. The snow always gives stuff a darker and lonlier feel. It would be the darkest season yet, and would focus on one main serial killer. An interesting and scary twist would be if they were a cannibal.
I would honestly like to see two main female leads next time, but I can already see the huge outrage it would spawn of people calling it femenist. So maybe not, but at least one of them would be female
So my thought is that a woman would travel to this location to investigate her twin sisters either murder or dissapearance, because she doesnt feel it was properly investigated by law enforcement or something like that. So that makes the first main character just a civilian playing part of a detective for her sisters sake.
Now most characters in this series have a major self destructive habit or a tragic mental flaw or something. So continuing that trend i think i would go with an eating disorder like anorexia. Now i know its probably a touchy subject but true detective doesnt shy away from that, I think it could be done tastefully and make main character more unique and interesting. We have already had a lot of substance abuse and wayne had the memory loss which was an awesome addition.
This is also really cool because that would mean the actress would be playing both sisters and both would be very distinct characters. Not really sure who i would go for to play her, maybe margot robbie because it would give her a chance to really flew her acting and be more then a pretty face.
She would go to this town to solve this brutal case and the whole town would essentially want nothing to do with helping her because she is am outsider. With only a police officer and another supporting character to be her partners.
For one of them id really like to see Daniel kaluya from get out, sicario, and widows. I know i probably butchered his last name.
The other im on the fence about. Id like to see Oscar Isaac or Liam neeson (despite his recent controversy), or even gary oldman or steve carrell as a very out there pick.
Over the course of the investigation there would be alot of flashback style scenes where you would follow the missing/dead sister. However these scenes wouldnt always be reliable as they would more just be representations of theories or stories the characters come across in the show
The other key player i would make would be the head of a crime family. Maybe his family member was killed too so he is involved. However it wouldnt always be in a helpful manner towards the investigation and by the end his violent tendencies would cause him to make a big mistake
The killer would also eventually get a lot of characterization and become a main character and the main villian. Id have him played by jake Gyllenhaal . id love to see him in the show but if he were just a detective it would be too much like some of his previous roles. Id let him cut loose as a very insane killer and maybe he would have a very distinct look.a shaved head and tattos or something. Something not usual for gyllenhaal
Anyways thats the basic idea i had. I know its all over the place but its just that, a basic idea.
Would do you all think? What do you want to see from season 4? What did you think of season 3?
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2018.12.09 21:50 bmaje Somethings always bothered me about Love Actually.

Every year my partner makes me watch this dreary and predictable Richard Curtis rom com and while it does have it's highlights- some of the complexities in the relationships are are well done and it is funny in some parts and it also has it's fair share of cringe moments- Andrew Lincoln and Keira Knightly and Colin.
How ever, there's something that's always bothered me and a few days ago I figured it out. It's Liam Neeson's character.
When we first meet him and his step son, we find out that his wife has died and he's in mourning. He flips through photographs of her including one where she's pregnant. It's not impossible she had other children- but none are talked about or even suggested, so it is probably Sam she's carrying. This happens 5 weeks before Christmas, he gives a speech at the funeral and serves as pallbearer and it's a sad moment.
Then throughout the film he's doing shit with Sam in order to get over the loss and so Sam can play drums along to that Mariah Carey song we are so sick of by this time of year.
At the end of the school play, he runs into Claudia Schiffer for the first time. One month after Christmas he's with her when he takes Sam to meet Joanna- the singer of said Mariah Carey song- at the airport and he's with Claudia Schiffer again.
Am I the only who thinks that nine weeks is a quick turn around from funeral of his wife to bringing another woman to the airport with the dead woman's son? The way they're standing with each other suggests to me she didn't just drive him to the the airport.
It may be the Chris Dawson news that's been in Australian news over the last week or so, but I think he killed her.
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2018.12.09 01:46 OldmanRevived i saw one movie (The Ballad of Buster Scruggs)

the Coen Brothers are usually very well crafted when it comes to making period pieces. Miller's Crossing, O Brother Where Art Thou, and the True Grit remake were all really great excersises for their filmmaking career. this one takes an even bigger step, since it's not only the first one they've distributed on Netflix, but it's also their first time shooting digitally.
the plot is a collection of six different fables. all of them being set in the west. the first segment, about the title character Buster Scruggs (Tim Blake Nelson), is a zany western with a mixture of different tones. it's a comedy, a musical, and a rootin-tootin-cowboy-shootin' throwdown all rolled into one. Buster Scruggs is a cheerful outlaw who rolls his way into an isolated town. during his time there, he exchanges insults with other patrons, effortlessly shoots a good majority of the people in his way, and sings a happy little bar tune. it only takes place within the span of 15 minutes, and the pacing was absolutely astounding. the tone wasn't inconsistent, as the entire thing felt joyfully eccentric.
some of the shot compositions looked admirable, including the angle from the inside of a guitar in the opening sequence. there are about 3 different songs sung by the characters, and all of them were well written, performed, and executed. not to mention the great effects done with the gore-filled action. it was an excellent way to set us up for the other stories by giving us a heavy amount of laughs early on.
the next segment, Near Algodones, involves a young cowboy (James Franco) who attempts to rob a small bank on the prarie. he tries to take it easy on the jabbering bank teller, but is given a surprise when the dude tries to shoot him. as he tries to flee away, he's caught and knocked out cold. he wakes up with his hands tied and a noose around his neck, along with a lawman and his posse preparing to hang him for his crimes.
this one started off fine, but as it went on it didn't feel like there was much of a point to it. i mean, the guy attempts to commit a robbery, gets caught, gets his way out of that situation, and then he's suddenly caught again. the performances were nice, but other than that, not much else to say about it.
the third story, Meal Ticket, is about an aging impresario (Liam Neeson) and a performing artist with no arms or legs. they travel from town to town with a small stage, where the performer recites different poems and works of literature in a one-man-show. during which, Neeson goes around to people in the audience and holds his hat in front of them to recieve money. it was a unique little character study for this pairing. they rarely speak directly to one another, and the impresario acts as a caregiver to the poor kid. it also gets into the repetitive neusance of reciting the same lines over and over again in different locations. all of that leads to a rather bleak conclusion, but it's an overall nice bit.
the fourth segment, All Gold Canyon, shows a prospector (Tom Waits) in a pristine mountain valley digging for gold beside a river. over the course of several days, he shovels and digs only to find little tiny specks of gold. eventually, he digs himself a big tunnel and finds the motherload. after gleefully mining and packing the gold, he finds the shadow of a young man who has been trailing the prospector this entire time. they get into a hasty brawl, and only one of them is left alive. the element that stood out the most in this section was the glamorous scenery. there are really beautiful shots of pine trees and grasslands which are always surrounded by a clear, sunny sky. Tom Waits was also great as the prospector. even though he's a man of few words, his expressions say it all.
now on to the fifth and longest segment, The Girl Who Got Rattled. a young woman Alice (Zoe Kazan) travels with her older brother in a wagon train heading towards Oregon, where he claims that a new business partner will marry her. shortly after they begin their trip, the brother dies unexpectedly, leaving Alice with Mr. Arthur, the leader of the wagon train. along the way, she comes across a man named Billy, who gives some support for her to proceed the journey. through the course of their conversations, Billy starts to feel affectionate towards Alice. he ultimately proposes to her, thinking it will solve her dilema. Alice is surprised by Billy's proposal, but she has likewise grown fond of him, so she accepts.
the next morning, Mr. Arthur finds Alice alone in the hills with her dog. soon afterwards, he spots an indian sentinal preparing for battle. he gives Alice a pistol so that if he is killed, she can shoot herself and avoid capture. it all ends with an intense game of Cowboys and Indians.
this bit starts off well, but somewhere in the middle, it begins to drag. the conversations between Alice and Billy last for what feels like hours. in some moments, you can get invested in these characters and their dialogue. but, more often than not, they loose steam. the last sequence involving the indians regained a little bit of interest, but overall i thought it was just mediocre. there are still a few shining elements, like the staggering appearance and performance from Zoe Kazan, or a few colorful background characters that we meet every once in a while.
the finishing act, titled The Mortal Remains, features a group of five people riding along in a stagecoach. two of them apparently run a business, but they choose to keep the details unknown. one of the members starts to ramble about a relationship he had with a Native woman, which leads to a heated argument about whether or not he was really faithful to her. after becoming annoyed with each other, one of the businessmen sings a bittersweet folk song to calm them down. in the last few minutes, they arrive at a seedy hotel, and the two men's big scheme is revealed.
i enjoyed seeing the banter between these characters, and some of the dialogue exchanges were incredibly well written. but i feel like this one ended the most abrubtly. it would have been nice to see this executed just a little bit more, considering how much time they decided to spend on the 5th segment instead. but overall, i still enjoyed it.
as a whole, this was a fun and entertaining watch. some parts work more than others, but you're still left with the masteful filmmaking strategies that the Coen Brothers chrun out time and time again. if you're interested, definitely check it out.
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2018.11.03 23:41 TwattyMcSlagtits [TOMT][MOVIE] Film about a boss who takes new female employee out late at night to do 'shifty' things and she eventually exposes him for it (and possibly murders him in the end?)

I'm at my wits end trying to work out a film I watched years ago to recommend to my partner to try and find tonight to watch with her. Who better to ask than you guys! Here is what I remember:
• It has male lead role and female supporting role. Both were well known Hollywood stars. I kept thinking Liam Neeson but it isn't him. It's a small cast (beyond the 2 main characters there are only a handful of other bit parts)
• The male in it plays the boss of the woman. She recently got a job working for this guy doing something odd like photography or something. This entails going out late at night with him in his car. They spend a lot of time watching people inside the car (they may be tracking them down?)
I've searched and searched but I can't remember enough about it to narrow it down. Does this film ring any bells? It's old than 5 years and possible older than 10 or around that area.
Thanks for any help!
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The internet is abuzz with speculation about who Liam Neeson's new leading lady is, after he revealed he is dating someone 'incredibly famous'. The 63-year-o... Liam Neeson Lifestyle Net Worth Biography Girlfriend Cars House Subscribe Now: In this video, we’ll be taking a look at Liam ... Liam Neeson has developed a reputation for being one of the fiercest, most powerful performers in Hollywood. He delivers an intensity that resonates with aud... They lived together for 4 years! Subscribe for weekly updates: Actor Liam Neeson has found love again with an “incredibly famous” female, but he isn’t naming the lucky lady.The “Taken” star lost his wife, actress Natasha... What Has Really Happened To Liam Neeson After Wife's Death? Rumour Juice One of the most romantic marriages in Hollywood was destined to end in a very trag... Actor Liam Neeson says the sudden death of his wife Natasha Richardson still doesn't seem real, even five years later. Anderson Cooper profiles the Hollywood... Liam Neeson and Anderson Cooper have a heart-to-heart about living with grief after the death of a loved one. Not your usual entertainment interview. Lifestyle 2020 ★ Liam Neeson's Net Worth 2020 Help Us Get To 100k Subscribers! SUBSCRIBE HERE: #Lifestyle #NetWorth #2020 #LiamNeeson Ralph reads a Swedish newspaper article that interviewed Liam Neeson, mentioning Hollywood Babble-On. Go to to subscribe and enjo...